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I will rate you please return the favor...

I will never NOT send something.

If I'm going to be late I will send a private message.

Hearts- Put the "heart" back into Hearts

Some people believe Hearts are rewards for the li'l extras people put in their package. I don't feel this is fair at all. Some people don't have the money for this or just don't feel it's necessary. Does this mean that if they put a huge effort into the swap requirements itself they don't deserve a Heart?

I award Hearts to those who put their heart into the swap, those who read my profile and make their decisions there. This is not to say I don't enjoy the li'l extras, I do, but it is not a deciding factor on my Heart giving. I just don't wish for people to break their bank spending money on things that don't need to be spent on because they feel that's the only way to earn a li'l virtual Heart.

There are so many better ways to earn a Heart than by spending money and sending me things. Here are just a few things that you COULD send me that I would love so very much...

1) a li'l letter about you, where you come from, what you enjoy, etc. 2) a li'l baggy of dirt/sand, a rock, or a pressed flower from where you live- seriously. 3) a li'l drawing from you- skill does not matter to me I'll love it all the same regardless. 4) your favorite recipe- I LOVE to cook

I expect the same courtesy when rating me for my swaps.

About Me

My name is Willow. Yes, really. I'm 27 years old and I still live with my parents.. I know what you're thinking.. And yer mostly right.. I'm a slug.. HOWEVER, I'm a slug in a rut. I stayed home after highschool to take care of my mum and the house after she was in a car accident that almost took her life and left her bedridden for a year or so, wheelchair bound for a couple years, and then crutches followed by a cane... She's walking, thankfully, but I'm still a slug. :sighs:

I went to a Japanese culinary school and was offered a job by the owner of the school/restaurant to be a sushi chef and I gladly took the opportunity. I worked there part time till the owner had a stroke and had to sell the restaurant and get some much needed rest. During this time I also worked as a fencing instructor for children. (fencing as in swords and not picket or chain-link)

I have a beautiful Pomeranian girl named Menchi. I also have a fiancee... Yes the puppy was mentioned first... He'd do the same- she is our baby.

When I'm not knitting, or cleaning, I can be found on the computer playing soul-sucking games like World of Warcraft.

**As a side note.. I am not allergic to anything and do not mind if there's a stray hair or two from animals. I have two pomeranians and three cats... I understand it's going to happen. I pick over the stuff I give to people and keep it in a no-pet zone of the house.

***I'm not bashful about the human body.. I'm not so afraid of an animal I don't want to receive something of that animal.. I love Halloween and dark things. I love dirty and perverted jokes.. I'm open-minded about almost anything. I suppose the only thing I don't want to receive would be some kind of mutilation or abuse.. But why would any of you want to send that in the first place? What I'm trying to say is.. Don't be afraid to send me something you've been working hard on but might be embarrassed because it shows a li'l skin... has a li'l HUMOR to it...Might be.. RISQUE!

Favorite Crafts

I am a knitter first and crocheter second. Both have their ups and downs.

So far my favorite thing to knit/crochet would be baby clothes for friends' lil'uns. Creating big'un clothes for lil'uns is so much fun, not to mention quick! Cabled jackets, aviator jackets, socks.. all in miniature.

I have found a new love for Dotee dolls both making and receiving.

Favorite Movies

I don't like sad endings for anything... I don't like sad parts to movies... Old Yeller does not die.. Oh no.. He goes to live with a nice family on a farm.. I just happen to miss his departure because my hand slipped on the fast forward button or I was getting a drink and missed it... The Black Stallion's friend didn't die, nor did Charlotte- she's spinning webs quite happily... This nice farm is not just limited to fuzzy critters.. It has a place for all.

That said.. List of movies I could watch at anytime no matter if I just watched it or not...

ANY Lethal Weapon, Star Trek, Oscar, Quigley Down Under, Shaun of the Dead, Labyrinth, Willow, all Arnold Schwarzenegger save for Jingle All the Way, and all Sylvester Stallone.

Favorite Books

Dresden Files- Jim Butcher the Calderon series- Jim Butcher Anita Blake series- Laurell K Hamilton The Belgariad- David Eddings The Mallorian- David Eddings the Phaze series- Piers Anthony Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling the Redwall series- Brian Jacques (yes... I like fantasy....)

Favorite Television

I don't watch TOO much TV.. Usually only late at night with my fiancee. I set the box to record our favorite shows and we watch them when we have nothing else to do.

Trauma, Men of a Certain Age, Psych, Heroes, Iron Chef America before Michael Simon, Dinner Impossible with Robert Irvine, home improvement show not the Tim Allen series. MASH has always and will always be one of my favorite shows. Law and Order, CSI Las Vegas, Cops.

Favorite Music

I listen to a hodgepodge assortment of music- li'l something from everything.. even polka! My favorite bands are 3 Doors Down, Serj Tankian, Foreigner, Breaking Benjamin, Meatloaf, old NIN, and far too many others. Favorite genre would have to be 80s-90s rock. Favorite songs, however, are Stand By Me- Ben E. King, Why Don't You Do Right- Amy Irving, and Hallelujah- John Kale as well as K.D. Lang.

My Likes...

Color- PINK- baby pink, soft pink, fuzzy pink, the kind of pink you find on fat kitten bellies. All other pinks are very acceptable. GREEN- all greens are beautiful to me.

Just because those are my favorite colors does not mean I don't enjoy others- in fact I love all colors. I don't understand how anyone could dislike any color except perhaps the hues often found in a diaper...

Scent- ylang ylang (EE-lang EE-lang), frankincense, real rose, real orange blossom, lilac, and whisteria

I drink a lot of tea and love trying new kinds especially from specific regions. (not ginger)

Family recipes- especially if they have history or family stories associated with them.

SOCKS! Socks are so wonderful and yummy. I try not to wear matching socks if I can help it. As long as the thickness is about the same I'm good. Fuzzy socks, toe socks, ankle socks, dress socks, polka-dot, stripes, pink, knee-high, ankle warmers.. I love them all!

Candy. I love unique candies from around the world. My favorite candy is horehound and if you've never had it... It starts out tasting like burnt sugar- molasses-y with a hint of root beer. It stays this rich, full flavor till it's dissolved and then you are left with the most awful taste in your mouth and you rush to put another one in your mouth to be reminded WHY you torment yourself with the aftertaste.

I love chocolates with stuff in it or fruit filled.. Chocolate covered orange peels are my favorite. A close second would be those raspberry and orange jelly sticks dipped in chocolate.

Colorful cloth or fat quarters for making Dotee dolls. Any trimmings, buttons, ribbons, beads, embroidery floss, etc. No color preference as each Dotee wants to be something different and special.

Yarn. I don't discriminate against any kind of yarn as long as it's at least semi soft- wool is forgiven of being a bit scratchy.

My Dislikes...

I'm not too partial to spicy things. I've gotten better but it use to be so bad that katsup was too spicy for me.

Color- Those contained in a diaper

Scent- fake vanilla and cinnamon- I get an instant headache with these =/

Tea- Ginger is spicy for me =/

** So far I've received 4 ginger teas in my different swaps!! How funny is that!? The only tea I mention I can't drink and I keep getting it! I laugh every time too. NO MORE GINGER!! DOWN WITH GINGER!!! But really.. I'll just regift it to someone else so it's not a complete loss.. SOMEONE out there must like ginger teas... Right?.... Or are we all just passing them along to the next person with those same thoughts? "someone will drink it".....

Candy- Cinnamon candies

Upcoming Swaps...

As if my profile couldn't get any longer....

I've been working myself up to starting my own swaps.. I've been fiddling with some themes and I think I've finally got the guts to start out on these ideas.. It can't be THAT hard.... Can it?

I'm going to put the list here and we'll go from there... Not too worried about someone "stealing" or "borrowing" the ideas as I'm sure they've already been done and besides it would give me a chance to do it more than once!! I haven't decided if I'm going to do all of these in different mediums- dotee, plushy, amigurumi.. I might do them all eventually.. We'll see how it goes!

"Our Little Outcasts" -Goth -Punk -Nerds -Geek -Metal -Emo -Rockabilly -Steampunk -Country/Cowboy

"Precious Little Creeps" -Vampire -Werewolf/Wolfman -Zombie -Mummy -Alien -Monster -Witch -Voodoo -Frankenstein -SwampThing -Bigfoot/Yeti -Robot

There's more but we'll start with these.


Comment: I LOVED your letter! Thank you so much. I am keeping it treasured in my special letter box. Our adventure was so vivid, I felt like I was there myself! :D
Comment: omg I love what you sent!!! its so creative and totally ingenious!!! I can't wait to put this into a journal so I can look at it over and over :D thank you so much!! The train ticket is a totally cool extra hehe
Response: So glad you liked it! I swore soo much with the calligraphy but enjoyed it at the same time. I loved the train ticket too- I made one for my friend's swap as well.
SpikeyLisa rated for Show us some skin ... art on Mar 2, 2012
Comment: Thank you for sharing your tattoo with me.
dally rated for Show us some skin ... art on Feb 26, 2012
Comment: It's great that you designed your own tattoo! Good work!
kayler00 rated for Show us some skin ... art on Feb 25, 2012
Comment: thanks for sharing!
zibbity rated for Show us some skin ... art on Feb 24, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the great explanation. Things happen & I totally understand that! Thanks for being honest, I hope you're alright!
Eponita rated for Show us some skin ... art on Feb 24, 2012
Comment: Thank you for sending your tattoos to me! I also enjoyed reading about them. I hope you're okay :)
ElizabethObviously rated for Show us some skin ... art on Feb 24, 2012
Comment: I like you tattoo. It is simple but like you said can easily be added on to.
Comment: Can't wait to try the tea! Your envelope smelled really good with all the flavors of tea bags inside!
candigirl rated for SOCK & COCOA or TEA swap! on Jan 11, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely stripey socks, and the selection of yummy drinks...we had several inches of snow this morning where I live (in central Illinois), so I think that cocoa is going to be mixed up this evening and enjoyed immensely! Thank you so much...have a great week!!
evieroz rated for time for tea on Jan 8, 2011
Comment: Thank you Willow for the resend. I hope someone is enjoying the first swap that you sent and I didn't get.
Animatarian rated for Tea Bag Swap on Dec 30, 2010
Comment: Delightful assortment!! Thanks so much!
bruxbaby rated for Hot Cocoa for a Cold Day on Dec 26, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the hot cocoa!
yesh rated for Day of the Dead Tree Ornament- Handmade on Dec 20, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for the fantastic ornament, I love it!
Comment: Hi Willow...Thank You for the lovely Dotee. She is so cute and you did a GREAT job sewing her very COOL dress. I love her. Have a Happy Holiday season and a Merry Christmas. I look forward to swapping with you again in the upcoming year. Aloha, Cecilia
tiaragoth rated for Gothic Tree Ornament- Handmade on Dec 7, 2010
Comment: Stunning! Thanks for the gorgeous ornament Willow. I adore it : )
Comment: Such a sweet little doll. I just love her, thank you!
Comment: I love the ornament! Thank you! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! =)
Comment: Neat idea! Looks like you put some time into this swap. Thanks!

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PukeFacedFreak on Oct 4, 2012:

Thanks for joining my creative writing swap. I hope you enjoy it and hope you have a nice day! <3

kayler00 on Feb 23, 2012:

Hi, I have yet to get Show us some skin ... art swap from you. Deadline was yesterday.

RyeRye on Dec 22, 2010:


MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Crafting Queens group~

TutuCecilia on Oct 18, 2010:

Willow... What a SURPRISE to receive a very cute Mushroom Dotee from you. I was SO excited when I saw your name on the envelope I always LOVE your Dotees...You always do a GREAT job. You are an "ANGEL" in every sense of the word...Thank You-Thank You-Thank You!!! Aloha, Cecilia

Jazza on Oct 12, 2010:

I love your dotees, its always to joy to find out that i was a dotee package from you. It make's it all the more exciting to open the pacakge. hugs love Jasmine

user3894 on Sep 20, 2010:

Yippie! Your dotee is on the way (Unthemed Dotee Swap) but, don't look on my Flickr if you want to be surprised! Read the letter before unwrapping the very small item sandwiched between cardboard and pink tissues okay? (don't worry, tissues are clean hehe) It's a surprise that's very, very fragile.

HGoodbrad on Jul 2, 2010:

AWESOME!! Double Dotee that you made from my kit she is my fav my husband even thinks she looks very cool!! Thank you thank you


biasbabe on Jun 4, 2010:


To the Nuts for Sewing Group

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