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🤔 QUICK Play Loaded Q #6

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🤔 QUICK Play Loaded Q #6
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I have a deck of cards from the Loaded Questions game! This series will go as long as we have Q’s & interested participants 😃

  • Just a fun way to get to know a bit about others and connect (germ-free)!!
  • Everyone is invited to play!!! It’s ELECTRONIC ⚡️
  • Ten partners
  • Simply leave your answer to the question in the comments section below!
  • All Participants agree to Rate A 5 if the Q is answered below before the deadline date!
  • ❤️ at your discretion!

Q6: If you had the power to, what one thing would you disinvent or cause to go extinct & WHY?


CookieMomster78 04/ 4/2020 #

Mosquitos 🦟 because they’re disease carrying pests that do not appear to serve any good purpose in the animal kingdom...and they frankly gross me out! 🤢

grammypammy 04/ 4/2020 #

I would disinvent the iron...it had it's purpose back in the day but most clothing these days don't need to be ironed and I personally hate ironing so I'm glad that I don't have to do it anymore. I do have an iron though and it just sets in the closet gathering dust. lol

LavenderSprinkles 04/ 4/2020 #

Not sure if this answer is suitable. But the first thing that comes to my mind is "discrimination". I truly which this could be non-existent. I would love to live in a world where everyone was treated by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin, gender, age, ethnicity, dating preferences or religion, etc. This situation is something I deal with regularly. I wish I had the ability to banish it forever. If we all work together and treat people the way we want to be treated it can slowly happen.

LavenderSprinkles 04/ 4/2020 #

"I truly wish" not which sorry for the typo due to voice to text.

klover 04/ 4/2020 #

Firecrackers, not to be confused with fireworks high in the sky, pretty and usually quiet. Firecrackers(the little ones you light and throw before they go off), in my opinion, serve no purpose, cause temporary hearing loss, noise pollution and they scare animals.

bananakiwi 04/ 4/2020 #

I'd disinvent artificial foods, chemicals, GMO....we need healthier options not unhealthier ones!

bananakiwi 04/ 4/2020 #

Oh and I would also hope those chemicals go extinct, too hahaha

feminista 04/ 4/2020 #

Coronavirus, hands down

Cindymt 04/ 4/2020 #

Coronavirus. I was alive and remember the H1N1 Swine Flu as well as the Zika Virus (I lived in a Zika zone), and the world was not put on lock down because of it! People are dying out here due to CV! And our lives are put on hold! I wish I could take it away.

institches 04/ 4/2020 #


I'm sure the MAN that invented/designed them hated women and wanted to torture us with "fashion"

BeHappyToday 04/ 4/2020 #

Can openers... I’ve been through so many different kinds. They either are crappy from the get go or don’t last. In our modern times all tins/metals that need opened should have a pop top of some sort. I mean pop tops was invented clear back in 1959 so companies should use it. 👌

DreamCloud 04/ 4/2020 #

I would take away anything that prevents people from having compassion towards one another. What a wonderful world that would create! <3

KarenMarie322 04/ 4/2020 #

Sorry forgot to say why.... all diseases and health issues to be extinct so everyone can stay healthy and not be in pain anymore. Healthy and happy....

SatisHuman 04/ 4/2020 #

@institches Totally agree!

I would disinvent the desire and ability to inflict pain. Pain for violence and selfish reasons.

cynaemon 04/ 4/2020 #

I would disinvent 'praise bands.' I think they are the worst things that ever happened to true church musicians, who have spent a lifetime studying and perfect their craft. They are now being replaced by hobbyists who churches don't have to pay. You pay your pastor. Pay your professional musician accordingly.

hanifahsekar98 04/ 4/2020 #

HOUSE LIZARD!!! I hate house lizard, I know they do nothing wrong, but still, I hate it. I hate it because when I was in high school, a lizard fell and it landed in my shoulder without I realize it. after a minute I realize that something is moving on my shoulder, when I looked at my shoulder there was a freaking house lizard on my shoulder! I just shocked and hate it ever since.

simplyjeannette 04/ 4/2020 #

Corona virus- I hate all that it caused in the world, especially the deaths. It’s sad that so many lives will change for bad and families will hurt after it’s over because they will not be able to catch up when the protection is released

MSKcat 04/ 5/2020 #

Cockroaches- I can't stand them- they freak me out. They just seem to never die. I hate the sound of them crawling around and they still move even after you spray them.

Candace 04/ 5/2020 #

@MSKcat - totally agree, just stomped on a roach yesterday! I'd also add rats, they also carry disease, remember your history lessons and the bubonic / black plague!? I also had a roof rat a few years ago, these things actually climb the side of your house, and my visitor was in between the wall of my bedroom and the exterior of the house. Eeek! It would wake the cat and I up in the wee hours with its scratching. So now every time I hear something, I think its the roof rat back for another uninvited visit!

AZmom875 04/ 5/2020 #

Ok no throwing tomatoes. I would disinvent religion. Not God, but just religion. And not worship, but organized religion. We have fought so many wars, and hurt so many people over the years in history over religion. I would replace it with "be kind to one another."

I really cant believe that was my answer but as I thought of it, that came to mind.

Also maybe our present form of government, but that is another soapbox.

prussianparrot 04/ 5/2020 #

I would make ants go extinct...I do not see the purpose in them, they are so tiny and evading .. crawling everywhere they can.. and some of them bite you 😡 ant eaters can find something else to eat !

PerArduaAdAlta 04/ 5/2020 #

Plastic!!! Seriously, we should be making this from hemp or something equally as biodegradable

kasa 04/ 5/2020 #

I would dis invent professionalism in sports concerning the area of money they earn. What they earn for throwing a ball through a hoop or kicking a ball into a net.. especially when all the essential health workers are on low pay. Dont get me wrong I love sports , ad am a sports fan, I just do not like the money that is paid out to these sports people.

Autist 04/ 5/2020 #

Syringes and Medical Needles! THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY!! It’s one of my biggest phobia.

bluecrayons 04/ 5/2020 #

SPIDERS. SPIDERS. SPIDERS.SPIDERS. i freak out when i see one. even the tiniest ones. i was bitten by one and it put a hole in my leg. now the hole has a skin graph on it.

AZmom875 04/ 5/2020 #

@kasa Preach it sister!!!! I agree.

SatisHuman 04/ 6/2020 #

And the electoral college, for obvious reasons.

smartymartyky 04/ 6/2020 #

I feel like there is a lot of hate and miscommunication out there in regards to a lot of life. I would like for all this negative thought pattern to become extinct.

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