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📚 Book GIVEAWAY! [free books!] 😺

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📚 Book GIVEAWAY! [free books!] 😺
Swap Coordinator:christy102194 (contact)
Swap categories: Books  Random Items  Themed 
Number of people in swap:33
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:July 20, 2019
Date items must be sent by:August 5, 2019
Number of swap partners:5

I am a VERY avid reader and active member of Goodreads... I always have my nose in a book :P and thus, too many books and not enough space! So I wanted to give a few books away!

I would rather share my stash and have my books go to good homes than throw them away.

  • note: books may be ARCs, cookbooks, etc [ARC = "advanced reader copy"]

5 lucky winners [whoever I end up being partnered with after partner assignment for my swap] *will receive a book from my collection! The packages will be sent via USPS media mail ^^

NOTE: I will post the tracking number down below once I have sent my package to the lucky winners! [And will send via swap-bot message too.] I am not responsible however for any lost packages or mistakes made by USPS.

To enter, you must be a RATED swapper in the USA and have been a member of Swap-bot [edit: I posted "Goodreads" here by mistake when I MEANT to say SWAPBOT! thanks @ablev92 for catching that!] for 3 months +

All you have to do is answer the below question in the comments section below:

"I love reading because ______________"

To rate your partners, check in the comments section below to see if they did indeed post an answer to the prompt above. If yes, they get a 5 rating, if they send after the swap send deadline they get a 3 rating and if they do not send at all they get a 1 rating - any questions don't hesitate to ask.

  • USA ONLY! [sorry, due to postage]

  • you must be a RATED swapper. No unrated newbies.


christy102194 07/ 6/2019 #

I love reading because... it takes me to places I've never been! Reading is an escape that I am so thankful for!

Churchmouse70 07/ 6/2019 #

Christy, Thank you so much for this opportunity. 😀 I love reading because....I can put aside my “world” for a short while and enter another one through the pages of a book. I am active on goodreads and librarything. I ❤️ Books! 📚

LilysMama 07/ 6/2019 #

There are so many reasons to love reading! I love reading because it allows an escape to "anywhere but here". I also love reading because there are never any restrictions to where you can go when lost in a book, they allow me to travel to and learn something new every time :)

Hope that makes sense lol. Thanks for this wonderful RAK, I absolutely love a good book!

tentmari 07/ 6/2019 #

Thank you for hosting this awesome swap @christy102194 I love to read for several reasons. One is because it is something I have in common with my mom who originally introduced me to books long before I could read on my own. I often share books with her after I have read them, and after she reads them we talk about them together. I also love to read because it allows me to meet new people and discover places I would otherwise never be able to visit. I am a very visual person and often reading is better than watching a movie because I am only limited by my own imagination. I could go on but I think I have said quite enough for now. ☺❤

Candace 07/ 7/2019 #

Great idea Christy and thank you for hosting! I love reading because it transports me to other times and places, and most importantly, I'm constantly learning about something interesting that I probably never know/heard of before.

Zefaniya 07/ 7/2019 #

I love reading because it takes my mind off things and to all new worlds :D

AZmom875 07/ 7/2019 #

My answer was in my head before I read the others. I do see we all have the same idea in common.

I love to read because it allows me to relax into another world.

Jjean 07/ 7/2019 #

What an excellent idea. I love reading because it takes me places I will never be able to go & gives me ideas along with learning many different views of life.

PrettyAlice 07/ 7/2019 #

I love reading because it allows me to get away from myself and my problems. For a little while I can become someone else and see the world through their eyes. I have a very good imagination so I can easily see the stories I read unfolding in my mind as if I’m watching a movie. When reading you get to travel without ever leaving your home!

yvonne401 07/ 7/2019 #

I love reading because it takes me away to far away places that I would never be able to visit in real life.

Margothecat 07/ 7/2019 #

What a great offer! I love reading books because I get engrossed in them and don't think about my problems. I especially love cookbooks! Can never have enough. Great way to learn how to be a better cook!

colleenbUSA 07/ 8/2019 #

Awesome giveaway!

I love reading books because they let me escape my mundane and sometimes quite boring life, and let me go on adventures I'd never be able to and to live hundreds of lives while never leaving my couch!

Dinkyde 07/11/2019 #

I love reading books because books are always available; they are always there for you when you need to get away from the chaos, sadness, and boredom of reality. I love books and can't imagine a world without reading. On goodreads I'm 5344621-Deidre.

TwoTurtles 07/12/2019 #

I love reading .....simply because it makes me happy :)

MsBellaDonna 07/13/2019 #

I love reading because... it's the time when I can relax and unwind from the day. I love it when the house is quiet and I can sit undisturbed with my book before bed. Also, although I am not a part of an official book club I do enjoy a lively discussion with others about books we've read!

divamagenta 07/14/2019 #

I love reading because a book can be entertaining, educational, inspirational, thought-provoking, funny, sad or hopeful...and can transport you to a whole new time and place!

Burger1girl 07/15/2019 #

I love reading because it takes away the stress of the world, bills, health, economy, politics etc. I can curl up with a cup of hot tea, wrapped in my favorite quilt and just read until blissful sleep/nap comes.

jinxspinx 07/15/2019 #

I love reading because it takes me into a new world. I learn about people Ive never met, and grow close to them. For a moment, I dont have to think about stresses from the world i live in and get some sort of "escape". Its refreshing.

ablev92 07/15/2019 #

I don't read as much as I should but I love reading! It lets you step into another world and you can get nice and comfy inside or out! my favorite place to read is by any body of water in the summertime

Atomictea 07/15/2019 #

I read to get transported to another world and look at other people's experiences in life.

bck 07/15/2019 #

“Reading is one form of escape; Running for your life is another” ~Lemony Snicket

Reading is my method of escapism.....and it’s legal ;)

Artistic 07/15/2019 #

FYI: The swap is listed as electronic, instead of Type 3. Is that because ratings are based on comments here?

myancey 07/15/2019 #

i love reading because it takes me to a far away place

Littleroo 07/16/2019 #

I love to read because I can have the quiet time I require. I like to get into my books and feel like Im there. Its my way of running away and leaving my reality behind. I enjoy reading all kinds of books, Im not stuck to just one genre. Thanks for doing this. Such a great idea. I receive ARC books also and some from writers and they are special to me. Check out Bernard Schaffer, hes an awesome writer and a great friend.

yomousey 07/16/2019 #

I love to read because I can learn so much and it can comfort me or join me in different moods. Am I feeling sad? I have a book for that, feeling happy, yep. Have a problem, plenty of self-help books or DIY books. Can't figure out what's for dinner, hey cookbooks galore! My beautiful 31/2 month granddaughter is fussy? I can read her a book. I come by my love of reading easily, my father could not pass a bookstore without going in. When our family would go to the mall at Christmas time to do our shopping, we'd park my father at the Barnes & Noble, go buy presents and pick him up when we were done, LOL! I LOVE books, I've passed on the love of reading to both my daughters and look forward to doing that for my little angel:)

yomousey 07/16/2019 #

Just want to say, I enjoyed reading everyone's answer. So cool.

Murrayd78 07/16/2019 #

I love reading because I can travel to places I have never been before. I can meet new people without ever leaving my house. Reading is comfort to me when people sometimes just can’t help. Reading is my escape.

debbiespoms 07/16/2019 #

Thank you so much for being host to a fabulous swap Christy ! Books for me, are my world, my fantasy world of fairies, dragons,elves,woodland creatures. They make me feel as if I am right there with them. I like to place myself in books, to dream. What else have I do anyway, since I am basically bed ridden most days. But it's what I love & I love to read in the tub too. Calgon take me away, lol !

debbiespoms 07/16/2019 #

Oops, I forgot the part, where to say, I love reading Because:

MCGalaxy 07/17/2019 #

I love reading because it allows a momentary escape from real life

BlueberryLady 07/17/2019 #

I love reading because I can become the saved Princess in a 1700 Castle, the wife of a Scottish Laird or share a sunset with an old West Cowboy.... Love Reading..

samsstuff 07/18/2019 #

I love reading because it takes me into the minds & thoughts of others, to places I have visited (& would like to visit again) or places that I may never be able to see, into the imaginings of others & into my own imagination, because it sparks my mind & soothes my emotions...

Piroshilove 07/18/2019 #

I love reading because it gives me a break from reality. I like being in a world that is completely different from my own.

Hoxiedove 07/18/2019 #

I love to read because It gets me out of my head and takes me some where different! Thanks for the opportunity to win 😘

cynaemon 07/18/2019 #

I love reading because it fuels my imagination and inspires me to write my own stories. I love writing even more than I love reading.

aallyy 07/18/2019 #

I ❤️ to read Because it lets me use my imagination.

Swan 07/18/2019 #

I love reading because I can learn so much, often while being transported into a different world. And I cannot be bored while I read.

CaseyErin 07/19/2019 #

I love reading because.... I get to fall in love again. (I’m looking at you Jamie Fraser from Outlander!)

Ace330660 07/20/2019 #

I love reading because it is a great way to escape, and take your mind off things. Thanks for the giveaway !

Msbhaven 07/20/2019 #

I Love reading because knowledge is power and your imagination can take you anywhere.

christy102194 07/21/2019 #

Thanks everyone for joining! Congrats to winners @jinxspinx , @candigirl , @Jjean , @Burger1girl , and @Murrayd78 !!!!


Jjean 07/21/2019 #

Wow Thank you so much.....

Murrayd78 07/21/2019 #

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Murrayd78 07/21/2019 #

Awesome! Thanks so much!

jinxspinx 07/22/2019 #

woohoo!! TY

montigneyrules 07/22/2019 #

I love reading because books are an escape. Books are an adventure. Books are purpose. Books are inspiration. Books are there.

candigirl 07/22/2019 #

I love reading because... it takes me outside of my own life and lets my mind be free. It’s an escape, a way of forgetting my worries, a re-focus for my psyche. I have been a lifelong reader, my mother was also a voracious reader.. and my daughter and grand-daughter also have a love of reading. My idea of a lively day is sitting in a coffee shop with a drink and a book, inside my own bubble, closing out the rest of the world for a brief moment in time.

christy102194 07/24/2019 #

Update: shipping books out today! I will send tracking numbers afterwards. Books will be coming in flamingo-print bubble mailers!!! Just so you can recognize it's from me :P ! [I'm not putting any swap cards or papers in the packages, so heads up.]

christy102194 07/29/2019 #

Just a reminder - if you have not already, remember to rate your partners! :)

Murrayd78 07/30/2019 #

Thank you so much, got the book today. 😊

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