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I'm Grace Sanford, 66, and I live in Henderson Nevada, right next to Las Vegas. Born in Texas and grew up mainly in Pasadena, right next to Houston. I have 3 grown daughters, 4 grandsons and another grandchild expected next February. I'm divorced, gay , and retired. I have lots of time to do all the things I love to do such as Swap-Bot and IUOMA mail art, crafting, reading, internet surfing, playing games, watching movies and videos, and listening to music. I'm mobility disabled, but I have walkers and my GoGo Elite Plus 3 scooter so I'm good to go places too. I've been creating art my entire life, and I am an artist in temperament and ability, but I never did go to art school or make a career from art, but I'm hoping this will happen in my next life.

Art I like to do:

DRAWINGS - detailed, geometric, black pen drawings, which I then sometimes color in with colored markers or colored pencils, or sometimes leave them black and white.

ABSTRACT - usually geometric abstract, paintings with acrylic, or opaque watercolor.

CONSTRUCTIONS - (cardstock or thin cardboard) of geometric solids, boxes, small chests-of-drawers, etc.

ZINES - I've made 3 so far and totally love the creativity of this miniature format. I've written down about 10 ideas for new ones I hope to make this year.

QUILLING (paper rolling)

PAPER COLLAGE - paper from magazines, mail, packaging, etc.

DIGITAL COLLAGE - and other computer art, and page layout design

STAMP CARVING - I love making my own stamps. I started doing it because I can't afford to buy them.


  • Sacred Geometry - geometric designs - shapes and Euclidean solids, “Transcending consciousness – Exploring hyper dimensional geometry of space time”
  • Balance and Harmony in all expressions
  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Gratitude, Kindness, Love, Tolerance, Cheerfulness, Sincerity, Responsibility, etc. (good character)
  • LIFE - People/humanity/cultures, animals, plants, earth, rocks/minerals, sky, sun, moon, planets, history, math and sciences - physics, chemistry, biology, geology, geography, astronomy, cosmos/cosmic, inner life and exploration
  • ALL COLOR - bold colors - pail colors - muted colors - ANY AND ALL colors in the right time and place. My favorites include deep cobalt blue, shades of teal and turquois, and deep rich purple.
  • Abstract art, Atmospheric watercolors and art, science fiction art, Bohemian esthetics,
  • Vintage - mid century modern graphic design, fabric, decor, especially Atomic, Space, Googie, Kitsch
  • Quiet - just me and the sounds of life in the house and neighborhood. I enjoy watching TV and video, and listening to music, but the majority of my day is quiet.
  • Being alone - more than most people are comfortable with
  • Spirituality of all kinds - study of awareness, consciousness, and existence as Soul - including all aspects of dreaming, lucid dreaming, and day dreaming, mystical, mythical, esoteric, Spirit
  • Internet Surfing - All it takes is for me to need to look up one simple thing, then I'm gone for hours.
  • Receiving a swap that looks like time and care (aka: love) was invested in it


  • grotesque, mean, horrifying, misogynistic, insensitive, thoughtlessness, narrow mindedness, bigotry, malicious deceptiveness


thebragal rated for All about your Rubber Stamp on Jun 25, 2017
Comment: Fabulous. Definitely a cool shape you carved.
Sazza rated for Hand Carved Stamped Image Challenge on Jun 23, 2017
Comment: Wow! Your stamps look so fantastic! The rocket ship you made is perfect! I frequently draw something close to this so it's nice to have a quick, cute go-to; I can't wait to use them, thank you! :) Did you make all the other awesome ones on your envie as well?? They all look so good and professionally handmade, but unique. :D
Prismcat rated for CC: Fun in the Summer Sun! on Jun 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks so much for the fun card!
Response: Hi Christy . . . . I'm happy you like it and thanks for the heart :-)
Tigerlilyknotwise rated for Cut A Stamp Swap! on Jun 21, 2017
Comment: Grace, what a beautiful and intricate stamp! I love it! Especially the little heart in the trunk :) Thank you so much for a wonderful swap!
Response: Hi Rachael :-) . . . I'm so happy that you like the stamp, and I really do hope you'll get some good use out if it. I just thought of something . . . I don't know if you're used to using unmounted stamps, but since nearly every stamp I have was made by me, I'm pretty used to it. The rubber is fairly thick enough to hold on to. I hope you don't have any problems.
hibiscus rated for New ideal...ATC Challenge Swap on Jun 16, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the special envelope it's obvious you so love Miro even before I saw your excellent card! Inspired is right...did you notice all the "hands on your miro card? The atc was so well made the images perfect.. hands as tools and the passing of creativity parent to child... well done and thanks
Response: Thank you Kathryn :-) . . . And wow! I had never noticed all the hands in my "Inspired by Miro" drawing. That's pretty cool. I'm super happy that you liked and appreciated my Hands ATC. It's kind of strange but I guess I don't believe our hands get enough AWE and admiration, since they are just one of the most integral parts of our creative existence. Thanks for giving a heart too <3
kpfree rated for USA-Hearts PC-June on Jun 15, 2017
Comment: Thanks Grace for your pc that arrived in today's mail! What an awesome wild hearts postcard! Wow! super psychedelic fun! Love those hearts and the love vibe that came from this great work! Feel the love energies! Thanks!
Response: Hi Kyra :-) . . . . Thank you! I am really happy you liked my Hearts Postcard. I totally enjoyed making it, so balanced and colorful, which is the kind of art I like to do. Long ago I had made a set of heart templates from heavy paper that increase in size, and I put them in an envelope and into one of my drawers full of art "stuff." I was glad to remember them and use them for this swap :-) And thanks for giving me a heart too <3
janineureka rated for AI ~ Twinchie Swap #3 on Jun 15, 2017
Comment: I'm totally in love with the twinchies you made for me! Hard to believe this was the "quick" way to get them done. Thank you so much for your beautiful work.
Response: Hi Jan :-) . . . . Thanks for appreciating the twinchies. I really do find it easier to do drawings and coloring more than multimedia art. And they were also a bit quicker for me because a couple of them were cut from art I had already made that I deemed worthy of sacrifice for this swap, stuff I wanted to re-do anyway. I hope we will be partnered in another twinchie or inchie swap sometime, maybe receive some of yours. Thank you for giving a heart too <3
pahasiga rated for PNS: Photo PC on Jun 15, 2017
Comment: Thank you, what a pretty drawing!
Response: Hi Kati :-) . . . . Thank you! That drawing and it's partner drawing are among my favorite drawings. You can see the other one here if you'd like - http://bit.ly/2smvpQZ Thanks for giving a heart too <3
georgiafae rated for CC: Sender's Choice ATC on Jun 13, 2017
Comment: Very nice indeed-glad I got one of your favorite ATC's-it is special-love the ombre night sky-the littl star and then goodness the paper cutting of the buildings tree-how awesome. You do such nice work from the note card to the envelope decoration and the wonderful little note to me! Thanks for sharing and being of fellow mind set! Must be the Libra connection!
Response: Hi Georgene . . . Another Libra <3 yes I know about the Libra connection :-) We really do seem to have the best minds 'sometimes' LOL. I'm super glad you appreciated my Twinkle Twinkle ATC. And thanks for your sweet words about my other efforts and the heart too. I hope we get to do another swap again sometime.
scrappycats rated for Watercolor Painting - Flower on Jun 12, 2017
Comment: So pretty, it is one my wall in my craft room!
Response: Thanks very much Nancy. Your compliment deserves a heart <3
Artstamper rated for MPU: Remail Masterboard on Jun 12, 2017
Comment: Yes, I agree this was more of a challenge than I expected too.This one you sent me is more deserving to hang on the wall than to be used as backgrounds. I get excited when I know I will be getting a swap from you and this certainly met my expectations! Thank you so much, one heart isn't enough.
Response: Thank you Joan for your lovely compliments. This masterboard took a long while to make since it was the first one, but I think maybe when I make another one it could go a bit faster. It's like creating and solving a puzzle at the same time, and a great spacial exercise.
rngstgstll rated for ZMACS May: Strata Trifold on Jun 10, 2017
Comment: This is fantastic and beautifully made. Makes me want to cuddle up and be a dinosaur fossil. Thanks so much! I love all the cool postal, ink, and artist stamps on the envelope as well.
Response: Tanya, thank you for sending me such beautiful compliments. I am so happy that you appreciate the work I did making the trifold for you. I was so happy with the results. And I'm glad you enjoyed my envelope stamping. I love to use my stamps on envelopes.
SwissChallet rated for HCS&I: Sender's Choice - May on Jun 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you for this awesome piece of mail, Grace! Your fish looks like a real gyotaku print. I love your artistamps and the elaborate mail art logo you carved. I'll seen you soon in the mail: i'm about to carve one of your wishes for the next HCSI challenge 😉
Response: Wow! Thanks Annick! I'm super glad the card made it to you intact and that you have enjoyed it so much. I have received so much love for my carved fish, it makes me very happy. I'm sure looking forward to getting your stamped images for one of my stamp wishes. I wonder which one it will be.
Angie rated for JUNKIES: Dotty on May 23, 2017
Comment: Hi Grace! Thanks for the super cool ATC. I love the striped circles and of course, orange circles. That card is pretty lovely too. Nice seeing you in the mail again! It has been a while! XO
Response: Hi Angie :-) . . . I'm glad you like the ATC. I just had to feature orange in it for you, especially since I love such bold colors. And I seem to have a lot of fun with black and white stripes of all kinds, making them pop though juxtaposition of continuity. It's one of my favorite things to do I guess. Thanks for giving a heart <3 I hope we'll be swap partners again soon.
kssunlover1947 rated for DOG ATC on May 22, 2017
Comment: Love your ATC. Buddy looks a little like my friends dog Esmarelda (Essy). Thank you for the interesting note. I seem to not to read as much anymore either. But I do still find new books and authors that I really like.
Response: Hi Barbara :-) . . . I'm happy you liked Buddy and the ATC, sure is a sweet looking dog. Thanks for giving a heart too <3
bigmamabird rated for JUNKIES: Shape Study on May 22, 2017
Comment: Grace I just love your whole thang! The envelope the card and the ATC are so rich in design and detail and also color... oh the tiny detail on the ATC is so captivating.. I just love it, all of it! Thanks so much for sharing your mad skills!
Response: :-D . . . Carroll thank you! I'm so very glad you like all of the art I sent. This is really what brings me joy in making and sharing my art. <3 <3 <3 to you!
Lady rated for HMPC: Put a "Fish" on it on May 22, 2017
Comment: Love it. (my dd said it had a steampunk feel which we both like)
Response: HI Robin :-) . . . . I'm happy you liked the postcard! My 27 year old daughter said it looked goth, but I think Steampunk better describes the vibe. I had so much fun making the card too. Thanks for giving me a heart <3
Comment: It's so nice to get to swap with you again! I love your postcard! The kiwi guy cracks me up!
Response: Hi Barbara :-) . . . Kiwi guy was just waiting in my collection for the right moment to shine. So glad I had it for this swap. I think this was the somehow the funnest scavenger hunt postcard I ever made and was glad you were the recipient. Thanks for giving a heart <3
pkpeace rated for Mommaa: Create a Kit Round 1 on May 16, 2017
Comment: Grace, this is an awesome "kit" ! From the images to the triangled paper to the template and washi... so inspiring! It's the copper sheets that really have my mind twirling as it's my favorite color metal! Thank you so much for the thoughtful and inspiring package! Oh and the two pieces drawn by you I put in my art journal! I have a section for favorites by others!
Response: Hi Patty :-) . . . Even today on Instagram you mentioned you are not yet feeling all better yet. I sure do hope this prolonged sickness ends very soon, and you get all better! I really hope you don't mind getting a subject such as "Triangles." I love all the geometric shapes and so I found triangles returning to my mind as I was trying to decide on a theme. I hope you will enjoy using the triangle template too. Thanks for giving me a heart <3
kfaye rated for Mythological Creatures ATC on May 9, 2017
Comment: All the work you put into this dragon ATC is greatly appreciated. Very nice! I also love the envelope you decorated & I was born during the year of the rooster. Thank you.
Response: Hi Kimberly :-) . . . You are welcome and that you also. I really do enjoy "fussy cutting," as it is called. I do a lot of it, though the dragon was a doozy to cut because of so many curves and corners. I use a small bladed knife that I also use for cutting rubber stamps. Thanks for giving me a heart <3

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moM on Jun 9, 2017:

Thank you so much for finishing up those ATCs! Love that stamp! I know all about losing things in piles - my best trick though, was marking an item as sent only to find it a week later still in the scanner.

ladydy5 on May 23, 2017:

Welcome to our fantastic group! Artistically Inclined

georgiafae on May 8, 2017:

Hi Grace-Thanks so much for returning the finished ATC Jam -my coffee-tea starter. And you're right-it did need gossip! The perfect touch. Glad you worked on this one-sorry to hear you are leaving group! Take care and Thanks again! Georgene

urbexarchaeology on Mar 6, 2017:

Spacey mail received for the MPU February WTA! Thank you so much! :)

bbsporty on Feb 14, 2017:

pkpeace on Jan 29, 2017:

It's always fun to send mail your way, Grace! xo

Angie on Jan 28, 2017:

Thank you for the beautiful rooster postcard (mpu wta)! Your stamp is amazing and the whole postcard is gorge!

Artstamper on Jan 20, 2017:

Received your zine today. Love your backgrounds! Will have to think about this one a bit.

pkpeace on Dec 23, 2016:

Thank you for being so kind! xo Patty

RyeRye on Oct 5, 2016:



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