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Swap Coordinator:MichelleWillow (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Postcards 
Number of people in swap:331
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.80 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:June 1, 2012
Date items must be sent by:June 18, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

For this swap you'll have 2 partners! I know description up there says 1 partner but it's only because we all get to send 2nd postcard to Rachel and Travis (address below)!

Here is very simple idea....

I have rediscovered my creative side since I've joined Swap-bot, met numerous very kind and creative people and learned about so many new crafts and things about different places, traditions, etc. And probably you did too!

So, here is what you'll do:

  • write 2 postcards telling why you're thankful you joined swap-bot, what you learned, why it makes you happy

  • address 1st postcard to your assigned partner

  • address 2nd postcard to Rachel and Travis.

Address found on swap-bot blog:

Rachel and Travis Johnson


285 5th Ave PMB 415

Brooklyn, NY 11215

United States

  • MAIL IT! ;)

For this swap, you can use what ever postcard you want, either it's store-bought, handmade or nice ad postcard. Just send something you would love getting yourself!

As for ratings, you will rate your partner when you receive a postcard. You have to rate your partner 5 when you receive even if it's not your preferred type of postcard! Remember, this is about happy thoughts! :D

I'll keep this swap opened to everyone who has a rating over 4,80 hoping that this inexpensive swap is not something anyone would flake on! Newbies welcome too!

And, sign-up is a pretty long so we get many to join us! :)

Have fun!


susieq11 04/22/2012 #

What a great idea!!!!!

ColoradoKate 04/22/2012 #

This is amazing - thanks for doing this! Unfortunately, the dates are bad for me. :( I'll watch anyway - maybe I can convince myself that I can make it work, lol!

MichelleWillow 04/22/2012 #

@ColoradoKate - where ever you go, you can always drop off 2 postcards in nearest mailbox! ;) Or get someone to do it for you! ;)

MichelleWillow 04/22/2012 #

And I surely hope Rachel didn't plan any vacation in June so she can receive all the mail she's gona get! :D

MichelleWillow 04/22/2012 #

I have extended send by date as I just realized that I've put it in the same time as Holocaust Museum Butterfly Project #2 (Edited) swap. Another must join! :D

Drachenfrau 04/22/2012 #

Awesome! :-)

Paige1900 04/22/2012 #

Watching for now...but will join when the date gets closer. : )

daarhon 04/22/2012 #

It's a brilliant idea!!

ColoradoKate 04/22/2012 #

The extended date works much better for me now, lol! Thanks again for the great idea!

thebragal 04/23/2012 #

Come on watchers! Sign up! It's only 2 PCs!

HisuiHaru 04/23/2012 #

Great idea and I love to join this swap. :)

Momskii 04/24/2012 #

thanks for doing this for Rachel. I'm surprised it hasn't been done before. I love getting mail and that's why I joined swap-bot.

billowing 04/25/2012 #

This is a good idea! It was pretty considerate of you to change the dates as well

MichelleWillow 04/25/2012 #

I only hope Rachel's postman will not get bonkers from all the postcards he'll have to deliver! :D

mcovey 04/27/2012 #

this a great idea and so considerate of you !!! now we will have to do one for you for being so nice !! :)

mcovey 04/27/2012 #

wow there is as many watchers as joined--that would be alot of post cards if everyone joined, will spread the word around

MichelleWillow 04/27/2012 #

@mcovey LOL No, please! My postman will surely go bonkers! :D Already complaining cause he has to come over every day! :D

mcovey 04/27/2012 #

we have to keep them in business some way LOL this is a sure way of doing hopefully 1000 post cards will go their way by the time of the last sign up date , we got a great start !! and it #1 on top swaps

TerryF 04/27/2012 #

I think it says something about how great the people are on this site, that the 2 top swaps right now are both about honouring others. (";)

MichelleWillow 04/28/2012 #

@TerryF :D

MichelleWillow 04/28/2012 #

To everyone: Please support this awesome swap too: Holocaust Museum Butterfly Project #2!!! Even if you're not crafty, you can participate! Check comment section for couple easy butterfly ideas! :)

TerryF 04/28/2012 #

Thx MichelleWillow!

I am moving this to my watchlist for now so I can set up another TPD swap, but I will definitely be re-joining later. (";)

widelo123 04/28/2012 #

My postman loves that I get so much mail. He can come in and talk to me for a while. It gets kind of lonely all day doing mail.

fawnscrafts 04/28/2012 #

Thank you for starting this swap. I think with the huge trip delay, new dates, I may be able to actually join this one!

biasbabe 04/28/2012 #

I will have to check to see if I can find postcards around our small community.

MichelleWillow 04/28/2012 #

@biasbabe If you can't find any postcards, make a simple PC by yourself - take a sturdier greeting card with an image you like, cut off the front and use the back to add an address and write a message. It's allowed for this swap! ;) As I said, it's about happy thoughts! Just spread some! :D

TerryF 04/30/2012 #

biasbabe is a fabric maven - MW, is it ok to use materials other than just paper if we want to make a PC?

MichelleWillow 04/30/2012 #

@TerryF of course!!! Didn't I put up there HANDMADE??? What ever is your craft, if you can make a postcard out of it and post wants to mail it, go for it!!! :D

Tia 04/30/2012 #

Fantastic idea! I love swap-bot and have met such lovely people and received such amazing pieces of art work. Thank you for starting this swap! xxoo Tia

art3osb 05/ 1/2012 #

Using one of your own photos is an idea too. I'm going to make my first photo pc's with this swap.

lubilu 05/ 2/2012 #

Hello I have not been given my assigned partner yet,can I sent my other postcard to Rachel and Travis in the mean time, or should I wait??

MichelleWillow 05/ 2/2012 #

@lubilu it's really up to you if you want to wait or not. Partners will be assigned for everyone on June 2nd, probably early in the morning CET.

SweetBizar 05/ 3/2012 #

Great idea!

FiWebster 05/ 3/2012 #

This is fabulous: what a super idea!

TerryF 05/ 5/2012 #

Mailed my PC to R&T today. (";)

art3osb 05/ 6/2012 #

Wow, almost 200 joiners. Postman is going to be busy delivering to Rachel and Travis.

QuilterinMotion 05/ 8/2012 #

This is such a simple swap; even newbies should be able to do this without failing. Thanks!! I'm in.

strawberrymilkmade 05/ 8/2012 #

I wish I could join, but I have a massive amount on my plate right now to get done. I'll mail a thank you post card directly to Rachel, though! Thank you so much for hosting such a kind & thoughtful swap.

towenby 05/ 9/2012 #

MichelleWillow, this is such a thoughtful and impressive swap! Thank you for doing it. Count me in.

TerryF 05/11/2012 #

Rachel received my PC today and left a note on my profile. (";)

spencersmom 05/11/2012 #

I seem to be the oly one who doesn't know who Rachel and Travis are. I'm guessing that they are swap-bot administrators/founding members?

spencersmom 05/11/2012 #

I just got my answer from the swap bot blog. Now I know who Rachel and Travis are. I guessed correctly.

MichelleWillow 05/11/2012 #

@spencersmom Yes, Rachel and Travis are people who started all of this and keep it going. :)

bluecrayons 05/13/2012 #

i sent mine to rachel and travis. :O)

Carolien25 05/15/2012 #

My card to Rachel en Travis was sent Sunday

QuilterinMotion 05/15/2012 #

I just sent my card to Rachel and Travis. I'll be watching on June 2nd for the swap partner. Thanks.

papermoon 05/15/2012 #

Sent my card to Rachel & Travis :)

LetsStartARiot 05/17/2012 #

I've sent my PC to Rachel and Travis :)

MichelleWillow 05/17/2012 #

OK, I have sent Rachel heads up mail to let her know that some postcards will come in before partners are actually assigned... ;)

papercaper 05/18/2012 #


MichelleWillow 05/25/2012 #

All right! One week until partners are assigned! C'mon watchers! Time to join in! :D

lubilu 05/25/2012 #

I've sent my 1st PC to Rachel and Travis :), i am looking forward to this swap, love from sunny England

racheljohnson 05/25/2012 #

I have been receiving so many wonderful postcards already! Thank you thank you thank you! I am going to post photos of them soon...

DarkSkullMistress42 05/29/2012 #

Sent my postie off to Rachel and Travis:)

carolynne99 05/29/2012 #

I sent a card to Rachel and Travis today Carolynne

Elisabeth 05/31/2012 #

I'm number 300!

MichelleWillow 06/ 1/2012 #

As you're all probably aware, I have been visiting all the profiles. Although this is the swap with pretty low rating requirement (4,80), as a host I still feel obligated to keep it as safe as possible for everyone involved. So, to clear things up a bit - I'm not expecting that everyone has perfect ratings and low ratings from the past will not get a person banned from the swap (this is why rating requirement is 4,80 and I do believe life can happen and people can slip but as long as someone does best effort to make it right, I have no problem with this). What will get a person banned is currently outdated swaps still open on dashboard. I have found several swappers with open swaps that should have been sent out by now, these swappers have been contacted and if they don't reply with a good explanation by the time tomorrow when partners needs to be assigned, they will be banned.

In case you don't receive your postcard, please try and contact your partner to see what's going on but I would also appreciate to know if there is a problem (as a host). And, yes, I will angel if needed. Also, I would like to thank those who offered to angel as well. You rock! ♥

So, it's only a day til partners are assigned and I would like to




Beckster 06/ 1/2012 #

My postcards are ready to go...just waiting for my partners address!

mwquilt 06/ 2/2012 #

Thankyou for visiting my profile :-) ..and for taking the trouble to explain what your policy was for this swap with the sign-ups..what a great host. Thanks for organising this swap and for making it possible to say "Thankyou" to Rachel and Travis...it;s all too easy to forget how hard they must have to work behind the scenes to keep all this going.

Drachenfrau 06/ 2/2012 #

I absolutely agree and second what @mwquilt said! :-)

susieq11 06/ 2/2012 #

Yes, thank you so much!!!!!!

MichelleWillow 06/ 3/2012 #

Thanks ladies. :D

I just want to say now that we have our partners assigned....

Anyone who missed the deadline and didn't get in this swap on time, can still send their THANK YOU postcards to Rachel and Travis on following address:

Rachel and Travis Johnson


285 5th Ave PMB 415

Brooklyn, NY 11215

United States

I'm sure they will love it! :D

TexyDeb 06/ 3/2012 #

This is so exciting. I would love to hear from The Johnson's as to how many cards they got and what they thought about this whole thing.

TexyDeb 06/ 3/2012 #

I agree with other swappers here and want to re-enforce what they said, "Thank you for keeping up on all participants and creating this swap"! It is an amazing wonderful idea.

MichelleWillow 06/ 3/2012 #

@TexyDeb Rachel said she'll be writing a blog post sometime in future about postcards they received. ;) I'll mail link to all participants once it's published so noone misses it. ;)

art3osb 06/ 4/2012 #

I can't wait to read the blog.

Artistic 06/ 5/2012 #

Post cards went out today to my partner and to Rachel and Travis!

abbyaguas 06/11/2012 #

I just sent my postcard to my partner today... My postcard to the Cool Adminz will be to follow.

PaperclipHashbrown 06/12/2012 #

Mailed mine out today to both my partner and Rachel and Travis! :D

genre9 06/13/2012 #

WOW!! 331 postcards on their way to Travis and Rachel!! sweeeeet! :))

MichelleWillow 06/14/2012 #

Awwww! ----> Postcard Love

MichelleWillow 06/14/2012 #

@genre9 Probably Rachel will receive more than 331 postcards since there are number of people who will be sending but haven't signed up for a swap. ;)

SweetBizar 06/18/2012 #

So, what to do when your partner didn't send something out?

Swan 06/18/2012 #

@SweetBizar : Wait, send them a reminder PM, wait some more, eventually rate them a 1 if you never receive anything and they don't answer your PM etc.

MichelleWillow 06/18/2012 #

@SweetBizar All that @Swan said. And please keep me posted. I can send as an angel or arrange an angel for you if you would like one. Of course, after rating with 1.

MichelleWillow 06/18/2012 #

I have sent reminders to everyone who haven't marked this swap as sent by deadline. I'll keep watching out what's going on.

MichelleWillow 06/21/2012 #

Everyone but 5 people marked sent. After 2 week period, if these still not mark as sent or contact their partners, please rate with 1 and pm me after rating. Thank you.

SweetBizar 06/21/2012 #

@MichelleWillow & @Swan Thanks to the both of you for answering :)

MichelleWillow 06/22/2012 #

Here is another picture in today's blog post:

MichelleWillow 09/12/2012 #

And, it looks like Rachel is still getting some love mail:

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