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Swap Coordinator:lostinavalon (contact)
Swap categories: Email 
Number of people in swap:70
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Rating requirement:4.70 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:May 11, 2014
Date items must be sent by:May 16, 2014
Number of swap partners:10

Put your Instagram link in the comments below. When partners are assigned, follow your partners on Instagram. Easy!


lostinavalon 04/30/2014 #


kimmibui 04/30/2014 #


sayyhaaa 04/30/2014 #
tinkmaldita 04/30/2014 #
romyisa78 04/30/2014 #
Rapscallion 04/30/2014 #


Storm 04/30/2014 #
mostspectacular 04/30/2014 #


Melon1789 04/30/2014 #

@littlescrapbooks (link in profile) :)

amber806 04/30/2014 #
jesslynne 04/30/2014 #


xxsquigglesxx 05/ 1/2014 #

@xxsquigglesxx (http://instagram.com/xxsquigglesxx)

ScrapHappyGabi 05/ 1/2014 #

http://instagram.com/ScrapHappyGabi I will follow everyone on this comments list :) Great idea!!!

crbertsch 05/ 1/2014 #

crbertsch, link to my instagram is on my profile :)

Chaiphile 05/ 2/2014 #


SofieParmentier 05/ 2/2014 #


shreve 05/ 2/2014 #
neekahbelle 05/ 2/2014 #


neekahbelle 05/ 2/2014 #

changed my username :) http://instagram.com/lethariavulpinas

ScrapHappyGabi 05/ 2/2014 #

I've followed everyone so far :)


have a great weekend!

ScrapHappyGabi 05/ 2/2014 #

Oops I mean instagram.com/scraphappygabi

rwidgeon 05/ 3/2014 #
minipouce 05/ 4/2014 #
8bitgeek 05/ 4/2014 #

http://instagram.com/lifein8bit Thanks!

christy102194 05/ 4/2014 #

@christy102194 same as my swapbot name (:

dolcxvita 05/ 4/2014 #


crystalite 05/ 4/2014 #
Cissybelle 05/ 4/2014 #
artsyeangel 05/ 4/2014 #

http://instagram.com/mrsryanacr Thank you!

dogkisses 05/ 5/2014 #
Rita 05/ 5/2014 #
mermaidery 05/ 5/2014 #

I'm @Lunissy [http://instagram.com/lunissy] on IG. :D

mermaidery 05/ 5/2014 #

oops! @Lunissy < that will link you, not my above comment. Didn't do the markdown right.

LottaLollypop 05/ 5/2014 #

Interested in travelling, happy moments and happy food? Check out my colourful life on instagram! @LottaLollypop

CarmicWords 05/ 5/2014 #
80sKatie 05/ 5/2014 #
Arual 05/ 5/2014 #
EmmaATOS 05/ 5/2014 #
scarlettroses02 05/ 5/2014 #


It's my snailmail insta, I keep my personal one private!

Andrea1981 05/ 5/2014 #



shreve 05/ 6/2014 #

The above link isn't working but it is also in my swapbot profile. And here it is another way:


nightrainboww 05/ 6/2014 #


Averysmom7 05/ 6/2014 #

@kekebellz (personal) @averysladybug (crafts and other)

pearlsandroses 05/ 6/2014 #
hesedetang 05/ 7/2014 #
AtelierEem 05/ 7/2014 #
Fykka 05/ 7/2014 #
canada2texas 05/ 7/2014 #

@canada2texas - 🌎 Moved from Northern Canada ⛄to nice &toasty Texas🔆. Family, Faith, Marketing, Planning, Organizing, Crochet, Clean Eating, Juicing, Loving Life! ⚓

mikkledot 05/ 7/2014 #

@mikkledot =)

mb58ca 05/ 7/2014 #


julianapena 05/ 7/2014 #


graciepie49 05/ 8/2014 #


crispy 05/ 8/2014 #


Tetly24 05/ 8/2014 #


TariK 05/ 8/2014 #
emiithebear 05/ 8/2014 #


sarahbeck 05/ 8/2014 #


Meisje 05/ 9/2014 #


gypsysoul 05/ 9/2014 #


ScrapHappyGabi 05/10/2014 #

Folllwed Everyone so far! @ScrapHappyGabi is my crafty instagram and my personal is @GabGIrl

Uncertainvoyage 05/10/2014 #


MooTheWitlessWonder 05/10/2014 #

My craft, Rainbow loom and Photography account http://instagram.com/loomatic.love

My personal account http://instagram.com/surviving_soul

ecf1989 05/11/2014 #


mizvicky 05/11/2014 #



mizvicky 05/11/2014 #


TeaCupKitteh 05/11/2014 #

My photography/personal account: http://instagram.com/teacupkitteh

and my new art one: http://instagram.com/akumahotaru

Follow whichever :p

reginale 05/12/2014 #
Chaiphile 05/12/2014 #

ScrapHappyGabi, I followed you on IG long before this swap :)

shreve 05/12/2014 #

I followed all mine except for two that were private and I sent requests:)

mostspectacular 05/12/2014 #

Hey, I recently changed my instagram username, forgetting all about this swap. Here's my new one:


Sorry about any confusion :)

EmmaATOS 05/12/2014 #

I have followed all of the accounts listed here and requested the private ones. xx

romyisa78 05/12/2014 #

Can somebody help me. Cannot find at this list dacotasgirl. Am i blind ???

mizvicky 05/12/2014 #

I cant find @paperplaysusan

Gabbysmail 05/12/2014 #

I can't @PandatronXD

Gabbysmail 05/12/2014 #

I can't find @pandatronXD

mizvicky 05/12/2014 #

@pearlsandroses deleted her account!

TeaCupKitteh 05/12/2014 #

I've followed all of my people, and requested to follow the private accounts. c:

xxsquigglesxx 05/12/2014 #

I've followed everyone I was assigned to except for @playerplaysusan as there is no instagram account listed here.

I've also requested to be a follower for @artsyeangel as her account is private.

christy102194 05/12/2014 #

I cannot find @paperplaysusan s account listed here. I have followed everyone else though.

dacotahsgirl 05/12/2014 #

Here is mine! :D http://www.instagram.com/dacotahsgirl

MooTheWitlessWonder 05/12/2014 #

I followed all that were assigned @artsyeangel I requested you :) Thankyou everyone

dacotahsgirl 05/12/2014 #

I have followed everyone, and sent requests to those of you who have private accounts. :D

lostinavalon 05/12/2014 #

Yes, unfortunately not everyone listed their accounts here. I advise that we follow those we can, message those who are not listed, and, if there's an issue with ratings later on, we'll have a record here for the admins to work out any problems.

lostinavalon 05/12/2014 #

Next time around, those who don't have their link listed here in the comments will be banned before I choose partners.

CarmicWords 05/12/2014 #

Followed all those assigned to me, as well as followed back anyone who started following me.

Bluegirl 05/13/2014 #


Chaiphile 05/13/2014 #

I followed everyone assigned to me and tried to follow everyone else who posted in the comments above. If I missed anyone, apologies in advance! I think my eyes went a little loopy switching between here and Instagram.

AtelierEem 05/13/2014 #

I followed everyone on my list, I didn't see Szandii27 here in the comments, but her name is the same on IG. And followed back anyone who started following me. So now I'm going to check out everyones feed.

AtelierEem 05/13/2014 #

And i've followed (or requested) everyone who joined this swap. Can't promise to keep following everyone, but will follow the ten accounts i got in this swap as partners.

shreve 05/13/2014 #

Just a note... when you follow leave a note on one of the photos with the swap bot swap and your name here for easier rating:)

TariK 05/13/2014 #

new to all of this but i clicked on everyone i was assigned to. only 1 or 2 had a link to their instagram so i clicked follow on that. i like this group but don't see any instructions on how this activity works. i'm sorry. i want to follow you guys, just not sure how all this works.

TariK 05/13/2014 #

I clicked on my link i put in here a few days ago and see that it doesn't work. don't know why. i feel like a total dud. anyway, here's the link: http://instagram.com/danglesbydesign

tmarlo 05/13/2014 #


canada2texas 05/13/2014 #

@Tmarlo IG account?

ScrapHappyGabi 05/13/2014 #

Not only followed all the partners assigned to me but also everyone who listed their instagram account on this thread! Have a great day!! ScrapHappyGabi on Instagram

Melon1789 05/13/2014 #

I've followed all my partners and private accounts have been requested :) (littlescrapbooks on instagram)

mizvicky 05/13/2014 #

I have followed everyone but @paperplaysusan ....

ladyinglasses 05/13/2014 #

hi everyone! I'm just new here. How do I know which ones are assigned to me? i don't know where to check it. Please follow me in IG - @ladyinglasses :) I'll follow back

hesedetang 05/13/2014 #

My link is instagram.com/hesedetang

Like ladyinglasses, I can't figure out where to find who has been assigned to me so I've randomly followed 10 of the accounts listed here :)

Graceyong 05/13/2014 #

I think a better approach next time is to message your partner your instagram id rather than find it from here because the list is too long :)

hesedetang 05/13/2014 #

Ah I finally found my list of partners.

Agree with Graceyong. It is super confusing. My poor eyes!! Haha..

TammieGotcha 05/13/2014 #

I've follow all my partners. Everyone who wants to follow me can follow me: @TammieGotcha I do follow back.

julianapena 05/14/2014 #

I cannot find @paperplaysusan s account listed here. I have followed everyone else though.

Szandii27 05/14/2014 #


Andrea1981 05/14/2014 #

Followed everybody on my Partner-List .... it's actually pretty easy to find the users you're looking for using the search-option of your browser ... :)

tinkmaldita 05/14/2014 #

Done following! For those who are assigned to me to follow & have followed me please don't forget to msg me if I haven't rated u. Tnx!

mizvicky 05/14/2014 #

@paperplaysusan is the same on instagram......

SofieParmentier 05/14/2014 #

I follewed everyone! It was a huge task!!

8bitgeek 05/14/2014 #

Following everyone on my list! If you think I missed you please let me know. Thanks!

hesedetang 05/14/2014 #

Search option is fine if you're using a pc. I am using my mobile at the moment ;)

I've added everyone on my list and some others. If I've missed out anybody please send me a message.


Chaiphile 05/14/2014 #

Thank you for organising this swap. I really am mad about Instagram and am glad to have new people to follow. Loved the camaraderie and how many followed the entire list and not just their assigned partners :)

Bluegirl 05/15/2014 #

I've followed everyone on my list and sent requests to tinkmaldita and canada2texas who have private profiles.

paperplaysusan 05/16/2014 #


HOPE IT WORKS... I have the worst luck with links :/


paperplaysusan 05/16/2014 #

have sent and checked in on the ones I could find. Messaged for links on the ones I couldn't find. THIS WAS TOO MUCH FUN!!!!

ScrapHappyGabi 05/17/2014 #

I have followed everyone. IF you do NOT see me -- click on your followers list and scroll down - for one of the people I was to follow-- I was the 65th person DOWN from the top and she didnt see it and thought I was a flaker. These swaps are for us to rate each other and get some swaps under our belts.

I ask that everyone remembers that and please rate your partners - I rated everyone and only received 8 ratings. Thanks

mermaidery 05/19/2014 #

Only one who hasn't followed me is @paperplaysusan Checked my followers requests and her following list, and nothing. Have sent her a message.

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