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Updated March 10, 2023

Got my first homer Pass & Paste postcard back! Thank you PrincessLeia. I made and mailed it in October 2022.

  • ISFP - Adventurer

  • Enneagram 9 - a desire to live in peaceful harmony with their environment.

  • Married. Childless by choice. Not retired yet but I qualify for senior discounts.

  • 🦻 In mid-life I started to lose my hearing and now I'm profoundly HOH. I lip-face read. I do not know sign language. I had cochlear implant surgery and activation in August 2022.

  • Gmail: [email protected]

  • Canada

🤗 ABC List - Things I find interesting

Handmade is what I like because it's unique and personal. There's a greater feeling of camaraderie and community when sharing something we've made. It's a means of supporting and encouraging play, mindfulness, creativity, originality, and authenticity.



Definition: basically it is a blank little handmade book (usually 4-6 pages) that has a theme (it can be open theme). When you receive it, you decorate 1 page and pass it to the next person. When it is full, it gets sent home to the person who made it! So they get a nice little decorated booklet back!

I've started a group for Collaborative Swaps

About decos, deco resources, collaborative projects. Also my preferences, and available decos

If anyone has unfinished Pass&Paste/Add&Pass postcards they no longer want to participate in, you can pass them on to me. Address: R Smith PO Box 31013 Willowwest, Guelph, ON NIH 8K1, Canada

Deco swaps are my favourite swaps to host. Everyone sends and rates quickly. Most of the time all of the decos are sent before the swap deadline and I'm flabbergasted when all of the decos are rated before the swap deadline. Deco makers are a great group of swappers!

I hope I don't jinx myself but I feel fortunate to have had about half of my decos come back to me, 8 out of 20. I'm attributing it to my note in my decos that says I'll send each contributor a pdf copy of the finished booklet. And maybe also because I include a FOB number (Following Our Booklets code) in the deco.

Other Sites

A list of other papercraft swapping sites


No need to send extras to me. Rest assured, I do not rate based on extras.

The things I send

I put a return address on everything I send out.

I keep a photo-log of my outgoing swap items--front, back, and at the mailbox.

It takes on average 10 business days to get to most places. However, delivery is often 4 weeks to many places in the United States.

I will resend if my swap doesn't arrive within 6 weeks.

Canada Post Service Alerts

Postcrossing Postal Monitor: Ongoing mail suspensions

ICC Logistics site - Mail disruptions

📩Re-sends sent to:

2020 - 2022 Re-sends


Jan 2023 - CookieMomster78 for DB: Small Deco Booklet #338836. Mushrooms by PaperPassion got lost in the mail. Sent Snowflakes by DeboraCreates as a replacement. Received Jan 31. I let PaperPassion know that her deco is lost in the mail. Sent her photos of the deco pages.

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I screen participants to minimize the risk of flakers getting in, and those who do not rate, and those who leave blank comments. I will remove participants with swapping histories that worry me. If you have any negative unresolved swapping history and want to join my swap please proactively message me to explain.


If you haven't received a postcard around the one month mark, let me know. I will send out a nudge message.

If I have had to send more than one nudge message to a member, I may "ban" them from future swaps.

Blank comments

Please, no blank comments. When rating please comment on the item received. Example:

"Thank you for the Van Gogh sunflower postcard."

As a host, I read the comments each participant receives. I really appreciate reading a little description of the item. A description tells me the item was received and noticed.


I check to see that everyone is rated and will add a "Finished" stamp to the Discussion section when all items are sent, received, and rated.


If your partner flakes, PM me to let me know you posted the "1" and I will angel the swap.

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I will create a private swap for the two of us. Contact me.

While you are in the honeymoon-phase of membership, successfully completing private swaps are a great way to show you are serious and committed to swapping.

Many hosts have felt the sting of accepting a new member into a public swap before the 6-month mark only to have them disappear, leaving behind unfulfilled swaps. An example that affected me.

Helpful topics for newbies:


Comment: Thanks for the open theme Deco for Robin W. Your water color trees are adorable. Lol truth to the statement about one without my playing in it. I see you in most of the ones I get too.💕
Rainydancer rated for AMA: HD/HP Pass and Paste #125 on Mar 22, 2023
Comment: thanks I love your theme!
WoodlandBanshee rated for PCA: Pass & Paste #5 on Mar 20, 2023
Comment: Thanks! i will work on it and pass it on soon.
Comment: Thanks for the postcard, I'll pass it on!
Comment: Thanks so much for both the ‘feeling frosty’ deco (by Allie for Katharina) and ‘sun deco’ (by Tracy for Tamara). I can feel all the weather at once with these!!
Response: Ha. :D I hadn't noticed. Reminds me of March weather.
WoodlandBanshee rated for PCA: Squiggles (1:1) on Mar 18, 2023
Comment: I love the aqua colours! Thanks for making this postcard, take care
Response: I'm so glad you like the colours. I quite enjoyed this fun easy postcard project. Thanks for the heart!
Comment: Hello and thank you for the mini-journal. I love your addition - that's an excellent lunar new year stamp.
Response: Thank you. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. 🐇 Thank you for joining this swap. I hope you have fun filling your page. 😊
Comment: Wow, I guess this envelope had quite the journey! Thankfully it arrived completely undamaged, but with no explanation of where it has been... that's the postal system! Thank you so much for sending me Amy's Theater deco. I'll finish it up and will get it sent home to her soon!
Response: Fantastic! Better late then never. :)
Comment: Thanks for the fun homer and for hosting this awesome swap series! Look forward to getting this one home!
Response: You're so welcome Grace! Thanks for joining the swap. Nice to have morer P&P participants.
Comment: Thank you Rome! To send, I sent our postcard to the third person from our original swap, so you are getting closer to receive the completed piece :D
Response: And thank you for joining this Coloring swap. So great to hear my first Coloring postcard is close to coming home! Thanks. :)
WoodlandBanshee rated for PCA: Pass & Paste #4 on Mar 10, 2023
Comment: Thank you! I do want to do more. I will create and send on asap. Take care and thanks for hosting
Response: Looking forward to more Pass & Paste PC trading with you! :)
Comment: I have just the thing to add to this! Thank you. I'll pass it on in the next round.
Response: Sounds interesting. I think mcorbus is going to like her finished postcard. :)
Comment: Thanks for @jeka396's gorgeous butterfly ICM, and thanks always for hosting these swaps!
Response: I agree, it's a beautiful little deco. I like a nice butterfly theme. You're very welcome for the swap. :)
Comment: Awesome job as usual, Rome. You always challenge me. Thanks!
Response: 😊 Thanks! The heart influenced me. I hope you enjoy filling out your section. Thanks for the heart.
dvmac rated for HCSI: Stamp & Pass Postcard #2 on Mar 2, 2023
Comment: Those are so good, Rome. Thanks. This will be fun.
Response: Thanks! I'm really liking this stamp & pass PC swap series. I've got so many of my hand carved stamps to use and share.
PrairieKittin rated for AMA: Tangled Pass PC #1 on Mar 2, 2023
Comment: Pretty ZIA. I like it! Thank you. I'm going to have fun adding to this one!
Response: Your welcome. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. :)
Comment: Thank for sending me a brand, new fresh MAJ to work on! I get to lead the charge! xxMuggleMom
Response: You're welcome. The last MAJ from round #9 was your MAJ. I'll get that moving in round #11 (if we're not paired up again). :)
Comment: Hi Rome, love the zentangle pass and paste, thx so much. I think I send it to the last person now - Donna? How funny you looked up the town - its too small! I am sure we will meet again. take care - Tama
Response: Thanks for PMing me Tama. I'll also reply here. Fill in the 3rd section. Then join my next HMPC pass & paste swap: HMPC: Pass & Paste Postcard #342143 (Global). Send the postcard to your next assigned partner. They will fill in the last empty section and mail it to Donna. I hope we meet again soon. Maybe I'll be your next 'send to' partner. :)
Comment: Thanks so much for the fish themed deco that Emma made for Tracy. You little fish look so cute against the sparkly black background!
Response: Thanks! That was a fun doodle fish project for me. :)
Rainydancer rated for AMA Pass and Paste Postcard #100 on Feb 27, 2023
Comment: thanks so much!
Response: Have fun with PrairieKittin's homer postcard. I hope she loves it! 💌

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lunatenchi on Mar 11, 2023:

Thank you for all your helpful tips on your profile about Deco books. I'm trying to get into them ♡ -Adrevica

9O96O on Mar 10, 2023:

My first Pass & Paste postcard that I made is the first of my P&Ps to return. Thank you PrincessLeia for sending it back to me!

MuggleMom on Feb 13, 2023:

Leslie Knope is dope!!



OrigamiGrace on Feb 9, 2023:


DeboraCreates on Jan 28, 2023:

Thank you for sending Kyoto's Fruit Drinks Deco in the CPG: Established Deco Tag!

9O96O on Jan 27, 2023:

OMG Sonya, how cool is that. It was meant to be! 🤯😁🤗💖

Sonya on Jan 26, 2023:

EXACTLY 365 days ago, I made/sent my first deco to you in a private swap. Today, I received my first ever HOMER from you!!! What are the odds???? Thanks so much for sending it home and introducing me to decos. :)

bblue on Jan 22, 2023:

Thanks for your "Deco Book tag!"

ktk8 on Jan 3, 2023:

Hello received back my HD/HP postcard and want to thank you for adding the clear blue winter day scene to it....... many hearts you YOU.....

MuggleMom on Jan 1, 2023:

Wishing you a fun filled New Year!



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