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At the Thrift Shop in February (USA) swap

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At the Thrift Shop in February (USA) swap
Swap Coordinator:VivaLaDiane (contact)
Swap categories: Thrift Store 
Number of people in swap:32
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:February 1, 2014
Date items must be sent by:February 28, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

My current round for January is up. This is round 2 for the month of February. In 2014 I am doing 1 round per month. I love love love thrift stores and finding goodies there.

For this swap we will find goodies for a partner around roughly $6 total before shipping. Because international postage is incredibly high these swaps will be US only.

I want these swaps to be successful so the rules are --

Even used, items should be clean.

You must have 10 rated Type 3 swaps.

You must not have any unresolved negative ratings.

You MUST list below a few of your favorite items to search for in a thrift store, and one or two things you have no use for. Include your tshirt size if you'd like but jeans are sort of heavyish to ship. If you don't list this part below, I will remove you. I don't want anyone trying to guess what you'd like or having to go to your profile, list it here.

Running this swap once a month will give you a chance to clear up any ratings or acquire enough to participate.


junemoon 12/27/2013 #

Things I like from thrift shops: being a quilter, any cuts of cotton fabric, any batches of thread or buttons and pins, pin cushions. Non-sewing things: gloves, hats, long scarves, interesting tote bags, glasses cases, I like placesmats, potholders, interesting small spoons and knives (like butter knives and cheese knives), I collect Chinese ginger jars (the kind with the lid) and I love lidded teacups or mugs. In t-shirts, I only wear them to bed, so size X and XL are perfect, pajamas bottoms if they're plain color or very fun patterns,(size X is a safe bet) fairly plain earrings (piered, not clip on), ethnic necklaces. I love computer paper for letters with designs on it. Picture books with animals, plants, scenery. That pretty much covers it. Don't send me novels-PLEASE, and no mysteries and such.

mariamichelle 12/27/2013 #

Hi, I love apples, planners or anything to do with them. I'm working on a quilt so I like fabric. I also make small items like pillows of different shapes so I used any type, size or material. Lace, trims, ribbon, any embellishments are nice too. I wear size 2x Tshirt, mostly to sleep in. I have the apple décor in my kitchen. Planner stuff everywhere. I love anything to do with paper, pens or office products. I have loved those things since being a child. I love things to do with Stephen King, like calendars and stuff. I have most of of the books except the new one. I really don't like things like Hello Kitty or things like that, or stuffed animals unless their old classic characters. I don't like romance novels either. I can't really think of anything else much. Thank you.

ksj1717 12/29/2013 #

This sounds like it will be a lot of fun! My favorite things to pick up at a thrift store are as follows: Bibles translated from another language. Vintage books, Vintage toys, action figures of any sort, board games, unique kitchen items, Christmas ornaments (especially vintage), nativity scenes, glass jars/bottles (may not want to ship those), Old Sears/JCPenney catalogs, and any other uniquely interesting item that captures the attention! Things I don't need: I have too many scrapbook and stationery supplies already. I don't get too many clothing items unless I can try them on. I've already donated my postcards to a young collector, so I don't use those anymore. I don't have time to read, so no new novels, please. That's it. If you find something you love and want to send it, I'm sure I'll love it too.

VivaLaDiane 12/30/2013 #

Thrift shops are a little heaven for me. I love scarves, shotglasses, unique small touristy or pop culture (tv show, movie, cartoon) drinking glasses , anything hockey related, anything related to Lilo & Stitch, Wall E, The Rescuers, Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, The Dark Knight series, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Cars, Monsters Inc or Monster U, Despicible Me, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Bumble or Hermie from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Anything with the Union Jack on it or touristy of England. Musician tshirts of any band (xl, xxl in womens, medium in mens). Anything with Ronald McDonald characters on them (Grimace, Hamburgular, Ronald, Mayor McCheese). Buttons/pins (either sewing buttons or 1 inch pop culture related pins).

agonysdecay 01/ 2/2014 #

Ugh...I like too many things from thiftstores. Mostly I like broken/vintage/odds and ends of jewelry. I'm gothic so of corpse I like anything gothic. Vintage-y mushrooms for my kitchen. Neat ashtrays, broken dolls, or dolls in general. I alter A LOT of Barbie dolls, looking for Ken dolls too...when it comes to dolls don't worry about imperfections, I like them. The spookier the better. I also always NEED lace, all colors, all stiles, black is best but any color will do;) My profile is HEAVILY filled out with things I like, any of those will do!

Please no books unless they are on serial killers. Also, please nothing on my dislikes list;)

Don't fret it with me, I'll find something to do with whatever!

Rie60 01/ 3/2014 #

I love thrift shopping- my like are big mens t-shirts I can wear to sleep in with crazy sayings or characters (XL)-cool big purses, especially leather(ette) hobo bag types--unusual silver jewelry, any kind of peasanty, hippyish boho clothing ( go XL or larger since Im a size 14) - always looking for those life size styrofoam skulls they have at halloween--old old books for re-purposing, anything so weird you can't even tell what it is...pillows with victorian feel to them ( you know gold, burgundy, brocadey, fringey) egads,,,rolodex holders are a new favorite,

Rie60 01/ 3/2014 #

oopsy- I have no use for- Geegaws, figurines, scarves or hats,seasonal things, glassware, records or electronics, art (unless its unusual) linens etc...

ABackwoodsLife 01/ 4/2014 #

1) I'm always on the hunt for pretty, vintage pillowcases in girly colors with birds or butterflies on them, or ones with crochet, embroidery or lace or eyelet decorative edging all the way around the opening. 2) I'm a sucker for vintage school books dating prior to 1960 in good condition to help with my daughter who will be homeschooled. 3) Vintage sheets in decent condition in prints that would look cute remade into little girl clothing. 4) Vintage children's books, think Dick and Jane type images. 5) Antique encyclopedias, bibles, maps or geography books from 1920 or earlier. These do not have to be in good shape. I use the images in projects. 6) Salt and pepper shakers in unusual shapes where the shakers are different. Some examples are a car and a camper; a mouse which sits in a high heel shoe; tom and jerry. 7) vintage children's patterned fabric for a girl. 8) books on self sufficency, small acre gardening, canning, hydroponics, DIY on solar or hydro power. 9) Anything butterfly or fairey related to use as room decorations for my baby girls nursery. 10) vintage sewing basket. 11) board games with all pieces included specially vintage kids. Do not need boxes as I make storage for each.

Do not want: purses, clothes, dishes, shoes, make up, bath items, stationary (except thank you cards), stickers, coloring books, religious items (except bibles as listed above).

If this isn't detailed enough, go check out my profile. ;-) lol

gypsyfriedsoul 01/ 9/2014 #

Loves: men's flannel button downs in XL or xxl, grandpa cardigans, tea cup and saucer, tea pot, any milk glass (just starting my collection), gaudy clip on rhinestone earrings, pretty floral flat sheets-any size with a few wholes or stains ok, I cut up and use for projects. Message me if you need more suggestions.

mmilesesq 01/13/2014 #

Love to shop for men's dress shirts or western shirts to make into other things (bright colors or cool stripes); wool sweaters to make into bags; t shirts to turn into shopping bags; small glasses to pour candles into and old cookbooks or children's books with interesting covers. Love old scrabble sets for the tiles, of course! If you find a toddler dress in 3t or 4 t I can use it to cut patterns from for my granddaughter.
No use for smoky items or old handbags, no use for coloring books, scarves, thrift jewelry or stuffed animals, please.

zombiekittie 01/14/2014 #

I loved this last month & I can't wait to do it again! Loves: Cherry print kitchen items, vintage ladies hats, old plastic Halloween masks (esp. from the 70s), bits of lace & trim, ephemera (girl scouts, medical, or funeral), vintage girl scout items, old dolls or doll parts (broken is fine), lunch boxes (metal are my fave but I'll take a cool plastic one too), big eyed/sad eyed 70's art (kids or animals), paper dolls (any kind), 50s diner themed items

SherreeG 01/15/2014 #

Here we go again! T-shirt XL or 2X to sleep in, humorous or strange, I don't offend easily. Hand held (travel?) clothing steamer. Board games or jigsaw puzzles. Charm and bangle bracelets. Vintage looking brooch for a Dark Blue wool coat. Strands of costume jewelry "pearls" any length, size or color. Not Marti Gras beads please! Still watching for oval embroidery hoops. Any thrillers such as Dean Koonts, knitting or embroidery books. Currently, looking everywhere for a butcher knife that is carbon steel blade NOT stainless steel, old and rusty looking is fine. I also give all Buddha's a good home. Crochet thread, yarn, crochet hooks knitting needles or tatting shuttles. Anything tole painted. Picture frames, all sizes. If Christmas stuff is still out I love snowman theme anything. I really am easy to please, there isn't much that I don't like or can't use. Thank you for shopping for me.

I have no need for children/ baby, Disney, religious, or personal care items. Other than that I'm good.

RedRobinnj 01/17/2014 #

I love the Thrift swaps, gives me a chance to buy something that I like but can't always use. I like vintage jewelry (no earrings), yarn, any crafty type things. I also like anything I can give to or repurpose for the grandchildren (ages 2-1/2 to 16).

SewSouthern 01/19/2014 #

I love Ruby ( or red)glassware, gaudy-sparkly coupons (singles are dine), tree motifs on any medium, beads of all sorts even Mardi Gras beads), rosaries, handbags with great handles and belts (I use them as handles too), cotton vintage sheets, Pinky and Blueboy prints, wear a Med.

SewSouthern 01/19/2014 #

Crazy auto-apell....gaudy-sparkly Clip-ons....(singles are fine)...

zombiekittie 01/22/2014 #

I also am looking for old tarot cards & Ouija boards

BassetMama10 01/25/2014 #

BassetMama10: Thrift stores are my life! Likes: anything dog related, little ceramic dogs, anything quilting related, fabric, sewing things, quilting books, Older Golden books or older vintage children's books, (no Disney or Hello Kitty) anything Snoopy. Love vintage pillowcases with embroidery or chroche, xxl T-shirts or men's xxl long sleeve dress shirts, Old hymnbooks, If its old or vintage I will love it. Don't need any scrapbooking. Don't care for goth and don't need any novels to read. Oh and if you find any Vera Bradley on the cheap, I would love it. No makeup or lotions. And costume jewelry unless it is really vintage. Happy shopping.

marinda 01/27/2014 #

POSTCARDS! Wrapping paper, variety Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, Any holiday decorations really, hanging hand towels, acryclic worsted weight yarn, earrings, Women's shirts green or purple (XL), coloring books, Nativity sets or scenes in any form, Nativity or dove tree ornaments, or any Christmas tree ornaments, anything Mario Brothers related, Advent calendars, frige magnets, books by Madeleine Brent or Victoria Holt, book about TRUE ghost stories, Cookbooks for kids, anything to do with duck billed platypuses, exercise dvds, piano or flute sheet music, half apron with pockets, stickers, magnetic list pad, sunglasses, If you need more ideas, check out my profile. :-)

I have no use for scrapbook supplies, notecards/stationary, journals, or anything macabre, gory or creepy. Thx!

marija 01/27/2014 #

Scarves, jewelry, lace, photo albums, postcards and postcard books, paper fans, anything that can be used to make ATCs, greeting or Christmas or other holiday cards with envelopes, envelopes, note paper, note books, old photos, old newspapers or magazines, fridge magnets, foreign language dictionaries, records, DVD's, CD's

marija 01/27/2014 #

You can send anything that isn't on my list since I will find a use for it somehow.

tigerlilly327 01/28/2014 #

I see the cashiers at my local Savers more often than I see my family. Sometimes I like them better than my family too. I'd love any of these: notecards, rubber stamps, ephemera for ATC's, any old books or kids books with pictures that can be used for ATC's, scrapbooking items (not albums though please), different or vintage (pre 1970's) cookbooks, any older dog figurines (I will love you forever if you find a Lefton dog) or dog artwork, anything jadeite glass or milky green glass, vintage kitchen items in soft blue / aqua blue / coral, a good book that wasn't on the best seller list or was a book that everyone has read / heard of, rhinestone or aurora borealis brooches, craft magazines,

Please don't send clothes, anything religious, or scarves. Thank you !

craftwiz 01/28/2014 #

old jewelry pieces, charms, "odd" game pieces, vintage trims or rick rack, mini (under 2") porcelain, glass or ceramic items I love miniature things :), vintage Before 70's clothing or clothing patterns, metal zippers, safety eyes, fabric scraps vintage is nice but not demanded...anything else you think I might get a kick out of from my profile...My shirt size is a ladies 10/12 or a M/L ...I do not get into goth or the dark side so please no skulls, spiders or wicca items :)

gizmodust 01/30/2014 #

I missed the January swap but am anxious to do this one. Favorites are: Cotton fabric including scraps, Craft books or pamphlets for quilting, cross stitch or sewing or paper crafts, anything giraffe, XL or larger long sleeved cotton button up men's shirts for recycling, old books (cookbooks, school books, children's story books, non fiction), old photos or post cards, older board games, teapots tea cups or other tea related items, buttons for crafting, computer paper colored or with designs NO plain white, old magazines or calendars, rings of any size or style, paper dolls.

daria1daria 01/31/2014 #

Hi! I'm a thrift store junkie and very easy to please :). I wear a size small shirt, size 6 pant. Love books, Cd's, kitchen bakeware, kitchen cookware, vintage pyrex ;), jewelry, collect wooden thread spools, scarves,psychology books, new age books, cookbooks (vegan, gluten-free, etc...) Anything funky that catches your eye!!! :)

daria1daria 01/31/2014 #

Forgot to add what no interested in: Please no baby stuff, no religious items and no cartoon character items. Thank you

LavenderSprinkles 02/ 1/2014 #

Hello I would enjoy any of the following: fridge magnets, size medium/large bohemian top, head scarf, tea pot, apple themed kitchen items, cookbooks (especially for ethnic cuisines or vegetarian), craft kits, do-it-yourself project books, stationery, anything Native American or Asian themed, bracelets or bangles, a baby outfit for my daughter size 3-6 months, baby bibs, baby socks, a big want is a purse, anything donut or cupcake themed, any kind of wall paintings or trinkets to decorate my home.

Dislikes: religious items or witchcraft items, skulls, scorpions, snakes, pigs, no creepy stuff!

EyeLady13 02/ 1/2014 #

Favorites include vintage cat figurines, beads, buttons, embroidered bureau scarfs, vintage table clothes, XL T shirts, unusual picture frames, rhinestone jewelry (pins, earrings, necklaces), unusual necklaces or pins but nothing plastic, CD's, tote bags, figural items shaped like hands (vases, calling card plates), and anything related to what is on my profile. No need for baby items, books, religious items, paper goods, goth or weird but kitchy unusual is OK!

snoop 02/ 1/2014 #

I like rinestones for my crafts,Really like Lizards and rats things.Charcoal pencils,anything Halloween,but not cutsey. I like pictures of old houses before the 40"s,vintage handerchiefs,aprons especially,Vintage womens pictures. Don"t like the color green,can"t use candles,have a bird.sorry. Please read profile for more. And to the Hostess,Thanks for doing this again. Haven"t got my first round yet,but sure it will be fine.

MiRdLHWY43 02/ 1/2014 #

I swear I have enough vintage and thrift store finds in my house to send everyone here something on their list! If shipping wasn't so much, I would! I love vintage pyrex, pink, blue, green, red, mushrooms, if it has a lid, super bonus! Illustrated old books, Any of the sookie stackhouse novels by charlene harris. Non english dictionary or bible. Anything with Liberace , Chalkware heads, vintage Hawiian fabrics broadcloth, not nylon please. Scotty figurines, hand painted or drawn dog art, or any ugly unwanted unusual hand painted or drawn artwork, embroidered art, esp 60s or 70s, sad eye girls, painted portraits of ladies, velvet paintings, vintage christmas or halloween. Tiny vintage plastic toys or cake toppers. Anything with a dark or weird theme ok, old dollhouse furniture, Any 70s corn husk dolls. Elves, crows, ravens, flamingos. Vintage raggedy anne, hardy boys, nancy drew books. Horror, supernatural, and zombie paperbacks. if you find an early 80s Duran Duran tshirt or book-would love you forever! No clothes, stuffed animals, scented items, or Disney please.

widelo123 02/ 1/2014 #

I love thrift stores. I regret I only have one here in New Bern and the picking are slim, but whomever gets me I will definitely do my best to please. If you read my profile you will get a good idea of what love. Although surprises are good. Happy Thrifting! Shirley

CoffeePotPeople 02/ 1/2014 #

Well....I love vintage magazines, beautifully illustrated children's books, old jewelry, including earrings, either clip-on or pierced, and singletons of those. I'm a sucker for pretty bowls, unusual pretty yarns (have plenty of the regular stuff), beautiful paper and stickers, really feminine notecards, fairies in any medium, print cotton-type fabrics of any cut, pretty pajama bottoms, size medium. I wear a lot of tee shirts, size medium, but I like them fairly long--the ones that stop at the waist bug me. Oh, and I Love beautiful old sheet music, and vintage sewing notions--ribbon, buttons, little silk flowers, bits of aged lace, old patterns.

VaGrammy66 02/ 1/2014 #

I love shopping at thrift stores & flea markets. Here are some of the things I like to get at thrift shops. * Postcards * Snowbabies * Gardening Items * Any souvenir items from roadside attractions (Storybook Land, Enchanted Forest, etc.) * Music Boxes * Postage Stamps * Older My Little Pony (for my daughter) * Vintage Navy Items * Anything NASA * Anything Olympics * Snoopy * Penguin Toys * Lord of the Rings Toys * Vintage Christmas Houses (the ones you put under the tree, like a village) * Reindeer's * Bunny Rabbit Stuff (toys, bowls, water bottles) * Older copies of the Wizard of Oz (can be in bad shape I use them in ATCs), * vintage hankies * coins (for my daughter) * gardening & homesteading books. Posters of theme's I like. National Geographic maps. I have lots of ideas on my profile, also if it's something fun, quirky. I'm sure I would like it.

No clothes, dishes (unless for something above), food, perfume, note cards or scrap booking items (unless for a theme I like).

indygirlfriend 02/ 1/2014 #

Things I love to find at Thrift stores include: old photos, cabinet cards, any vintage paper ephemera, especially personal letters, autograph books, diaries,notebooks that are written in, OLD cards and postcards with greetings (not locations) , (20's - 40's), fashion magazines, military and boy scout items (ephemera or metal), aged lace and ribbons, old boxes that can be altered, small found objects like skeleton keys, locks, etc. Small vintage Christmas items. I also collect snowbabies, rubber stamps ( would love old print blocks), old large buttons, small off-white and white buttons.

My profile has more of my other likes and dislikes. I am really not that picky and would love most anything you might find!

Margothecat 02/ 1/2014 #

What I would love from the thrift store............

note cards big enough to mail 4" x 6" postcards ( 5" x 7")

acrylic rubber stamps

scrap booking stickers (puffy, 3=d, layered, etc.)

Snowman stuff - figurines, plaques, stationary, - not necessarily Christmas ones.

Vintage postcards (3 1/2" x 5 12") real photos, linen, chrome, dogs, cats, horses, maps, famous places. butterflies, famous people, presidents, trains, cars, etc. Also from anywhere4 in NJ or NY (not NYC)

stuff for making ATCs

old papers, small book in an Asian language, ephemera

old used postage stamps (prefer off paper) from any foreign country

Anything related to Shih Tzus

old dog show catalogs

french purse - the old fashioned kind

straw dispenser like they used to have at diners years ago

small burlap or muslin bags with drawstrings (3: x 5" or smaller)

ImzadiRose 02/ 1/2014 #

Looking forward to trying this swap out!

I like ~ Books ~ specifically looking for Trixie Belden Series (found in Children/old sections), Nancy Drew, Harry Potter. Anything Harry Potter, especially Marauder's Map or Timeturner related. Anything Steelers, Tampa Bay Rays or Washington Nationals. Generic Football items. Office supplies ~ Long envelopes (9 inch, regular or decorative). Full size (8.5x11) stationary ~ notebooks, journals, composition notebooks and especially decorative computer paper. Lined stationary 5x7 and larger is ok, nothing smaller. Working colored gel pens. Dolphins. Unique Disney (old maps, old rides, things not there anymore). Playstation 2 & 3 games, Xbox 360 games.

Please no clothing, bath & body items, girlie things or crafting supplies. Please see my profile for more likes and dislikes.

Snowfairy 02/ 1/2014 #

I love vintage pillow cases , embroidered table runners, lace, note pads, cool old pens, tea cups ( no mugs) anything with an egret, owl , bluebird, peacock. I Love kitchen/ tea towels and adore totebags ( not the ones from the grocery store) , I love Beatrix potter books, but no other books. No clothes! I love stationary, list sheets, memo sheets, Christmas items, anything shabby chic !

myunquietmynd 02/ 1/2014 #

Like most I'm a thrift shop addict! Here are a few items I would love: * vintage Pyrex type kitchen items especially red or blues & lidded! * vintage/old office type paper * ornamental mirrors or frames - any color * vintage cameras!!!!
* kitschy or boho type tablecloths, fabric - no hunter green & burgundy!!! * Vintage metal sacred heart [can't find one anywhere!!!!] * Crochet Plant Hanger * Zodiac - anything [esp: Cancer, Leo, Aries, Libra] * Phrenology, Fortune Teller, Tarot - anything * vintage cigar boxes, old wood cheese boxes, vintage tin * Ball jars with lid only * Ouija Board game * Snoopy, Peanuts, Dr. Suess coffee mug * BLUE milk glass - kitchen items, vases, etc - No Thank You: scented items, religious items, seasonal, holiday, clothing, bath, make up, books, scrapbooking stuff.

  • My profile lists everything i love. Thanks for reading!
widelo123 02/ 2/2014 #

Love to go to thrift stores and garage sales. I go anywhere to get a bargain. I enjoy postcards-lighthouses, old barns, sunset, ocean, pretty scenery, and I like what you probably do. I also like teacups and saucers, chocolate pots, brooches of any kind, depression and cobalt blue glass, nice writing paper with matching envelopes, wooden cut outs of any kind, salt and pepper shaker-different kinds-no wooden ones, vintage serving spoons, love to read about the south and romances, collector's spoons about any city , state of tourist spots, knitting or crocheting magazines, dark chocolate fudge, lollipops, small figurines of animals.

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