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The lonely mailbox **Edited

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The lonely mailbox  **Edited
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Most of us here on swap-bot dislike an empty

mailbox= USA

postbox= Canada, Britain and Australia

Postfach = Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Cassetta Postale = Italian

Case Postale = French

So to remedy that we will send ONE postcard of introduction or greeting to ONE partner.

The type of postcard is senders choice, but it's always nice to look at your partner's profile to see what kind of postcards they enjoy.

We are newbie friendly here as well, and ratings for seasoned swappers have to be at least 4.95.

Message to newbies: You are very welcome here! Please create a more-than-a-few-sentences profile. i.e. since this is for postcards, DO let the reader of your profile know your preferences. It's also "friendlier" if the sender knows a little more about you other than your name and the t.v. shows you like to watch. Just sayin'.......

I'm allowing a decent sign-up time for this one. PM with questions ~ I'll answer them for you!


HappyCrafter 09/26/2012 #

You call it a postbox? I've never done that. you must be from a different province... :)

user6937 09/26/2012 #

I call it a mailbox, too!! Alberta here :)

reauk 09/26/2012 #

postbox here england here;)

lady86 09/26/2012 #

Brievenbus = Netherlands

patumma 09/26/2012 #

I have always called it a mail box! I am in Alberta as well.

siouxx05 09/26/2012 #

Us down under call it letterbox ..!

mcall 09/26/2012 #

I call it my toybox.

kerrydwynn 09/26/2012 #

...then there are the "renegeade" Canadians! ;-) CanadaPost. I guess here in Ontario we're a tad more "stuffy"? Thanks for signing up all! This is going to be fun!

eepy 09/26/2012 #

Hey! Look at all these Canadians... I've got to sign up for this one. Mine's a Post Box of course. (Post is my last name!)

kerrydwynn 09/27/2012 #

Come on in @eepy ! Love to have you with us!

AgnesP 09/27/2012 #

Boite aux lettres in French!!

eepy 09/27/2012 #

Oh dear, Miss babygirlbangura seems to have left us.... ROTFL! Sorry, I can't stop laughing......

kerrydwynn 09/27/2012 #

Yeah - - - - - what's up with that?? She's stalking me!!!!! ;-)

SFreer 09/27/2012 #

I will join!! BC Canada here.. mailbox is what I call it.. :)

catestalkergc 09/27/2012 #

Just to continue with the semantics... here in Australia a mail box is the thing you receive your letters in and a postbox is the thing you drop them in to get them delivered.

catestalkergc 09/27/2012 #

Unless you have a box at the postoffice to receive letters in, that is also a post box.

Anyone confused yet?

kerrydwynn 09/28/2012 #

I LOVE it @catestalkergc !! I lived in Australia for a while and that is so accurate! :-) And @SFreer I lived in BC (born and bred) and Ontario(where I am currently being held against my will) is tres stuffy!! BC rocks my world!

papercaper 09/30/2012 #

@catestalkergc - Although we Aussies do know that a mail box is what letters are delivered to, surely you call yours a 'letter box', not a 'mail box', don't you? (Oh, the internet is making us all become Americanised faster than ever before... especially the young kids...)

BTW, FYI, ETC, Australia Post calls a post box (the red box that you post your letters in) a 'street posting box' if I'm not mistaken. I was looking for the official terminology for them once. How clunky though. I just call them 'red post boxes'. (The 'red' is there to aid fast comprehension of what I'm talkin' 'bout 'cos who has time?) ;)

And for what it's worth, I call the ones at the post office 'post office boxes'.

That's my take on it!

CzechFriend 09/30/2012 #

Postboxes and mailboxes are called "poštovní schránka" or "schránka na dopisy" in my language (Czech) :)

kerrydwynn 10/ 1/2012 #

Thanks for sharing, everyone! :-)

tatipop 10/ 1/2012 #

"Caixa de Correio" in Brazil!

royalshyness 10/ 2/2012 #

Peti surat (letter box, for receiving) and peti pos (post box, for sending) in Malaysia :o)

littlemisshedgehog 10/ 2/2012 #

Postkasse in Danish :-)

Evia 10/ 2/2012 #

" Почтовый ящик" in Russia! :)) Basically "postbox" if I translate it .

FiWebster 10/ 2/2012 #

I don't have a mail box. =sniff= All I have is a slot in the front door, through which tons of junk mail & unwanted catalogs fall on the rug. My husband and I refer to it as "the trash leak"—as in, there's a lot of trash out there in the world, and it's always leaking into our house. =sigh=

But every once in a while a whole bunch of mail art arrives on the rug—yay!

AZmom875 10/ 2/2012 #

Have you heard people say that they BLUE boxed something? Meaning they dropped it in the BLUE mail pick up stations, usually outside a grocery store or there one by the circle K. They are not as common as they used to be, and nothing over 13oz, can get dropped in it. they make the mail slot really narrow now.

I dont trust them, and since we have a blue box right at the PO, which is mile from my house. I do blue box things there, but mainly I put my outgoing mail in my sunflower mailbox, and put up the red flag and my female male carrier comes every day about 2pm.

AZmom875 10/ 2/2012 #

OH if I had checked for typos before I left the above comment!!!!!

Liveke 10/ 2/2012 #

"Buzón de correo" in spanish, or at least here in Chile =)

It was fun to read all the comments so I thought I'd leave my contribution as well =)

Obstminkerl 10/ 3/2012 #

A "Postfach" in Austria is something you can get your mail AT the postoffice. The one you have at home would be your "Postkasten" or in dialect "Postkastl"

Aussiemate 10/ 3/2012 #

This is such an interesting thread! Guess I'd better join the swap now. I'm a true blue aussie and yep my home delivery box is my letterbox and I put things in for sending in the postbox down the street. I've always loved England (or anywhere else) that delivers right to your door! Imagine having mail just appear in your house! I love it! But then again I work from home, and if I didn't have that little walk to the front gate to collect my mail I'd never get any vitamin D!

Whippet 10/ 3/2012 #

Great idea for a newbie swap - good opportunity for those who are new to Swap-Bot & who want to get into the action of swapping postcards, etc.
Thanks for getting those mail boxes, post boxes, whatever, filled!

kerrydwynn 10/ 3/2012 #

I'm loving this thread! :-)

swellmomma 10/ 3/2012 #

Canadian here. In the city I had a mailbox, attached to the house. Here in a tiny village I have a post office box, which sucks because to get our mail we have to go to the post office to get it. Thankfully my kids think that is a treat, so I give that chore to them :) To send something out usually I go right to teh post office, but if in the city I sometimes use the red mailbox, and I just call it a mailbox. Oh and the mailman, we call a letter carrier (I had an aunt that was and she hated the term male man so letter carrier it was), parcels arrived in the truck. We called him/her friend ;p If a parcel was arriving it was a good day (though before swapbot that usually meant I had ordered more school books)

MrSchiEvous 10/ 3/2012 #

When I was a kid I lived in a small town in SK. CANADA with a post office, where we had to go get our mail from our Post box. Now that I'm grown up and live in a city, we get mail delivered to the house in our Mail box. It's ok, but I hate it when they stick big envelopes and other big things like wads of fliers in it so that it can't close...

eepy 10/ 3/2012 #

Wow! I just noticed this is No. 1 on the Top Swap list! Way to go, kerrydwynn!

Momskii 10/ 3/2012 #

I have both a mailbox and a Post Office box. I love going to the post office (I can go any day, time,) and get all my goodies from Swap-bot. Since this is #1, I think I'll join

papercaper 10/ 3/2012 #

@AZmom875 - I liked your typo. ;)

We call ours the 'postman' but fewer people do anymore (too formal & sexist). Many just call them the 'postie'. Even my dog calls it that (recognises it as that).

In my youth I used to go and 'get the letters'. Now I go and 'get the mail', but this may, in part, be because I have an American husband. (Some of my lingo is international for the sake of convenience and efficiency.) :/

The other thing I wanted to say: Although in the city I once had a postie who walked with a double canvas 'laundry cart' thing they pushed, our posties mostly ride motorbikes, known as "step-throughs". They're the least-gutsy motorbike you can get (yet not a scooter), and they ride on the grass right up to the letterbox, in and out of people's driveways/on the road as needed, or just all along the nature strip between houses (council-owned grass strip next to the road). If the postie needs to drop something too big for the letterbox at your door, they'll more often than not just ride the bike right up to your door, not get off it and walk. I like this and not-so-secretly want to be a postie. My dog would bark at me though. He is outraged by motorbikes, but he's just a fraidy-cat.

I wish we had US mailboxes with the little red flag you put up if you have mail to be collected! Our posties don't pick up. If only!

papercaper 10/ 3/2012 #

(Clearly I am a postal nerd which I no longer can deny.) :X

kerrydwynn 10/ 3/2012 #

Ohhhhhhhhh @papercaper ! We see through you! (Thanks for joining and commenting!)

Pandabingsu 10/ 3/2012 #

Wow.....love how this group is active. ^_^/

papercaper 10/ 3/2012 #

... * steps away from the X-ray * ...

hsteffi66 10/ 4/2012 #


Bluegirl 10/ 4/2012 #

buzon in spanish from Mexico

user6937 10/ 4/2012 #

Me, again - I just use the term "mailbox", both for the metal thingy attached to my house beside the door to receive my lovelies, and for the box on the street, which USED to be red, but has been plastered with different postal codes now. When I first saw it, I thought it had been graffitteed, but... nope, it's the "new" look in Calgary.

bornokyo 10/ 5/2012 #

I just learned a while ago that in Tagalog my language in the Philippines. The box is called BUSON.

JenniferMernastin 10/ 9/2012 #

I agree with Aussiemate. I live in suburban South Australia and we have our mail home delivered into our "letterbox".

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