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SOCK & COCOA or TEA swap!

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SOCK & COCOA or TEA swap!
Swap Coordinator:shexshay (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Clothing  Miscellaneous 
Number of people in swap:109
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:December 14, 2010
Date items must be sent by:January 4, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

If you're like me by the end of the day in the winter all you want to do is get your tooties in a nice warm and fuzzy pair of comfy socks with a nice hot beverage.

You will have one partner to send a nice warm and fuzzy pair of socks (please find a pair like one size fits most) to......you can make it even more fun by making it seasonal such as valentines socks or snowflakes--if you are not sure please just send a quick email to your partner or find an idea in your partners profile....if all else fails you can't go wrong with a solid color.....

Now....send your partner 3 nice packages of cocoa or 3 nice tea bags...or if your partner likes both send one of each...

Now when you receive your package you can slip those tired tootsies into those warmy fuzzy socks and drink away that cocoa or tea and dance away to the hop---OH BABY!!!

I am open to newbies in this swap with a full filled out profile---

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns...Thank you and happy swapping!!!


happysaz133 11/23/2010 #

I'm a shoe size 7 :) and like hot chocolate!

Baglady 11/23/2010 #

I'm a shoe size 7 1/2 and I like Tea

BelleoftheHome 11/23/2010 #

Just signed up and cant wait! I'm a size 7 1/2 (I see a theme going here! LOL!) and love hot chocolate, tea, coffee, ciders, anything warm basically! :D

doortotheriver 11/24/2010 #

I'm a UK size 7 and would love some hot chocolates please :D xx

reauk 11/25/2010 #

uk size 5 no toe socks for me....love hot chocolate.

Dibrittain 11/25/2010 #

Has to be at least a 11 as the large size of socks or send the small no ankle type for my daughter who is a 9-11 she is about 5'11" at 15. I don't drink tea much so make it Hot Coco.... My boys love it too. I love these swaps easy to buy and easy to send. :)

shexshay 11/25/2010 #

I am an size 8 US. And I would love some hot chocolate plz! Glad to see you are all enjoying this swap! Should be fun! I may have to host another one later!:)

user1838 11/27/2010 #

I am a size 10 US. and I love tea any flavor! and apple cider too!

Aiko 11/28/2010 #

I'm a size 35cm(Japanese). I love hot chocolates:)

nightmindwalker 12/ 1/2010 #

I'm size 36,5 in Italy , 4 UK, 6 USA , love tea and chocolate both

thekillingedge 12/ 1/2010 #

I am a size 8 US - please only send cocoa :) I do not drink tea and do not have anyone around me who could benefit from it. Love socks of all types though! :D

showniez 12/ 2/2010 #

i would love to receive cocoa please :) i dont really like tea, and all cute type and colorful socks will be great :)

grlshrk 12/ 2/2010 #

Hi! im size 9 US shoe (yes, i know thats big) and i love socks! I love both choclolate and tea!!!

HonorCrowned 12/ 2/2010 #

I'm a size 8 & love tea & cocoa & coffee! This is gonna be so much fun!

WillowBWeeping 12/ 2/2010 #

I'm a size 9 US... I have an unnatural obsession with socks.. Especially mismatched socks... I like all hot drinks: tea, coffee, cocoa, cider, hot lemonade...(try the last one.. it's amazing!!)

Gingergirl 12/ 2/2010 #

I am a size 9 US shoe and love hot cocoa.

Xandoz 12/ 2/2010 #

I'm a UK size 6 and wouldn't mind tea or hot choccie.

Xandoz 12/ 2/2010 #

P.S. I love plane socks (aka the courtesy socks you get when you fly with on an aeroplane)

SweetLily 12/ 2/2010 #

I love Tea, Hot Chocolate and Coffee!! And Socks :) (I'm a size 6 us)

mlookyloo1 12/ 2/2010 #

size 7 and I love both and any kind of socks

thisismeAXiD 12/ 3/2010 #

U.S. size 10...Tea or Coffee :)

donnasaurus1 12/ 3/2010 #

Uk size 8, dont drink tea so would prefer hot chocolate, thanks x

jade517 12/ 3/2010 #

i am a size 7 1/2 (usa size) so 9-11 socks are just perfect. I love cute fuzzy ones! I drink flavored tea or hotchocolate. I am excited to be in this swap....sounds fun and can't wait to get my partners info!!!

sahvi 12/ 3/2010 #

I am a size 7 or 8 depending on the shoe size. I love any kind of unique sock and have a soft spot in my heart for toe socks. I like tea, cocoa, or coffee (not folgers).

heather1971 12/ 3/2010 #

This sounds like fun! I am a US size 8 (UK 5 1/2, AUS 6 1/2, Europe 38 1/2) I would be thrilled with tea of ANY kind or cocoa! Thanks! :-)

cmt5768 12/ 4/2010 #

Hi I am new and this will be my first swap but I love Hot Cocoa and fuzzy socks! this will be a perfect 1st swap for me! Thank you!! Oh, US size 9

Mehere7 12/ 4/2010 #

Hi I just joined swap-bot and this is my first swap, fun stuff! I enjoy cocoa, tea, coffee etc...I wear a size 8 1/2 USA

keylee3 12/ 4/2010 #

Two of my favorite things! US Size 8. Any hot drinks would be fabulous! Coffee, Cocoa, Tea, Cider or any other hot drink you would like to send me!! :)

Momta3luv2Quilt 12/ 5/2010 #

I'm a size 9 US and would love Cocoa or tea!

atomiclulu 12/ 5/2010 #

Hello Swappers : )

US size 11 (i know dont laugh) and who doesnt love socks ! Especially toe socks! Cocoa and Coffee Yum!

PostageStamp 12/ 5/2010 #

What fun! I had just bought a cute pair of socks and wondered who I'd end up giving them to. Now I know! ~ I like all kinds of teas, white/vanilla hot cocoa, and US size 8-9 for socks. Thanks in advance! -CAL

starrycat 12/ 5/2010 #

Ah a swap combining 2 of my favorite things! I like both tea and hot chocolate. Far as socks go, I am a US size 9/10. Perfer no toe socks, and I like anklet socks the best....the funkier the socks the better!

purplepumpkin 12/ 6/2010 #

Sizes: Europe 39, UK 6, US 7.I love tea and coffee :)

Hisprincess 12/ 6/2010 #

I love spots, stars and stripes, especially colourful ones! I'm a UK size 6. I like tea and hot chocolate, so whichever would be fine! :)

Xandoz 12/ 6/2010 #

P.P.S. Please no low ankle/toe socks. I like the one that come over your ankle, then you fold the top down. I only wear socks for horses riding, so hese work best for me. Thank you :)

sanna 12/ 7/2010 #

My sock size is European 39-41. I'd prefer hot chocolate/cocoa as we have only about two or three brands here, but black tea is fine too.

anooshka 12/ 7/2010 #

Hi, I'm size 38 (european), 5 UK or US 7. I love socks, any typeand I don't care if tea, coffee or hot chocolate comes with them, I love them all :D

anntabor 12/ 7/2010 #

I'm size 5.5 US...some valentine's socks would be great, but any fun seasonal ones are wonderful. :) I would like hot chocolate, especially interesting flavors!

rinfrog 12/ 7/2010 #

Can' wait...Fuzzy socks and Cocoa sound relaxing to me :)

artygirls 12/ 8/2010 #

What a great swap idea! Size 7 and love tea... :)

K8Emichelle 12/ 8/2010 #

I usually wear a size like 9-11 in socks my shoe size is 11...I know big feet! anyways I love hot Cocoa!

gemini5757 12/ 9/2010 #

Hello all! I'm a size 6-7 is Canada/USA shoe sizes, which I believe is the average sock size. Please don't send toe socks. I'd prefer hot chocolate/cocoa, rooibos, or black tea please!

georgie2506 12/10/2010 #

Hi My shoe size is UK 4 (European 37 and not sure what the USA/Canada equivalent is!!). I can't wear toe socks but love all other socks! I prefer hot chocolate esp flavoured ones! :)

candigirl 12/10/2010 #

Hi, there!! I wear the regular sized socks for adults (I think they are sock size 9-11)..I love fuzzy/soft socks, but any will be fine...and I love cocoa, cider, and black teas...I don't particularly care for green teas or herbal teas..

Thank you, and happy holidays!!

PaperMoments 12/11/2010 #

Hello! I'm a size 7 and I LOVE really super fuzzy socks and decaf tea in just about any flavor except cinnamon or peppermint.

Oceanwind 12/12/2010 #

D/EU 39/40, US 8, UK 6. I love fuzzy/soft socks but no toe socks. I prefer tea (see my profile) but I also like hot chocolate (with marshmallows yum <3).

emilyjane 12/12/2010 #

I am a US 8, EU 39/40,UK size 6. I adore toe socks or plain knee high socks which I can wear with dresses or over tights =] . Bows and the colours cream or pink are my favourite features. Anything warm and cute suits me just fine!

I don't like tea or coffee,but I have a great love for hot chocolate of all kinds of flavours :D

I am really looking foward to this swap :D

nekosan 12/12/2010 #

This is my first swap im really excited!! :) im a size 4 US and LOVE socks. Cocoa and tea are both appreciated but im vegetarian so no marshmallows please. :)

knitterofhats 12/13/2010 #

This is my first Swap Bot swap. I have been swapping over on Ravelry for a year and have enjoyed it. I wear a US women's 7. All I have to say is...have you see those infused bed socks at Bed, Bath and Body Works???? They look awesome.

anorangegal 12/13/2010 #

I'm size 9 us.. I'm cool with anything .. I'm an ADDICT for caffeine..

paintinglilies 12/14/2010 #

EU 40, US 8, UK 6 :) I love pastel colours and wool socks or Scandinavian or Asia prints! I don't fancy yellow, orange, neon colours and toe socks :)

I love tea and coffee and hot chocolate all the same!

K80 12/14/2010 #

I wear about a size 7 in US womens. I love all hot beverages! :-) I look forward to swapping with you!

knitmom7 12/14/2010 #

OK! breaking the cycle now! I wear..... size 3-4 children's shoes.Go to the KIDS section! Hey you'll get more fore your money! Seriously!!

A127 12/14/2010 #

Any socks, flavored tea please!

zurdoswifey 12/14/2010 #

We are cool with any type of sock... theres 3 of us girls in the house now so any and all are liked.. from regular cut to toe and knee highs...

For drinks we are happy with cocoa, tea, coffee, cider, etc... so it doesn't matter what you send...

scarlett1110 12/15/2010 #

I like both tea and hot chocolate. Love fuzzy socks and I don't care what the design or no design.

hjshort72 12/15/2010 #

i am a size 71/2 and i LOVE tea and cocoa any kinds!!!!!!!!!!!

Earthworm 12/15/2010 #

I love tea and anything chocolate!

evary 12/15/2010 #

I like both, tea and hot chocolate o cacao. Size of socks EU 38, US 8.

AmaraGayle 12/15/2010 #

either tea or chocolate for me (ideally chocolate) and PLEASE no pink socks :)

size 7.5 here (US)

nothinbutgravy 12/15/2010 #

Whatever you send is fine by me :) I just like to get snail mail!

MishyC 12/15/2010 #

Woo, my first swap! I wear a US women's 8.5 and love matcha and good black teas. Cocoa is also great too, especially if it's spicy drinking chocolate ^_^

Erdbeersternchen 12/16/2010 #

My size is EU 41, US 9 1/2. I like both, tea and chocolate! (: Especially weird things.

earthnk 12/17/2010 #

I like hot chocolate and tea equally. Wear size 8.5 shoe. I like fun interesting socks. Thank you :-)

happyness 12/20/2010 #

My shoe size is 7 and like cute or fluffy socks. And Hot cocoa would be great! Thank you so much :D

bevinpiphi 12/29/2010 #

if my partner hasn't sent yet - US shoe size 8 or 9. And I drink either tea or cocoa, but tend towards tea.

K80 01/14/2011 #

Bummer, my partner has gone (Swap-Bot) missing

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