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Date Joined: February 21, 2013
Last Online: May 3, 2024
Birthday: December 31
Country: Austria
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About Me

Please understand that mail takes longer than usual before and even right after Christmas time :(. So pls be patient, so am I :). Last year a package from Austria to the Netherlands took 1 month at Christmastime, usually it takes a few days.
Thank you!

Guten Tag :)! Hello! Thanks a lot for reading my profile :). My name is Betty, I´m in the beginning of the 30ties and live in the capital of Austria, in Vienna. I like cinema, theatre, going out in the evening and spending time in a coffeehouse in the afternoon, reading, postcrossing, swapping items,have just started with scrapbooking and of course I love to travel :), who doesn´t? Unfortunately it´s expensive and needs time, so I don´t travel as much as I´d love to.

Please excuse my poor English, I give my best ;).

Favorite Books

"11 minutes" by P. Coelho and "Widow for one Year" by J. Irving

Favorite Movies

"Sometimes happy, sometimes sad"-Indian Bollywood movie; "The phantom of the opera" (The muscial by A.L.Webber, and of course I love the musical itself, too :)) In general I like all movies, except Horror and most action movies.

Favorite Television

mostly US shows, like the "old ones" - Desperate Houswives, Sex and the City, any Sitcoms, like How I met your mother ....


cultures, countries, religions, psychology, history, literature, other people´s secrets, life experiences, opinions, biographies....

You send to or receive from me


Pls always put a note with your ID, "Swap-bot" and the name of the swap in the package, I am also activ on another swapping side and maybe I won´t be able to find out whom to thank and rate without a note inside the envelope.

If you´re my partner in a profile based swap and you find my wishes too hard to fullfill, just pm me we´ll surley find something;). I really don´t want to get anybody desperate :), this whole swapping thing is to have fun :D!

I usually use real stamps, if it´s not inconvinient for you, it would be nice if you could use real stamps :). Thanks.

BTW: Austria uses „DD.MM.YY“ date format, so postmark „05.01.“ is January 5th.

I´ve done a lot of swaps through postcrossing and have to say usually all of my sent packages did arrive, but a few got lost though :(. So yes, it does happen, that mail gets lost on its travel :(. If you don´t receive my package pls let me know before you rate me, so that we can find a solution, thank you :).

If you consider rating me a 3 pls also contact me before, I am new here, so in case I understood something wrong I would consider to resend as well :).

I am an active member on postcrossing, where I also do item swaps and item tags and have a lot of references, so I am new to this site but not new to responsible swapping behavior ;).


I usually rate on the same day, so if I haven´t rated you yet, then I haven´t received. However, you can always pm and ask me if you´re unshure :).
When I wait to get rated from my partner, I´ll send a pm (mostly a month after the sent date, depending on the location of my partner).
When I don´t get rated at all within a reasonable time, messages aren´t answered,... then I report to the "non-raters group". I am sorry, but I think rating belongs to swapping as well as sending.
Thank you for rating :)!


    (especially not flat ones, metallic ones, vintage themed ones, it´s har to get them here)

    from your country (for a friend of mine who is a passionate hobby farmer;)) Pls send something unusual (f.e. they grow purple carrots :D)
    Pls do not send flower seeds, thank you.

-!:-) Anything PAPAYA (www.papayaart.com)
I love it :), the selection in Austria isn´t very good and the stuff costs almost double than on their HP :(. Thank youuuu :)!

(especially airmailrelated stuff and/or stickers, but everything is fine :))

  • I love FRENCH SHABBY/ SHABBY CHIC and so everything that fits to it. (decoration for the home, etc.)

  • VINTAGE themed things

  • TRAVEL related and mail related / themed items

  • any STATIONARY (kawaii, vintage themed, princess-style, I also like nice "adult" stationary with flowers, butterflies or whatever;)
    when it comes to envelopes it would be awesome to receive some that are bigger than the usual size, or tiny ones as well)

  • DECOTAPE (prefere no cartoons)

  • WASHITAPES with a nice design (samples are welcomed, too, also plaincoloured tapes ))

  • SPECIAL TAPES (border tape, lace tape, crocheted tape, fabric tape, ....)

    (you make me so happy if you send me something beautiful handmade :))
    f.e.: papercrafts like ATC, decorated matchbox, Rolo, zine, mini booklet; handmade notebook,...
    anything altered like matchbox, shrine, altered filefolder, altered notebook,....
    if you sew I´d prefere something useful like a potholder, teatowel, pillowcase......
    I also would appreiciate handmade jewlerry, I once received a beaded necklace, it was the most beutiful thing I have ever received ;). Pls no rings, can´t wear them; I am not slim, so pls braclets or anclets should be wide; necklaces are no problem ;). A set of items that fit together would be nice, too ;).

  • KAWAII THINGS (Shinzi Katoh, Rilakkuma, Sentimental circus, Kutusita Nyanko, Hello Kitty - especially when it has a Japanese look/clothes, My Melody or any similar caracters)
    I don´t like the whole Kawaii food theme and the "Q-mie" stuff so much, but if it´s the only Kawaii thing you can send, it´s OK, too:).
    I hardly can get Kawaii stuff in Austria, so if you send me some, you make me very happy :).
    I am especially looking for large Memos, lettersets and stickers :).
    Currently I am looking for large Sentimental Circus Memos (size of the ones that come with lettersets), becouse I have a few envies, but no sheets :D.

  • Anything KAWAII that´s USEFUL and no paper item

    I also love the japanese stationary /Kawaii that comes with this Paris - floral - scrapbooking look. Mindwave f.e. has them :).


  • anything KOKESHI/MOMIJII

  • anything MATRYOSHKA

  • anything useful cute or beautiful for the KITCHEN

    (with the name, flag or any typical sights/person/ etc. from your country)
    I am not a collector!! I prefere to receive souvenirs I actually can use.
    F.E.: Souvenir pen, stationary of any kind like notebook, ruler, .....,
    teatowel, potholder, ovenmitten, breadboard, set of coasters anything else useful for the kitchen,
    pillbox, pocketmirror, totebag or any other reusable shopping bag, pictureframe, candle holder, letter opener...... Be creative, as long as I can use it, it´s fine :)
    Oh, and snowglobes - I love them anyway :).

  • GUIDEBOOK OF YOUR COUNTRY/CITY or another book on the history etc of your country
    (in English or German)

    (white and/or warm colours (yellow, orange, red, dark red), french shabby, .....)

    (personal ones will be highly appreciated :))

  • a full storebought LETTERSET
    (either cute or beautiful, pls nothing too childish, except Kawaii ;), no real pictures of animals)

    :) (I´d love to have a beautiful one :))

  • beautiful FONTAINPEN

  • WAX SEALING SET (a beginners set)

    (if possible with a double.sticking tape on the back)

  • WINDCHIMES or similar stuff ofr decoration

  • anything useful for SCRAPBOOKING

    I´d love to have some stuff from the real "Smash" items / supplies, that you can buy in the US. I just glue stuff in a book :D. It would be great to get an idea how a "real" smashbook and the "real" supplies look like.

  • an ALBUM
    for scrapbooking or smashbooking, can be handmade or altered, of course

  • anything useful for STORAGE

-anything useful for MAILART
(especially mailrelated rubberstamps)
Of course I also appreciate to receive mailart ;)

  • beautiful nice shaped BLANK LABELS in all sizes
    (for decorated envies to put the address on or for scrapbooking/smashbooking,....)

    (vintage themed, kawaii-any are fine but you can see my preferences above, any other cute stickers, stickers useful for scrapbooking, reliefstickers, puffy stickers, 3D stickers, butterflies, flowers, mystic creatures like unicorns, fairies, meermaids, etc., classy-kitschy stickers, good quality stickers, sticky embelishments, stickers with any 3D element on them like a small stone, Chinese or Japanese stickers, Mindwave stickers, mailrelated stickers, like false postage a.s.o., Me-to-you stickers, beautiful blank label stickers, capsule stickers, rub on stickers, Papaya-art, Cavillini, any kind of border stickers ....)
    In sticker swaps: If possible, pls do not send me only cartoonish/childish stickers, thank you. (Except Chinese/Japanese/Kawaii stickers)

  • RUB ON STICKERS (I love them :))

  • SARAH KAY items

    (especially (vintage) book pages and beautiful pics,.......) EDIT: 15.9.13 At the moment I have so much, so rather not right now, except it is really special/beautiful/interesting thank you :)

  • anything related to the TWILIGHT MOVIES
    (my godchild is a huge fan :), but pls don´t send books or something like that, she only speaks German and can´t speak English)

  • English NEWSPAPER / MAGAZINE(clippings)

  • magazines or newspaper in English
    I don´t mind 2nd hand and I am not sensitive to smells

-DVDs in English
(no sience fiction or horror, or very scary thrillers) I am NO technic freak and I can only see European DVDs on my recorder, however if I can view them on my laptop, that´s fine, too :)

  • mixed random mail surprises :)

  • When it comes to THEMES/IMAGES I like, my postcrossing Profile might be a help ;) (see link above)

But I also love to be surprised :)!

Pls send me something useful, thank you :).


Pls view my postcrossing profile for ideas what to send me, thank you :) -- link see above

If you send me a view(!)card (cards showing your country,city, ...), pls always send it written, even when the swap requires unwritten cards or/and the cards are sent in an envelope, thank you. Pls describe what is showen on the picture :).

Pls don´t send me

-anything with insects
-anything bloody
- anything with skeletons
- helloween related stuff
-brooches / jewlery lapel ...
-single coasters (a set is welcomed though)
-normal pencils
- a few postcards in a "non-postcard swap"
- if you send viewcards (cards showing your country, etc.) pls always write on them,, thank you :)-see postcards
- keyrings (except kokeshi/matryoska/momiji or Netherland clocks or anything really special/beautiful)
-Childish things (except Kawaii of course;)
- neon colours
- tea
- disney stationary (except anything related the old classic movies, so princess is fine,too)
- angry bids, sponge bob or any similar caracter
- dark or licoric chocolate
- star or smiley stickers

  • Sticker swaps: If possible do not only send me childish/cartoonish (except Japanese Kawaii caracters of course) stickers and pls see my preferences above, thank you.

If you´re sending me anything that is related to your country/culture/religion, pls include a note and explain it to me, thank you :)

Hall of Fame

Swappers who sent me an "over the top" generous and thoughtful package :) and/or swappers who kindly angeled:

@virnsky @lizbee @Denise16 @foddershock @miia @ilovelovemylife @Cesaria @flyingfox @KimmieSC

FLAKERS ins swaps I´ve hosted (=banned from all my future swaps)

@nightenbelle (made good on this :))


Jannified rated for new year PRIVATE on Dec 23, 2015
Comment: Received your one of a kind envopes today. Thank you for being thoughtfully and sending something that I would definitely enjoy. That hazelnut wafer biscuits are a a JOY! Haha! Once again, thank you very much!
loveualatte rated for NEW YEAR swap Europe 2016 on Dec 18, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the lovely package and letter that arrived today! I'm going to save my gifts to open on Christmas....or at least I'm going to try ;-) Btw, your letter made me want to go to Vienna! I haven't been there since I was a child. You described your city on New Year so amazingely!
Comment: Hello, i cant express enough how much I love your package and everything in it. The postcards are my fave - i have recently started collect food cards and these are ABSOLUTELY great the same map card and when it is metro plan it is just AWESOME, I am happy you liked Czech food, i am going to get some cards from our cuisine. The selection of teabags is SUPER, our spars in our country closed all so we dont get tea from them anymore. I am so sorry for the late rating it came before my holida and after I just didnt manage. Thank you million again. thousands hearts to you:)
Response: Thanks a lot for the lovely comment, I am very glad you like everything :)! I hope you had a wonderful holiday:), best wishes, Betty
Comment: Thank you so so much Betty. I love the mail art. Grateful for the coin, the seeds, postcards, teas, stamps & stickers...wow, I'm so happy.
Response: Thanks a lot for the nice comment and rating, best wishes, Betty
AndreaJ rated for ISS: Questions in a notecard #7 on Aug 7, 2015
Comment: Thanks for sharing.
Response: Thanks a lot for the lovely rating, best wishes, Betty
Comment: Thank you very much for the beautiful swap! You are very talented! :)
Response: Thanks a lot for the nice compliment and rating, best wishes, Betty
mamalynn rated for SWL ~ Smash book pages Part 1 #2 on Jul 23, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome journal page! I really love it! And the envelope is fabulous as well! Thank you for a great swap!!
Response: I am very happy you like the page, it was so much fun to make it :). Thanks a lot for the lovely rating, best wishes, Betty
weatherwax rated for SIE - Snail Mail Supplies :) #4 on Jun 28, 2015
Comment: Thank you so very much! Vielen lieben Dank für ein wunderbares Kuvert! Ich hab mich riesig über Deine flow-Mail-Art gefreut und, dass Du mein Profil so genau gelesen hast! Ich wünsch Dir einen bezaubernden Start in den Juli und Alles Liebe in den 14ten vom 14ten :)
Response: Vielen Dank für das Rating und liebe Kommentar, ich fand´s super mal was nach Wien bzw. um die Ecke zu schicken :). Wünsch dir einen schönen Sommer, liebe Grüße, Betty
Blacksugar rated for Profile-Based Package Swap #2 on Jun 12, 2015
Comment: Vielen Dank für die Souvenirs aus Wien! :)
Response: Vielen Dank für das Rating und fürs Hosten, ich hoffe dir gefallen die Souvenirs, liebe Grüße, Betty
fabmama72 rated for A Little Letter Of Home on Jun 12, 2015
Comment: Thank you for sharing your home with me. I love learning about new places :)
Response: Thanks a lot for the rating and the heart, enjoy your summer in your home town ;), Betty
Comment: If it was possible to give you 2, 3 or 4 hearts, I would have do so! Your letter was very interesting, reading it was a pleasure and read it again just for fun because I loved it (don't worry about your English, I'm not better than you!). I'm a hundred perrcent sure that you read my profile before sending the letter because the goodies you sent me were exactly what I prefer! The subway tickets, the postcard, the pennies, the stamps... All extra stuff that wasn't supposed to be in this swap!!! You made my day, thank you sooo much!
Response: Thanks a lot for your lovely comment, I am very glad you liked everything :) and thanks a lot for joining my swap :)! Have a lovely summer, Betty :)
shirleyinCA rated for ISS: Smash & Journal Pocket Swap on May 20, 2015
Comment: What a wonderful pocket swap! You sent so many pockets filled with delightful items that fit my profile so well: Hello Kitty, vintage typewriter, Paris, owls, children's literature galore! Creative envelope, too. Thank you so very much for resending, you are so kind and generous!
Response: Thanks a lot for your lovely comment, I am so glad you got this one (and quite fast, too ;-) and like it. I loved putting together everything for you, we seem to have a similar taste ;). Best wishes, Betty
holiveirah rated for SIE ~ Euro Store Treasures #2 on May 19, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful package, everything is lovely!
Response: I am very glad I choose the right things :), thanks a lot for the lovely rating, Betty
Comment: Vielen Dank, hab mich total gefreut :-)
Response: Freut mich :), vielen Dank für das Rating und dass du bei meinem Swap mitgemacht hast! Liebe Grüße Betty
Loonstruck rated for SWL ~ Cheap & Happy HAPPY mail on May 11, 2015
Comment: What lovely happy mail! I especially love the fairy tale cards and your list of things that make you happy. It's so true, a good hug is wonderful!
Response: Thanks a lot for your lovely rating and comment. I also love those cards :)!
Comment: thanks Betty for the fun review of Canada- so everybody seem to laugh at the ex-mayor of Toronto eh? and the Americans are recently in the process of discovering that their neighbours up North is Canada!!!!
Response: I just read what I worte you (I take a pic of everything I send) and I didn´t write that anybody is laughing at the ex mayor and to be honest I don´t understand the 2nd comment at all. So I really hope that´s a joke and that I didn´t offend you. If I did, I am really sorry, that wasn´t my intention. Thank you for the rating, best wishes, Betty
Karen07 rated for Recycle those childrens book pages on Apr 30, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the truly lovely envelopes! Certainly not too whimsical! lol
Response: lol :D, I am very glad you like them, thanks a lot for the rating :), Betty
Jeepers rated for Small mixed Kawaii swap on Apr 28, 2015
Comment: I am so, so, so, very sorry this rating is sooooo late! I did receive and I loved what sent!!
Response: Don´t worry, better late than never :), thanks a lot for the lovely rating and for joining, Betty
Comment: Thanks for the bookmarks! I love them both. :)
Response: Glad you like them, thanks a lot for the lovely rating :)
tingtinga2602 rated for Profile-Based Package Swap on Apr 23, 2015
Comment: thank you so very much for all the goodies.. i love them all.. especially the crochet hook.. i can't thank you enough.. P/S... I love the stamps.. OMG.. they are soooooooooooo pretty
Response: Thanks a lot for this lovely comment, I am very glad you like the little gifts. I don´t sew so I just took what I thought you´d like and was hoping that those things are really useful ;). Glad I picked right :), best wishes, Betty

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