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Wow! After almost three years on swap-bot it´s finally time for a new profile text.

Hey! I´m Atropos.

Feel free to write to me in German, English, French, Latvian and Russian. :) I study Comparative Literature and Slavic languages at university. I´d like to think of myself as a world traveler- just spent a year in Latvia as a kind of German teacher. Now my tent is pitched right on the border between Asia and Europe for some time.

I would describe myself as of somewhat eclectic nature. The most obscure stuff can fascinate me for weeks. If you have a special hobby or job or something you always wanted to talk about, I´ll be glad to read about it. Deep-sea fishing, the history of your town, why you prefer sugar sprinkles over chocolate dipping… A few erratic fascinations of mine are: Aliens in the literature since the18th century, tatarian culture, old prussian mythology and language.

At the end of the day, I´m just as normal as the rest of us, trying to figure out this strange, surreal world.

"...But they had danced down the streets like dingledodies and I shambled after them as I´ve been doing all my life after people who interests me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk , mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everything goes Aww! What did they call such young people in Goethe´s Germany?!"

                  Jack Kerouac: "On the road"

Favorite Books

Books are important to me, but my taste tends to be a little "promiscuous": I read prose and poetry, dramatically epic and incredible frolic ....everything, that is well written...and a lot of utter crap, too! Talking about genres, I´m also open to everything. Actually, the genre isn´t important at all and I think labelling books like this rarely makes sense. If story and characters are well-made and fascinating, even the topic can be insignificant. The best books are those that absorb us during only a few pages and suck us into their universe. If you think this one book has something special, unusual, even provocative - I´ll definitely give it a try! Wouldn´t it be wonderful to live like De Quincey "at home in a German ocean of literature, in a storm, flooding all the floor, the tables, and the chairs — billows of books"? Well, I´m doing my best! (And don´t ask me why it has to be a german ocean of literature. Anyway, it suits my case.)

Some favorites are: Tolkien, Kafka, Ray Bradbury, Dostoyevsky, Terry Pratchett, Agatha Christie, Bulgakov, Steven Brust, Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Jeff Noon, Neil Gaiman, Kerouac and many many more. Talking

I´m not a fan of thrillers or romantic novels (chick-lit) though. That´s not my cup of tea.

At the moment I´m in love with old pirate novels (eg. by Rafael Sabatini), all kinds of adventure tales and utterly heroic crap.

       You want to make me happy? 
       Tell me about your recent reading 
       The crazier, the better!

I´m also addicted to poems. I´ve no favorite poet, but I adore the works of R.M. Rilke, W.B. Yeats, Friedrich Nietzsche, Joachim Ringelnatz, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Charles Baudelaire.

To my own surprise a collection of Sherlock Holmes pastiches and adaptions has suddenly materialized on my book shelfs. If you are a fan as well, I´ll be happy to discuss the detectives universe with you. If you can point me in the direction of any other hidden gems connected to the Thin Man of Baker Street and his Doctor, feel free to do so.

Favorite Music

I´m no musician myself, but without music, my life would be boring. I like Metal, Folk, Classical, Jazz, Country, and a lot of film soundtracks, too.

I´m crazy enough to worship old heroes like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors as well as Fred Astaire, Ray Charles and Louis Armstrong.

I prefer small, but fantastic artists like Eric Fish, Das Holz, Denkerskind, Samsas Traum, Coppelius, The Chamber, Deine Lakaien...A Lot!


• Books

• Poetry

• stationairy, especially everything Air Mail-themed

• Souvenir

• Turtles and cats

• Feathers

• Pirates

• Drawings and doodles

• Fantasy and medieval stuff, pen-and-paper

• Book-crossing ( I´d welcome private book swaps)

• Writing with a quill (or a fountain-pen)

• Everything that´s strange (That includes strange things from other countries! Woooo...just surprise me!)

• Snow Globes

• Tea, Hot chocolate and Coffee

• Spice

• Autumn and Winter

• Thoughts

• Books

• Surprises

• Candles

• Face masks

• Vintage

• Creepy handwritings

• Foreign countries

• Knowledge (even if it´s useless)

• Books

• Villains!

(You could make me most happy by sending anything related to e.g. the Disney Villains.)

• Films and cinema in general (I love popcorn) That also includes DVD´s or film recommondations!

• Slytherin! (I always thought that Harry is a snivelling, small boy...^^)

• Favorite colors: Green, Blue, Dark Red

• I´m interested in: Literature, History, Philosophy, Art, Culture


• Getting up in the morning (would be lost without coffee)

• Pop

• The color pink

• I don´t drink Chamomile Tea! That´s the only sort of tea I really don´t like.

• Television (or better: the crap that is broadcasted)

• Hello Kitty and Sponge Bob or other trash

• Cheap jewellery

• Earrings - I´ve no pierced ears

• I don´t really like anything with stars, squares or hearts. I prefer it elegant!


Most of the swaps I participate in of late seem to be letter-writing swaps, so I thought it might help to say a word or two about my love for the (hand-)written word.

Theoreticaly, every single letter I recieve will brighten my day. Practicaly, long letters are always the best. Of course it´s not every one´s cup of tea to write page after page to a complete stranger ...but then again, if you don´t enjoy doing this, why participate in a penpal swap at all? Don´t be afraid to bore me. I´d rather read four pages about your neighbour´s habits, your dreams or your goldfish that half page of meaningless nothings.

Still, a letter is always part of a conversation. Just because it´s a swap doesn´t mean that I will not answer.


LadyWoods rated for March Flash Fiction Swap on Aug 21, 2016
Comment: Thank you!
smadronia rated for March Flash Fiction Swap on Apr 9, 2016
Comment: Thank you! It certainly reads autobiographical, even if it isn't. I enjoyed it :)
Comment: What a fantastic letter. I would like to answer the questions. Could you PM me your address? It is hard to decipher the words I've never seen before :). Only if you want to of course.
Comment: Sorry for the delay in rating - what an awesome letter! Truly, one of those wonderful swaps that we all fantasize about but rarely get. I've written a reply, but cannot duplicate the cyrillic? address - would you PM me so I can post it to you?
Response: Woooohooo, I´m so glad you liked it. I was already a little worried that the letter got lost somewhere on its long way from Russia to you. I´ll pm you right away.
Comment: Thanks for sharing your literary amour with me.
renmagpie rated for WIO - What Story Will You Tell? on May 2, 2015
Comment: Your letter and story arrived yesterday but I got home quite late and have only just now had the chance to sit down to begin reading. I am amazed and in awe and honored that you shared this story with me. I have always wondered about the other side of the story from that era that I know...so this was incredibly special to me and I can't give you enough hearts for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll be writing soon.
Response: Wow, I´m blushing. Thank you so much! I´m glad you liked and enjoyed reading my letter and can´t wait for your reply. Wish me luck for the 9th of May. ;)
Tina78 rated for German Letter Swap! on Apr 15, 2015
Comment: Herzlichen Dank für deine nette Post. Klar schreib ich zurück und hoffe ich kann die Adresse ausschneiden und aufkleben. Ich spreche nämlich kein Russisch. Da musst du dich verlesen haben :-)
Response: Oh, wunderbar! Ich freue mich schon. :) Was Russisch angeht: da muss ich wohl irgendwas verwechselt haben, sorry. Aber wir haben unsere gemeinsame Sprache ja auch schon gefunden.
pbcquiltlover rated for 1892 Fictional letter swap on Sep 2, 2014
Comment: What an incredible letter! Reading your beautiful handwriting was as luxurious as eating rich chocolate fudge while soaking in a candle lit bubble bath! Just LOOKING at your letter makes me swoon, and the interesting history was the icing on the cake! Thank you so much - a thousand hearts for you!!! <3 <3 <3
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful bookmark ! I love the colour combination and I agree ! I'm more of a winter person also !
Comment: Thank you very much.
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful postcard!
Kimblee rated for Fictional Character Penpal Swap #3 on Jul 3, 2014
Comment: I'm in awe. Thank you so much for your wonderful letter. I have been so lucky to have you as a swap partner for this swap. More details in a pm I'm going to send you in a second. Thank you!!
Comment: What a wonderful dip pen letter and fold-a-note! Lovely extras too. I really enjoyed the story of your dip pen discovery. Thank you!
Wonder rated for Used Book Store on Jun 23, 2014
Comment: Thank You very much ! ^^ I can't wait to start the book I never seen it before soo it's new to me. :D Thank You for the card it's sooo sweet.
Response: Glad you liked it. I think I saw Volume 2. in my local used book store. So if you´re interested in a private swap, just send me a message. :)
hazelwitch3 rated for Books for Book Lovers #4 on Jun 23, 2014
Comment: Hi Christiane, You got it absolutely right again! That was a wonderful choice of books to send. I do know de Stael, but only Corinne -- I must confess I didn't know that she had published a travelogue. And since some of my academic work is on travel writing, and much of my research has been during the period 1770-1830, this is obviously a must-read for me! The rest of the parcel was a delight as well. I love the notebook and keyring -- although I won't use the notebook as a travel diary! One of the problems about researching travel writing is that it makes one far too self-conscious about one's only travel writing -- when I've tried to do it, I've found myself adding copious footnotes for future historians! But I will find another good use for it. Thank you too for the interesting variety of chocolates and sweets from around the world and the long letter. The post office managed to rip a several inch long hole in the bottom seam of the box, but I don't think anything was missing!
Comment: I really enjoyed your self mailer, the outside was so well done! The letter was a pleasure to read. I used to use pen and ink with water colors when I was in my teens, so your aunt's pen brought me a nice letter and an a happy memory. Thank you!
Elisabeth rated for Books for Book Lovers #4 on Jun 18, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much for the book and all the various things you sent me! I can't wait to start reading! Great choice!
rottifan4 rated for Open this letter in ... on Jun 15, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the great letters. Can't wait to read them all.
Comment: Great card and words! And thanks for the extra words. :)

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lucy867 on Apr 17, 2014:

Hi! I received your letter today. I will reply soon as I can. :) Lucy867

lucy867 on Mar 30, 2014:

Hi! Your fictional character letter reply is going out tomorrow. :) Lucy867

SkipsStylishPixie on Mar 3, 2014:

Hello!! Would you be interested in a Book Depository private swap?


starhiker on Jan 16, 2014:

Thank-you for joining both my Ships & Boats & Capitol PC swaps! Andi ; )

arianneroxa on Dec 13, 2013:

Just a friendly reminder that the send date for "Ugly/ Tacky/ Bizarre Postcard Swap #5" was yesterday. Please let me know if you have any questions, as I am always available to help.

PukeFacedFreak on Dec 3, 2013:

Thank you for joining My Drunk Penpal!

TangleCrafts on May 24, 2012:

A new group you might enjoy: The Page Turners Club

Eponita on Apr 4, 2012:

Hello! I received a lovely postcard from the youth centre today. Thank you so much! Please tell Morgane thank you and that Rezekne is beautiful.

egalite on Feb 16, 2012:

Since you have french and villians listed among your interests I want to ask-- Have you ever tried the Fantomas novels? I ordered a set in the original french and read one of them last year. I'm trying to read another but it isn't holding my attention. I think I need a reading buddy to keep me engaged!

TangleCrafts on Feb 14, 2012:

Just to let you know that a little bundle of bookishness is on the way. :)

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