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Be my blog follower on Blogger
Swap Homepage:www.cassidyscrafts.blogspot.com
Swap Coordinator:Cassidymonster (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:72
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:January 8, 2010
Date items must be sent by:January 15, 2010
Number of swap partners:10

For this swap you will have 10 partners.

You will go to their blog (link must be posted on your swapbot profile)

♥**you will then follow them and leave a comment on their blog with your swap bot name and the swap name. you can also leave them a little message if you'd like*** ♥

simple as that

if you have any questions let me know

this is a chance to get yourself out there and it allows you to get to know other people and possibly for some inspiration :)

happy swapping


fernsmama 12/ 8/2009 #

what a great idea - I'm in! ♥

ViolaOdorata 12/ 8/2009 #

great swap! I'm blog newbie so by now I have just one follower. My blog is linked to my website (which is in my profile)

mermaidery 12/ 8/2009 #

Does it have to be a blogger or blogspot? I have a wordpress, and would like to join, but.. most of the swaps for blogs ive seen are bloggers. =/

Id join blogger, but I have too much on wordpress already lol

Cassidymonster 12/ 9/2009 #

@omgz yeah unfortunately I am only doing it for Blogger/blogspot. You should try hosting one I am sure there are a lot of people with wordpress

Cassidymonster 12/29/2009 #

Hope everyone had a very happy holiday! cant wait for this swap to begin, i look forward to seeing others blogs :)

creationsbygena 12/31/2009 #

well this sounds neat. I am new to blogging so forgive mine as it is still in the works and love looking at other blogs for inspiration so this is a neat swap. Thanks for hosting it and I look forward to seeing/reading new blogs! Happy year!

soyprincesa2 12/31/2009 #

This is great! I'm joining right now! I spend hours checking out the blogs that I follow.

soyprincesa2 12/31/2009 #

I wish I could be in both groups! The more the merrier!

Cassidymonster 01/ 3/2010 #

I am glad everyone is as excited about this swap as i am, I cant wait :)

nelliebugsdotcom 01/ 3/2010 #

Anyone know if there is a similar one of these for FB or twitter or even myspace, maybe even for businesses?

madaboutpink 01/ 4/2010 #

I'm in! Can't wait.

Cassidymonster 01/ 4/2010 #

Im not sure @nelliebugsdotcom but i have facebook, twitter, and blogspot if anyone wants to follow me :) id be glad to check out anyone elses too just email me the link

[email protected]

Cassidymonster 01/ 4/2010 #

I would like to more partners on this swap so if anyone is interested in more blog followers please contact me and maybe we can swap

GenjiPomf 01/ 4/2010 #

Does twitter count as a "blog"?

kaytd89 01/ 4/2010 #

This sounds fun! :) I've been thinking about getting back into blogging lately. XD This is my excuse to start up again!

Cassidymonster 01/ 5/2010 #

no @TheCrayonGuru but i have twitter if youd like to follow me, i can follow you in exchange :)

nelliebugsdotcom 01/ 5/2010 #

I just started my blog but will work on following everyone today! I don't have any followers so anyone following is greatly appreciated!

Godsrockangel 01/ 5/2010 #

@omgz I'm on wordpress too :) rockangel.co.uk

lheureuxart 01/ 5/2010 #

Cool idea! I'm also new to blogging, so mine is a tad bare, but will get better with time (one of my resolutions for this year, LOL). I'm in.

CollageCafe04 01/ 6/2010 #

I love this idea.... but I'm not sure I understand why it is blogger only... aren't we able to follow anyone on any blog? (I'm really just wanting to understand and not challenging... I'm new to blogging & have a blogger account)

SheriFaerie 01/ 6/2010 #

I don't have Blogger, but am going to sign up for a blog there so I can sign up for this. I will just do a bit of a copy and paste job on there with some of the blogs from LiveJournal and MySpace I've wrote. Then I will continue to add new blogs to Blogger from there (I've wanted to try Blogger for some time now anyways...), and anyone who wants to "follow" me on it here is more than welcome to, of course!;cD Esp. since I will be new to Blogger and in need of "followers" anyway! hehe ;cD

BigHillGoddess 01/ 7/2010 #

Too fun! I very recently moved my journal from LJ to Blogger, mainly because I can use my own domain name there. I have a very old account on blogger, but it is not open to public perusal because it is from a bad time in my life. I started a new one that is (hopefully) going to focus on the positive stuff.I would love followers!

@SheriFaerie My first post on blogger was a link to my LJ so I didn't have to move things, and I updated my LJ to let people know I moved.

minnie12 01/ 7/2010 #

im new to blogger too! ANyone can follow..need to put pics up or something its bare and boring ...just going with my weightloss lol..

flowerimpressions 01/ 7/2010 #

Hi i just joined this swap and decided to go through and see who was here and noticed after bouncing around that A LOT of the profiles don't have a Working blog link . either there is one but it doesn't go anywhere or saw no link at all. I know this is for newbies too so I thought I would let folks know. peace

Cassidymonster 01/ 7/2010 #

Thanks @flowerimpressions I will send an email out to everyone once i assign partners to make sure you all have a correct link on your blog.

Hope you all enjoy reading other blogs :)

And @lullabye123 I only did it for blogger to keep things simple, trust me i know you can follow other blogs and i follow so many its hard to keep up with haha, i just thought i would keep it simple

Anyone can always host another blog follower swap, i would totally join haha

flowerimpressions 01/ 9/2010 #

when will we get our partners?? peace

kawaii1989 01/ 9/2010 #

there is no blog link on shilpa page?

Cassidymonster 01/ 9/2010 #

Partners are assigned, have fun!

I sent out a mass email to everyone saying you have to have a working link on your profile. please contact your partner if they do not and contact me as well


BigHillGoddess 01/ 9/2010 #

I just want to point out that @slevek s blog is hosted by typepad, not blogger. For whatever reason, blogger won't recognize her link when I try to add to my list, but I can access it. I did visit her blog and comment, plus bookmarked it, but it will not show up as being followed. When you click on her list of followers, there is a broken link. That's ME!

xd0nn4x 01/ 9/2010 #

@thesimplecountrychick does not even have a profile for me to follow her :( I have messaged her though.

creationsbygena 01/ 9/2010 #

Hi Cassidy! Oh goodie. I can't wait to check out my partners blog! I see that 3 people have gone to my blog already and are followers but only 1 has left a comment. Is leaving a comment part of the swap? If they don't leave a comment what do you suggest on how to rate?

Thanks again for such a neat swap!

xd0nn4x 01/ 9/2010 #

This is helpful to people who can't find the follow link on the persons blog:


:) I ran into that issue once or twice, thought i would pass it along

Cassidymonster 01/ 9/2010 #

Yeah i sent out an email telling everyone to leave a comment on their partners blog letting them know they are from swap bot, i have been getting alot of emails about people not having a correct link or a profile at all and i do really apologize about that.

if you would like i would be more than happy to follow you or you can follow me if your partner does not come through. If i host this swap again i will make sure there are clearer rules about what you have to do

sorry again guys,

if you have any more questions please email me or if you would like me to follow you because your partner is sketchy email me

[email protected]

BigHillGoddess 01/ 9/2010 #

If someone doesn't have a "follow me" link, if you are logged in, the bar at the top of the screen should have an option that says "Follow". It's the navigation bar that you click to add a post or customize. I never look for a button, because it can be placed anywhere on the page...I use the navi bar to check out random blogs and if I find one that's interesting, I just click on the "Follow" button. Easy-peasy!

creationsbygena 01/ 9/2010 #

oh cool lullabye123. I will have to check that out. I am running into that problem where I can't find their follow me link on the blog. Thank you for the tip. I will go back and check on those I could not do earlier.

JennieGee 01/ 9/2010 #

I sent all the blogs I joined AQ messages rather than messages on their blogs as I have a different blogger name than Swapbot one and I wanted them to know it was me. JennieGee http://letterboxtradingcardsbyjenniegee.blogspot.com/

creationsbygena 01/ 9/2010 #

ok. I am running into a few problems with the swap partners I have. Some people do not have their blogger blogs links rather a website link under their profile. SOme people do not have blogger blogs but something else as a blog entirely. And.. some do not have a area to click on a follow me tab..nor is it found on the top of the page. ugh. This should not be a hard swap. I am doing what I can on the swap partners I can comment on and follow and on those ones I can't I am shooting them an email through swap-bot to let them know I am trying.

LeishaCamden 01/ 9/2010 #

I'm running into a lot of problems with this swap!! I have had to message every single one of my ten partners! Three of them I have followed, but can't leave a comment (this is because my computer has problems with the comment format, though, so not a real problem, will fix it on Monday at work), one I can't even see (again I think it's a problem with my computer, will fix on Monday), several don't have the follower functionality installed (I tried using lullabye123's solution, but it didn't work), one didn't have a blog url posted and one has a blog somewhere else, not on Blogger. So I haven't been able to do this right with a single person out of the ten. o_O Extremely complicated compared to what I was expecting of this swap ... !!

BeckR 01/ 9/2010 #

I've only run into one problem where the swapper doesn't Have a blog listed, so I haven't marked my items as sent yet :(

I dunno if anyone else has suggested this, but for people who are having problems Following a blog, you can also add their page from your blogger dashboard in the Reading List if they dont have a link on their page that you can find.

LeishaCamden 01/ 9/2010 #

@BeckR Thanks for your suggestion, it worked like a charm!! Great tip, thank you! :-)

xd0nn4x 01/ 9/2010 #

the only problem I'm running into is people just leaving comments and not following :(, but It's still early in the game. This is way more complicated than it should be,

flowerimpressions 01/ 9/2010 #

I do apologize I did have mine a little messed up but got it fixed after someone PMed me ,thanks for that! there was a link there that did work but was not well labeled . i fixed that too. I guess I got a lucky list . If I did not see blog i just hit website and it was there. I went through 2 times to see if i got it all ! Thanks for letting me share.

flowerimpressions 01/ 9/2010 #

PS, Cassidymonster you did a good job . there is plenty of time for folks to get this right ! peace

BigHillGoddess 01/ 9/2010 #

After reading all the comments and issues a lot of you were having, I went through and followed all the participants with no problems with only 5 exceptions. Two people had no blog listed at all @shilpa & @kaytd89 ). @GP has a bad link. @slevek has a typepad blog and Blogger just won't accept the URL. (We have ironed this out in IM). @kawaii1989 has bloop, not blogger, but the URL can be added to blogger. All of you that I followed that were not partnered with me... I will leave a comment later. LOTS of reading to do!!!!

BigHillGoddess 01/ 9/2010 #

Oops. @GP blog link is bad but the WEBSITE link is the blog. Sorry.

BarkleysMommy 01/ 9/2010 #

Wow! A simple swap got a lot complicated, right? I think I'm OK, but I did run into a couple of "no blog" or "non Bloggers". I sent messages and copied them to the host, so I marked my status as "sent". Was this the right thing to do? (Yup.... I'm an experienced swapper, but new to Swap-bot. I'm really excited about being a part of this amazing group!!!)

Cassidymonster 01/ 9/2010 #

♥Hey guys, whew, long day with this swap and such a simple fun swap turned into such a big chaotic mess. But i am here to help and assisnt anyone and i will truly do the best i can. Again i understand some people didnt quite understand or read all of the directions to this swap and i apologize on their part.

As i said before if you are having problems with your partners link or wrong blog (not being blogger) then please contact me and i will be glad to comment on your blog and follow you.

If you are having problems finding a follow link on someones blog, look for the top bar that gives you the option to follow, if this is unavailable, go to your dashboard and there should be a sections call "blogs i am following" there you will see an "add blog" button and "manage" button. if you click on the add blog button all you have to do is copy and paste the blog link you are trying to follow. ♥

GoingTwinsane 01/10/2010 #

I have OpenID so I think I can follow just about anyone regardless...I'd be happy to "angel" for those who can't fulfill this swap due to not being on Blogger...

soyprincesa2 01/10/2010 #

I am all done following my people except for kaytd89. She only has a facebook account. I sent her a message. I'm not sure what to do. Maggie

Stefanija 01/10/2010 #

This is funny.. i am hosting a very similar swap.. I would love to join this one as well!!

xd0nn4x 01/10/2010 #

If anyone else runs into problems I'll follow you also just send me a message on my blogger from my page or just here with your link :)

soyprincesa2 01/10/2010 #

I'm posting this as sent since I have done all but the one lady who does not have a Blog to follow. I will keep in touch with her and try to find something of hers to follow.

cindykl 01/10/2010 #

excited to participate in this blog swap - please stop by my blog, lost of fun stuff. happy to do the same for all of you!


GoingTwinsane 01/10/2010 #

I followed and commented on everyone except @kawaii1989 and @shilpa neither of whom have Blogger

BeckR 01/11/2010 #

@LeishaCamden glad I could help :)

Another note I thought might help people, I realized from a previous blog swap I did that people can subscribe to your blog using a feed reader (like google reader), but they wouldn't show up in your followers list. I dunno if that might explain why some people have left comments that they're following you but they look like theyre not.

BeckR 01/11/2010 #

I've marked my items as sent but I also have kaytd89 as a partner and she doesn't have a blog, I noticed her profile says she's been having some internet troubles though.

dinoprincesschar 01/11/2010 #

same as above, BeckR's comment..i've messaged her too, and linked her to mine..hope tht's ok..

flowerimpressions 01/13/2010 #

http://www.swap-bot.com/user:QueenQuill has not checked in , for a while ,anyone here from her?

Cassidymonster 01/21/2010 #

If you have any problems please EMAIL me, i would be glad to follow you and although i can not rate you i would be glad to leave you a positive comment on your profile. just let me know by email

let just hope the next blog follower swap goes better haha♥♥

GypsyRock 03/13/2010 #

Hi There!

GP here, I created the group One-on-One Swap and you might be interested to join.

Please check at http://www.swap-bot.com/group/86a9d07c1125e75e8e91bb0713d39ea0/about

And visit posts.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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