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Date Joined: December 28, 2008
Last Online: January 25, 2015
Birthday: January 26
Country: Spain
my etzy fav´s
My Etsy Store
my Dawanda fav´s

packages and swapping things

Hope you´ll have a great time her and welcome to my profile¡¡

NOTE: USA SWAPS...due to american postal restrictions parcels up to 463 grs or in big envelopes/packages, could be delated up to 3 weeks, because the new airmail regulation impose. thanks for the understanding in waiting for your package.

I ALWAYS SENT OUT MY PACKAGES.....if you don´t received please tell me and i will resend , but i live in Spain and by current mail (here not exist airmail....) to USA about 2 weeks, it´s the same time than more EU countries too. To AUSTRALIA, about a month with the quarentine time¡¡¡¡, TO Malasia about 3 weeks, and i don´t know other countries yet, when i discover it i´ll write it here. INDIA 3-4 weeks. CANADA...well depends from 2 - 4 weeks.

SO BE PATIENT¡¡¡¡ and i always put in the CN22 less value of products for you not to pay taxes or be removed elements on the envelope.

DON´T LIKE FLAKERS and nowadays they´re busy here on swap-bot, i´m losing faith in the newbies.....

IF for some reason you feel bad for your package or something else, please PM before giving a bad rating, we can solve it together¡¡ I put care and time searching for specials treats to everybody. thanks

I ALWAYS RATE IN THE VERY MOMENT THE MAIL ARRIVES. So if i didn´t rate ...I didn´t receive it¡¡

About Me

I´m Miriam...when i´m not crafting i´m at the hospital..I´m a doctor so gore, skulls and things unusual didn´t scare me¡¡ I will be moving soon..i don´t know where yet but i will put a note here¡¡¡

My sizes:

t-shirts--- L on H&M, in others XL skirts, trousers....46, or 14-16 in american size. ( i love casual clothes ). shoes: 41----7.5 rings L or XL necklace--long one´s i know they aren´t necesary but all the information is usefull here¡¡¡¡


love all kind of books, fiction the best, with paranormal creatures or amazing heroes, even the bloodiest crimes and detectives do my day.

same for tv shows, i possibly follow most of the shows going on ( love merchandaising...) if you have doubts or questions ask please¡¡¡ specially like true blood, grimm, once and the almighty jhonsons......love criminal and cops stories and of course fantasy and comedy series. I love sci-fi Stargate Atlantis my fav, but now i´m follow Contimumm, and Revolution. I really follow all the cooking shows available on internet from Aussie lands to usa, passing new zealand and more.....

Films, the same.....love it fiction ones, romance and sci-fi too.

Music, here i´m a romantic, boy bands would do for me, but latin music is nice for dancing, reggaeton for going out and even celtic music when you´re down.

Favorite Crafts

My favourite color is red, but i love turquoise and bright colors, in summer coral, bright orange, neon yellow or fluor pink are one of my favourites, grass green it´s nice and wereable. don´t really love black or white.

I love silver jewelry, and unique jewelry , i prefer EARRINGS with hoocks ( i don´t like push earrings). NOT GOLD or Golden . but ok with bronze or copper colors.

I have a store on ETSY as well as Dawanda, one more american the other european, so you can figure what can of things i like to do, i made a lot of things in different ways, not only felt, jewelry and polymery clay are nice to work, made some soaps and lipbalms even leather bags and paper wallets all handpaint, lots of crafts along the way, and of course imagine the perfect present it´s hard but worhty...If you don´t like handmade..pity but why don´t you try??


there´s a link on my etzy/ dawanda favs, but i know sometimes there are really expensive or the shippings cost really can´t be afford, so if you find similar things or on the theme it´s ok for me don´t have to be the same:

  • embroidery hoops in all sizes and materials.

  • Nice japoneasse fabric, with lucky cats, geishas,...

  • Diamond glaze or similar glaze


  • Cameos, cabochons bases, epoxi clear cabochons, necklace metal chains in bronze or cooper.

.japanesse jewelry or themed things

  • would love to try: kitkat rare flavours ( matcha, black honey, strawberry.....) as well as oreo flavoured.........here we only have the basic ones.


We, at home, love the powdered beverage little pocket envelopes for1 or 2 liters....think fruity, exotic, tea...

tea...please not infusions or plain tea, i love sweets teas to mix with milk, or rare flavours to try. Not red fruits flavours.


things i love or i would like.

Here i add the thinks i like, not in orther but in these way you have plenty space to choose and to work on.....

  • Kokeshi dolls in all the stuff you can find...so cute¡¡

  • Matrioska dolls, the same here.

. Lucky chinese/japanese cat.

  • glass cabochons in all sizes, metal filigree cabochon bases, resin products to put together.

  • silicone molds for polymery clay.

  • rubber stamps, ink, acrylic stamps

  • polymery clay, metal clay, liquid clay...light colors best, white, marble, cream, skinlight tone.

  • leather thinghs ( wallets, bandanas, brazalets, bags, purses..:)

  • Bags in all sizes...love the big ones, but a pretty one to go out it´s allright.

, accesoires; wallets, foulard, echarpes, bandanas, really girly stuff with some type of surfing and comfortable mix but not glitter, love neons and in winter time red, turquoise...

  • Love t.shirts ( h&M, other) with draws or geek slogans, cute pictures and cartoons.

  • Owls.

Tim burton´s films and merchaindaising-- NBC, the corpse bride, vincent, Charlie, Alicia......and everysingle one of jonny deep´s caracthers...

Twilight, Harry Potter..and all sci-fi, fiction things you would like to thing..i really wuld like somthing about them.

.EVIL eye jewelry or accesory

Silver jewelry

New "in" or "must" jewelry on your country, that thing all people want and have right now on your city¡¡


I´m a little bit geeky......, i love the lord of the rings, star wars, star track, stargate, hunger games, full metal alchemist, naruto, chobbits, marmalade boy, ayashi no ceres, sci.fiction books, Darkover series by Marion.zimmer bradley, Thomas Harris, Harry Potter... you name it, sure i´ll probably know whatt you´re talking about...except..videogames...not my theme¡¡¡ but when i was a child i really liked Mario and friends.

skeleteanimals things

accesoires for KINDLE READER 4 Gen, or archos 7 home tablet

BARE MINERALS products.....Golden Fair is my tone, and things to match with, round pencil to apply mineral products¡¡¡

Pin Up jewelry

Handamade things are welcome

kawaii things like jewelry, tote bags, pouchs,push-toys...... surprise me......i love cute things, don´t have to be pink, HK is ok but would love the editions with dark Kitty, or vampire Kitty or Rock Kitty...not just plain pink kitty. PLEASE: NO PAPER ELEMENTS, no notebooks, sheets, blocks....

Lipgloss , really searching for that one´s that make your lips bigger, with colagenon or something like that¡¡

Daycream with high nutritive skills, for sensitive skin and maybe some type of BBcream for light skin.

Steampunk accesoires, gifts, books, altered items

Painting with Marilyn or other icons for my sister

Really girlie clothes with flowers, birds, lace, pastels for my sister, she wears size uk/usa 12, europe 40, top M, feet 40 or USA 9 woman.

IF you live in the UK, poundstores are like heaven...i mean brands for 1 pound?...so be crazy for me and if you find something really cool y apreciate it¡¡¡...cadbury´s or nestle things and out of season are ok¡¡¡

3D puzzles/3D ball puzzles

I LOVE NY, same as PARIS, LONDON......that logo nowadays is evrywhre so..everything with taht logo...with your city name, or others are welcome.

Hard rock cafe t-shirts everywhere in the world, originals are so hight prized that for me fakes are as good as, ..size M for my sister.

Jewelry food imitation, so nice¡¡¡

Loved the essence of Mango, Papaya or tropical fruits..is sweet and amazing, in every kind of product¡¡¡

cute everything......love that anime caracters in miniature with funny faces, so adorable¡

Computer 10,1" sticker.

stamp felt with japanesse characters, or cute draws ( no printed animals).

cleaning face-mask for mature skin ( my mum would love it) as well as eye cream.

indian, asian jewelry, bigger and scintilant jewelry, with lot of colors, like dreamcatchers, so cool. And turquoise bead jewelry.

i would like to have the tools to start new crafts like resin jewelry makin or textures for polymery clay, or other craft that could be my new antistrees therapy. Maybe some crossstich kitwith some hoop, or similar things.

miniatures for painting, everything is welcome, elfs, orcs, wharhamer space troopers, other miniatures....

DRAGONS...love it, so cute¡¡¡

kristi friesen polimery clay stuff----similar, doesn´t matter i really love it¡¡

egipcian themed steampunk theme

pretty skulls, mexican skulls, cute skulls...but not plastic skulls....in everything, but really love it in clothes and jewelry.

FERRARI....yes i follow F1, my favourite of course Fernando Alonso. Love that red color so ferrari...

vintage victorian jewelry but not plastic ( admit broken jewelry to remake, even broken watchs or clocks to do steampunk jewelry)

wax thread for leather crafts. plain or in colors.

Textil ink or paint to improve my skills in these craft. Textil pencils.

Glass paint

Liquid polymery clay like kato liquid, fimo liquid..others, doesn´t matter the brand ( transparent or clear one).

BOOKs, really love reading. IN english, italian, french, spanish, portuguese, galician.

Anime and japonesse manga ( in english....i can´t understand japonesse..could be interesting to learn it), prefer shojo manga or some soft yaoi manga. With enjoyable caractheres and cute draws¡¡

like nice artisanal creams and cosmetics, with mosquet rose oil, or aloe vera or argan oil.

like korean products and cosmetics but so difficult or imposible here to find it¡¡

cosmetic products.. gloss,eye shadows, iluminator powders, blush, corrector....in colors that match with very dark hair and very white skin, and brown eyes. ( pinks, summer combinations, purples...) i wanna try new brands¡¡ not lipliners, lipstickers, cream make up base, nailpolish.

love l´occitane products.

wanna try something for LUSH cosmetics.

and a lots, lots of things......well maybe i said it before but i love surprises¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡


that´s the swaps i´ve been flaked...if you want to adding something for that please notice that to me in a paper. and thanks¡¡¡¡¡

  1. International Tea Swap 1--- yogamomof4

2.Surprise profile IX-NON USA---startbutcher

3.Try new craft kit ---Mariek

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  5. Twilight/new moon swap........... http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/45151 ------------ @sleepingdancingfairies

  6. and some of tags from @proudmama ....nothing arrives, not the twilight one, not the mini-bento box with rubbers inside.


  1. http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/108870, select any five------ @giramondo

11.http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show /117885 e-cookbook swap ------ @m4r

  1. profile surprise 20 no newbies europe---- @paintinglilies

  2. 13 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN EU...... @fifisHQ2012

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16: 3 SWAPS IN A ROW..for the same person.... @GoneDrake , grimm craft me something, onceuponatime2 craft me something and craft me something geeky 3 international.

  1. True blood craftmesomething .. @moonlightjade

  2. some flackers on the swaps i´ve been hosting dissapear, literaly from swap-bot, so no more listing or telling who is who...be aware because they ussually return for christmas and other celebrations....so sad¡¡ Even if i up the minimun require swaps they appear....so unfair for the other participants, BUT IN FUTURE SWAP I WILL BE ONLY DOING swaps FOR EXPERIENCE SWAPPERS.


  1. AL made by you..... by @SEMOkraftee thanks to @TerryF and @spotteddogs for angel it¡¡¡¡ amazing ladies.

dislikes..or allergies


.Postcards -postal stamps ( sorry not use for it).

  • Disney stickers or stikers in general( except if it´s a theme swap and match with the theme).

  • pencils,rules, rubbers, pens, stationary, lettersets or anythin related with paper, even tags or postcards. No more labels for the moment, thanks.

. No paper any kind, excet maybe a try this one craft kit...and i maybe i will became a believer

-licor things / alcohol

  • No fondation or cream make-up.

  • white chocolate or with banana, lemon or liquirice flavour.

  • NO RELIGIUS ITEMS, i´m in with cultural aproaches and festivities items.

  • infusions.

  • paper tags or sort of mixed paper, because i´m not on scrapbooking, neither like it.

. PAPER, NOTES AND CARDS in blank.if you write a note i will love it and stay with me in my wall

  • gel bath or soaps, shammpoos cause i´m alergic to soap

  • No skirts or pantyhose ( tights).

  • used and bad jewelry ( i mean jewelry in bad conditions or plastic kid jewelry)

  • CANDLES, INCENSE.... my sister is alergic.

-samples with nothing inside ( beliveme sometimes happens)

  • paper tissues or tissues, napckins ( i´m not into decoupage, sorry)

  • plastic beads or all kind of beads and jewelry stuff...now i have a lot of, so when i´ll need i´ll ask for more¡¡¡ ( see up the things ok).

other things ilove:

Hope everything i wrote here was usefull to you, and of course if you have any question, doubt or only you want to say hi.. send me a pm...PLEASE IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS FINDING STUFF FOR ME, PM AND I WILL GLAD HELP YOU¡¡

I´M open to swapbot private swaps and trades on etsy, so ask¡¡¡

kisses, besos, bicos, baci, optum.........MIRIAM


Tina78 rated for SENG surprise #10 Christmas Edition on Dec 20, 2013
Comment: Thank you!!!
FrancescaP rated for Advent in Europe 2013 - Part 2 on Dec 17, 2013
Comment: Thanks a lot Miriam, I love everything!!!
Gabrielle rated for ** Tea wallet with 4 teabags ** on Dec 9, 2013
Comment: The wallet is lovely and all the teas look interesting; thanks so much. I may be a little bit late rating, but we have been away and my husband just picked up our mail this morning. I am looking forward especially to trying the cold mandaring orange one! Happy swapping!
bluebear rated for Advent in Europe 2013 - Part 4 on Dec 6, 2013
Comment: Thankyou Miriam i have put them under my tree x
tigerbunny rated for SENG surprise #8 on Nov 30, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the gifts. I can't wait to open them.
missmuffcake rated for "DAY OF THE DEAD" CRAFT on Oct 16, 2013
Comment: love the embroidery! great stitching!
mejulia rated for Advent Sunday Swap on Oct 15, 2013
Comment: thank you
rhynah rated for Advent in Europe 2013 - Part 1 on Oct 14, 2013
Comment: Got the gifts! Thank you! :)
Comment: Dear Miriam, I loved you Owl broche and the embroidery. I'll put it in a frame as Christmas decoration! x Emilie
plasticprincess rated for Swap profile surprise 20 on Oct 8, 2013
Comment: I got the package today. Thank you so much for everything. I was really happy to see the Gaudi stickers. Dh and I visited Park Güell on our honeymoon and would love to go back. Thank you!
tigerbunny rated for SWAP PROFILE SURPRISE19 on Sep 9, 2013
Comment: Thank you for this nice swap :)
Tina78 rated for PROFILE SURPRISE 18 on Aug 14, 2013
Comment: Thank you for everything!!
coleenfranks rated for Profile Surprise 17 on Jul 10, 2013
Comment: Hi Miriam, thank you for your lovely package. Yes, I can use it ALL, of course, you know. Blessings to you. Coleen in Ukraine
Wennie rated for Profile Surprie 16 on May 10, 2013
Comment: Thank you for your package. How funny to find tea from Holland in a package from Spain!
SilenceDogWood rated for Homemade Item Swap on Apr 20, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the great item you made. There is always a need to carry more cards as each store all have their own shopper's card.
Response: thanks
Comment: Excellent! Love the voodoo doll. 23/04/13: Strange. Thought I gave you a heart already. Changed it :)
Response: thanks
mortuaary rated for Profile surprise 15 on Apr 16, 2013
Comment: Thanks for your resend, love it all! x
Response: grazie¡
wanderfrolics rated for 3 Handmade items swap #1 on Apr 11, 2013
Comment: Got your package today! Thanks so much for the lovely necklace and very creative and personalized passport case and the London Underground (!!!) brooch you made me! How thoughtful of you. I enjoyed them all :) I would I could sew, lol. Take care!
Response: Thanks, glad you enjoy them...you´re lucky because i´ve been in london recently so i had a london tube map at hand to do something..was fun¡¡¡
Idahoseashell rated for Homemade Item Swap on Apr 11, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the little book with pockets. I think it would be a handy place to store postage stamps, or tea or sewing needles. :)
Response: HI¡ it was a teawallet but you can used it as you want¡¡¡ hugs

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Sailor Senshi Club

Long time no see - but I've a new swap running! A Sailor Senshi ATC swap! (If you feel like hosting an own swap, just message me! ♥ I'd love to see our Sailor Moon club more active!) Feel free to join! :D

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Happy holiday wishes! In the New Year, may you be blessed with laughter, peace, and love.

betty194 on Dec 5, 2013:

Hi! Pls give me your address again with correct line breakers, the package has been ready and is waiting to go to you :), thanks, best wishes, Betty

ZzMonstruozZ on Oct 30, 2013:

Hola ¡Guapa!
¿Qué tal la vida? ¡Hace siglos que no sé ná de ti!
Me he borrado de un montón de grupos y he dejado sólo unos poquitos (los que más me gustan y en los que habitualmente más participo).
Espero que vaya todo chanchi lerendi, a ver si nos sacamos de la manda algún intercambio privado o algo ¿no?
¡Besotes mil!

priscilla on Sep 26, 2013:


i'm your partner for advent in europe can you email me some things that you like please?


MissSwapp on May 1, 2013:

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Wishing you a beautiful Spring Group: European Swap Diva's. Many Greetings

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Wishing you a happy spring ♡

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You are so very welcome!!! Hope you like them!

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