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Due to some really unfortunate morning sickness I am cutting back on swapping. I'll still be around. If I owe you a rating please let me know and I will rate right away.

The swapper formerly known as panykattack. Rachel was kind enough to change my name on here (for a variety of reasons).


I'm 30. How the heck did that happen? I've been married for the last 6 years to a truly awesome guy named Shawn and we have a one-year-old son named Asa. We also have another little one on the way. I play piano in our church band. I am a stay-at-home mom and feel it is worth every penny 'lost' from my old job. I'm a liberal Jesus-lover. I enjoy playing games, especially mah jong (the four player version with actual tiles), and would rather hang out with friends than go out. I geocache and I just started with Postcrossing.

Cup & Chaucer is a group I was appointed co-founder of. We do lots of awesome book/reading related swaps. If you're enjoying a good book with a cup of something yummy then come check us out.

Naked Postcards is a group I started. We hold a variety of postcard swaps, all of which require that the postcard be sent naked - meaning stamped and written on and not in an envie. If this is how you like to trade postcards please visit our group.


My obsessions tend to run in phases and my current obsession phase is postcards. I love the huge variety of postcards that exist and want to collect as many as I can. If you are sending to me I prefer my postcard sent naked (no envelope) and written on. To me, that's the point of sending a postcard!

I enjoy most kinds of postcards but here are a few of my fave subjects: anything vintage, France, owls, gnomes, castles, pictures of real people (as in non-celebrity), quotes, libraries/books, mail/mailboxes, roads, windows, doors (especially blue doors). This list is not complete and I like a great number of things.

The only real dislike I have is touristy cards from the United States (though I like vintage map cards).

I am always up for a private trade for postcards.

Oh, and if anyone has postcards based on the artwork of Jordan Crane, especially is "Uptight All Night" collection, you would be my best friend if you wanted to trade for them.

Stuff I Like

In alphabetical order:

80's, Antiques Roadshow, autumn, Batz Maru, birds, books, citrus, coffee, dark humor (but not crude humor), David Hasselhoff, earth tones, France/French stuff, geekery, gnomes, handmade items, hedgehogs, Jesus, kawaii, matryoshkas, miniature things, mushrooms, music, nerdy stuff, old school Sesame Street, owls, piano, postcards, postcrossing, purple, retro 50's housewife stuff, robots, Sims 2, sparrows, Star Trek, Star Wars, stickers, sushi!!, tattoos, video games, vintage, yellow

I'll add more as I think of it.

Stuff I Don't Like

You will not get rated down for sending something on this list (unless it's a profile-based swap) so don't stress too much about what you send me. :)

Twilight, Hello Kitty, black licorice, raisins, patriotic items/themes, anything to do with feet

I do not mind receiving items about other religions but I do ask that you not send me anything related to atheism. I respect your right not to believe but do not want to receive anything about it.

Stuff that smells like smoke! I am extremely sensitive to it and will probably just end up throwing away whatever you send me. I'd rather you didn't send me anything. Icky icky poo!

Favorite Books

Currently Reading - The Chronicles of Narnia (a re-read)

ANYTHING by L.M. Montgomery, she's my favorite author.

Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne

Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

All of Jane Austen's books.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Most anything by C.S. Lewis but especially the Chronicles of Narnia

I love Piers Anthony. I'm not much into sci-fi or fantasy but I love his books. The Xanth series is what got me hooked. I want to live in Xanth!

A Wrinkle in Time and the books that follow it by Madeline L'Engle

Harry Potter series

That's just a start. I'm a book nerd.

Wish List

Disclaimer: This is not a shopping list. If you have me as a partner in a swap, I am not at all expecting you to send me any of these things. (If you choose to it will obviously be much appreciated.) I participate in lots of tags on the forums and this list is for people looking for ideas that have tagged me.

  • Fine point sharpies, any color
  • ATCs you've made, any theme
  • Bigelow brand lip products
  • Anything with owls, sparrows or hedgehogs
  • Postcards for my postcrossing habit
  • Hazelnut Snickers - I just found out about the existence of these and I can't get them in the states.
  • Miniature things
  • Pin-back buttons
  • Matryoshka related things
  • Kawaii ANYTHING
  • Garden gnome related things
  • Deco tape
  • Anything related to Orangina
  • I geocache. If you know what a Travel Bug is and got me one I would be your best friend forever.
  • Handmade scripture cards
  • Candy from Japan, especially the crazy flavors of Kit Kat or interesting Pocky flavors
  • Daelman's brand Caramel Wafers
  • Personalized things with the name Asa on it. That is our son's name and, since it's unusual, it's pretty impossible to find.
  • I've also linked to my Etsy wishlist. It's hard for me to keep up with, so if something is showing up as 'sold,' odds are the seller carries another of the same item or something much like it.
  • Anything related to the 'Stuff I Like' listed above

How I Swap

I am not always able to send extras with my swaps but, when I can, I try to include something I think will make my partner smile based on their profile. I will not just throw random things in an envelope and call them extras in hopes of a heart. I would like to be rated on the actual swap item. A comment about what you liked means so much more to me than a heart.

On the flip side, I rate the same way I ask to be rated. I base my ratings on the swap item itself. Please don't feel you have to include extras to get a heart. I do appreciate it when someone passes along something extra that they feel I will enjoy based on my profile, but I don't appreciate an envelope crammed with random 'stuff' that nobody has a use for. Please just put your heart into your work! Extras are just that - extra!

PLEASE pm me if a swap does not arrive before rating a 1! Pretty please! If it didn't arrive, I promise it's because of the post office. I will never flake.

what I pledged


LindaTemple rated for The Kiss ATC on Jul 14, 2012
Traceyk rated for Wandering Dandelion on Feb 7, 2011
Comment: Will be happy to re-rate once received.
Loonstruck rated for A Memorable Meal on Feb 1, 2011
Comment: I'm sorry to do this but I will be happy to re-rate when I receive. I do hope you feel better soon!
Ari rated for Paint Swatch Bookmark - Christmas on Jan 25, 2011
Comment: I'm so sorry about the rating and will be more than happy to change it whenever you feel up to coming back to Swap-Bot. Take care, and I hope everything gets better for you very soon.
HollyHox rated for Dandelion Surprise on Jan 18, 2011
Comment: Sorry hun, but never received anything or any communication from you.
Traceyk rated for A Week of Dandelion Mail on Jan 6, 2011
Comment: Jessi - I will gladly re-rate you when you're feeling better & back to swapping. Take care!
TeaNi rated for Green Green Dandelion Queen on Jan 2, 2011
Comment: consider this rating a place holder, as I truly believe Jessi will make good on all she owes as soon as she is back on her feet and able, and I will certainly rerate at that time!
hollycm6 rated for A Dandelion Christmas! on Jan 1, 2011
Comment: I will re-rate as SOON as you are back on your feet and feeling well enough to send out, I PROMISE. Hoping that is soon, but please don't rush yourself. I know life can be overwhelming sometimes and you just plain need to simplify where you can.
darzy30 rated for Receiver's Choice Postcard #4 on Nov 9, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the great cow postcard and nice message!
Response: You're welcome, thanks for joining my swap. :)
Skron11 rated for Vintage PC on Nov 7, 2010
Comment: So sorry for the late rating. It has been crazy here! The card is great and thanks for hosting the group.
Response: You're welcome! Glad it made it to you safely. :)
papercaper rated for Etsy Postcard Swap on Oct 28, 2010
Comment: Jessi, sorry it took a msg from you to jolt me into gear. THANKS for a wonderful, wonderful Etsy PC. Why do 'Holla!' and pandas go so well together when there's no logical reason why they should? :) Thanks for hosting an awesome swap.
Response: I have no idea, but I LOVE that card! I'm just glad it made it to you. Thanks for my 200th 5 rating!
Comment: Hi Jessi Thanks for the neat postcard I rec'd this afternoon Oct 27 I like your animal familiar Take good care Linda
Response: Thanks for the heart and I'm glad you enjoyed the postcard!
Puchita rated for Sender's Naked Choice #2 on Oct 27, 2010
Comment: Dear Jessi, thanks a lot for the super cool Marilyn Card! It's absolutely glamorous!!!
Response: You are very welcome, I'm glad you liked it!
Comment: Jessi, thanks so much for the sweet present and the little extra! How thoughtful. :)
Response: You're welcome! I'm glad you liked everything. :)
rubyhousesliprs rated for "Native American" PC Swap on Oct 26, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard! My husband is Maya Indian. (Central America) I love the culture, too.
Response: You're welcome! Thanks for the heart. :)
karliskielty rated for Brighten Up My Mailbox - Orange on Oct 26, 2010
Comment: Love my goodies! Thank you so much!! The magnet list pad will be particularly useful :D
Response: You are very welcome. Glad it got to you so quickly! I almost snagged that notepad for myself. :)
Caranam rated for C&C Etsy Spree on Oct 25, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the swap!
Response: You're welcome. I hope you enjoyed everything. :)
Ari rated for Paint Swatch Bookmark on Oct 25, 2010
Comment: Your bookmarked arrived today! :) Thank you, I do like black and shades of grey-- it's so appropriate for this time of year, and the silver ink was a lovely contrast. I've already put the bookmark into good use, too. ;D It was a fun idea for a swap, I hope you host more in the future!
Response: I'll probably host more with a specific color each time. It was a lot of fun to make and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
blubrrymffin rated for ~Not Your State Postcard~ on Oct 17, 2010
Comment: Thanks so much! I do not have a Utah map card so this is wonderful for my collection. You absolutely rock!!!!
Response: Oh great! I'm so glad I could add to your collection. Thanks for the heart. :)
Peacewytch rated for Receiver's Choice Postcard #3 on Oct 13, 2010
Comment: Isn't she GORGEOUS! I love this card. Unfortunately I look awful in hats, so it's just as well we don't wear them now, LOL!
Response: I'm glad you liked the card! And you know, I tend to too. Maybe if they were humongous it would help? Thanks for the heart!

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thehappyhoneybee on Feb 1, 2011:

Hi Jessi,

I'm so sorry, but in fairness to our group I feel I have to remove you from HAW for now until you're able to make up your ratings. I do hope everything is okay with you, and I hope you'll come back to us sometime soon.

Sending you good wishes,


LeishaCamden on Jan 14, 2011:

I hope you're doing OK and that we'll see you around again soon ... you are missed. :-)

hollycm6 on Jan 11, 2011:

Your buds are worried about you...

Traceyk on Dec 28, 2010:

Hi Jessi! I hope you're feeling better. Where are you? :(

RyeRye on Dec 24, 2010:

click HERE

HollyHox on Dec 21, 2010:

Hellooo =) I really hope you are doing ok hun. Your Dandy friends miss you.

I was hoping you could let me know if and when you receive the Dandelion train package and the swap from me and if you know what is happening with the swap you owe me?

Take care of yourself and let us know you are doing ok xX

thehappyhoneybee on Nov 30, 2010:

Hey Jessi,

Just stopping by to say hello...everything okay with you? We miss you!


Fatherted on Nov 26, 2010:

swap penpals with a pc twist 4; did you receive a letter from me? i send the last week other letters to usa, and all arrived safely. please let me know if you got my letter.

RetroJane on Nov 22, 2010:

Hi! A belated thank you for the vintage Valentines postcard from the Naked Group swap!! And, your remark about my doula world was very kind. :) Most people have no clue as to what I am doing or my role, and I find myself always explaining things quite often. It's nice to just hear supporting words like yours.

Fatherted on Nov 16, 2010:

your letter is on the way. penpals with a pc twist 4; i hope you receive the letter soon.

have a great day.


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