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About Me

My name is Ann.

I work part time, am married to a college art professor and live (reluctantly) in Florida. I have 2 sons, one age 14 and the other one year old!

I am one of the newest members of the Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls. I am not as good a skater as I'd like to be, but I'm trying really hard. My derby name is Hillbilly Hoot'n Annie

I like to cook dinner and bake when I can. Favorite beverages are hot tea and hot chocolate. Canada has a hot chocolate called Gourmet du Village - if you send me some I will love you forever ( @wunderland - you complete me!) I enjoy getting recipes, I'm an omnivore with vegetarian leanings.

I have pets... a buncha cats, a salamander and one pup: half jack russell / half pekingese. For many years we only had rescued greyhounds, so regal - but this little dog is the anti-elegant; she roots, she digs, she licks. The man calls her a jack russell terrorist. I appreciate all animals in general and have fostered orphaned possums in the past.

I love old houses, old books, kitschy images and 70's tv shows.

I like things that are citrus-y scented like lemon or pink grapefruit. I also like earthy scents like patchouli.

I enjoy farting around in the garden, planting butterfly & hummingbird attracting flowers. My small yard is mostly shady and I work around that because I love the big trees. I grow herbs and plants for caterpillars to eat, orchids, night blooming cereus and carnivorous plants. I'm trying my hand at succulent containers. I like quirky garden ornaments and markers. The backyard is my place to go when I need some peace.

My dream job: to be a jewelry maker/silversmith and running a side business of a cryptozoologically themed mini-golf.

I have a serious cookie dough problem. It rarely makes it to the oven.

Illustrators I like are Edward Gorey, M.C. Escher, Tony Meeuwissen, Bobby Chiu, Charles Addams, Richard Scarry, Raymond Briggs, Tim Biskup, Jan Pienkowski, Garth Williams and Alison Bechdel. My favorite comics are Mutts, Bloom County & Opus, Peanuts, Lio and Non Sequitur. I don't get to read it but I like Get Fuzzy because I grew up with Darby Conley.

My roller derby team is named Arkham Assailants, so I really like anything that has to do with The Joker. I prefer the classic Joker interpretations as opposed to Heath Ledger's.

I go to Dragon*Con.

Puzzle piece shapes are close to my heart - my oldest son has autism.

Favorite Music

Suzanne Vega, The Police, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Queen, Tom Petty, Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, Sting, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Sarah MacLachlan, Keane.

I like the npr show "Hearts of Space."

Something else I find soothing are cd's that play nature sounds such as birds, cicadas, streams, crickets, rain, ocean waves, seagulls, etc. These are great for tuning out the news in the car or getting to sleep at night.

Favorite Books

I love kids books: The Little Broomstick by Mary Stewart, John Bellairs, Beverly Cleary, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (original Witch trilogy,) Richard Peck, Little House books, Nancy Drew & Trixie Belden, classic fairy tales and fables, Frances Hodgson Burnett, L.M. Montgomery, Harry Potter series, Judy Blume, Ruth Chew & C.S. Lewis.

Grown up stuff includes: mysteries, southern literature, Tolkein (his Father Christmas letters to his kids are awesome,) Ray Bradbury, Sharyn McCrumb, Barbara Kingsolver, Anne Sexton, biographies, Greek mythology, true crime, diaries and novels told in letter form and collected letters.

I am a huge Alison Bechdel fan (I own all of her books,) if you make me anything DTWOF related, I will not only cherish it forever... I will write her and tell her about it. Cause I'm pesky that way.

I like to watch...


Ed Wood, Frida, Wall-E, Pixar movies, The Right Stuff, Tombstone, Amadeus, Coal Miner's Daughter, Hitchcock films, The Shining, Moulin Rouge, Evil Dead & Army of Darkness, Mulholland Drive, A League of their Own, The Abyss, Goonies, Blade Runner, anything Ray Harryhausen, Wallace & Gromit short films, Tim Burton movies, Galaxy Quest, Steel Magnolias, Alien, Aliens, Ringu, The Ring, Once Upon a Time in the West, Clash of the Titans (original,) Twister, LotR trilogy, Close Encounters, Tremors, The first 3 Star Wars movies, the first 3 Indiana Jones movies, Bram Stoker's Dracula, so many others I can't think of right now...


Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, Fringe, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Xena/Hercules, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, My So-Called Life, Masterpiece Mystery, V, American Gothic, King of the Hill, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Max Headroom, Robot Chicken, MonsterQuest, Murdoch Mysteries, Twin Peaks, X-Files, Dr. Who, Land of the Lost (70's version,) Mystery Science Theater 3000, Brisco County Jr., 48 Hours Mystery, creepy murder shows, Star Trek (original,) Next Generation, Voyager and DS9.

Favorite Crafts

Former art major. I like to do crafty stuff with paper (not into scrapbooking, though,) origami, collage. I like to carve my own rubber stamps out of plastic erasers but also love store-bought ones, they have so much detail. I also knit, make small felt stuffies, bake sculpey, sew with a vintage featherweight machine, and write letters.

I would love to receive anything handmade by you. I love when folks doodle on their letters, postcards or envelopes

Favorite Things

  • Night scenes: moons, stars, silhouettes, bare branched trees
    • hair barrettes
    • Bubo the mechanical owl
    • afternoon sunlight
    • slag glass
    • airstreams/vintage trailers
    • handmade bookmarks
    • Butterbeer!!! (I've had it and it is A-MAZING)
    • paisleys
    • scarab beetles
    • cryptozoology: jackalopes, yeti, sasquatch, ufo's, mothman, loch ness...
    • vintage books
    • snowy scenes
    • mushrooms & toadstools
    • graveyards, creepy stuff, haunted houses, Halloween, zombies, skeletons, Day of the Dead
    • colors: rose, periwinkle, all shades of green, cobalt blue, peacock blue
    • retro sci-fi (rockets, spaceships, planets)
    • San-x mixed cats, tarepanda
    • greyhounds
    • bugs, slugs, spidery things
    • carnivorous plants
    • beads: glass, ceramic, carved, semi-precious
    • sleestaks
    • flowers: lily of the valley, forsythia, daffodils, mountain laurel, honeysuckle, dogwood, passion flower, peony
    • trilobites
    • heart shapes
    • shamrocks & claddaughs
    • terrariums
    • dangly earrings
    • beach glass & beach china
    • mountains, wooded scenes, streams, meandering pathways, ferns
    • Autumn

Celebrity Crushes

Jensen Ackles, Chris Noth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bruce Campbell, Sean Bean, Marc Singer, Joshua Jackson, Ed Harris, Julian Sands, Michael Keaton, Nathaniel Parker, Martin Freeman, Matt Frewer, Sean Astin, Tommy Lee Jones, Legolas, Gary Cole, Katie Sackhoff (girl crush!)

Wishing for

imported chocolate ~ bottlecap magnets ~ coin purse ~ plant seeds ~ a tattoo! ~ amigurumi ~ shrines ~ salty snacks ~ hand dyed or kettle dyed yarn ~ bookmarks ~ return address labels ~ unused postcards ~ hot chocolate ~ decorated matchboxes ~ handcarved stamps ~ batik fabric ~ folk art ~ unique buttons ~ shoo fly pie kit ~ Pixar stickers ~ Jip & Janneke

I dislike


Swapper Hall of Fame

tried & true trusty swappers who've blown me away with their thoughtfulness:











Comment: Thank you for your card. I love Pringles!
Response: glad it finally made it there! My 13 year old wants those in his lunch every day - I've recently gotten hooked on vinegar chips, yum!
Comment: Thanks! We love cheerios. .
Response: hee hee - we have a toddler in the house, we go through 'em like crazy!
Comment: Hello and thanks for the chunk with the "Cuties" sticker. I am eating them now.
Response: oh yeah - we're taking 'em on the road with us in a little bit...
hull33 rated for Chunk O Cardboard - October 2012 on Oct 17, 2012
Comment: Totally loved the postcard! So scary:) Great job:) Would give you two hearts if I could.
Response: Oh good - one o' these days I'm going to get a t-shirt with that design on it. Thank you so much for the heart!
Comment: Thank you so much for the cool card!! And happy birthday to Finn too. :) we actually considered the name Finn as a middle name. :)
Response: Thank YOU for the heart! a friend texted me yesterday to tell me Tori Spelling named her new baby Finn and I was like, oh no! I hope it doesn't become one of those hip names and he'll go to school with 10 other kids with the same name!
taledo rated for Chunk O Cardboard - October 2012 on Oct 14, 2012
Comment: absolutely love the cardboard postcard that was quickly confiscated by my brother who is a beer aficionado
Response: My husband loves the beer and I love the box - so glad I got a chance to recycle the awesome design!
Clstew rated for Chunk O Cardboard - January 2012 on Jan 22, 2012
Comment: LOVE this chunk of gingerbread house! And love your possum!! Thanks so much, I am big fan of gingerbread cookies too.
Response: I tell ya, it makes you look at recycled cardboard in a whole new way... I'm like, "ooo, postcard material" everytime I break down a box for the recycle bin! Thank you very much for the heart!
StarMouse rated for Chunk O Cardboard - December 2011 on Jan 19, 2012
Response: Wow - I hope you didn't just now receive it... I sent out the postcards the first week of December. Thanks for rating.
Comment: Thanks! I love making gingerbread houses
Response: Thank YOU for the heart! I was so convinced I had an Eeyore sticker to put on there and was bummed I couldn't find one. There was Pooh, but that's not the same...
Comment: Nice decoration on chunk o' cardboard! Thanks!
Response: You're welcome - thanks for rating.
Comment: I have a friend who looks exactly like the Shock Top guy (and is also blonde, Belgian, and fruity). Thanks!
Response: Ooo, fun friend! I've always secretly wanted a mohawk, so I give one to my son every summer. He's going on 13 so he may not let me much longer. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: I love gummies!! Your opossum stamp is my favorite!
Response: Thanks for the heart! My kid loves gummies of ALL kinds, I can get him to do just about ANYTHING if there's a gummy involved. Makes my life soo much easier!
Comment: Excellent Halloween theme! Love the witchy Sponge Bob. Took me a look or two to notice it was him!
Response: Something I didn't realize until I went to bed the other night is that the Sponge Bob stickers glow in the dark - ha! Thanks for a fun swap and the heart!
penandink rated for Chunk O Cardboard - October 2011 on Nov 7, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the chunk-o-cardboard note- love the design! I just got back from Hawaii and had my mail delivery resumed today, hope you haven't been waiting long! Fall is my favorite season, too! Such beautiful colors! Happy belated birthday! Take care, Karen
Response: Holy Cow - Hawaii! and here I was thinking, y'know, Vermont or Maine or something. Isn't it great coming back from a trip and rooting through all the mail - I love that! Thank you for the heart!
Nekozet rated for Chunk O Cardboard - October 2011 on Oct 31, 2011
Comment: What an awesomely perfect Chunk O Cardboard! I love the pumpkinhead art! I may have to display this somewhere! Arrived Sat - just in time for Halloween! Love the way you funkified the back, too - great decor! Thanks so much!
Response: I thought it would be extra fun to use "October appropriate" cardboard and I'm so glad you liked it! I saw a girl wearing a Pumpkin Head tshirt at the Mellow Mushroom and I was so jealous! Hope your Halloween was fabuloso! THANK YOU for the heart!
wererat rated for Day of the Dead matchbox shrine on Sep 22, 2011
Comment: thank you so much for the most awesome day of the dead matchbox! i can't believe the intricate detail in it! and the key/skull brooch is amazing! i love it all!
Response: oh hooray! I'm so glad you liked him, it was a lot of fun to make. I felt bad that my carpal tunnel was so bad I couldn't write you a long note... and I'd been hanging on to the pin for just the right person and when I read your profile I thought you might like it. Thank you SO much for the heart!
Comment: I love him! And the extras were great too! Was thinking to call him periwinkle (blue) but am undecided. I'm not taking his bat from him, he needs a friend. Either way he's adorable! You'll have to put pictures of his American cousins on Flickr! Thanks again! X
Response: That bunny flew FAST! I'm so glad you like him, I think he's adorable - I just bought some polka dottie socks, so this is going to be fun. Thank you very much for the heart!
auntmaymay1221 rated for VooDoo Doll-EDIT on Mar 22, 2011
Comment: Absolutely amazing artwork OOAk doll!!!!
Response: Hey Mavis, thank YOU for the heart! I was hoping you'd like it. I got attached to the little thing but I'm pleased it made it to its happy home. Pin poking optional! Cheers!
Comment: thank you for the postcard recipe!
Response: You're welcome - enjoy.
Comment: Hooray! It came this time. I don't know what the first card looked like, but I really like this card. Thank you for resending. :)
Response: Hooray for the postal service! So glad this one made it - check out my tasteless taste in books. The first postcard was a hoot: a girl with a white 60's bouffant/flip introducing her boyfriend to her attractive best friend and thinking, "who is about to steal you away from me."

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wunderland on Oct 17, 2015:

HAPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYY! in your honor, i've just returned from a massive haunted house museum tour ... you would've loved it. take care ♥

wunderland on Nov 1, 2014:

that got there quick, awesome! enjoy. the cider is my new guilty pleasure ... so tasty ... mmm

wunderland on Oct 21, 2014:

hey, i'm the same way: i've got the best of intentions and mail-fun aspirations pop into my mind here and there, but they rarely pan out. however, i've got 5 swaps in this year, so maybe i'm making a comeback?

wunderland on Oct 17, 2014:

oh happiest of birthdays to you!

wunderland on Mar 23, 2014:

i will agree to a decorated postie. i'm almost nervous - it's been a while. no need for the swap-bot formalities. see you in the mail <3

wunderland on Mar 17, 2014:

crazy busy. no time for creativity ... boo! need a kick in the pants - some sort of intervention: no inspiration at all. HELP! assign me a task or yell at me or sumfin ;)

wunderland on Jun 11, 2013:

woo! good job on the win ... and your derby alias is perfect! name one of your bruises after me ;p

wunderland on Jun 9, 2013:

that a (derby) girl! give 'em hell! what's your derby name?

sugaraddict on Jan 14, 2013:

Hey there! I'm hosting a Valentine Baking Swap which I thought you might enjoy :) Do pop by and check it out if it interests you yea.. Thanks!!

wunderland on Oct 17, 2012:


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