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10 Surprise Items- Newbie Friendly

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Swap Coordinator:LiveTheChaos (contact)
Swap categories: Challenges  Miscellaneous  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:278
Last day to signup/drop:January 24, 2009
Date items must be sent by:February 24, 2009
Number of swap partners:1

Ok guys, this swap is exactly like the first 10 surprise items swap I did, but open to newbies! I had a lot of new swappers disappointed that they couldn't sign up, so here's your chance!

This is a really simple swap. You will send your partner 10 surprise items. You can look through their profile if you want, or you can just send 10 things that you pick out. They do not have to be expensive, but you should at least spend $5 on the items (before postage). You can send a mix of handmade and purchased items, or all handmade, or all store bought. It's pretty much up to you!

Note The TOTAL value of the package should be a minimum of $5, not $5 per item!

You must have either a 4.8 rating or a filled out profile if you are a newbie. This swap is open to international swappers as well.

So go find some fun items and make this a good swap for everyone involved!

Happy swapping!


angith99 01/ 6/2009 #

I am excited I think that this will be a fun place :O)

MaiMia 01/ 8/2009 #

this should be fun. (:

badgerlore 01/ 8/2009 #

I am very excited!!

pirateqt 01/ 9/2009 #

Sounds like fun! I can't wait to participate.

luffleylisa 01/ 9/2009 #

do handmade cards,toppers and things count??

Stefanija 01/ 9/2009 #

I can't wait.. this will be my first swap..

Dearlova 01/ 9/2009 #

I'm so excited!!

goatfeathers 01/ 9/2009 #

This is going to be FANTABULOUS!!!!!

My3QTPies 01/ 9/2009 #

Neato bandito! Glad I filled out my profile the way I did, lol

icetene 01/10/2009 #

can't wait and a whole month

alicaurusrex 01/10/2009 #

Wow! I can't believe how many people have signed up - it must be us keeping the post office in business. Out of interest, is there is a maximum spend? Just a ball-park figure.

Mercedeschan 01/10/2009 #

I'm excited for participate, i can't wait.

Mux 01/11/2009 #

Okay, I know this is a really newbie question, but this swap IS newbie-friendly! So--how do you determine who your partner is? Thank you!

Mux 01/11/2009 #

Never mind! I just received the email embarrassed grin.

TheCraftyLibrarian 01/11/2009 #

This should be fun! I love swapping, yay!

bite66 01/12/2009 #

It's interesting. I'm a newbie, I'd like to attept

grlegal 01/12/2009 #

I'm brand new to this. How do I fill out a profile?

pastelito 01/12/2009 #

cool! I'm new in most part by not letting you be new ... but if you do not participate ... as you will have a ranking?

I love to participate! I'm excited!

ah! how it is to fill out a profile?


memtree 01/12/2009 #

hi newbies,

best to post questions on the forum (see top right of the page). however here are some answers to your questions:

you fill out your profile by clicking 'profile' (top left of page under swap-bot logo) and then press 'edit profile' OR just hover your mouse over the word 'profile' and the option 'edit profile' will show up.

the rating is your feedback score. after each swap you complete, your partner that you have sent to rates you upon receiving the package. so 5 is best & met the requirements (a heart for extra effort) and 3 for if the package arrived but did not meet the posted swap requirements and 1 for nothing received.

good luck newbies and welcome to swap-bot! :)

Vidia 01/13/2009 #

id like to do this

Paralistocrat 01/13/2009 #

Hey everyone! Sorry for the newbie question, but how do we get assigned a partner? This will be my first swap.

Paralistocrat 01/13/2009 #

I'm foolish hehe I made the same mistake as Mux.

SwapperQueen 01/15/2009 #

Can't wait to see what the results will be. This is my first swap, I love things like this!

mlookyloo1 01/15/2009 #

sound like fun

Stefanija 01/16/2009 #

This is my first real swap as well.. and cannot wait..... this is going to be fun....

knellershappycampers 01/17/2009 #

Thanks for the newb-friendly swap. Sounds simple and fun. Can't wait to see the results!

gunnymom 01/17/2009 #

Ready to get my partner and then the hunt is on to get something she really likes. I love it. hmm maybe i need to make sure my profile has everything i like on it right? :D

Evka 01/17/2009 #

Love this swap...must be fun:-)...and I love surprises!

scooter63 01/17/2009 #

Love this swap..anything that is a surprise I love!! Count me in...

maisy123 01/18/2009 #

Can't wait to start swapping

TexyDeb 01/18/2009 #

I love surprises! I'm so excited!

Tryph 01/18/2009 #

Up to 190! Wow!

RocketGirl 01/18/2009 #

I look forward to finding out my who my partner is and figuring out what they'd like!

Clearbrite 01/18/2009 #

This sounds like so much fun! I love surprises!! If you like it then I should too..so send me anything! I can only hope my swap partner will like and enjoy what I send tooS

Clare :0)

Cambridge Gardens Australia

sihu 01/18/2009 #

this is a lovely idea :) i've been collecting odds and ends allready for this. can't wait to pop it in the post!

x sihu (yet another aussie [waves to clare] )

aifos 01/19/2009 #

Hi! This is going to be my first swap... I'm just hopping this turns ok...

NickyStratton 01/20/2009 #

waves to all the aussies in this swap , as i'm a aussie too and cant wait to see who my partner is and to look at her profile and then send 10 things she likes .

mmilesesq 01/20/2009 #

Thank you for opening this swap up to newbies; I've just signed up to keep my mind alive while recovering from surgery. Whomever partners me, I look forward to whatever you send!

ladyrn 01/20/2009 #

I'm in --I love surprise items. It makes the excitement that much more.

vintagetochic 01/21/2009 #

OK, This is my first, I love surprises. Can't wait.

Demonicangel 01/21/2009 #

I'm in too, sounds like fun!

ohiowiner 01/21/2009 #

I'm fairly new, but I really CAN'T BELIEVE how many people have signed up for this swap! How do you do it, "LiveTheChaos"?! Do you need any help?

shoakteng 01/21/2009 #

Sounds GREAT!! This is my first swap.. nice to meet u all.

BlackWolf 01/21/2009 #

Love this! Can't wait for it =D

LiveTheChaos 01/21/2009 #

Haha, well there's not a whole lot of difference for me between this swap and one with ten people, other than the fact that I need to find several people that would be willing to angel in the event of flaky swappers...

ButterflyPrincess 01/21/2009 #

This seems very interesting. My friend told me about this!

IssueGirl 01/22/2009 #

Woo Hoo! Surprises! :D

violin21 01/23/2009 #

This seems great I have a at least ten items to swap from card making to jewellery, I would liek to be included in this swap

kmiller799 01/23/2009 #

This seems like a lot of fun. Thanks for letting us newbies in!

Rebok7 01/23/2009 #

Looking forward to this swap. I will be fun and interesting for us newbies. I agree with ohiowiner how do you do. I also see your message (live the chaos) that you need to find people that are willing to angel for swapper. Tell me more regarding that.

Luxeree 01/23/2009 #

Hi! Great swap. I'm a card-making scrapbooker this will be my first swap here. I am a hostess in Y group, glad I found this site!

violin21 01/24/2009 #

The parcel is packed ready to go im waiting for the name of the person to send it too.

orit 01/24/2009 #

I hope I'm not too late!! (as here it is already the 25th..)

graceyeo 01/24/2009 #

I would love to join this! and i hope im not too late either, its the 24th.

graceyeo 01/24/2009 #

Oh, and when would we know who our partners is? (:

maybesomeday 01/24/2009 #

How can people already have the parcel packed and ready to go if they don't know who their swap partner is? I worried people will send what they have laying around instead of getting something specifically for their partner...

marshmallowtwist 01/24/2009 #

This sounds fun. I can't wait to see who my partner is.

If you need an angel for this swap, let me know. I'll be glad to help out.

CarlyJo 01/24/2009 #

I am signing up at the nick of time, but still happy about this!!! :)

blacklovelythang 01/24/2009 #

I'm already packed too! I want my partner! I'll be an Angel! I had stuff lying around but it's GOOD stuff. I'm afraid the collective price is well over $5. Sorry!

dmarie 01/24/2009 #

I am a newbie...How long does it take to get assigned names?

NickyStratton 01/24/2009 #

was wondering when partners will be asighned as i am ready too i just need my partner .

TexyDeb 01/24/2009 #

I am sorry I won't be able to participate! :(

AndrewLips 01/25/2009 #

c'mon! i want to send this package off!

chincho 01/25/2009 #

People already have the parcel packed without looking at their partner's alergy/dislikes.......It look strange to me........

robotlove 01/25/2009 #

While I understand that it seems weird to have a package ready to send out without looking at the person's profile, the host does have this in the swap information: "You can look through their profile if you want, [OR you can just send 10 things that you pick out.]"

chincho 01/25/2009 #

Well.........I'm so lucky I did not prepare anything in advance.....My partner is a man...and It would be so funny to send him earings, pink flowers, and so on........

robotlove 01/25/2009 #

Ha... chincho has a good point there. =)

violin21 01/25/2009 #

I have prepared another parcel after looking at my partners profile, my stuff is about €5 I hope my partner like is.

dmarie 01/25/2009 #

I got the partner and read the profile-excited about the swap!!

Luxeree 01/25/2009 #

Thats only 9 days. boohoo I wanna partner today. LOL

Luxeree 01/25/2009 #

ut oh wrong swap...I'm so confused

Amberly 01/26/2009 #

My last surprise swap I got total junk-all went straight into the trash. Hope this one turns out better!!!

aifos 01/29/2009 #

Hi, i tryed to add a photo, I couldn't and I don't know why... Can anyone help me?

Thank you!

chincho 01/29/2009 #

My partner's profile is soooo"meager".......and he is a man......I realy do not know what to send..........

aifos 01/30/2009 #

Thank one is hard...

CarlyJo 02/ 1/2009 #

wow i wish the send by date was not so far away. i am excited for feb 24. to come!

aifos 02/ 2/2009 #

I stent my package last week. The girl shhould get it till the end of this week =)

Artistic 02/ 2/2009 #

A box of surprises is on the way to my partner. Enjoy!

shoakteng 02/ 3/2009 #

Im on my way to prepare the presents for my partner. Hope she will like it ... +)

SheriFaerie 02/ 3/2009 #

I've sent my package to my partner, CJ, in the Philippines, so look for it soon sweetie!!;cD

orit 02/ 6/2009 #

Sent my package to SkullNBowGirl last week. Hope it gets to the US soon.

Clearbrite 02/ 6/2009 #

Just sent my package off to the US. Hope it arrives safe and sound and is enjoyed.

Can't wait it to get mine now!!


commapolice 02/ 9/2009 #

Wow, it just cost me $26 to send my package to Canada. That's the last one of these I'll be doing.

2Toes 02/11/2009 #

I hear ya - I had fun getting the package together but it cost me $20 to send to the US - from Canada. A little too pricey for me. Love the idea though

CarlyJo 02/13/2009 #

i must have gotten lucky it only costed my roughly 8.00 to send. shame yours were so expensive to ship.

BlackWolf 02/18/2009 #

My package is out! I hope you like everything!

marlo1234 02/24/2009 #

My package went yesterday!

dreamgrlsd 02/26/2009 #

I sent my package out yesterday. Sorry I wasn't able to log in due to work and school. :o)

Amberly 03/ 4/2009 #

Received the most awesome package from cherryred today. I love everything she sent!

BlackWolf 03/ 6/2009 #

Michelle, thank you so much for the most amazing package! I have never had such a wonderful package sent to me, thank you so so so much! <3

YankeeUnicorn 03/ 9/2009 #

Am resending my package for a 3rd time to my partner tomorrow. This time will go with DC--the 2nd should have but my husband took it to the PO for me and didnt get DC...Sooooo, I am resending tomorrow (would've gone out this weekend but I was sick as a dog!!) and will post the DC to my partner, the host and here...Thanks!

shoakteng 03/11/2009 #

I just received my gifts today... I really LOVE and ENJOY the gifts so much !! Thanks Janet (Calcitrix). Best wishes to you.

kimpulse 05/ 6/2009 #

if you are still in need of an angel. please let me know...

(i couldnt send a pm or leave a comment elsewhere because the site says i didnt verify my email yet... which i did)

SweetNightmare 09/ 3/2009 #

YAY! finally a swap that I can participate in!

SweetNightmare 09/ 3/2009 #

blah never mind just noticed the date years :(

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