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Just Randomness Giveaway #4

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Just Randomness Giveaway #4
Swap Coordinator:institches (contact)
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Last day to signup/drop:July 27, 2019
Date items must be sent by:July 31, 2019
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Thanks to @myancey for the idea and allowing me to do a variation of her swap!

PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION as I've change it a little from the last ones.

This swap is USA only due to postage costs.

I have too much "stuff". Bits and pieces I've saved for Decos and random journaling. Stuff could be used for smash books and junk journals. Alot of slightly used /some new stuff that’s either been sent to me that I can’t use or it’s time to move on. It’s a Small Flat Rate box. I'll be adding until the box is stuffed full.

The lucky winner will be whoever is my partner after I hit the “assign partners” button.

To enter, leave a "keep cool in the summer heat" tip in the comment section below. Please, don't just say "stay inside with the air on" or "drink lots of water". We all know those.

When your partner is assigned, check in the comments section below to see if your partner did indeed post a tip in the comment section. If yes, they get a 5 rating. A comment but no tip? Then that's a 3. No comment at all? A big fat 1 is what they get

I'm putting this as a Type 1 swap as everyone will be reading and rating and I am the only one mailing.

You must be a RATED swapper. No unrated newbies at this time. I'll be hosting this swap again (as money allows)


institches 07/22/2019 #

Apply Aloe Vera to your skin. Aloe Vera is naturally cooling and it also helps to moisturize the skin too!

LilysMama 07/22/2019 #

I used to always carry around a personal spritzing fan, but the cooling neck wraps are amazing! Just soak them with water, put on the back of your neck and go :) They feel really good when there is a breeze out.

MrsCrafty 07/22/2019 #

I went to a concert yesterday and beforehand found these "cooling towels" at the store. They are made with a special material that absorb water, and as air passes through, cools down the towel. It came in such handy and kept me cool in the 94 degree weather. I'd recommend getting one for any outdoor event. I found mine on sale at a Menards for $3. BEST $3 EVER. Otherwise I think they're $5. And prices go up from there at other retailers. (Will provide email address if you'd like a picture of the package.) Also, if you can take an umbrella, do. The shade it provides helps keep you cool! And if at any outdoor event they sell Kona Ice, or Icees, get one. Lol. I was so hot yesterday and I feel like I would have died without these things! I also wore black...which I wouldn't recommend as it absorbs more heat than a lighter colored shirt.

kokoloc 07/22/2019 #

So I used to think that taking a cool bath would cool me down, but it worked briefly and then I would be back to sweating like a pig (do pigs really sweat, by the way?). Anyways, by fluke one day, I figured out that taking a warm batch actually helped cool me down. I had accidentally run my bath water too hot one day when it was really hot, and I didn't want to waste my water, so I took a hot bath. It was hot, but I suffered through and was actually cooler afterwards. I think by raising your body temperature up, you can handle the heat better afterwards! :)

VAgardengirlgirl 07/22/2019 #

We once stayed in a hotel without A/C and the temperature hit 105 degrees that day. It wasn’t much cooler at night, and I tossed and turned on top of the bed trying to sleep. I put on my swimsuit, spritzed it with water (damp, not wet) and was finally able to sleep. It was amazing how it cooled me down. I probably could have dampened my hair to cool down even more.

ScrapHappyGabi 07/22/2019 #

My Keep Cool In the Summer Heat Tip is...

Find a place that's cool, green and shady-- preferably near a stream/lake/body of water and dip your feet in. It's SO refreshing! Best thing we do is take a picnic lunch to the creek and sit on the shady banks while my girls play in the water! Don't forget bugspray! LOL There are so many mozzies (mosquitoes) this time of year and it seems there are MORE than usual - at least here in NJ! UGH!! Don't forget to stay hydrated and keep outta the sun too!!! Hope this tip helps! We have a love/hate relationship with Summer as most people do!! LOL ~ @ScrapHappyGabi

thegiantsmurf 07/22/2019 #

Ahhh summer time, here in Wisconsin it can be negative 50 one month and 110 the next! One thing that help me cool down and get a tan is I soak a towel with a hose outside so it’s really cold and then I get in my swim suit and sun tan on it!! It keeps me super cold and I always love to journal/ read outside so that helps make it possible without sweating so much! I also loveee drinking Gatorade in the summer! I’ve even found that the bigger bottles at Walmart are way cheaper then buying the packs of medium size ones if you looking at the price per ounces!

AZmom875 07/22/2019 #

I live in the concrete desert, It gets hot. You have no idea how a dip in the pool can really lower your temperature. There have been times when the AC has needed help from a higher power, aka as a HVAC tech. We put wet towels over our fans, and even laid a wet towel on ourselves. I guess that is how they did it here before the invention of AC was wet towels or sheets.

But even taking cold shower is so helpful. I do that often. Not to clean off but to cool off.

I also join COOL swaps in the summer. Swaps about snow or winter and really it does make you feel cooler.

I know this might seem obvious, but I eat a sugar free popsicle almost every day, in the summer.

And I make iced tea from my hot tea bags and love the unique flavors that I can make from those tea bags.

I rub coconut oil on my skin, it seems so tropical and fun. I am not sure how much cooler I am, but I like the smell.

jinxspinx 07/22/2019 #

Create a cross-breeze - Position a fan across from a window, so the wind from outside and the fan combine in a cooling cross-breeze. I do this one a lot. Or I just open two windows that are directly across from each other on a windy day. I love fresh air!

You can also do this with your car. Rather than turn on the AC and walk away, or sit in the car and suffer through the heat while it cools down, you can quickly cool off your car by creating a cross-breeze. Roll down a window on the passenger side of the car. Then open and close the door opposite that window several times to quickly draw the hot air out and get your car down to a better -manageable temp.

Also, I have been freezing capri-suns and cutting the tops off them for a nice treat as well. So tasty!

christywebb 07/22/2019 #

Some of the comments above reminded me of what we did when I was at a kid at my grandparents' house. They only had a window unit in the dining room/kitchen so everything else (in south Texas!) was dependent on the breeze and fans. But turning on a sprinkler outside behind the window that has one of those big box fans in it can make it really cool!

Hyshu 07/22/2019 #

Well, I live in Texas. We have summer 11 months of the year. The other month we have Autumn, Winter, and Spring. The other day it was 101* with a Heat Index of 110*. The worse months for Summer here is April-October. Trying to stay cool is just a way of life here. You have to have A/C in the car and A/C in the house. I keep mine in the house always at 74*. I would like colder but then my electrcity for the month would be $400+. We always have a gallon of ice tea in the fridge. We have popsicle sticks in the freeze. We rarely use the oven or stove top. We leave the windows half-way down while shopping. In texas, it is not the closest parking space you want, but the one in the shade (if there is one). Those cooling towels/neck wraps/bandanas which you wet and it cools you are great. Especially is you are playing a sport or watching. We go to the YMCA pool almost every day and of course, we use sunscreen. We eat a lot of fruit that is chilled. Ice in every drink. Shorts or light dresses. No jeans! Ceiling fans on in every room. We take cold water bottles or iced tea in a bottle every tie we leave the house. We go to Sonic when we are out for Happy Hour or Morning Drink stop to have a slush or tea, limeade, or soda. Personally we keep all mini blinds closed and any drapes. Keep the sun out as it beats down on us. And yes, stay in a place with A/C and drink plenty of fluids. I am sure there is more to list but my mind is blank now. Beacause it is a way of life here you just naturally do it, unlike places North might only have a heat wave and then cool down or cool down at night. We don't cool down at night. We will stay around 76-82 in the middle of the night, with humidity. Stay cool my friends!

DorothyH 07/22/2019 #

Not wanting to join the swap but I have a good tip for ya. In the summer time I found myself cooking in the kitchen a lot barefooted. Wet a clean kitchen towel with cold water, wring it out and place on the floor, feels nice and cool on the hot tired feet!

tentmari 07/22/2019 #

I also live in Texas and know a few tricks to stay cool. Wear loose fitting, light colored clothes made of cotton; stay hydrated; use a dampened towel or sheet to cover up at night; limit outdoor time to early morning and late evening hours when possible; apply ice packs or cold compresses to pulse points at the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees to cool down quickly (I keep several small, flexible ice packs in my freezer. If you don't have these, dampen a few washcloths then place them in individual plastic zipper bags for DIY ice packs.) Stay cool and safe this summer!

CookieMomster78 07/22/2019 #

To stay cool with my family during hot summer days, we like to make our own frozen treats!!!!! YUMMMERZ! My personal fave is to poke a toothpick into red grapes because they make a refreshing bite-sized "juice" anytime of day or night! The kids love poking them too - it's sort of a game at the kitchen table to see if you can get the grape into the toothpick without it rolling away! Ripe strawberries and pineapple chunks are also delish-treats to enjoy frozen...they make a flavorful "ice cube" in your water too!

The hubby likes frozen yogurt pops - made using ice cube trays and Popsicle stix!

colleenbUSA 07/23/2019 #

To stay cool in the heat you should wear loose cotton clothes and my other tip is to take a rice bag like you use for sore muscles and put it in the freezer overnight, then put it on the back of your neck! The rice bag cold also works great for headaches if you have an eye mask one especially!

03Scarlett 07/23/2019 #

If you have a picnic table, putting an umbrella over it can be a blessing when it blocks the direct sunlight (thus helping you stay a lot cooler!) Also if you're going outside - if you have any saved 2 liter bottles that are empty, fill them with water and freeze them and you'll have cold water for quite awhile this way. Other than this, the only tips I can think of right now is to just go out when needed and hopefully it will be early mornings and in the evenings.

StargazerHM 07/23/2019 #

Avoid caffeine and alcohol which cause us to lose water more rapidly.

Jsereg001 07/23/2019 #

Wear loose fitting light cotton clothing, place a bowl of ice in front of the fan so it will blow cold air on you, drink coconut water, also you can soak your feet in cool water. I am hot all the time so I have lots of tips to stay cool! I can’t wait for the cold weather!!!

tam2016 07/23/2019 #
  1. Make a DIY air conditioner by positioning a shallow pan or bowl (a roasting pan works nicely) full of ice in front of a fan. The breeze will pick up cold water from the ice’s surface as it melts, creating a cooling mist.
  2. Rig up a hammock or set up a simple cot. Both types of beds are suspended on all sides, which increases airflow.
  3. It might seem like there’s nothing better than a cold ice cream cone on a hot summer day, but there is. The high-fat content in ice cream makes it difficult to digest. The extra energy your body uses to digest the ice cream can actually raise your body temperature a little bit. So, if you want to cool down, try a fat-free frozen dessert like sorbet or an Italian ice.
Poohtat 07/23/2019 #

Wear lightweight, light-coloured cotton clothes. Heat is trapped by synthetic fibres, but cotton absorbs perspiration and its evaporation causes you to feel cooler. The light colours reflect the sun's radiation.

JJcrafty 07/23/2019 #

I hate the heat! I do a couple of things to stay cool on the hot summer days. 1- I use a drop or 2 peppermint essential oils mixed with water, put it in a spray bottle and spritz on myself-be careful not to put too many drops- it can burn your skin and I have learned this from experience. Also...in the shower I use trader joes tea tree blend body wash and it keeps me cool for a little while. It has other things like peppermint in it. And last, I use Gold Bond medicated body powder and that keeps me cool too.

haleyann 07/23/2019 #

I always try to have a nice refreshing iced tea! Also having a damp towel or wash rag against your neck really helps!

Burger1girl 07/23/2019 #

Dont' take cold showers, makes your body warm itself even more. Take lukewarm showers. Put on lotion while body(pores) are still open and receptive to cool lotion. Dress in loose clothes...lots of new soft material available. Slow down and take it easy, hydrate with water and fruit in the water (strawberries, peach, watermelon, cucumber etc) Have fun but be safe! know the signs of heat stroke.

joybells2426 07/23/2019 #

The way I stay cool is to sit with an ice pack under my feet before I go to bed for the night. I don’t know about everyone else, but if my feet are cool, I feel cool. This helps me stay cool as I fall asleep.

institches 07/24/2019 #

There was a news story on (right before I listed this swap and it was what gave me the idea for comments) Eating and drinking cold things only makes you warmer. Your body feels cold, so it works to warm you up. They gave the example of drinking hot coffee...it actually cools you off. Also taking a warm shower will cool you off (I've done this for years) The warm water raises your body temperature so when you get out you actually feel cooler.

Adrienne1571 07/24/2019 #

One thing is to wet a scarf or towel and freeze it and lay across the back of your neck. also if my feet are cool I feel better, so soaking them in ice water or even sitting by water and having my feet in the water.... and at the pool, staying wet helps.

lvpoohbr2 07/24/2019 #

My keep cool in the summer tick is to use some peppermint essential oil on the back of your neck. It will cool you down pretty quick. Another tip is to actually soak your feet in some cold water. This always seems to cool me down. I love all the above tips as well. Living in the desert, the more tips the better!!

yvonne401 07/24/2019 #

If you're using a ceiling fan to cool your space, make sure that the direction of the fan blades are blowing the air down and not up. Fan's don't actually lower the temperature in a room, but the air currents flowing over your body help to keep your personal temp nice and cool.

Ukucaitie 07/24/2019 #

To keep cool in the summer heat, I learned a trick being in nursing and having to work with little A/C and a lot of walking and moving. Sometimes the temp can get 85 degress inside. We take a baggie or (Glove-(working in medical lol)) and fill in with ice. Place the baggie in the waist band of your pants in the back. It will cool down your whole body. This trick works great! Just be sure the bag doesn't leak! haha . I also love to go swimming at the lake or pool and that really helps cool me down on a hot day.

Dinkyde 07/25/2019 #

I live in a hot, humid area. My favourite tricks to cool off are eating chopped ice, like from a convenient store, but my office has a machine that makes it too. Another one is using these cooling towels. I don't know how long they've been around, but I just discovered them last summer. Wet it with cold water, squeeze the water out then drape it on the back of your neck while eating chopped ice; you'll feel a lot cooler.

Jjean 07/25/2019 #

Love to eat snow cones and another idea is to put your lotions in the fridge, hand or body creams... they feel so soothing when you use them. I also have heard when Hot to drink something warm to cool down.

Alwayshaveyarn 07/25/2019 #

I did a craft fair last Sat with a heat index of over 100. To stay cool throughout the day I used a cooling towel along with a neat little rechargeable fan my husband had found for me. I just set it up so it blew on my face. A lemon shakeup part way through the day also helped and I then saved my glass with the lemon and ice and kept adding more ice and water. Somehow the lemon made the water more refreshing. I kept a small cooler of ice nearby to refresh my cooling towel and dripped more ice water on my legs and feet and put ice in my sandals. With all that plus staying in the shade of my craft booth tent I even stayed cool enough to crochet a bit ( small projects with cotton yarn). :)

Cobweb 07/26/2019 #

Summer comfort is all about the shade and hydration. Learn from your ancestors (or at least mine!) Wear a hat. It shades your face and eyes. Wear natural fabrics (cotton, linen etc) and long sleeves. The UV protection of a long sleeve also creates a wicking layer that moves sweat away from your body as it creates a cooler layer while keeping you protected from sunburn. There is a reason cowboys, farmers and bedouins wear long sleeves. Stay hydrated! You are gonna sweat, be sure you replace that liquid. The standard rule at Scout camp was always clear and copious. You should be drinking enough that you need to pee throughout the day and it should be clear.

divamagenta 07/26/2019 #

A cold, wet compress on the forehead, running your hands under cold water, and/or a cool basin of water to soak your feet helps cool you down by cooling your extremities. Also, keeping a bottle of body spray in the fridge can give you a cold, refreshing boost on a hot day.

sharmison33 07/26/2019 #

I carry one of those cooling towels with me in the car. If I’m going to be out in the sun I always make sure I have it! I’m not one for sun hats they seem to make me even hotter. But the cooling tool around my neck really works. I’ve always been told one of the best ways to cool down is something cold around your neck. It works for me! I also recently used it at a lacrosse game where one of the teens with us got sick from being over heated. Once I got her calmed down and in the shade, I put the wrap around her neck and one on her forehead and in just a few minutes her color returned and she began feeling better. I bought mine on Amazon. It wasn’t very expensive and it works really well!

lilianwillow 07/26/2019 #

Spend time at your local library! Libraries are often kept cool (that's why librarians wear cardigans). They also provide a lot of different activities for both adults and children. Even if you aren't fond of reading, you can find some sort of entertainment at the library.

jennib23 07/27/2019 #

Wear linen materials! Linen is naturally breathable, moisture-wicking, and conducts heat... which means that when you sweat on a hot day, air cools your skin faster and the sweaty damp feeling is pulled off your skin. Linen material actually feels cooler to the touch! So be prepared to dress like a 1920s Egyptologist :)

luckylynnl 07/27/2019 #

My suggestion for Keeping Cool in the summer is to have something at home that helps you identify with "summer coolness". Sometimes the mind play such a part in our condition. When I was a kid I loved the Ice Cream Man in his Happy Truck!!!!! My mouth would water and I would run and but a orange Sherbet Push-Up on a stick. Recently I saw a simple recipe for making orange sherbet with 2 ingredients: 7 oz can sweetened condensed milk and 1 liter of orange soda. Freeze in metal pan. [I used 2.] Wait an hour and stir and freeze again. Yummy and did the trick! Try it. [Can use other sodas.]

JulibeeKitsch 07/27/2019 #

Just a bit ago we were coming in from the summer heat in the garden. I was looking through the cucumbers we picked & there were a few where the color didn't look great, or it was already starting to go bad. So I cracked one in half & decided to rub it all over my face/neck! It had an instant cooling effect [& cucumber has benefits for skin as well]. I probably wouldn't have done that if staying outside though, as I'm sure that would rub off sunscreen.

Christine1982 07/27/2019 #

You are such a awesome host!!! Love this!!! 💜💙💚💛❤💖💗

institches 07/28/2019 #

Partners have been assigned. Any comments past this post do not count and your partner has the right to rate a 3 or 1.

institches 07/28/2019 #

@colleenbUSA is the winner!

Congrats the box is going postal tomorrow.

Burger1girl 07/28/2019 #

Congrats colleenbUSA!!!

colleenbUSA 07/29/2019 #

Yay! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

03Scarlett 07/29/2019 #

Congrats ColleenbUSA! : )

Jjean 07/29/2019 #

Congrats ColleenbUSA

candigirl 07/30/2019 #

Here in South Dakota it never gets very hot in the summer, but in Florida, where I’m from, it gets ridiculous in the summers! Sometimes it’s so hot you feel like you can hardly breathe when you get out of your car at the grocery store! Here are some of my “florida hot” tips for you— Keep a small cooler of ice in your car with some bottled water in it, you will get an immediate cool down! Make sure you keep a steering wheel cover on so your hands don’t get sizzled when you first get in the car. We have the towels that you wet and put on your neck, but keep in mind that they will soak the back/neck if your shirt! Run cold water on your wrists when possible, and an icy gel pack to the neck is good too! Coconut water is also a great refresher in addition to good old water... I hope you are staying cool as a cucumber this summer! Peace!

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