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About Me

I'm Charlie.

I'm a dude.

I like art.

My girlfriend is also on swap-bot.

She's awesome.

The End.

Favorite Artists

You Blaine Fontana Greg Simkins H.R. Giger Beksinski Roman Dirge Jhonen Vasquez Jeff Soto Mike Giant Jeremy Fish Banksy and on and on and on

Favorite Colors

NEON GREEN Flat black

Favorite Music

Lately I've been into instrumental ambient "ish" type of thing. Explosions in the Sky, Russian Circles.

Types of music I like; Hardcore (Earth Crisis), Industrial, Ambient, Metal (Not so much "Hair-Metal"), Experimental, Acoustic, Some Punk, a little old school rap every now and then, dubstep, old blues from the 40's, modern rock-blues (gary clark jr), hendrix, nirvana, all kinds of stuff. I support local music as much as I can. I'm trying to like every genre and I'm slowly getting there.

THings and StufF

I'm vegan and I love to cook when I have time. I am and I admire other introverted people. I'm a people watcher. (for the sake of sociology) I really like using found items/junk in art. I love Horror Movies!; Japanese, B-flick, Old classics, Korean, Swedish, Horror-comedy, Rob Zombie, and of course George Romero! I like Comedy movies also, unless it's about high school jocks, those type tend to bore me to tears. I like when people are randomly nice to each other because it tends to medicate my misanthropy. I think you're cool. My job is boring, but I'm not bitter about it. I like drawing on things probably a bit more than I should. I like graffiti I like when artists employ at least some handmade/ hand drawn material/ elements in their work for the sake of authenticity, I feel hand drawn things have good vibes.

I'm a fan of the show TRUE BLOOD!

I like

  • Bicycles (all kinds really, mtb,road,bmx,old ones, weird ones...)
  • Motorcycles (Cafe racers are my favorite type, * I'm not into "choppers" that much)
  • Decaf Coffee
  • Les Paul Guitars
  • Cats (I love my flame point Himalayan)
  • Dogs (Dachshunds, Pugs in particular)
  • Old Woodworking books
  • Anything with Dragons (I have a tattoo of one)
  • Clown fish (some thing about the orange,black, and white color combo, it just appeals to me)
  • Water (the element)
  • Agave Nectar (a must have for the ultimate bowl of vegan soy ice cream)
  • Dark, disturbing, gore-filled humor

Wish List

  • I do not expect anything "extra" at all and I would NEVER rate low or not give a heart based on any materialistic items, but some people like to give things so I made a list.

  • Random sketches done by YOU! (seriously, I'd rather have a random doodle than a sticker any day) (nothing against stickers I like stickers too)

  • anything with Clown Fish on it
  • Bicycle related imagery! Love it!
  • odd flyers
  • anything related to sea creatures (don't send me dead fish lol)
  • old paper labels
  • Things that are NEON GREEN!
  • Don't be afraid to be creative, if it's not on my list SO WHAT! I like surprises! -Nothing leather please! Let the owners keep it on them I say!


lois rated for Mail Art #9 - Open Theme & Empty on Jan 25, 2012
Comment: thanks.
LASummer rated for Mail Art #8 - Open Theme & Empty on Nov 4, 2011
Comment: I LOVE this envie! LOVE it! I think the postal workers liked it too, they "respected" the art and made an effort to put their little bar-code sticker elsewhere (than the usual space at the bottom). I think this is quite unusual and just darn cool! What's in it? I don't wanna open this beautiful envie unless I need to. Is it just a rectangle of cardboard?
shelleym rated for Mail Art #7 - Open Theme & Empty on Oct 4, 2011
Comment: Love the freaky darkness of your illustration. Thanks for the flashcards too!!
izohgore rated for Mail Art #6 - Open Theme & Empty on Aug 19, 2011
Comment: I love my neon orange owl mail art, thank you! You know he's going on the wall. ~_^
Response: :)
Comment: a squillion hearts to you..I cannot tell you the huge smile that seeing my envelope gave me! I love those quirky characters (nesting dolls?, that's what they remind me of). Awesomeness!
Response: Thank you :) I had fun with the characters, just random little dudes. I'm glad you liked it!
BirdGuhl rated for Mail Art #4 - Open Theme & Empty on Jul 7, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the awesome envie art and goodies :) xxx
Comment: Holy bee-jeepers! That was hella awesome!! You're creativity and talent is off the charts. Nicely done. Your mail art is the kind of thing one dreams will bless one's mailbox. Thanks!
Response: :) Thanks! I'm really glad you like it!
valkyr rated for Mail Art #1 - Open Theme & Empty on Mar 3, 2011
Comment: I like your sense of humor and your dachshund drawing is cute. Awesome dog stamps! I love dachshunds + LOL at the man on the other side (is he a doctor? heavy metal doctor). I also took a peek inside. ;) Don't worry I'll keep your secret safe.
Response: Lol glad you liked it, dachshunds are my favorite :) The doctor was from an old medical text, just random oddness. I never know if someone is going to open it, so I "sometimes" put something inside :)
tengu2 rated for Krampus, Perchten, or Badalisc ATC on Dec 19, 2010
Comment: cute-love the envelope drawing and card:) Happy holidays
SerenaAzureth rated for Zombiefied Illus. Pet ATC on Oct 8, 2010
Comment: Thank you once again for an awesome ATC Chavve! You were my first ATC I ever received when we did the "Robot Rock" swap. I loved that card and now I love this one too! Thank you so much!! <3
Response: Collect them all, be the envy of all! lol nah I'm glad you liked them, thanks!
Comment: Great atc, you did an awesome job and I love the other color way too. I really hope to swap with you again. I'd love more of your work. Cheers Helen
SoulSwirl rated for Open Theme; PRNMK ATCs #1 on Sep 20, 2010
Comment: hey, it's Nemo. Thanks.
halcigone rated for Open Theme; PRNMK PCs #1 on Sep 18, 2010
Comment: Very spiffy card, thank you. It made for a great mail day.
Comment: Thanks for another wonderful ATC. They are such neat looking birds! I am happy to have him as part of my collection. Hope to swap with you again sometime soon.
Comment: Your dragon ATC rules! I love it! Thank you & thanks for participating in my swap! ^_^
izohgore rated for Open Theme; PRNMK PCs #1 on Sep 11, 2010
Comment: This PC block print is awesome, wonderful work, reminds me of a "hello, my name is.." name tag. ^_^ Thank you!
Response: /\__/\ Glad you liked it!
Electra rated for Vintage Kids ATC on Aug 30, 2010
Comment: This is a wonderful ATC! Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed opened this!
Pjevsen rated for Seven Deadly Sins ATC Series: Greed on Aug 25, 2010
Comment: Wow - thank you so much for the awesome hand drawn ATC! I do love it a lot.... Thank you also for taking the time to make the fabulous self doodle and the home made envelope - I do really appreciate all of it. I also want to thank you for the very nice paper you included for me.
RaineyDay rated for Vintage Kids ATC on Aug 24, 2010
Comment: Your ATC is lovely and the thought behind "I Am the Future" is moving. Thank you.
SoulSwirl rated for Alt Cult Minizine Throwdown#2 on Aug 17, 2010
Comment: i'd enroll to be an Axe-Swinger. Love the bike ad-ins. Tell yer lady-friend that her zine was killer. it had a very Skinny Puppy feel to it. A++

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RyeRye on Dec 24, 2011:

BeautifulMess on Oct 7, 2011:

Hi Chavve,
Thank you for being a member of Cruelty Free Shopping, I left the group in the hands of someone who 'I think' tried to keep it active but as it seems, the group is dead.

I'm hoping to revive it with some low cost and free swapping and would love for you to become an officer and help me out? If you can't, please check the group as often as you come online and paticipate.
Thank You!
Nate x

RyeRye on Sep 11, 2011:

Thanks for being a member of the Crafting Queens~

RyeRye on Aug 28, 2011:

LASummer on Aug 23, 2011:

cool. I send to you for Mail Art #7. you're the type of artist an artist like me likes to swap with. super fun profile!

izohgore on Jul 23, 2011:

Hahahaha =snort= Bridges over land, & orange barrels are the new state flower!

izohgore on Jul 21, 2011:

Happy Birthday Char Char! Muah! ♥♥♥

RyeRye on Jul 16, 2011:

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