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grumpy rengawk is grumpy

Note to swappers, my mail-lady will jam anything she can into our little cube of a mail box, so if something needs to remain flat, please give it plenty of support, thanks!

Regarding send-by dates; I except of you what you'd except of me! If I am unable to mail by the appropriate date, I'll send you a PM to let you know - I'd appreciate the same courtesy. I won't be upset if its running behind, I just want to know! Life happens; even if you're just being an air-head and missed the deadline for no good reason (I totally understand that too), a note is all it takes...deal?

Are you waiting for a rating from me? Please let me know - a PM is all you need! I try to rate as soon as the package arrives, but I may miss something, don't be shy, you deserve your rating!

About Me

If I can use it, I'll love it!

I love enjoying your art, but I also really appreciate something functional, ranging from a little kitchen tool, to something pretty that is useful too! See how you can surprise me! =)

I am a firm believer in quality over quantity! If a swap description is for a set number of items, but you find something that blows the budget and you know I will love and bounce around the room for; go for it! As long as you explain, I could never be disappointed by your thoughtfulness.

I do my best to stick with handmade swaps, as my income does not allow for the 'search out and buy on a theme' type. I love making crochet stuffies though, and most of my partners are thrilled to share in my love of yarn! Say it like a pirate, yarrrrrrn.

I'm pretty complex in what I enjoy in relation to themes, so my best adjective for what I enjoy is 'eclectic.' I really enjoy learning new things, especially from different parts of the world, which is pretty much anywhere that isn't here where I am sitting. So what can I learn today? =)

We are currently living in an apartment, so I don't have a lot of room to complete projects. Some of my limitations include the ability to work on long-term things that require stretching out over an area, spraypaint, have a hose, dye fabric, have a pet, bake anything that makes caustic smelling odors (no polymer clay or melting pony beads in the oven.) I just thought I'd share some of the limitations in case you wanted to send me a crafty kit of some sort (‘cause crafty kits would be really awesome!)

Interests (taken from my LJ)

Alton brown, amigurumi, anything small & cute, Asian art and design, baking, buttons, Cadbury chocolate, candy, candy canes, cats, Charmmy kitty, Chick-fil-a, Chococat, clownfish, coconut, cooking, crafts, crochet, cupcakes, dichroic glass, Food Network, fortune cookies & fortunes, gerbera daisies, Good Eats, graphic design, Holst, House M.D., Japanese craft, Japanese culture, kanji, kawaii, koi fish, koosh balls, kuromi, LED technology, LEDs (light emitting diodes), making gifts, Mamegoma, manatees, maple syrup, marshmallow peeps, music, nature, Nyanko, orchids, organizing, photography, pie, plush, red foxes, salt pickles, sleeping, socks, soda, softies, string cheese, strong/interesting magnets, Tchaikovsky, tea, theatre lighting design, theatre production, theatre sound design, trombone, ultra-fine point writing implements, yarrrrrn.

Favorite Colors

Blue! No...Purple! Arggg... (think Monty Python & the Holy Grail)

Generally I gravitate toward saturated hues in the ‘cool’ family. Ultramarine blue, indigo, violet, raspberry! I also love metallics in any shade. Yup, one of those “oohh, shiny… kind of people.

I do not have a 'most hated' color. Well I do, but the pallet I don't like would be more for painting walls, not so much objects - I need to learn to expand my color horizons anyway! In case you are in dire need to know, its what I call the "70s classics" - olive green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, white and medium brown all together, ick (but like I said, I will deal as long as its not my wall painted in that group!) Hehe that kinda sounds like a challenge to send me your art of 70s wallpaper styles to make me change my mind. ^^

Favorite Crafts

Crochet! Stop by my flickr photos to check out my Amigurumi-style crochet! Plastic canvas (3D projects), working with clay (I love creating with clay!), basic beading, anything that lets me be creative and have fun!

Do you know how to make a biscornu? I've received one in a swap, and its wonderful - I can't wait to make my own! ^^

I have a sewing machine, but I have limited experience in using it successfully. =/

I love to bake and cook, it makes me happy to create something delicious, even if it isn't for me to enjoy!

I love all scrapbooking embellishments and paper, but I don’t really have a use for them. I have this little problem where I want them to be all pretty in their packaging and not be disturbed.


Like most people, I love sweets and snacks and candy and chocolate. I'm a milk chocolate fan, and I love Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate especially (also recently Hershey's 35% Cacao reserve products are really nice too) I'd rather spend the money to get a nice bar for myself than suffer through bad chocolate, but I don’t seem to follow through with that statement very well!

I wish the US sold candies/snacks with little toys (like Kinder Eggs, or Asian snacks) along with the treat, I love those kind of snacks - or do I love the tiny toys and charms? Definitely both!

I like tea in my tea, and do not enjoy herbal blends. I tried, I really did! I drink my hot tea straight with probably too much sugar, and I like the scent of a nice tea before it is brewed as much as I like to drink it; long sniff ahhh. A swapper sent me a box of oolong tea, and its definitely my favorite tea flavor! Yum!

Bad Food =(

Some food themes I do not enjoy are dark or white chocolate (but I like the in-between!), artificial cinnamon flavor, fake grape flavor, black licorice/anise, and anything spicy (hot, burning, ouchie type) in general. I don't enjoy tea with dominant cinnamon notes, or herbal blends.

I think I hate banana chips too, but maybe its the preservatives stuck in them, I bet natural ones are wonderful. ^^

I also can not use items with Splenda (sucralose) as an ingredient, especially for drink mixes. This and most other sugar substitutes do not agree with my stomach! It seems to be okay for most mints though.

I don't brew coffee at home, as I'd be the only one to drink it (with too much sugar and cream to call it coffee anymore!); so if you send some, I'll have to swap it forward, or pass it on at work. Same applies to anything else in this section, if I'm not into it, I'll pass it in, so don't sweat it!

What else don't you like?

For themes, I'm not interested in 'country-style' with geese and ribbons, or Victorian-themed imagery.

I do not wear makeup, but lip gloss/balm is wonderful, even with a tint of color. ;)

Currently I cannot use any candles, so save your money, they're heavy to ship!

I love relaxation stuff, but generally do not take baths. I'm a shower kind of gal! ;)

My sweetie is extremely sensitive to eucalyptus scents, and I do not enjoy patchouli, sandalwood, musk, or cedar scented items.

I love cats, but I'm a bit allergic to them! Nothing severe, but if fabric or fiber is going into a project that may be near my face, just drop me some washing instructions! This also applies to items coming from households with smokers - washing instructions should be sufficient, I have a schensitive schniffer to such things! =)

Also I have a serious creepy-crawlie aversion; although I really enjoy learning about other cultures and customs, I can't deal with bugs or arachnids or worms or anything in that creepy-crawlie category. ew.


  • I'm always interested in learning about other cultures and customs; which doesn't have to mean a remote African tribe like that statement sounds to me, it can be regional even to US states! I've never been to Europe, so I love learning about the countries many of our ancestors traveled from to begin a new life. Just think, the US is only over 200 years old as a country...

  • Knit creations (I don't knit so it intrigues me!) For great example check out the knit stuff mentioned here.

  • I love little magnets! Bonus points for altered/ones you've created. Marble magnets rock; make me some! Okay okay I love magnets in general, even if they're made from taking apart a hard drive (ohh that's not one I'd recommend mailing, it'd never arrive!)

  • Asian themed snacks and goodies (no spicy please?)

  • Biscornu!

  • Felt Food, or any felt project, when I work with felt it always looks so sloppy! How do you make it so neat and clean? Maybe I need felt other than coming from walmart huh.

  • I ♡ Morsbags and reusable shopping bags. I think I'm addicted to getting the reusable ones from every place that sells them...or at least considering getting one! I like different colored ones (mostly dark green and black around here), and one grocery store here gives you 3 cents back for each one you use on each trip. We also use them for gear and audio cables so I can always use more. My goal is to bring in as few plastic bags into this apartment as possible.

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AmigurumiNymph rated for WORST ATC EVER! on Aug 1, 2009
kupkake rated for Zakka - Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Bag on Mar 19, 2009
Comment: WoW! Thank you so much for the cute sakura bag stuffed with buttons, I LOVE it! As for my amis....LOVE THEM! Thank you, thank you! Hugs n ♥'s 2 u! :)
cobaltgypsy rated for Spread Some Attic Love! on Feb 2, 2009
Comment: You are a true friend and a real sweetheart! I just love the peeps, tootsie pop drops (will try those for sure!), and the hearts!! OMG!! You sent me the amigurumi hearts!! They are now hanging in the window next to my computer. The G magnet (sounds like a hip-hop name, eh? LOL!) is on my craft cupboard next to my desk. And I'll certainly use the tags and the yarn. Oh yeah, and I will most deffinately use those candles too! And I really like that you wrote me a letter, a "real" letter to go with it all. Thanks so very much for everything! {{hugs}} blessings, Gypsy
jukejan rated for WORST ATC EVER! on Nov 28, 2008
Comment: LOL you crack me up with the carebear "guts" and the oh-so-cute vampire cupcake photos on the ATCs, amazingly fun. thanks
Response: Hehe glad you are amused, the guts amused me wayyy too much not to share a giggle!
cobaltgypsy rated for Fantastic Fat Quarters on Nov 21, 2008
Comment: OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute little owls fabric!! And you sent 2!!! They are so cute!!! I'm already envisioning a tarot bag with one of them for my Gnomes Tarot deck! Soooo cute!! Thank you so very very much! blessings, Gypsy
Response: Hehehe I saw them and -had- to order them for you! I felt silly not seeing them in person so I thought 2 were appropriate in case they weren't exactly what I had in mind from the photos!
LINDA50 rated for Fantastic Fat Quarters on Nov 20, 2008
Comment: Wow, I love the colors and batiks. I am blown away! You are so generous! Your etsy seller did a good job and sent a card so I would know where they came from.
Response: Hehe I'm glad they brought smiles, I'm a sucker for a fabric sale, having worked previously in a craft store cutting fabric!
lace rated for REgawk & LACE ps on Oct 20, 2008
Comment: I LOVE THE monkey and pear it is sooooo adorable! I hope you like mine as much. Definalty one of my favorite swaps
MyRedUmbrella rated for Fast & Cheap Favorites Swap on Oct 14, 2008
Comment: I feel spoiled! Thank you so much for the swap! I LOVE the candy corn!!!!!! You made my day!
Response: Hehe, it was my pleasure, I had a blast creating the candy corn! The hardest part was waiting for the earrings to arrive so I could send them your way with my little creation! He's got a recycled fast food cup for a base, in case you were curious. ^^
lilkye rated for I want an elephant! (please) on Oct 8, 2008
Comment: AAAaaAAAaahhhh! I LOVE him! He's perfect...thank you so much! Heh....I don't want to take him out of the plastic bag...but I do, then I keep putting him back in, then taking him out to show him off. hehe Oh! Where on earth do you get peppermint tootsie pops??? Hey, if you can get more of those candies (especially the tootsie pops) I will definitely trade with (or buy them from) you!...LMK Hah...and the cocoas...great! Thank you Soooo much! This was a kick arse package :^D
Response: Heheh, I was sooo worried I was making this ugly elephant...but then when the pieces came together...tada! I must admit the peppermint tootsie pops are from last holiday season, but I'm still eating them away...so keep an eye out for them after the Fall! See what happens when its like .01 over into the next weight range? I have to make up that expense with candy! You're quite welcome. ^^
AmigurumiNymph rated for Free and Easy E-swap on Oct 3, 2008
Comment: I think my favorite dessert has just changed!! Five minute microwave chocolate cake. . . .Who'd have thought!! ^_^
Comment: Thank you so much for the great notecard and the even greater letter!!! We sound like 2 peas in a pod!!! You definitely need more than 2 tshirts for fulltime!!! And I love the recipe sites as well!!! Take care and thanks so much, you really made my day :)
Amandalee rated for Free and Easy E-swap on Sep 28, 2008
Comment: Cool links, I have already donated 300 grains of rice! (It really would be cool if that was true!) Hugs :)
stitchinwitch rated for Free and Easy E-swap on Sep 28, 2008
Comment: I love finnyknits. I needed that laugh today. Thanks for the great links many will make their way into my favourites too
kthanxbye rated for *make me something* on Aug 27, 2008
Comment: omg, thanx so much:) i love them all so much. and they arrived just in time:) thanx again:)
lace rated for Private trade with Rengawk & LD2SD on Aug 8, 2008
Comment: OMG I LOVED THEM SO MUCH it's funny me and my bf both squealed when we saw them. he says they are my best swap yet. I can't wait to swap for more :) so happy well yours is coming on the way I hope you like it and if there's any issues please contact me -merci!
Lunaria rated for Private tea swap R&L on Aug 4, 2008
Comment: Thank you Kristi! More bags for my collection!
Comment: Beautiful ATC's thank you so much.
Response: Wow they arrived already?! Awesome! Thanks!
Comment: Thankyou so much, Kristi, for all of the amazingly cool stuff you sent. I love it all, but I think my favourite thing is the amigurumi fortune cookie! We had so much fun looking through everything. The kids ate the popping candy as soon as they saw it! Thanks for a wonderful swap!
Response: Go international shipping! I'm so glad you all had fun! And see, I was worried the box wouldn't arrive. ;)
agonysdecay rated for Your etsy favourites on Jul 11, 2008
Comment: YEAH!!! You got this out so quickly!!! And you ordered from one of my FAVORITE SELLERS---porkchopshow!!!! I have ordered dozens of his items but never the pin!! Everything is radical as ever and I thank you sooo soooo much for picking these for me!! Did you buy an extra from his shop? The obscure labratory ones? Wowie!! You went above and beyond on this, thank you so, so much!!! ♥
Response: Holy fast shipping! I had to run to Etsy to play as soon as partners were assigned... and I secretly love dark and Gothic themes, so it was sooo fun. Then I couldn't -just- get the pin, and I loved the keys, and saw you could use the cutouts and combining shipping only makes sense...hehe. ;)
Comment: I love my cute cupcake. I can't decide if I should keep her or give her as a gift. Thank you so much!
Response: Hee that sounds like the good type of dilemma! You're quite welcome. =)

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Please look here blessings, Gypsy

Amandalee on Apr 4, 2010:


I hope you have a great Easter!

Amandalee on Dec 24, 2009:


cobaltgypsy on Apr 11, 2009:

{{hugs}} I read this by someone special in the Attic--once friends, ALWAYS friends. {{hugs}} I agree with it totally.

I will officially close the doors to the Attic on May 1st, nearly one year to the day of when the Attic opened as a private group space.

I'll see you all around though! And I hope that you'll all keep in touch with me too. :)

blessings, Gypsy

bbsporty on Mar 17, 2009:

YarnTails on Feb 22, 2009:

Hey Kris-it! Just stopping by to say hello. Have missed talking to you!

bbsporty on Feb 14, 2009:

giraffeandrabbti on Feb 3, 2009:

Thank you SO much for the two cupcakes - I've had so many people gush over them already! Thank you so much!!!! :) xx

cobaltgypsy on Feb 2, 2009:

thanks so much for the fantastic yellow/gold yarn!!! I love it! blessings, Gypsy

cobaltgypsy on Feb 2, 2009:

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