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I win because I cheat kitten....I thought that was obvious.

Steampunk dentures made from my Grandmas old teeth----what, too soon?

Pensive cat is pondering his next swap..... Or how to escape from this guy

LOL- My best friend sent me this recently--She then I, doing diving drills...look at those legs....I DO believe in time travel...I DO believe in time travel...

As you can see, I've been here since 2008, but I have a small number of swaps for my time here. I pick my swaps very carefully. Unlike some crafters here, it's not about the quantity...it's about the QUALITY. Hopefully you can see from my feedback and flickr that I put my all into my swaps-My goal is to create something that I don't want to give away-lol- but I will....to you!

California working artist/instructor--

and have 3 beautiful girls, and 3 mangy, good for nothing cats-

update In October my sweet oldest daughter just had my baby grandson Henry...He is a corker. Sweet and cute and never cries and he's my new bestest love.

*Love to travel

*Love to be with my family

*Love all things weird and wonderful

*My philosophy is that I need to fit a lot of crazy living into my time on earth so I have memories to keep me amused in the old folks home between diaper changes.

*Love spring and seeing the world come alive- it also tells me summer's coming- my favorite time of year!

*love soft french bread and clam chowder when I'm sick (and also for Crapsuey to sing soft kitty to me)

*Love my teenager all the time but especially when shes not being a "teenager" but my baby

*Love my older daughter all the time but especially when she comes over from being at work and I know shes given hope to people dealing with cancer because thats who she is

*Love my middle daughter all the time, but especially when I can feel her looking down from heaven.

sigh I have a new puppy. Olive Pearl a very good girl or so says her tags...Me thinks she might have been a circus dog in a former life. She stands on her hind legs and does flips when I come home. In short...shes more dog than I deserve to have.

Favorite Television

I'm whispering here--- reality...and travel- I hate to admit I love all the vh1 "searching for dysfunctional love" shows as well as any on BBC America Bizarre foods is another favorite-The Graham Norton show, French and Saunders, Absolutely Fabulous, Biggest Loser.

My absolute go to(s)- Big Bang Theory and Bizarre Foods

Favorite Crafts

I'm a working artist/instructor so I "do" art all day- my media of choice is colored pencil because where my art is concerned Im a control freak :)

My newest obsession is interesting pottery- beware, I'm going to break it for my mosaics...so it's more about the pattern than the condition--I'd rather have a chipped up cracked piece with an awesome design than a perfect piece with a plain design...it's got a date with my tile nippers :)

Love to have old old photos to use on them (any subject) old buttons, charms, findings etc to glue to them- anything antiquey is great!

ROLO'S--My new obsession! If you are partnered with me, I prefer my rolos to not have anything sticking up over the top of the card--my holders are the enclosed barrel shaped ones so if the cards are too tall, if knocks them off as they travel around-

Favorite Books

My all time favorite type of books are fiction or non fiction on unusual subjects : some I have are lucid dreaming, postmortem photography, mourning rituals- anything strange and crazy (Thank you to crescendo for my two newest favorite- Bad knits, and the history of salt-har!)



Medieval Europe-

Good horror-

Trashy love stories ( the trashier the better :) )-

Time travel-

True crime-

Old books- pre 1900 are great...doesnt matter if its english as long as its pretty...or interesting...

I haven't done the book dismantling as yet...but if I found one with interesting script and illustrations- Id be all over it regardless of condition :)

Favorite Music

I was always a soft metal girl- poison, skid row, all the 80's crap I still love-

I don't like- Rap


I would be thrilled to receive any of these :)

Crockery/pottery/china/ceramics with beautiful patterns or designs. I'm going to break it for my mosaics, so design is much more important than condition.

T-shirts (xl) with strange and wonderful fronts- logos, weird pictures etc (New or used- I love the softness of an old t-shirt)

side show items

Funeral (mourning) items

anything Victorian

old, metal rusty "geary" things for my steampunk..if it moves or turns and you don't know what it is...it's right up my alley.

anything beaded

old photographs (I love those with children sleeping or people doing unusual things)

Stereoview cards ( especially those with weird scenes)

the old 1/2" thick records ( I have a victrola)

Old Rosaries ( especially the ones with black beads)

anything strange and unusual- my goal is to have a house that when people walk in they look around and say "what is THAT??"

Strange jewelry (especially anything black)

Just recently I got some wonderful homemade soap and it was heavenly--so Im now adding that to the list

Books on strange and unusual subjects

Anything about Coney Island, especially the old time Coney

Glue pens!

Food Food Food!

I love to try snack foods that are specific to different countries, especially anything kind of bizarre

Once I got a box of sugar from London that was multi colored crystals- I loved that stuff!-

Also love the rough brown sugar lumps you can get in France and other parts of Europe-

Love white chocolate and dark chocolate, but not so much milk chocolate-

Love savory type snacks- especially things we don't see in the states-


I love colorful abstract paintings- thrift store, yard sale it doesn't matter- big or small I will find a place in my house for them and love them :)

I collect Victorian Mourning items, especially jewelry- and Victorian angels. My pride and joy is a ceiling angel from an 1850's church- I am an antique hunter and a thrift store nut. Anything strange and unusual is a must. I am not crazy about cutesy ( like hello kitty) although I totally respect its collectors.

I think Francis Bacon is the greatest artist ever born and if anyone has anything of his they'd like to part with I would be thrilled.

The other stuff

LET ME SAY THIS- I love just about anything I've gotten- the work and effort put into it is awesome! I am so glad to be here and want to make everyone happy----talk to me...let me know who you are- I will do my best to make something you like- Work with me and I'll work with you..if theres a problem let me know...Im good like that :)

Im finding that sometimes there are folks here who want to jump and rate low...Im not sure what causes a person to do that because that would be my LAST resort. I'm more about finding out whats going on....bad stuff happens to people all the time- heck LIFE happens, and we should all be understanding. It's not ABOUT rating folks low- its about having a good time and relating right?


Egads I hate this but I want others to know so they don't get flaked on- its so disappointing!

indigored for the Im a collector swap- That was a disappointment since the swap I sent to my partner cost a total of 57$

        Have a clean screen day!

Go Kitteh! Go Kitteh! GO! GO! GO Kitteh!



pattiairel rated for TF: Random Acts of Kindness Day on Feb 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks Marie, very nice swap
Comment: Today I am pretending to be a really motivated swapper. I'm trying.
Comment: Right to the point, and hilarious. I especially liked the idea of a "Douche Canoe" magnet.
Comment: STFU and giving the kid a benadryl have me in stitches over here. ALL of your comments are hilarious!
Comment: hahahah. How I would love one of those signs with the gazzillion sayings and then have STFU interspersed 4-5 times. I'm done with this pillow, where is my sock? Love your wittiness, keep it cumin'.
kissgal rated for Pamper Me Swap on Feb 19, 2016
Comment: I love everything
joyceann888 rated for TF - start the New Year on Jan 21, 2016
Comment: Wow! Thanks for all of the goodies! I love it all!
Response: I hope you can use some of it!
Tjace007 rated for Scented Things #2 on Feb 5, 2015
Comment: thank you for the lovely gifts
ladydy5 rated for Antique Store Nearby? on Oct 1, 2014
Comment: I love it! Already filled with ATC's. A nice surprise. Thank u
Deluxx rated for Random Postcard Swap on Sep 20, 2014
Comment: Beware of rowdyism! :D
Response: We'll have no tomfoolery up in heah!
crescendo rated for Random Postcard Swap on Sep 18, 2014
Comment: Super hella cool indeed! When I was a kid we had a 45 RPM record player in one of those cool tan cases with the speaker fabric. I remember there were even breakfast cereal boxes where you could cut out a cardboard record and play it on one of those...um...of course my memory may be scrambled. I do really remember though some doll that came with a thick yellow plastic 45 record that you could play too. Anywho, thanks for the awesome card. You know KNOW if it was scratch n' sniff it would have that dusty old 50's electronic smell of burning dust on hot vacuum tubes. Ahhh, I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
Response: Get out of my head.
kittenmonster rated for Custom made Ouija Board on Jul 13, 2014
Comment: My phone is being a nightmare about swap-bot - it won't let me answer your message, and I will be editing this to give you your well deserved heart tomorrow. This board is absolutely beautiful and I love love love the Alice feel. So amazing.
primrose rated for Senders Choice Rolo on Jul 5, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the spectacular rolo! I haven't seen the movie - just snippets or it. It is hare to watch. Love the card, though. Thanks for the papers and stickers, too.
Response: Welcome!
LunaMoody rated for AR: Profile based Rolo on Jun 22, 2014
Comment: Love the rolo !!! Thank you so much. ❤❤❤❤
Response: Welcome!
widelo123 rated for Thriftstore Find - June on Jun 21, 2014
Comment: What can I say. You really wenat all out on this swap with your findings. Love the stationary with the beach things on it. The little purse is darling. The necklace brings back memories of the cruises to the Caribbean Islands. Thank you so much, Shirley
Response: Glad you can use it sis!
Comment: OMG!! This is my favorite Rolo ever!! Thanks so much for making to awesome Rolling Stones Rolo, I love it!! Happy you had a good time with the swap. Talk to you soon -Vanne
Response: Still alive and rockin! You're welcome
Comment: I love the rolo you made. Thank you for it and the extra bits.
Response: You're so welcome
Comment: Thank you, you definitely stumped me with that word!
Response: Right? I have to google them!
Comment: I want to give you so many hearts. Seriously, packages like this restore my faith in swapping, haha. Thank you! I loved everything.
Response: NAILED IT! lol- I was so jazzed putting that together :) Glad you liked it
user6937 rated for A-Z Group~ 3x5 Letter I on May 5, 2014
Comment: I love it! I've never received a Marilyn Monroe themed swap, and thank you SO much for decorating both sides so nicely. I didn't even notice the pink (and have to admit, it suits Marilyn).
Response: Right? She was one of a kind

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ZENTANGLE ZEN GROUP Greetings! You are an officer so you may host some fun swaps for us if you want to! Have a GREAT CHRISTMAS!
Blessings, cc

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Blessings, cc

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Love the dentures, they are awesome!

Paige1900 on Jun 3, 2014:

You are completely welcome. I enjoyed doing it and I am glad it made you happy. : )

LunaMoody on May 25, 2014:

Thank you for the extra rolos. I love the one that looks like a glass window the best. How did you do it?


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I mailed out your angel package this morning...I hope you enjoy everything. : )

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Unfortunately the picture you tried to leave for me ran away to join the circus. I do appreciate the attempt and I do thank you for the words and the time. Thank you and I hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

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