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Date Joined: January 14, 2011
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Country: United States

Favorite Books

Currently reading the Stieg Larsson series (again) but like all genres of reading material. I have a car book, a tote bag book, and books and magazines all around the house. My mother sends me romance books (what is she trying to tell me?) but my last few reads were true crime, sci-fi, and a great mystery. I'll read fluff but not apparently at the moment.

Favorite Music

Basically I'm a rock, New Age, and Celtic kind of gal but I listen to most anything with the exception of rap/hip hop. If I could understand the point of that music maybe I would give it more of a chance. LOL

Listening now to a Soweto (Africa) string quartet CD. Lovely. Before that, Metallica. Yes, I am a woman of many tastes.

Postcards... yep yep!

One of my many "addictions" is stationery... paper, notecards, pens, stickers, POSTCARDS. Any time I go someplace I have to check out the junky touristy shops. Since I write family, friends, several U.S. soldiers, and a couple of pen pals I get the chance to stock up and enable my addiction on a frequent basis. (smirk)

Thought it'd be nice to exchange postcards with other like-minded people and maybe pick up a postcard pal in the process.

I like postcards with scenic views of your town/city/area with the name on the front. Beautiful cards of non-scenic views are welcomed as well. If you could write a little about the picture that would be wonderful. It'd be like living vicariously through you. (smile)

My interests in postcards also include cats (black cats in particular), dogs, animals (babies especially), whales (added when a comment reminded me I love them lol), manatees (I save an extra of each different manatee postcard), sea turtles, bright/pretty colors, waterfalls, rainbows, and lovely vistas from afar. Actually I'd be happy with any pretty or unusual postcard you choose to send.

I notice I tend to purchase beach-type cards, Disney cards, and cards from wherever I travel (not so much these days) so I have a lot of Florida and Arizona cards. Postcard views are much prettier than any camera shot you could take, don't you think?

Used to have many more postcards from all over the USA and places I've visited out of the country but then I have a bad habit of actually using them by mailing them out. Why, oh why didn't I buy two and save one for ME? Hahahaha!

STORE BOUGHT is preferred. Please stamp and write on the PC. See above for living vicariously through you. (smile)

If you send a beautifully/creatively handmade card, PLEASE send in an envelope regardless of the swap requirements. I would hate to see your creation ruined by the mailing process and it will be. If you do not want to send your artwork in an envelope, please send a store bought card. Better an intact card than a ripped card with missing pieces.

Please, no freecards/ad cards (unless I join a swap with this stipulation). PLEASE no old/bent/torn/stained/smelly/yellowed postcards that look like they've been stored in a dusty box/exposed to the elements. Yes, I just received one. (pout)

About Me

What to say? Well, I'm a middle aged (gasp) Florida female who won't put her picture online. Just saying. I like travel, cultural/ethnic events, reading, racquetball, health & fitness issues (I'm training for a 5K), concerts, dogs, family/friends, talking to strangers, volunteering, house renovations, a good quality chocolate, and so many more things.

I am NOT seeking romance. My husband would object. Hehe! I will not support you, send money, help you with citizenship issues, and the like.

This sounds like a bad personal ad guaranteed not to get me matches or just enough information to get me accepted to this site so I can try this swap thing. Yes? No? LOL

Rating protocol

I will ALWAYS send out my swaps! I will not join a swap if I think I will be too busy during that time.

PLEASE do me the courtesy of contacting me before you rate if you have not received a swap. Most of my swaps go out early, except for early March when I had to mail over 40 PCs in a short period of time. Gave myself permission to spread them out. All were mailed before the deadline btw.

Had not realized how much e-paperwork is involved with this website. I am getting paranoid about sending out everything I promised and would like to keep my "5" rating. (smile)

If you owe me a swap or rating, I will try to remember to email you as a friendly reminder, depending on the deadline and your location. I do not mean to be rude or pushy but everyone can forget once in a while... even me. Thanks so much!

I do not have Internet access at home and have to use the library. Sometimes the library is not open when I check my po box after hours. I will make every effort to rate things within a day after receipt. So far, so good! (thumbs up) Hope I didn't just jinx myself. (worried look) Hahaha!

UPDATE 3/25/11: I DID jinx myself!!! Grrr! It is now the end of March and I'm late on rating due to NO online access/car. Oh, I have a car but it wasn't working. I WILL rate everyone on the cards I received (holding up stack) within the next day or two. Sorry but life got in the way of fun!


bythelakemom rated for USA Postcard Mail swap on Aug 11, 2011
Comment: sent email no response
AtlanticSiren rated for Bridge Postcard Swap # 1 on Apr 29, 2011
Comment: Thank you!
penandink rated for Easy alphabet postcards -A on Apr 23, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the A postcard! We took our boys to an alligator farm in Florida on a vacation eighteen years ago and they're still talking about it! You brought back some fond memories! Be careful out there, and enjoy wearing those short sleeves! Karen
Soulcracked rated for Food PC Swap on Apr 20, 2011
Comment: Received!! Amazing card, cute stamps! But it's sooo cruel, 'cause I set on a diet some days ago T_T And your card makes my mouth water :)))) Thank you!!
jnolan05 rated for Easy PC Swap - SBOnly on Apr 20, 2011
Comment: thanks :)
suepier rated for The Great Big 17 on Apr 18, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful South Beach card.
jmme21 rated for Diary Postcards for a Week! - USA #2 on Apr 6, 2011
ellgee rated for Bridge Postcard Swap # 1 on Apr 4, 2011
Comment: Thank you for great PC!
aladyde rated for Bridge Postcard Swap # 1 on Mar 24, 2011
Comment: Thank you for your interesting card with the pretty stamps and all your information.
Response: Thank you for the heart! Here's some more info... the ends of the damaged bridge were made into fishing piers. It's quite nice fishing and one county has a little cafe and tackle shop over the water. The night fishing is very peaceful looking out over the bay. Have a great weekend!
Bingomama rated for Beach Swap - Get Ready for Summer! on Mar 23, 2011
Comment: Pretty postcard- hope to see you "again" at another pc swap!
Response: Thank you for the heart! We meet again! Had to send you something different per the swap but I'm glad you liked the card. Have a great weekend!
darzy30 rated for Postcard Blizzard XII Quick! on Mar 22, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the lovely beach PC! Thanks also for the oscar the grouch sticker. Love it!
Response: Thank you for the heart! Couldn't believe my luck when I read your profile and remembered I had that sticker! He was meant to go to you. Thanks for noticing! Have a great weekend!
Comment: Thank you for sharing, I loved reading it
Response: Thank you for the heart! As you can tell, I love all my furbabies, past and present! Gotta love unconditional acceptance and affection! Have a great weekend!
ladysyn2 rated for State Map PC Swap #1 on Mar 21, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the different map.Sorry it took so long to rate-just found it buried under books!
Response: Thank you for the heart! I totally understand since I'm in that same boat right now. No worries! Glad you found and liked the card! Have a great weekend!
Mamabemus rated for State Map PC Swap #1 on Mar 20, 2011
Comment: I would love to try scuba diving. It must be great fun. Thanks for the great card
Response: Thank you for the heart! We have to stop meeting like this! (grin) Yes, it is great fun and also peaceful, beautiful, dangerous, and lately very expensive. I STILL try to do it whenever I can. Have a great weekend... again!
denalichix rated for Bridge Postcard Swap # 1 on Mar 18, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the great card :)
Response: Thank you for the heart! My mother still won't drive across it when she comes to visit. Something about a fear of heights. Hahaha! Glad you liked the card! Have a great weekend!
marinda rated for Blasted again!! on Mar 17, 2011
Comment: GREAT postcard! Thanks so much.
Response: Thank you for the heart! Seems so bittersweet now that the shuttle is retired. I remember visiting Kennedy Space Center several times and the concept of space travel was so interesting to me! Have a great weekend!
jnolan05 rated for Postcard Blizzard XII Quick! on Mar 16, 2011
Comment: thanks for the great amusement park card :)
Response: Thank you for the heart! You're welcome! Tried to send you something from your profile and I REALLY like that park! A fun activity is to eat something sloppy while waiting in line for a roller coaster and watch people try to avoid sitting next to or behind me. (evil smirk) I never get sick! (knocking on wood) How old am I? Hahahaha! Have a great weekend!
Chrissy23 rated for Notecard Swap #5 on Mar 16, 2011
Comment: Wow!! Thank you so much the amazing cards! I love all of them. You were so generous, thank you thank you thank you!!
Response: Thank you for the heart! OMG! At this point I'm so happy you received them! I was a little scared there for a moment. LOL I love notecards and couldn't help but try to share as many as I thought you would like. You're very welcome! Enjoy! (waving) Have a great weekend!
Mamabemus rated for The Great Big 17 on Mar 16, 2011
Response: Thank you for rating! Now have a great week! LOL
Mamabemus rated for 5 Partners; March 2011 on Mar 16, 2011
Comment: I love Sedona- I have been there many times (I used to live in AZ) I miss it in the winter especially
Response: Thank you for rating! Hope you have a great weekend!

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kayler00 on Mar 6, 2011:

I did, after I read your PC and saw it. I was surprised because my town is VERY small & didn't know what could make it's way from my town to Yahoo. You'd think there would be more interesting things to write about going on than a Whoopie Pie Festival. We don't have it every year, first time was last year. =P Haha. & so long ago, and they JUST had an article! Haha.

StwbyQT on Feb 21, 2011:

I posted another round of Diary Postcards for a Week! - USA: Click Here if you would like to join! :)

There's also an international version if you'd be interested in that. -L

Kay on Feb 4, 2011:

Thank for the STiltsville ref, off to check it now. I don't know if I would want to go back to shore once I got in one of those.Lol.

Marryth on Jan 21, 2011:

Welcome to swap-bot! Glad to have you in my postcard swapping series. Should you want to do a one-on-one postcard swap, I'm always game. :)

TamiHope on Jan 16, 2011:

Thank you for signing up for the Any State Postcard Swap! And Welcome to Swap-Bot! Tami

Kay on Jan 16, 2011:

Monitor clean now? Don't you hate when that happen, like sneezing inside a motorcycle helmet.

Kind words about my age, thank you, but I think the word "hag" applies today from the first look in the mirror. Of course reading how you are training for a 5K has just made me tired. Good for you. I remember running 5 km most mornings but that was a very, very long time ago. Lol.

If you check your messages I will set up a private postcard swap with you. Give it a go if you are brave enough.

Cheers Kay

Kay on Jan 16, 2011:

Do I smell POSTCARD ADDICTION? At 51, feeling 104, I don't put my photo on my profile, no need to frighten potential fellow addicts away. I am an eccentric, stationery obbssessed ( what perfume is more heady than the scent of new paper?) old hag with a long suffering husband, totally harmless (sad but true). I see you like talking to strangers, good, I am quite strange. If you would like to do a private postcard swap (give me a fix please) let me know and I will set it up. I give you the swap address and a password to do this. While we don't have a lot of native land mammals (does a native rat count?) here, in New Zealand, I can do dolphins and whales (usually tails only). I can do birds (kiwis and penguins, large sized cards only at the moment some dog has bought all the standard sized ones in the local area)) and some of the best scenery in the world, oh so biased. There are also sheep cards which go on forever. What the hay, message me your address and I can send you a taste without expecting a return.

Best Wishes, Kay at the bottom of the planet.

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