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Do you love having penpals? Do you love getting mail? Are you an animal lover? Well this swap is aimed at those a little bit crazy about the animals in our life :)

Instead of penpals, this swap will give your pet a pet pal. Only join if you have at least one pet. You will write a letter from your pet, or pets if you wish, to your partner's pet. You are only required to send one letter, but of course it would be lovely if the pets could continue to be petpals!

You will have two partners, so you will be required to write two letters. Please list below what pets you have and their names, so your partner knows who to write to and who to address the envelope to!

Newbies welcome. Only requirment is that you have a pet. Any questions, just ask!


happysaz133 07/20/2009 #

I have 2 dogs, Breagha & Todd, 2 cats, Rigsy & Lucky, 1 rabbit Rosie, 2 guinea pigs, Gizmo & Steve, and 4 hamsters, Jasper, William, Misty & Doughnut. Feel free to write to any of them!

Pancua 07/20/2009 #

I have two cats, Layla and Vincent. They have their own spot on my SB profile page!

laurebel 07/20/2009 #

I have two kittens named Bill and Eric.

rifkasorah 07/20/2009 #

I have 2 dogs-Addison and Buddie, 4 cats-Misty, Berkley, Crikit and fonzie, 1 guinea pig-Wonton. (the guinea pig is not much of a writer, lol)

JavaJunkie 07/20/2009 #

I have a 3 year old Shih Tsu named Padji. He can't wait to hear from another furry friend!

cynaemon 07/21/2009 #

Mewlo, my name is Savannah Ku'u'ipo, and I am a beautifur Birmin Siamese mix. I have 13 new brofurs and sisfurs, and one hewmin Slave, er, secretary. How I got my name, and how I came to be here is furry interesting. I hope to find a wonderfur new kitty furriend. I lived with a St. Bernard fur many years, so will also consider writing a dog, or another animal.Hugs and purrs, S. Ku'u'ipo

Obstminkerl 07/21/2009 #

What a cute idea!

My dog's name is Felix, he is 8 years old and a Hovawart-Kuvasz-Mix.

Kalimorgana 07/21/2009 #

I have two guinea pigs called Haakon (m) and Marit (f).

nannie8 07/21/2009 #

I have two maine cooncats . one is diddie and the othere is arnold there arelooking foward to making new friends

VibrantThings 07/21/2009 #

I have 2 dogs, Luna (German Shepherd/ Greyhound mix) and Hooch (boston terrier/french bulldog mix) a cat, Shaidee, 2 mice, and a bunch of fish! I can't wait to meet other furry friends! (and scaly ones too!!!!)

Moose 07/21/2009 #

Hihi, this is a great idea. I love writing comments on behalf of my dog when i post photos on a forum, so this letterwriting is just for me (oh, excuse me : for our Leo ;-)))

I have 1 dog, spanish waterdog by the name of (Gali)leo (we call him Leo) and 2 pet rats by the names of Beer (Bear in English) en Bram and aquariumfishes, but they can't write ;-))

BassetMama10 07/21/2009 #

Love this idea as my two Basset Hounds love to talk! So I will just write it down for them, Lillie of the valley is my smallest hounds only about 35 pounds She is a tricolor and loves to tote a little blanket with her. Sugar Cube is the grand dame of the house she is fawn/white and she weighs 80 pounds (she is having surgery this week to remove a tumor:~(

On our basset Farm we also have: Clemson Joe Christmas Coal Lazy Daisy GeneralBeau Molly Bonnie Jean Angel Baby DJ Mable

All spoiled rotten it's just I can't have them all in the house: Feel free to write to any one

OfficeWeed 07/21/2009 #

This is the cutest idea!!

BastCrystal 07/21/2009 #

This is a wonderful idea! My name is Alexander (Alex), I'm a fur person and I have two brothers Dennis and Edward Wellington Mouseripper III (Eddie). Mom will write this for me since I can't hold a pen. LOL She knows she's my "wife" and that she is a slave and under my will. She will write whatever I ask.

Dennis is a 30 lbs "Ragdoll" cat and is 18 years old. He just lays around looking gorgeous. He has bright blue eyes and long white with flame points on his ears. Eddie is a feral kittie that Mom brought in as a small kitten. I tolerate him and allow him to occasionally touch Mom.

WaterDragon 07/21/2009 #

I really love this idea. So we are in too. My name is Xena, and yes it comes from the human show ‘warrior princess’. Mom will type for me, as my paws will not hit the right letters I want them too. I am a 3 year old puppy that is the one and only princess in my mommy’s home. My breed is half dachshund (doxie) and half jack russel. Xena

sparklebluefaery 07/21/2009 #

This is such an adorable idea! I have two cats, Vincent and Violet (Violet is aka Lil' Kitty). There are pictures of them on my blog.
Vincent is a large fat tabby cat and Violet is a small lean playful kitty. Vincent is pretty much the boss of both me and Lil Kitty. He loves tuna water, kitty treats, and the new PanicMouse toy we bought. Lil Kitty also loves tuna water, and kitty treats, as well as peeing on towels left on the floor and chasing pushpins around.

KamKat 07/22/2009 #

I love this idea!!! My pets/animals: 2 dogs, both male, named Puddles and Broady. 2 cats, both male, named KamKat and woo. 2 Horses, Female named Sugar, Male named, Buddy. A Lizard named Big Guy. and we have chickens and ducks but I don't think I will write a letter to or from a chicken :) If you get me please send a picture of your animal! I love seeing pictures of pets. and I'll send you one too! Thanks :)

StephJohnsonDesigns 07/22/2009 #

I thought I was crazy about my babies!! Hi! My name is Daisy, my mommy calls me her wittle mut. I have a brother, Duke. We have the same mommy... but different daddys. We were born on Christmas the year before last. I'm getting ready to be a mommy for the first time. Just a few more weeks. I want my body back! Mommy also has 2 house kitties. I love chasing kitties. The old black one is Hooper he's 5 the little grey one is a pain! And she's mean to me! Her name is crash. She's 2. Mommy doesnt let me inside much any more because this one time the kitties were taunting me... and I chased them. Sorry!

CalizonaDesigns 07/22/2009 #

My name is Daiquiri, yes my mom named me after rum! I'm a just turned six-year-old Maltese who is, well loved. I do have three "brothers" and one "sister" but they're big and don't really like me. But my mommy has two girl horses (named after wines) and my daddy has three... Oh yeah, he has a donkey too- what a jerk! He always tries to run me over! When my momy married my daddy I had to get to like kitties-quickly! There are seven of them! But overal I'm a happy girl who gets to go everywhere my mom does. One more thing... I love waking up my daddy in the morning! (I think he secretly likes my kisses)

happypanda 07/23/2009 #

Great idea, I have two pets Conan my rabbit and Dot my dog. Conan is kinda bad tempered. Dot's mad...

Christina 07/23/2009 #

I have 2 kitties: Sinatra and Spider and one dog: Zoie, who is a Boston Terrier. Check them all out on my flickr pics!

SandyB65 07/23/2009 #

Lickens is 4 months old. She is a black lab. She and big brother Christopher (human) will love to read the letters!

BeautifulMess 07/24/2009 #

I have three pets.
2 Guinea Pigs - Africa & Leo
& 1 Hamster - Crocodile =]

Bastet 07/25/2009 #

I have one cat : Cixi, she has a bad character but I love her ^^

Chriss8866 07/26/2009 #

I have 2 dogs. Coonhound- her name is Tika and a Rottie x - Her name is Sophie also I have a little cat named smokey he only has half a tail. We All LOVE to get the mail something for them would be awesome!

StaleAmber 07/27/2009 #

I have one kitty cat named, well, Kitty Cat! He has a 2 year old human friend who named him and likes to give him a run for his money on a daily basis :D

VibrantThings 07/27/2009 #

My dog already wrote his letters, we're just waiting on partners to be assigned!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited!

Ghidora 07/27/2009 #

I have 3 cats!
-Dr.Chudd Wolfman (or Chudd for short) -Doyle Wolfman Von Frightenstein -Atomic Wendy

Chudd & Wendy are Brother and Sister, and Doyle is their big brother who found us three years ago and he's been part of the family ever since.

smielybunny22 07/28/2009 #

I have one bunny named Amelia! She is very skitterish when we try to catch her in the house.

Bastet 07/28/2009 #

Please, how can we know who to write if a partner have'nt let comment and doesn't speak about his pet in his profile ?

mfinley524 07/28/2009 #

I have 2 pets!

Brodi - 3 year old, female, English Bulldog. Merlin - Male, Italian Greyhound.


KamKat 07/30/2009 #

I sent to one partner yesterday and I thought I would send the other today, but my plans were changed as my mom is sick. so my other petpal's will be sent out as soon as I can.

terrip 07/31/2009 #

Hello. I have a four year old Shih Tzu named Cupcake.

Bastet 08/20/2009 #

SandyB65 HAS FLAKED ME :-(

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