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Date Joined: November 24, 2009
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Birthday: June 10
Country: United States

About Me


Hi Everyone,

  • My name is Nancy and I am married with one son that will be 30 this year. I'm STILL waiting on him to find the right one to settle down with and give me a grandchild. He works construction and is always working so for now I have a Rottweiler Grand-dog named Diesel and yes he is spoiled rotten.

  • I have a great-niece that is 5 and she has me wrapped around her little finger so just call me "Great-Aunt Mush"

  • My favorite saying is:

    "Organized people are just to lazy to look for stuff"

  • I love animals but sadly lost my dog and cat in 2015. My dog was 15 years old and my cat was 19 years old so a piece of my heart went with them.

  • I have been card making/rubber stamping for several years. Love scrapbooking but it just intimidates me.

  • I absolutely love garage/yard sales and have found some unbelieveable deals. My car just seems to turn when there is a garage sale sign.

  • Fall is my favorite time of the year

  • When we moved to our present home I took one of the bedrooms for my computer/craft room and I am still in the process of trying to figure out how I want to organize it. I painted the room a bright yellow (love bright bold colors, never have been a pastel kind of girl) and have tie dyed curtains that have bright yellow, hot pink, lime green, turquoise, purple and orange in them so it's a very fun-happy room and I love to be in it, plus...it's all mine :-)

  • My favorite colors are Hot Pink, Lime Green, Bright Yellow and Turquoise and love bright colored tie dyed stuff :-)

Favorite Books

  • Any card making or paper crafts books/magazines. I find several at yard sales so I'm not picky if they're used as long as pages are not all ripped out.

Favorite Crafts

  • Obviously my passion is rubber stamping, cardmaking and papercrafts.

  • Since joining swap-bot I have fell in love with Whimsy Jars, Pocket Letters and Matchbox swaps.

Favorite Music

I can listen to just about anything except rap and heavy metal.

Things I Love

  • Besides my family, pets and friends

  • I love getting anything handmade from someone, whatever you love to make I will love it also. it's just knowing you took the time to make it that makes it so special, it doesn't matter what it is, I will always treasure it.
    If it is jewelry I have pierced ears and love dangly earrings. Necklaces need to be at least 20" or longer, I don't wear bracelets or anything on my wrist (I don't mean to sound picky but I just don't want someone making something beautiful for me that I can't wear).

  • I love receiving handmade cards

  • Any kind of embellishments or bling

  • Any kind of charms that I can use on cards.

  • Love handmade bookmarks

  • I love pretty stationery for letter writing.

  • I love anything cheerful and "blingy"

  • I love Tear Bear embellishments and wish I could learn to make them.

  • I love handmade mini scrapbooks.

  • I usually only drink water so I love the packets
    of flavored mixes you put in it. I also love hot chocolate when it's cold.

  • Love the pretty reusable bags that you get at some of the stores. If you like making the bags that's even better.

  • I love anything with butterflies or peacocks.

  • I love easy crockpot recipes

  • Any rubber stamps or acrylic stamps. I don't mind ones that you've already used and are tired of them because they're still new to me.

  • Love getting decorated matchboxes or whimsy jars filled with fun stuff.

  • Love anything tie-dyed in bright colors

  • Love going to crops and weekend retreats and meeting new friends.

  • Love being with my friends having a fun girls day.

  • Love items that have a cardmaking or rubber stamping theme on them like cloth bags or totes, cute pictures of scrapbookers with a funny saying etc.

  • Any cute fun tote bag, bought or handmade. I would love to get a tote bag that I could take to my scrapbooking crops to carry my stuff in that says something like "My Scrap Crap" on it

  • Love just knowing that I am being thought of.

  • I love to smile at people and believe that if everyone smiled at one stranger every day that hopefully some day everyone would be smiling at each other.

  • I love it when someone tells you that something you said or did "made their day", that makes my day!

  • Going to historical sites

  • I love planning parties, family reunions and weekend scrapbooking retreats.

  • I know this is crazy but I love to make lists, that way I can mark off stuff that I've done and feel like I've accomplished something...o.k., yes, I have been known to write down something I've already done just so I can mark it off.

  • Love cute, fun embellished notebooks to write in, it makes it even more fun when I make my lists :-)

  • I love the fact that my birthday is in June because with Christmas being in December I know I am going to get presents every 6 months whether I'm good or not!!

  • I love all holidays

  • And I love rainy days and snow :-)

Things I don't like/don't need

  • Please do not not send anything with strong floral scents or cigarette smoke smell, I have really bad allergies to them.

  • I do not use felt or foam embellishments.

  • I don't need any material, I don't sew and wouldn't know what to do with it.

  • Do not like horror or gore.

  • I do not like rude, not nice people.

  • I do not like people to hold prejudices against another person because of their race, religion, gender or sexuality. We are all the same race, it's called the Human Race.

Favorite Television

My favorite TV shows are HGTV, DIY, Foresnic Files, Cold Case, The Mentalist, History channel, Lifetime channel, Hallmark channel, Big Bang Theory and Monk.

Favorite Movies

My favorite movies are comedy's and "chick flicks" as my husband and son calls them, also love the Hallmark and Lifetime movies.


.My project that I would like to get started on and actually get finished still are:

  • organizing my photo's

  • organizing my scrapbooking room

  • decluttering my house

  • landscaping my front and back yard


  • I like to be happy and love life and everything it brings....well, maybe I don't love the bad stuff that it sometimes brings but I try to keep a positive outlook and try to remember that stupid saying "everything happens for a reason" who made up that saying anyway???

  • I am very easy to please and love being a part of this group. If for some reason your swap is going to be late please just let me know. I understand life happens and this is suppose to be fun for everyone so please don't stress if something comes up, just let me know because I've been there too and will not rate you down if you are late as long as you contact me.

  • I love to do random acts of kindness just to brighten someone's day and hope they pay it forward.

  • I want the person that I send a swap to be as excited about getting it as I am about sending it.

  • I will always rate your swap but if I ever forget to rate you please send me a message, sometimes I feel like the scarecrow on the Wizard Of Oz...if I only had a brain!!!


Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful cards and the ribbon !.,I had never seen one with adhesive before It makes crafting so much easier ! I love the color and polka dots . Thank you for the note too I wish you to go to Holland and Greece soon . Yes indeed ! You put a smile on my face! :)
Response: I'm so happy I put a smile on your face. It was fun putting this swap together for you. Thank you for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you.
Comment: Thank you SO much for such a nice note and for including those super cute note cards! I love them! I also like your "minilopes" - so cute! I appreciate everything so much - from your thoughtful note to the note cards, this was a delight to receive!
Response: So glad you liked them, it was fun putting it together for you. Also, again I am so sorry I forgot to hit the send button on the day I sent it but I knew you could see by the postmark when I sent it. Thanks for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you
rebelgirl rated for Reusable Tote Bag Swap on Jun 16, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much I really like it.. Thank you for the little extra gift I love it😊
Response: I'm so glad you liked it, I loved saying on your extra little goodie. Thank you for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you
bluesky rated for SMSUSA: Happy Mail Profile-Based on Jun 6, 2016
Comment: Thank you ! :)
Response: Your welcome. Thank you for the rating and the heart.
lagemaz rated for SMSUSA: Most Requested Recipe on Jun 3, 2016
Comment: I will be trying both recipes, Maybe my husband will now eat cranberries! Your cards are beautiful! Oh, the recipe book is fabulous. Thank you♥♥♥
Response: I hope you will like them and your husband likes them too. So glad you like the recipe book. Hugs to you.
antimony rated for TGIF Weekend NC #6 on May 28, 2016
Comment: I really enjoyed receiving your letter! (You will love your Kitchen Aid! I use mine a lot!) Thank you also for the recipe book :) I know I will find some fun things to make out of it.
Response: You are right, I do love the Kitchen Aid. Glad you like the recipe book, I think it has some really good recipes in it. Thank you so much for the heart and the rating. Hugs to you
Roxannya1 rated for Note Card on May 16, 2016
Comment: Nancy, thank your for the notecards and inspirational calendar! Very sweet of you to send it!
Response: So glad you enjoyed everything. I love the quotes on the calendar. Thank you so much for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you
RainbowRoseOregon rated for UHM: Happy Note Card on May 14, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the happy note card and letter. I really appreciate the recipes and tiny envelopes, as well. Hope your scrapbooking coop was awesome. I am really enjoying doing the art journals <3
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and the heart. I'm glad you enjoyed everything and hope you find some good recipes. Hugs to you.
mejulia rated for Ladies Low Stress Note Card #3 - USA on Apr 24, 2016
Comment: Wow! what a great note and envelope you sent. Thank you!
Response: So glad you enjoyed everything. Thank you so much for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you
Comment: I love the bag! Thank you for the extras too! I can't wait to try some of the recipes!
Response: So happy you liked the bag, I have a hard time when I buy them and always buy two because I'm afraid I will keep it. Glad you like the recipes. Thanks for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you
Moonbrat rated for Happy Monday Note Card #5 on Apr 19, 2016
Comment: This was amazing to come home to. Thank you so much
Response: So glad you enjoyed everything. Thanks for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you.
KreativeKrafter rated for Happy Monday Note Card #4 on Apr 18, 2016
Comment: Thank you :)
Response: You're welcome. Thank you for the heart.
cookies37 rated for Easy Peasy Note Card Swap #2 on Apr 7, 2016
Comment: Hi Nancy! You deserve more than one ❤️ for this swap ~ thank you so much! Love all the notecards, the snail is the cutest ever! Also the cookbook flyer, looks like some tasty recipes. Such a nice note from you, again thank-you! Take care, Judy
Response: Thank you, I'm so glad you like the notecards and the recipe book. I love recipes like that. Enjoy it. Thank you for the heart and rating. Hugs to you
Jessicat rated for Easy Peasy Note Card Swap #2 on Apr 5, 2016
Comment: Thank you Nancy for the notecards and local recipes. I could look through a book of recipes for hours, and local recipes from different areas are honestly my favorite to read. Thank you again!
Response: Glad you liked the recipe book, I'm like you, I love recipes from other people because you know they will be good and some are family favorites. Hope you enjoy the notecards. Thank you for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you.
Comment: Hi Nancy! Thank you for the letter/notecard. I recently bought that colorful tablet too 😊 the lady at the register said it reminded her of when she use to write letters when she was younger. I told her I was buying it for my letter writing to which she said - people still do that? Yes, people do! Thank you for the recipe booklet. We have actually been trying new recipes lately so maybe we will find some new ones on there too😊 Thanks again!
Response: I'm starting to think that not very many people write letters anymore, I can't remember the last time I recieved a letter so I am determined to write more letters. So glad you like the recipe book, it looks like there are some great recipes in it. Thanks for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely package! I love the tote full of bikes, and the washi is so cute! :)
Response: Thank you so much for the rating and heart. I'm glad you liked the tote and washi tape, Have fun with it. Hugs to you
Sessalouise rated for Note Card Pen Pals-March on Mar 19, 2016
Comment: Oh my goodness! I loved the letter, and the seal on the back of the envelope! And thank you for the recipe book!! I love trying new things! I'll write back as soon as I can! :)
Response: I'm so glad you liked the recipe book, I love recipes that are from "real people" LOL. I am having so much fun with my wax seal, makes me feel like I've gone back in time. Thanks for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you
Comment: Thank you so much for the Mickey bag, I love it. Also thank you for the extra can't wait to try out some of the recipes =)
Response: I'm so glad you liked the bag, I knew when I seen it that was the one I wanted to get for you. Hope you find some great recipes. Thanks for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you
Nurse101 rated for Pocket Letter Newbie on Mar 2, 2016
Comment: Omg! Your pocket letters was gorgeous and all the goodies too! Squeeee. Thank you!!
Response: Thank you so much, I was really hoping you would like it and it was the first one I've ever made so I was hoping I did it right. Thank you for the rating and the heart you are so sweet. Hugs to you
MisplacedfromPA rated for Tote Swap on Feb 25, 2016
Comment: As always, you bring a smile to me. Such a beautiful tote. I adore it. (plus from a favorite place of mine). The "extra" item you sent along, the dishtowel is perfect. Did you put those buttons on? On the 1st day of Spring I will put it out. Gosh, my kitchen is filling up with things by you (cookbooks from past swap and now this kitchen towel). Soon you will have to come over for a cup of tea. May blessings and love be with you always!
Response: So glad you liked the kitchen towel, the buttons were already on it when I bought it but I loved them. Wish I lived closer, I would take you up on that cup of tea. Again, thank you for the rating and the heart. Hugs to you.

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