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Country: Denmark
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About Me

Hi I am Cassandra. I live in a small town in the middle of Denmark, and have just obtained a master in English and Litterary Science from the local University. I spend most of my time reading, writing and playing various computer games. I live with my husband (from 1st of april 2011) and two beautiful and energetic male cats. We live in an almost shared appartment with our neighbour, who is also our best friend.

I don't have a drivers license as I am scared of driving a car. So I mostly walk and take the bus or train everywhere. I love shopping in second hand stores and making things look like new.

I am fascinated by spirituality and religion, and love learning about what other people believe in. I am a Wiccan, but my interests are also in all the general field of paganism. My field in Paganism includes; Divinition (Tarot, mirrors and fire scrying mostly), fairylore, dragonlore, druididy, shamanism, herbs, candlemagic, folklore, sabbats, meditation, dreams. I also study the paranormal, am very interested in ghosts stories, hautings and so on.

I am an active roleplayer and have been for 15 years. I play both tabletop and LARP and will gladly swap scenarios one on one, if anyone might be interested. I also do the occasional medieval fair and I love everything from that period. I am also in love with steampunky things and the Victorian era.

Lastly let me say that I am really devoted to any project I get into, so instead of giving me a bad rating, please give me a chance to check where your package is. I treasure my good ratings and staying friends with people.

From 2012, I will be attempting to take on an almost vegetarian diet, so if you send me recipies please try to make them meat free!

I try and live a somewhat wastefree life, so I do recycle paper and packaging.

Favorite Books

I am a huge reader, I will read almost everything and have recently scored a job at a publishing agency editing books about cooking, bad Crimis and mathematical books for undergraduates.

I am a huge fantasy fan! Love it and wish there where more hours in the day where you could read. Some of my favorite authors include:

Neil Gaiman, Tamora Pierce, Ken Follett, Garth Nix, Lynn Flewelling, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, George R.R Martin, H.P Lovecraft and the danish writer Dennis Jürgersen.

Of pagan books, I will vouch for Scott Cunningham and Cassandra Eason any day.

Favorite Music

I could do a pretty long list here, as I like all kinds of music, techno being maybe the only exception. I love musicals, even the really weird ones as Doctor Horribles Sing-a-long blog, I like classical music, general pop music, soft rock and folk.

Favorite Crafts

Painting, sewing, designing, redesigning secondhand stuff, costumizing, medieval craft, writing, ATCs!


Cats!!, my totem is a cat! owls, ravens, crows, bears, butterflies, fairies, dragons.

Colors: Purple, Blue and Green. I am not a big fan of yellow or red, but don't let that stop you.

Other stuff I like: The moon, nightmare before christmas, nature, bonfires, halloween or any chance for a dress-up, stars, mirrors, fairies, elfs and general fantasy creatures, the forest, the night, autumn, candle light, gypsies and old scrying tradtions, fairytales, things that tend to be a bit macabre or ghosty (would love to do a local ghost-story swap sometime), small bits of fur and skin, Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman weird universe things, Amanda Price, online series as the guild and dr. Horribles sing along blog, British comedy (Love love love Ricky Gervais)

Wishlist and no thank you list

Would like to recieve: - Stuff for crafts: vintage ribbons, boxes, fabric, yarn, small metal thingys, stones, pearls, buttons.

  • wooden boxes

  • Special breakfast cereal (not containing honny)

  • Pop Tarts ( Love them, but they are so expensive over here)

  • Interesting mineral water with taste.

  • Cake-mix for muffins, pancakes or cheesecake.

  • I am in love with anything mexican so refried beans, salsa and speciel spicies, would be loved to bits!

  • General exciting candy, but no dark chocolate as I am allergic to anything with +40% cocoa.

  • Skittles!!!!

  • Posters with pagan imagery

  • Pagan statues or figurines

  • Anything to do with the Indian Pantheon will be most welcomed.

  • Vintage movie stuff + anything from Nightmare before Christmas, Tim Burton movies in general or Neil Gaiman merchandise.

  • Handmade BoS pages

  • Steampunk or Medievel inspired things.

  • Spellstuff, recipies and ingrediens. Also anything witchy is welcome, either suplies or decoration.

  • Cattoys

No thank you list: - religious things outside pagan

  • political things

  • Anything with dogs, neither postcards, teddybears or anything the like.

  • Candy containing over 35% cocoa.

  • Teddybears

  • Pink or otherwise baby coloured things.

  • Make-up, I don't use it or intend to start using it.

  • Overly cute things. This includes Kawaii. I dig skull hello kities and would love to get more, but these are the only ones.

  • drinks: peppermint tea (recently found out that it disagrees with me) green tea

  • Things you would throw out yourself, it belongs in your trashcan, not in mine ;)

  • From 2012 I am attempting to fall back to my original vegetarian diet, so if you send me recipies please make them vegetarian. Not vegan, as we still drink milk, eat cheese etc.

  • As of now, please don't send me stickers as extras, unless they are profile specific. I have enough stickers to get through several years of swapbot.

BIG NO NO'S: I am allergic to paprika and peas, so if you send me food items, this can not be included.

Swap policy

I have read more than one place that people think a swapper that does not have an equal amount of hearts and 5s is a dodgy swapper. I don't put in extras if I don't feel like it, sometimes when you spend 2-3 hours on making something like an atc, you think that this should be enough. If people don't give me hearts because I don't send them loads of extra things, that is fine. But don't make me out to be a bad swapper because of it!

I always resend! Lately I have had problems with addresses that have not been clear enough and if I get a package back, I will PM you. Posting in Denmark is piss expensive, so I try my best to get it right the first time.

Last but not least. The postoffices in Denmark close at 1 pm on saturdays, so if I don't make it, I will have to wait until monday. I will always PM you if this happens.

Husband stuff

I, like many others on this site have a husband. He is a tiny man who wears size S in everything and has a hard time finding stuff he likes. Other than that he likes;

  • Warhammer

  • Photography

  • Kendal Mintcake!

  • Vegetarian recipies for me to cook (I don't like charcoal or overly spicey food, hence why I cook)


Eveline rated for small candy swap on Jun 6, 2013
Comment: Still haven't received anything. That's dissappointing. I'll rate you a 1 and if I receive the swap, I'll change the rating.
loricritt rated for My Favorite Book Series on Apr 27, 2013
Comment: Sorry for the late rating. I was going through my non-archived swaps and saw I missed you. After all this time I don't recall what you sent but saw that your other partners rated you so am assuming you sent.
catestalkergc rated for ~*~ New Member Recipe Page C on Mar 17, 2012
Comment: Will change if I receive anything.
catestalkergc rated for *~* New Member Recipe Page B on Mar 2, 2012
Comment: Have not received and not replying to PM's. Will re-rate if something changes.
oreon rated for ~*~ New Member~*~ Yule E-Swap on Dec 20, 2011
Comment: Wonderful e-mail. Thank you!
nawtnik18 rated for Libra/Scorpio/Sag Birthday Swap on Nov 22, 2011
Comment: Love the goodie bag and can't wait to get some time to read about Haunted houses!!!
Response: I am glad you liked it! An old friend of mine gave me a moving box of craftstuff 3 years ago so I have been attempting to share with other people ever since ;)
Comment: Thank you very much.
Comment: OMG, what a beautiful altar cloth. WOW, thank you, it is beautiful. You deserve a million gold hearts. It will be cherished and used a lot.
PisceanMama rated for Book of the Week #8 on Nov 6, 2011
Comment: Thanks for sharing! I'd probably have grabbed this one as well just for the title!
dreamweaver rated for Doodle-a-Monster Postcard Swap on Nov 2, 2011
Comment: Such adorable little monsters you have in Denmark! The postcard picture is awesome! Thanks so much! Dreamweaver
pennywhistler rated for Book of the Week #8 on Oct 30, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the review. I have also been reading some strange things thanks to the free books you get on the Kindle!
Comment: I hope to go to Disneyland and Disney World someday too.
memtree rated for 10 Things To Do Before You Die #1 on Oct 23, 2011
Comment: what a wonderful bucket list! i love the idea of a self-sufficient farm and café for homeless people/budding artists. send your manuscripts to the publishers. you just never know until you try :)
Response: Thank you for the nice words of encourgement!
Comment: Some things on your bucket list are on mine too, for example the part with speak another language fluently or publish something :)
Response: Problem is choosing what language to study. Would like to do a world language like chinese or Indian!
Jemennuie rated for 10 Things To Do Before You Die #1 on Oct 23, 2011
Comment: Thanks for sharing! I especially love the farm and cafe ideas. Good luck with them!
Vickyen rated for Book of the Week #8 on Oct 22, 2011
Comment: Hi! Thanks for the review of what sounds like a somewhat fun although maybe complicated book! LOL! Lots of characters and craziness! I might have to give that one either a read or listen to it! Hugs, Happy Reading and Swapping! ;)
Comment: Thank you for resending! I have received my envelope and appreciate the nice read!
Response: You are welcome. I am glad it finallly made it there, although I am curious. Is it the one with or without the bookmark?
loubie rated for Pagan fridge magnet on Jul 21, 2011
Comment: O h my goodness - your magnet arrived today - I am overwhelmed at how gorgeous and delicate it is! far too nice to put on my fridge!
Xandoz rated for Something wicked this way comes on Feb 7, 2011
Comment: Thank you! :)

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katara on Feb 14, 2012:

Happy Valentine's Day!


From: Tarot United

katara on Dec 24, 2011:


Season's Greetings!

Itti on Nov 22, 2011:

Sent your altar item for the Crafty Witches WTA yesterday. please send me a message when it arrives safely as I don't always remember to check the forums. I hope you like it! :)

katara on Jul 16, 2011:

Welcome to Tarot United! a

thehappyhoneybee on Apr 7, 2011:

Welcome to District 13! Please stop by the forum and introduce yourself + chat when you get the chance.


dolcxvita on Jan 18, 2011:

Hi there! Do you like collecting little things from different countries? (Souvenirs/ stamps/ magnets/keychains/fabric/postcards/ bookmarks/ edibles/charms/pens/ coasters/dolls/miniatures/flags/music/tea/gifts/maps etc)

You will love this swap! Its called - Show Me Your Country

I am trying to get swappers to exchange any 6 items from their countries in a country themed swap.. I want to get as many countries as possible! Take a look:

Show Me Your Country Swap - Click here

Sign up if you'd like to get a themed envelope/package stuffed with goodies from other places! :) It will be so wonderful to receive little things that are typical of Denmark too..

This is an easy international exchange swap! last day to sign up: 21 Jan..! Only 2 per country so Go on.. Sign up quickly & share your culture :p

somechick on Jan 9, 2011:

I'm from "read my profile". I love poptarts as well, that stinks that they are so expensive in your neck of the woods. I tend to buy them in bulk at the superplus store then they last me a few months. I have a good friend who is into LARPing and it seems like a lot of fun. I may have to look into it.

Darkestlina on Jan 9, 2011:

Read your Partners Profile and Comment I really like your profile you seem cool :) and I think I have sent to you before:) I like Neil Gaiman too he is a wonderful Writer. I am currently reading American gods and loving it.
I also just got dr horribles sing along blog for christmas. I love the music and the other neil :)

Angelbaby2 on Jan 9, 2011:

Hi, stopping by for the Read my profile and post a comment SWAP. I noticed you like Halloween. I also like that day too. It is my wedding Anniversary. I also like shopping in second hand stores. My favorite candy is Skittle too.

HAWKEYE on Jan 9, 2011:

Hello. I'm one of your partners for the read your partners profile and post a comment swap. I'm new at this so please bear with me.

I don't have a driver's licence either. I see we have some of the same interests. I also enjoy halloween, bonfires, autumn (I love the smell of autumn-the burning of leaves, the crispness of the air, etc...), and the forest (my dream is to have a cabin deep in the woods, expecially if it's near a small lake or stream).

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