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About Me

I have been scrapbooking and paper crafting for about 7 years now.... I still absolutely love it but I am not doing it much anymore because I am loving trying new crafts! The cuter the better, although my two boys (7&9) are not the biggest fans of girlie pink and cute I do manage to fit it in as much as I can! I have also always had a n extreme love for fabric!!! I am not sure what I want to do with it but I like it! I have recently venture out of my paper crafting and into all kinds of other crafting!! I am truly a craftaholic (as I am sure most of us are). I love decorating and love it even more when my crafts tie into my decorating! My fav color of all time is pink although lately teals and turquoises are pretty high up there!

Favorite Music

Although I will listen to everything I grew up with country and thats what makes me feel most at home!! Doesn't matter if I'm happy, fiesty, sad or mad I seem to want country from the early 90's more than anything else..

Favorite Books

I was not a reader at all....until one of my friends would not leave me alone about the Twilight series... finally I gave in and I am totally "Team Edward" since then I have read alot... I have my next three books (one being a series) lined up so no need for new books right now! I will edit when that changes though. OF COURSE CRAFT BOOKS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

Favorite Movies

Girlie chick flicks...at the top of the list is probably...oh who knows I can't think of one right now but if it makes you cry thats the one I like!! I would love to have The Other Bolin Daughter (I think that's the title) Or anything similar to that.. My boys really want Home Alone 1, 2 and 3...

Favorite Television

Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, Glee, American Idol and sadly every one of the Real Housewive shows...I'm addicted!!

Favorite Crafts

I am making jewelry right now but I haven't started beading mostly just chain mixture with big pendants and charms. I like big beads and such a wide variety of pendants and bauble style charms!! I am just starting so I don't have a lot yet. Thanks to swap bot friends I have a great variety of small beads and seed beads oh and findings! Thanks Friends!! I like making gifts and challenging myself to try and make things I haven't yet! So If you do any craft you would like to share with me I love it!!

Wish List

I am weird about practical things while at the same time buying things in every color and because they are cute! SO I am sure I will like what you send. If I don't have a use for it I hope you are OK with me passing it on. No worries that doesn't happen with handmade or handpicked for me gifts! The only time I pass on is if it is mostly paper craft related. I am such a shop a holic that I really do have my own store... So please if I pass it on know that that does not mean I did not love it!! Also please feel free to pass on anything I send that you may not want/use etc!

Chick Flick DVD's... as much as I love them I really only have about 10. Always say Oh I should buy that and I don't

I LOVE handmade gifts!!

90's country Cd's and the new stuff too!! (doesn't even have to be new...)

Anything Holiday themed. I love to deocrate house and table for just about every holiday

I am switching to cutesy type cloth napkins!! So cloth napkins would be awesome (feel free to look at my etsy faves for inspiration)

reusable sandwich/snack bags!

Fuzzy/knee socks

Pajamas XL (I like them a little big)

Keurig Flavored coffee not a huge tea person and really don't like iced coffee


red kitchen stuff

cutesy fabric (I like it but don't know what to do with it...it's my newest obsession!!)

Fleur de lis...I love them so much I even have a tattoo!! I think it's because I was born in Louisiana

vinyl ( i would like every color cuz I'm weird like that and right now I have only bought black, red and chalkboard) going to use with my Cricut

Chocolate especially with Peanut Butter

Love learning about new places/countries and trying new things so if you have something that you believe is specific to your neck of the woods send it my way ;)

cute containers and jars (weird collection)

hard life savers any flavor

one of those cute conductor hats with fabric appliques or fabric appliques you think I would like (handmade is awesome!)

JEWELRY..handmade of course.. please just stick to necklaces and bracelets (cuz my ears are snobs and will only take sterling or gold) or clearance chains I can take apart and repurpose!

I AM A BAG WHORE (really the cuter the better)

I love cute animals

wreaths (seasonal of course)

love signs (I have a few ideas of what I like on my etsy faves.. I like aged wood or paint with vinyl sayings etc. I do love embroidery signs too! I like the ones that are on the round thing(I don't remember what they are called)

I would love some beaded serving utensils (I rcvd a cute cocktail fork..thank you!!)

Really thick wire

recycled crafts

wood crafts... Like painted wooden blocks

Love starbucks

Martinis tend to make me really happy also...hehe

would love a pleated purse...

If we do cards I am an SU snob... unless it is over the top cute

Anything black and white, turquoise and/or damask


Cute Fat quarters

Thread in pretty colors...I have bought the basics!

Embrodery thread ( I don't embroider but I have used it for tying up pkgs or making felt softies and pillows.

Pretty felt!

Key chains, finials, key fob supplies all sound great!

Really anything you find key to sewing (zippers, needles whatever!) I bought a sewing machine and I will learn!! (No worries I won't send anyone newbie/beginner projects..I'm way too much of a people pleaser!

ok so I can not think of anything else but if I am swapping with you and you send something I am sure I will love it

My super awesome family

I have an awesome husband... We have been together for 15 years (married for 6 & 1/2). We have two beautiful (ok Handsome) boys 7 & 9 We are a Christian family although we do not go to church as much as we should...but hoping the church we are trying next Saturday is the perfect one for us!!

My oldest son Donte LOVES fishing!!! That is really his one true passion in life so pics of bass or fishing stuff make hime happy, fishing bait, fishing line..hooks, books/mags about fishing...old new used who cares he loves it!! For his birthday last year I completely converted his room into a fishing lodge!

My youngest, Marquise, is a video game baby! He also loves soccer. He has a wii right now so if you have any boy games you no longer need/want feel free to pass on... He likes writing and stickers too. Currently he is doing poems!

My crafting style

In jewelry and clothing I really like boutique style vintage. I am loving the tulle style flowers with all the crocheted sweaters.. I love to be as fashionable as I can without looking silly! I like the blingy shirts and love purses.. Lately I am leaning more towards creams, greys and blacks although I truly love all colors. I like my jewelry to have something that just jumps out and truly makes it unique or a conversation starter.

In decorating I like it all!! My kitchen is red but definitely countryish, My living is sage green with yellows and reds, I have my newest room which is light teal with all black and white fabrics and accents...LOVE IT. The boys have themed rooms that are catalog ready (or atleast thats what my friends say...decorating is one of my favorite things) My craft room is like its own store in pink with all kinds of organizing things... I am loving the vintage style fabrics with the embroidery patterns. My next project is the master and I am thinking of champagne and chocolate with of splash of green or blue... who knows. I like old window panes and keys but I really like just about anything...

In fabric crafts I really want to make aprons or purses but not sure I have the guts yet.. I am in fabric buying and hoarding mode right now ;)

I tried knitting but not really my thing although my friends make me beautiful hand knit items and my grandma just started knitting...love the washcloths and scarve she sent for Christmas...with that said I do like yarn (weird I know). I saw a really cute project that needs eyelash yarn and a few other kinds but it only calls for basically 2 yards of 8 kinds of coordinating yarn... just can't bring myself to go by yarn for two yards... although who knows I may get a wild hair..

I am just starting to make wreaths.. I want to try the old book page wreath, I also made an ornament one and am now working on a fabric one for V-Day...better hurry or it will be over.

Ok so now I feel like I'm babbling but pretty sure I could go on forever...


So I hate to say I don't like something because what if I get it and I love it...

I have never been into the whole ATC phenomenon...they are beautiful but truth is I am not going to use them. I do not use scraps... I mean really I don't even use my own scraps..I either give them to my friends, the neighborhood kids or I trash them...so please do not send me yours;(

I hate to say it but thinking no more scrapbook stuff and unless you really feel like I will love it! Ribbon is always welcome and not considered scrapbook to me...also if it is fleur de lis that also doesn't count ;) I love fleur de lis anything!! I am not mean and if that is what you have to send to me then please do it! I am sure I will find a use for it and will not rate you bad because of it I just want to grow my other craft collections and my sb collection is fully grown ;)

No zines, zentangles or dotee dolls (well maybe if they were cupcakes or something similar)

no earrings unless they are sterling or gold ( I would never ask anyone to send my real metals so no earrings please)..

No trash unless of course you have turned it into treasure

no grape flavored anything...please ;)


Comment: OMG, Mary!!! I simply cannot express how much I love the package you sent me! You went way, way, way above and beyond anything I could have expected. The cupcake items, fabric, craft supplies (including that AMAZING cupcake punch) and Smurf items made my week! I haven't had time to upload my camera, but when I do, I'll come back and post a link so any of your future partners can see what a wonderful partner you are! thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
Response: I'm so glad you liked all of your goodies!!! I hope you can put them all to good use ;))) Love swapping with you!!
Comment: Ooh I LOVED this baggie of goodies! The Persimmon Glimmer Mist is simply gorgeous (can't wait to use it!) and all those brads and charms and buttons and bauble-y flatback thingies (what are they called? I love them!) ~ really lovely! Also the zip-lock baggie is really cute - I've never seen ones like that before! Thanks for a great package and if you feel like doing a private swap sometime, PM me. :)
Response: YEAH So glad you liked everything!!! I love that glimmer mist.. I found those baggies at an office supply store (strange but who cares they are cute!!) Would love to do a private swap...Maybe late August early September..I'm pretty swamped now ;)
Selah rated for Fabric Color Swap - #2 - Green on Jul 7, 2011
ter1225 rated for Fabric Color Swap - #3 - Blue on Jul 5, 2011
Comment: thank for the wonderful blue
Response: You are so welcome ;)
ter1225 rated for Fabric Color Swap - #4 - Orange on Jul 5, 2011
Comment: thank for the wonderful fabrics
Response: You are welcome... was so cool to get the same partner for two different colors ;)
Comment: Squeal!! Oh my goodness Mary! You have spoiled me! I absolutely love everything you have sent (I do not have the will to wait for the actual holidays they are for!) This is definitely in my top 5 best ever swap packages! I would give you a dozen hearts if I could! Thank you so so much! I can't wait to use my birthday present! Shoot, I can't wait to use everything! (the chocolate made it ok! It was soft but not melty! My daughter wanted to eat it right away! Lol)
Response: I am so glad you like it...I can never wait until the holidays either... No will power what so ever ;)) WOW top 5 you are so sweet ;)) I'm glad the chocolate made it...you never know with the heat. I am so happy you enjoyed it all ;) Have a wonderful birthday!!!
mega4beth rated for Fabric Color Swap - #1 - RED on Jun 30, 2011
Comment: WOW! What a great package! You are too generous!
Response: So glad you liked it... Happy crafting!
moosemama rated for Send me a Tote and a Note #5 on Jun 30, 2011
Comment: Yummy! Thanks for the chocolate you sent with a bag from my favorite store!! Talyn
Response: We all need snacks while shopping ;). I luv it there too...
donnasaurus1 rated for Best Swappers swap on Jun 23, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much for the lovely items to sent me, i love everything. xxxxx
Response: You are so welcome. Glad you like them :)
kinzerclan rated for Send Me a Tote & a Note #4 on Jun 20, 2011
Comment: i love the jo anns tote. it is big and roomy i almost got one of these for myself. now i am glad i didnt thanks so much and love love love the tea thank you
Response: Yeah so glad ;)) I really am quite obsessed with their bags! I use them for everything! I haven't tried that tea but looked at your taste likes and hoped you would like it..Enjoy a cup and then do some shopping and then enjoy another cup ;))
Saucyknits rated for Private: Saucyknits & Craftaholic on Jun 17, 2011
Comment: Thank you for all the wonderful goodies!! I love the recipe box -- it's extra special to me :) Thank you soooooo much for everything -- I loved it all!
Response: I'm glad you like it...hope it was worth the wait ;) I like the recipe box because it is wider and taller than most..enjoy friend! Hopefully you can make something awesome with the fabric... I bought myself some too!
SFreer rated for Send me a Tote and a Note #3 on May 29, 2011
Comment: thank you so much!What an awesome tote! I love it! thank you also for the letter (I will write you back) and for the recipe cards!
Response: You are so welcome... Glad you liked it all! I have atleast 12 of those bags..I'm addicted. They are the perfect size and can hold loads of groceries... I will look forward to your letter.
livvy rated for Best Swappers swap on May 22, 2011
Comment: Oh my goodness...wow, I don't know how to thank you enough for the amazing parcel of goodies! It was like Christmas looking though everything you sent! And you chose things of my profile so well....it was the most thoughtful parcel I could have wished for! I can only give you the 1 heart, but i'd easily give you 100 if I could! Thank you so much! xxx <3
Response: Thank you for all the hearts!!! and of course for being an awesome swapper worthy of your place in the swap! Happy swapping friend! Glad you liked everything
Comment: Mary!! Thank you so much for the heaps of embroidery floss and the pretty, sparkly box!! It's on the shelf in front of my desk (i.e. the windowsill, lol), so I can look at it while I craft :) Thank you, thank you!
Response: You are so welcome, hope you find fabulous things to make with it. Oh I love the windowsill shelf!! Glad you like it.
Comment: ***Ten Million Hearts*** to one of the sweetest swappers I know. Thank you so much!
Response: wow ten million thats a lot!! I can't wait to see a pic of your cake. Enjoy ;)))
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful package
Response: You are so welcome... Glad you liked it
Comment: Mary, oh my gosh ~ I "L❤VE" my mailbox cure! You are so sweet and so thoughtful. I love to bake and I love even more baking in a heart shape, thank you so very much for all the wonderful items you sent me (feels like Christmas).....thank you again! Kelly C[❤]
Response: You are so welcome. I'm glad you like hearts even if they aren't found... Have a heartful day ;))
Comment: Jumpin' Junebugs and holey socks! What an amazingly generous and profile-perfect package of goodies!!! Thank you SO much for sending such a fabulous package. Rating with a heart, a hug, and a standing ovation!!!
Response: aah so glad you like it :) Enjoy everything... I love that you said jumpin' junebugs and holey socks!! You are amazing
Comment: I LOVE you! Thank you for not only making my mailbox smile but also feeding my caffeine addiction :-)
Response: Yeah I'm so glad you like it ;) Caffeine is an awesome addiction...enjoy your fix!!
marcsgrl rated for Etsy Fave swap!! #1 on May 4, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much for the Blythe wig.
Response: Yeah glad you like it ;) I thought it was a must have ;)

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