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Interviews with Strangers About Heartbreak
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As of November-December 2011: My post office has been going through some changes, apparently and that translates to some of my mail not going out properly and some of my mail not getting to me. If you do not receive a swap from me, please let me know so I can resend. I have sent every swap I signed up for and marked as sent. So if you do not receive from me it is because the USPS is having trouble getting their business right. I will resend and make sure it gets there.
If I haven't rated you, it is probably for the same reason. Just message me and I will check on it.

My profile is sort of long; it's been growing for four years. I know I use a lot of words. I hear that a lot. Occupational hazard, I guess. Feel free to skip around or just look at the pictures or just read the lists.

I really like lists. They remind me of things I am or was—of things I like and like to be surprised by. I saw a little girl on an Arthur episode once, she said, "If you follow the map of my heart, you'll find what I love." Sometimes, for some people, lists really are a way to know a person, maybe mine is too.

monstrous heart

need-to-know info

When I was little I thought I would be a writer in New York, then an artist in Los Angeles, then a writer in Mexico, and then a doctor in Philadelphia. Now I'm an artist living in Bethlehem, working at a medical history museum, writing a book about strangers and heartbreak. Life is funny sometimes.

I study anthropology. People mostly confuse the living heck out of me. I guess I figure if I study them I might catch on someday.

I am vegan. I generally don't join in candy and food swaps but if it's ever an issue, or you're dying to send me chocolate and you're not sure...just ask. I'm real nice, I swear.



  • surprises. things i've never thought of, seen or tried before
  • robots and machines
  • stereograms and other optical illusions
  • handcrafted, homemade, altered things
  • big, chunky jewelry you find in thrift and dollar stores
  • strange, beautiful and/or ugly dolls and toys
  • cheap-o tissue paper lamps you clip to bare lightbulbs
  • ephemera, old postcards and cabinet cards, old photographs
  • vintage pin-up and nose art
  • sharks, giraffes, snakes, especially cobras. camels. rats, doves, barn owls and bees
  • bones, medical imagery, teratology. sideshow culture. freaks
  • insanely big sunglasses for keeping in-cog-neato
  • crazy-fun socks. also bare feet
  • clean scents. eucalyptus, grass, fresh linen
  • blueberry, gardenia and pink grapefruit
  • knives, blades. beautiful in their efficiency
  • chopsticks, especially ones I can stick in my hair
  • small, plain spoons and toasters
  • breakfast! and fake food
  • (vegan) dark chocolate, red plum soda, homemade green tea ice cream, coconut, ginger...sea salt and vinegar kettle chips
  • vintage print ads, especially for food, and retro & vintage cloth oddments
  • typefaces, typewriters
  • bikes, road and mountain and vintage...just bikes.
  • old cameras, polaroids
  • Mary. Mary Magdalen
  • iconography and milagros
  • Dia de Los Muertos
  • screen and block prints
  • interesting t-shirts

I have a cat; her hobbies include shedding, throwing my pens and pencils under the bed where I can't find them, and play-hunting her pet rabbit, Prof. Charles Xavier.

I peek in people's houses when the doors or windows are open. I'll let anyone read my journal. I don't lie despite being really good at it. I feel a kinship with crows. I'll try anything twice. I'll put almost anything in my mouth; I ate a button once. I use little kid toothbrushes, the kind with spiderman climbing up the handle. I have a problem with driving which I blame on all the accidents I've been in. I have a four-inch dent in my head and fall down a lot; these two things are probably connected. All of my tattoos are things I've learned to live by. I am pierced but not really part of the body modification culture.

I use exclamation points very sparingly.
I don't use the word 'love' unless I mean it.

My favorite swap I've taken part in here was a newbie swap way back when I first joined up. We just studied each others profiles, which helped make sure we had filled them out really well, and sent a little box of awesome things (amongst other things, I got a picture of two Spidermans kissing... rad).
Anyway, profile surprise swaps (especially when it involves something handmade) are my favorites and I am open to one-on-ones.


I am not a big fan of modern country and "cookie monster" heavy metal but I listen to almost everything else.


I really like surprising covers of well-known songs.
I am not a music snob. Few things can bring a smile to my face as easily as getting a mix cd full of someone else's favorite songs.

i heart art

art frendz


I call myself an artisan.


I do a lot of handcrafting:

  • Knitting. I favor double-pointed wooden needles.
  • Crochet. This is the one I've been doing the longest, since I was four or five. I wasn't good at it then. I am very good at it now. Amigurumi 4ever!
  • Sewing (I'm better at hand than machine).
  • Crewel, embroidery, candlewicking, needlepoint and cross-stitch.
  • Soft sculpture. Right now I am working on a clastic model of my robot heart. I made a ghost squirrel the other day. You can really call almost anything "soft-sculpture."
  • Papercraft. Karakuri and origami. Papel picado, and silhouette-style papercutting.

I'm always looking for new patterns for unique stuff, like prawns and platypusses and milk cartons. I like a challenge, have miles of yarn and like to keep my fingers nimble.

If you've got any stitch markers you're dying to get rid of they'd be put to good use around here.

reading rainbow

My relationship with books is complicated. I grew up with them lining the walls of my room, spilling out of the closets and heaped on my bed; a lot of the time I read instead of getting on with living life. They're my escape and just about my only addiction.
I read almost everything I can get my hands on though lately I've been partial to non-fiction texts about sociology and math.
It's really hard to lure me out of used book stores.

book box

I think of comics and/or graphic novels as art and literature. I collect the Thunderbolts and I still have a thing for classic Excalibur.

I have a deep and special relationship with the main public library in Salt Lake City, UT. I've been gone for almost ten years and I still miss it.

on the screen

television machine

colors, fabrics and such

  • dense patterns. paisleys, pinstripes, non-christmassy plaids. anything described as "retro".
  • corduroy. knobbly, knubbly things.
  • brightly colored anything

my favorite colors come in groups and pairs.


red & white & gray.
this is at the top. my favorites of the favorites.

blue & brown; pink & brown; green & white; red & yellow. orange & olive & white. strange yet pleasing color combinations that make my eyes dance.

colors for me are easy. i can think of fifty things i like about every shade.

not so much likes


  • back and foot pain. Nobody likes foot pain.
  • dolphins. I'm a shark girl.
  • glitter. A little isn't so bad but a big, loose pile of glitta spells bad news for everyone.
  • southwestern art and berenstein bears-style country home. I don't necessarily hate it, I just grew up with the stuff and kind of got overexposed. I do like roosters and chickens though.
  • kids acting and dressing like grown-ups
  • accidentally hurting people's feelings with my blunt, sometimes brutal honesty. I'm working on that.
  • licorice, especially black. Ugh.
  • clowns. I have a deep-seated aversion...
    although I like to study the history of circuses, go figure. Also, I really liked the Cellophane number in Chicago—that was a clown, so... it seems I am an enigma; an enigma wrapped in a riddle, rolled in mystery and smothered with secret sauce.

I don't think I'm allergic to anything but I can't really use incense anymore or those wax tarts. My cat seems to be sexually attracted to fire and melted wax and I don't really handle smoke so well.
And of course, no animal products, please. I know they are pretty but that includes feathers too.

a nerd-geek hybrid:

It's always good to know what makes the nerd in me (most of me) sit up and adjust her glasses.

V for Vendetta, William Shatner, dinosaurs, How to Train Your Dragon, Neil Gaiman, Nightmare Before Christmas. Serenity...
Oh, Firefly. Also, Invader Zim, the 2004 Battlestar Galactica, Big Bang Theory. Bones—I get a kick out of the fact that in the early days of that show I could actually pick out factual errors. I am a Star Trek geek though not a Trekkie. Star Wars also, though I cannot hold a lightsaber next to a real Star Wars Geek...though I really want a lightsaber, one of those double-ended jobs that the Sith seem to favor.

I like lots of anime. My favorite so far is "Elfen Lied" but most of them really. "Vampire Knight" was the closest thing I had to a guilty pleasure but then I remembered I don't feel guilty about it.
Comic books, I'm a unicorn.
I like a lot of graphics that are not from either of the big two but of them: Marvel, Excelsior! Nightcrawler and Wonderman...well, superheroes in general.

And the study of how to be kick-ass, really, what's the -ology for that?
I used to study staff-fighting until I broke my staff. Now I practice weaponizing everything in my environment. The Jason Bourne survival school...I like to think that when the ninjas come, I will survive a few seconds longer than everyone else.

Zombies, of course.

Anachronisms, I feel like one most of the time.

Logic and reasoning puzzles, crosswords, all of those sorts of things. And spatial orientation and acuity challenges.
Grammar. I'm a grammar nerd and, having studied them for fifteen years now, I really dig breaking the rules.

Classic arcade and video games, like Nintendo and Atari and such. I play some of the current stuff but most of the shooter games and the other ones I like all really emphasize online play which is not my style. I'm a lone-gamer, me.

XKCD, math and physics, the NASA feed, the HUDF, linguistic memes, lolcats, Strongbad and most of the crazy/stupid stuff spawned by the internet. I heard a cover of the Lincoln Park Rapist song, "Bed Intruder," being played on a piano at a market at Christmas last year. I tipped him five dollars.


I study them for work a lot. Anatomy, illustrations, folklore, bones, photographs—all of it.
Cephalopods! Cuttlefish, and I have a crush on the blue-ringed octopus.
Cryptozoology. Monsters and such. I spend a lot of my time drawing them and though they often come out creepy/cute, I like the scary ones too.

Most things described as "Morbid" or "Macabre."

Most steampunky things I like, and I really dig clockworks, I often use them in sculpture I make. Vacuum tubes and circuit boards, that sort of thing. I never know what I am going to do with them but I like having them around me. And old chemistry equipment, flasks and measuring weights and scales.
You can imagine: I like a good flea market.

shark saying heart


Comment: Wow...nice job! You have inspired me to try this board out. I love the added texture and what an amazing job you did on the monkeys eyes! This one is going on my wall. Thank you so much (:
camelsamba rated for Make My HMPC StrAnGe on Dec 14, 2011
Comment: Strangely, your postcard got misplaced in the front room. But now that I've found it again, I can say it's fabulous - thanks!
kankalin rated for Mail art postcards on Dec 5, 2011
Comment: Love your card especially color combination and the secret pocket is just great. Thanks belly dancing sister for sharing a bit about yourself. Happy holidays
Weeprain rated for Mail art postcards on Dec 1, 2011
Comment: thanks so much.
papercaper rated for Draw a PC with your left hand on Nov 30, 2011
Comment: I lovvve your PC! Thank you so much. Typewriters and raccoons - two of my favourite things in the world. :) I forgot raccoons are little thieves. This just makes me like them more. Because that's just *@#$-ing CUTE. As for your Remington, do you know about the typewriter swaps @BetsyPreston hosts? (I think that's her name.) Perhaps you already take part. If not, you 'should'! (Not shoulds.) Thanks again.
Comment: Thank you and happy holidays. X
groundhoggirl rated for Loathesome Postcards on Nov 28, 2011
Comment: "pretty is as pretty does"...not a pretty postcard but guess you have to just have to go with the respect angle....love the little owl too...thanks so much!
Response: You're welcome. I still have about three of those left. And I went and forgot to send them on Veteran's Day...dang.
Sweetlatte2427 rated for QUICK 5 postcard swap #49 on Nov 27, 2011
Comment: The PCs are fantastic!! The vintage one is lovely!!! Thank you!
Response: You're welcome, ma'am. I'm glad you like them.
Comment: Thanks a lot faor the the Card. I appriciate your Christmas tree on a boat. Merry Christmas to you.
Response: I'm glad you liked it. Merry Christmas.
capagrl rated for Words of Encouragement on Nov 22, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the beautifully crafted card and the lovely words of inspiration and encouragement! It was exactly what I needed to hear at that point in time, so thank you!
Response: Wonderful, I'm so glad. You're welcome, of course.
LadyGuenevere rated for Words of Encouragement on Nov 21, 2011
Comment: Melynda: Thank you so kindly for the lovely card. You have a most beautiful way of expressing yourself and putting your thoughts and feelings in words. I'd love to do a private swap with you in the future, as I think we've a good deal in common. :) And, incidentally, I grew up not too far from where you are now, outside Philly.
Response: You're welcome and thank you. I thought the same of you when I saw your profile. Once I have my orders cleared after the holiday season, I would definitely be interested in a private swap.
toothteri rated for Black and White Handmade Card #2 on Nov 21, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the lovely peacock feather card! The beading accent is so cool! Someday I will have those purple streaks- for now I have to settle for a bright pink feather! My daughter had blue hair when she was a teen- looked great.
Response: Bright pink feather is also pretty darn rad. I'm glad you liked the card! I hope you send it to someone special.
draco rated for Emergency Tea Swap on Nov 21, 2011
Comment: thank you. can't wait to try them
Response: Cheers.
suepier rated for At the Zoo PC Swap on Nov 20, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the great card from the Philadelphia Zoo. I love all of these animals.
Response: You are welcome.
Comment: Thanks! I'm gonna try one tonight, they look yummy :))
Response: You are welcome and, oh, they are.
Comment: Melynda, what a beautiful, incredibly detailed bookmark. I've been studying the expression on the face of Professor Charles Xavier...I can see the wheels turning in his little head...that carrot is just a tad too high to reach! Thank you for the time and effort and attention to detail you lavished on this swap. You are surely an artist, a gifted one!
Response: Thank you! I'm glad you and Professor X are getting along.
Comment: Thanks for the letter----you're quite a writer :) Enjoyed reading every word!
Response: Thank you. This was so much fun to write! I'm glad you liked it.
daniecex rated for Sad and Lonely -USA only on Nov 12, 2011
Comment: Thanks so much for the goodies!! Definitely put a smile on my face! :D
Response: Mission accomplished! I'm glad you liked everything.
sachi1987 rated for Art Postcard Swap - October 2011 on Nov 11, 2011
Comment: thanks:)
Response: You're welcome.
Holly06 rated for 2x2 Handmade Bookmarks #2 on Nov 10, 2011
Comment: OH MY GOD! If I could give you another heart, I so would! Thank you! Thank you! Everything is so AMAZING! I'm loving them! I love the owls too! *happy dance* Its all so cute! And yes! Green Tea ice cream is the best!
Response: HOORAY!! I'm glad you like everything. One of those bookmarks was tough to let go, I gotta tell you. I am really happy that it went to a good home.

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taoiionam on Nov 29, 2011:

hey there ~ I hope my postcrad has made it to you safely, the one I drew with my left hand (well, tried to ^.^)... If it did, I'd appreciate a rating ^.^ take care <3

darzy30 on Nov 21, 2011:

Thank you for the wonderful set of PCs you sent me - I love them all! The deer catches in my throat because of a plan to kill deer in a local community (http://www.cayugadeer.org/) - I wish the grace and innocence captured in the sculpture were embraced by all!

Veterok on Nov 15, 2011:

Many thanks for your comment! It's always great to get feedback & hear that people have liked my works. Your profile looks interesting too! Greetings from muddy & rainy Finland.

LauraM540 on Nov 9, 2011:

My 'escapee' bookmark arrived today..thanks I love the ladybug! xoxo

Mywindowtoyours on Jun 19, 2009:

Your profile is so awesome!

Pooky on Jun 7, 2009:

It got to me perfectly! Which, I was a little surprised at as well seeing how even regular postcards tend to get a little beat up before they make it to me. Thank you so much again!

Pooky on May 21, 2009:

Wow! Thank you so much for the beautiful, beautiful postcard! Its so wonderful, I think I will have to frame it!

skunk on Oct 30, 2008:

Don't know why I didn't think to mention this; I'm at the moment reading a book called Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, you might be interested in checking it out if you haven't stumbled across it already. : )

skunk on Oct 30, 2008:

Thank you again. I wanted to let you know also, that I was stoked to know you were my partner. I love everything in your profile as well. We seem to be two of a kind in many ways. I think Harriet or Sally (I'm getting those name vibes from her) is absolutely perfect. And of course I noticed right off the colors you chose. : )

Thank you again for your thoughtful package.

Best- Nicole

sunnysidey on Sep 16, 2008:

The HPC would like to see your handmade postcards! Please read this thread in the forum for details!

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