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About Me

Hello! I'm a twenty year old girl, living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm currently studying Biology in university and hope to be able to work as a scientist in the future.

Hobbies and interests: - I love reading, mostly classics, general fiction, and fantasy. I'm trying to read more nonfiction books about Biology. I'm not a big fan of thrillers and horrors (although I will read some good ones occasionally). - I love collecting stamps and postcards. - I enjoy gardening in my spare time. - I can also knit and crochet. I'm currently learning how to make embroidery. - I love flowers. - My favorite food is cinnamon rolls :D

I will always try to send out swaps on time. If I have to post a swap late (usually because of schoolwork and other school-related events), I will send you a message. If my swap doesn't reach you within a month or two, please leave me a message. I am happy to resend. Mail from my country can sometimes take a long time to arrive.

I became interested in the world of snail mail only recently, and so far I have enjoyed the process of sending and receiving mail. My mother gave me her stamp and postcard collection to continue the hobby. I enjoy looking through her collection every now and then. Snail mail makes me feel like I'm living in a different era. A small escape from the mundane everyday life, I suppose.

What I Like

I like happy things. Anything to make me laugh or smile :D

  • anything related to biology (plants, animals, insects, etc)
  • sunrise and sunsets, the sky in general
  • neutral/earthy tones
  • vintage/old items
  • history, mythology, urban legends, and the likes
  • learning about new culture
  • puns and memes
  • a good story
  • any kind of tea (I'm not allergic to anything, so feel free to send me any kind of tea :D)
  • a longgg letter!

What I Don't Like

Nothing much, really... Not really into those kiddie or reward stickers, though... I don't know what to do with them.

Also, trigger warning! I'm easily triggered by mentions of self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

I'm also not very fond of swimming pools.

Pen Pal Letter

I enjoy reading long letters (and I mean LONG letters). They can be about anything: rambling, venting, daydreaming. I'm okay with simple letters that have no decorations. I don't mind if you don't send me any goodies at all. I write letters to make new friends and exchange stories :D


I like any kind of store bought, handmade, or even free / ad postcards, as long as they are interesting :D I don't mind if you send me a postcard naked or in an envelope, but please write me a note on the back of the postcard :)

Ideas on what to write on the back of your postcards: - your favorite plants / animals - a favorite quote from a book that you're currently reading (don't forget to write down the title and the author so I can check it out!) - something about you or your hometown / and country - something about you culture, history, myths, legends - something that I might not know about you, your culture, or the world in general - a fun fact - a funny story - the reason why you chose to send that specific postcard for me :D

Favorite kinds of postcards: - flora / fauna themed - about nature in general - about your hometown / country - about your culture - any kind of art postcard

Random Facts About Me?

  • When I was younger, I used to live in Australia for five years. I lived in Canberra and Melbourne, but I mostly remember my time in Melbourne since I'm a little older then. I miss living in Australia. I miss the wildlife, the four seasons, and the libraries.
  • I'm part of the track team in uni, but I haven't been very active recently. I usually run short distance races (400m).
  • Out of all the disciplines in Biology, I love Botany the most.
  • Sometimes I find it hard to tell between left or right. When navigating for someone else, I often have to think twice before giving directions. It's why I like to wear bracelets only on my left hand.

I'll add to this list when I've come up with some other random facts about me. For some reason, I've come up blank :")

What I Collect

  • postage stamps (used and unused), especially flora and fauna themed stamps or anything relating to nature. Any other stamps, I'll just pass on in other swaps :D
  • currency coins from other countries, especially if they have a flora / fauna picture on theme
  • postcards with written notes on the back
  • anything flora / fauna themed
  • any kind of tea (I'm not allergic to anything). I also like to collect the tea bag packaging :D
  • stickers, washi tapes, pattern paper, or anything that I can use in my journal, really ;)
  • any other memorabilia

Letter Topics

This is just a little idea from me in case you're stuck on what to write.

  • tell me about you. How was your day? What are you currently working on? What are your dreams for the future?
  • your likes and dislikes. Hobbies and interests?
  • your town, city, or country. What is it like living where you are? What are the tourist attractions in your country? What would foreigners find surprising about your country?
  • go philosophical? I don't mind talking about deep philosophical topics.
  • tell me a joke or a funny thing that happened to you.


jessnewson98 rated for July 2020: What Did You Read? on Aug 26, 2020
Comment: Hi! Thank you so much for your email about what you read, I really liked reading through it!I hope August is a good reading month for you!
tracylynncs rated for July 2020: What Did You Read? on Aug 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you for sharing your reading list with me, I enjoyed The Life of PI also
Pei04 rated for July 2020: What Did You Read? on Aug 13, 2020
Comment: Thanks for sharing! I love the movie about Pi! I'd like to read the book too and see if it's just as good as the movie. Thanks once again :)
Response: Yay! I'm glad you find it interesting. I haven't watched the movie myself, but I would love to watch it someday :D
Comment: Interesting that you have changed over the years.
Response: Yeah, I wonder about that... I think the more things I learn in life, the more my personality changes? :")
Comment: I find this test so interesting and just one more tool for understanding.
Response: Definitely! :D
Comment: I think it's interesting that you went from an Extrovert to an Introvert!
Response: In most of my tests I usually score 49% extrovert and 51% introvert, so I guess I'm actually more of an ambivert? I am becoming more and more of an introvert recently, though :")
Comment: The ENFP's best match for friendship and in life is the INTJ and that is very accurate as I married an INTJ and my 2 closest friends since childhood are both INTJ personality types!! YOu and I would be great friends!!!
Response: I'm sure we would! :D
Comment: How interesting that you've tested as so many different types over the years! I like to know why, too, and it does drive my partner crazy. πŸ˜†
Response: Maybe it's because over the years I've learned a lot in life, and I guess that kind of affected my personality in a way? :")
Comment: Very sweet! I loved getting this swap! It made my day!
Comment: Hello. I hope you have a nice day.
Comment: Thank for your reading Ayu! Even if it doesn't perfectly match with my situation, it reply make me think about it in a good way!
MallowCat rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #36 on Jun 1, 2020
Comment: I just realized I hadn't rated some people from this swap, I don't remember the exact card I got from you but I DO know that I received it and it's in the box where I keep all my swapbot letters :)
MadamMim rated for April 2020: What Did You Read? on May 26, 2020
Comment: Thanks for sharing your books! Although I'm a chemist, I'm not a big fan of science fiction and fiction genre as a whole. But in your list some of the books sounds very interesting... I will check for them πŸ˜€
Bookaunt rated for April 2020: What Did You Read? on May 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you for telling me about the books you read.
NeronNebula rated for Divination reading swap! on May 2, 2020
Comment: Loved it! It really resonated with me :) and thank you for joining my swap!
JuicyFig rated for Tea For Thee # 40 on Mar 26, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the tea and lovely postcard - I can't wait to try Brown rice tea served as you recommend Love Kath
Comment: Thank you for the lovely notebook and the extra ❀️
simcoe54 rated for Stamps + a Coin #3 on Mar 21, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the awesome coin and stamps!
Comment: You’re too kind. Thank you very much. I enjoyed reading about your week!
efjellro rated for Swap #19: Plants on Mar 8, 2020
Comment: Oh wow, I really meant to leave a comment too, not leave it blank! Sorry! I meant to say thank you for the swap :)

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Thank you for joining the group and the swap! I hope you like these photos for Swap #19: Plants!

farangelinan on Feb 29, 2020:

PDS: Swap #19: Plants

Here are my favourite indoor plants :)

Happy swapping.

nannycat on Feb 29, 2020:

swap no 19 plants..... ........ ....... ........

enjoy the color of plants

mchesser12 on Feb 28, 2020:

for: Swap #17 Happiness

from: Melissa (mchesser12)

Jaimiepaige on Feb 27, 2020:

Hello! I hope you like the photos I chose for 'Profile Based' in the PDS group! Have a lovely day! -Jaimie

IDreamOfAfrica on Feb 27, 2020:

Swap #17: Happiness

1 1 1

parakeetmails on Feb 26, 2020:

swap #18: profile based

parakeetmails on Feb 26, 2020:

swap 18: profile based

(I tried going for plants lol)

parakeetmails on Feb 26, 2020:

swap #18: profile based

nannycat on Feb 26, 2020:

swap #18 profile based....

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