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About Me

Update 01/24/2017 It appears that I will need take a longer break from swapping. My father passed away on Christmas day and I am finding myself at a loss for dealing with things considering how I've been affected. I currently am late on one swap which requires me to write a piece of fiction. I will complete it but must make sure I'm of the proper mindset to do it. If I've learned anything from this it is to not take on swap projects that can be easily derailed by depression. My apologies to my partner.

Update 10/07/2017 I'm slowly getting back into swapping and keeping it down to no more than three swaps at a time as I'm currently participating in a fandom challenge and creating art to accompany someone's fan fiction. I'm also working on boosting my ratings to repair the damage done by my little depressive episode back in June and July.

I'm a postal worker, wife, and mother. I consider myself a fangirl of the actor Misha Collins. I also like to collect pop culture tee shirts. I'm a supporter of RandomActs.org. I enjoy meeting new people and I'm an avid reader of fanfiction.

I absolutely love people who get excited about and are fans of things. Everyone should be a fan of something. Which is why I agreed to help transcribe interviews for my friend when she told me she was working on: Squee the Fangirl Documentary

It's just now starting to hit the festival circuit!

Oh so much to tell, but I'm not sure what lol. Talking about myself is not my strong suit.

I love letter writing and think it is a lost art. I actually am actively working to encourage children to embrace letter writing. My son's elementary school has a 4th grade post office. During that segment of learning the children are taught about how to properly address and write letters as well as how the postal system works. Last year as part of my Endure 4 Kindness event with Random Acts I created stationary kits for the 259 students in the fourth and fifth grade classes to encourage them to write. I'm hoping to do the same again this year. Hopefully I will be able to get some grants to help with the endeavor!

I have a BA in history, although I have long forgotten more than I have ever learned. Despite having no use for my degree, I still use my academic writing skills in helping fanfiction writers with ideas and editing help.

I enjoy doing things just for the sake of making other people happy. One summer I mailed magazines to people internationally who were unable to find them in their own countries. Apparently the magazine was only published and available in the US. I had to share the love since the cover article was about Misha Collins who epitomizes acts of kindness. It seemed like the right thing to do.

I promise to rate.

Favorite Television

I am a Supernatural fangirl. So much so that I have attended fan conventions for the show. I am a Destiel shipper. It's my weakness. I have a soft spot for the pairing and didn't ship anything else in any other fandom, although I'll read just about anything or pairing if it's well done. I'm always on the lookout for fan art for Supernatural in general and my favorite ship! I have a love for a great many characters on the show. Dean, Castiel, Sam, Crowley, Bobby, Chuck, Gabriel, and Benny are all loved. I like the strong female characters the show has had Ellen, Jo, Charlie (god I miss her), Jody Mills, Donna Hanscom, and even Meg version two and Rowena. Fan art of thsee folks will be cherished and greatly appreciated.

I am also fond of Doctor Who, although I have not kept up with the newer seasons. Christopher Eccleston as far as I'm concerned was an underappreciated actor. He's by far my favorite doctor of the new series.

Constantine was an excellent if short lived show. It was one of my absolute favorites and I was devastated when it was not renewed for more episodes.

Mr. Robot has me pining away for the following season. Why oh why must I be forced to wait.

It takes a lot for a television show to make me want to tune in every week. These are the only ones in years that made me want to devote the time.

I'm definitely a fan of the original Star Trek and Star Trek the Next Generation franchises but not fond of the others except the new movies. I liked all of the characters on the old trek and my favorites on Next Gen are Riker and Picard. I also love red shirt gallows humor. The enterprise and federation insignia are iconic and always enjoyed.

Favorite Crafts

Loom knitting is my current hobby, though admittedly I am fickle when it comes to craft work. I like to dabble and try my hand at different things. I have cross stitched, scrapbooked ,sewn quilt tops, but nothing holds my interest for long. I swear I have the attention span of a humming bird. Lol

Currently I am trying my hand at ATCs. I really enjoy seeing other people's artwork so ATCs and sketches are always appreciated.

I have recently acquired a set of pigment pens and alcohol markers and am making sure to practice my art everyday. I mostly sign up for ATC swaps now so I can force myself to practice. The only problem is sometimes I fall in love with a piece and then it's like giving away one of my children.

Other recent activities include making and canning apple butter! yum

I have received my first 3 rating. It was justified as I was late and unable to read the required 10 books over the summer. I did however notify my partner of the situation over the summer with my husband's emergency surgery and subsequent hospitalization. It's regrettable, but reading was the last thing on my mind during such a stressful time.

If you have sent something and I have not rated please let me know. I do my best to rate immediately. Occasionally life gets in the way and I may slip up and forget

Favorite Books

I'm fond of young adult fiction because I like the story. Sometimes I find in adult lit that the subject matter is too serious and lacks the wonder of a good story often found in young adult fare.

Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials is a classic in my eyes, as are C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia and Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy. I like stories that make you question and think, but also appreciate ones that address important issues with wit and dry humor, the works of Douglas Adams comes to mind. Hitchhiker's Guide is an unparalleled classic!

Nowadays I read so much fanfiction. There are so many creative people in the world. Let me read what you've written!

Likes and Dislikes

For swaps or other exchanges I enjoy the following things and other miscellaneous info:

Pin buttons


Stationary/note cards

Favorite candy is gummy cola bottles (only cola flavor)

Favorite holiday, valentine's day (I just love the hearts)

Macha (green tea) Pocky or Kit Kars are the best thing ever created!

I love coffee and have developed a Starbucks addiction.

Hot teas- I prefer mint, oolong, or green

I enjoy custom art and have taken to commissioning art to go with my fanfics,

Journals are appreciated as I'm hoping to take it up again

I like washi tape


bath and body works car air freshener refills

glycerin soaps

post cards

adult coloring pages

I am not Christian, but I do enjoy secular Christmas and gift giving.

Hanukkah items okay

Please don't send anything of a religious nature

Inspirational, spiritual, uplifting things without ties to organized religion are acceptable


Panj rated for Fill My Stocking - February on Jan 10, 2020
VASaint rated for T.I.T.S. Awful Erotica on Jan 24, 2018
Comment: My thoughts are with you❤
Fenix825 rated for Fill My Stocking - December on Jan 4, 2018
Comment: So sorry this is being rated late but my last rating never saved on here! I know that I rated when I got it, but the pesky bot ate it! Thanks so much for the journal you sent!!!
bluesky rated for Hanukkah Card Swap on Dec 16, 2017
Comment: thanks for the card and gift, happy hanukka :)
Comment: TY! Beautiful Work!
Christine6035 rated for Fill My Stocking - October on Nov 13, 2017
Comment: Thanks! Sorry for the late rating!
thequilterslink rated for CPG Halloween ATCs - US Only on Oct 26, 2017
Comment: Thanks!
auralily rated for Private Fandom Swap on Oct 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the stocking stuffers! It's getting harder and harder to wait but I'm going to try to save them for Christmas :)
Comment: Thanks so much... getting excited to see what everyone sent...December cant get here fast enough lol
Comment: My Slytherin ATC arrived and it is beautiful. I love that it is a collaborative effort. Thanks for not flaking and I can tell that you put some real effort in making this extra special since it went out late. THANK YOU!
Response: Item was mailed on July 29th. It should arrive any day now.
VAWM rated for Fandom Stocking #7: Wonder Woman on Aug 1, 2017
Comment: My swap was sent late. However, my partner communicated about the delay and I received a package within two days of the communication. Thank you for being clear about what was going on! I am waiting until Christmas to open, but I am sure I will love it.
Comment: Thank you. I'm saving for Christmas! I hope you are doing better, thanks for communicating about the swap.
CENDING rated for WIYM: Send 4 Swap -USA- on Jul 31, 2017
Comment: thank you. =)
urocyonfox rated for Video Game ATC on Jul 10, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the cute pacman atc, thats cool that you found an arcade!
Keruka rated for FF: DC ATC #5 - Aquaman on Jul 9, 2017
Comment: Sorry for the late rating! I love this ATC. Thanks so much :)
leonarasnick58 rated for Fill My Stocking - June on Jun 26, 2017
SamiE rated for ATC 2 - Free Themed #90 (USA) on Jun 21, 2017
Comment: I love hand drawn ATC's. (if I draw stick people, they come out really bad). Thanks so much.
Comment: Thank you for your swap. Since you communicated with me with apologies about sending a little late, and completed the swap within all other requirements, I am gonna give you a 5. I didn't think the slight late send itself warranted a 3. Happy swapping!

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jukejan on Jan 14, 2018:

I woud so appreciate it if you could rate me for the swap that I pm'ed and emailed you about. Thank you. I also hope that you are ok.

isabellasnow on Jan 10, 2018:


jamicam on Apr 10, 2017:

Thank you so much for angeling the sock swap! So nice of you :)

bluesky on Mar 12, 2017:

All arrived well :) thank you. Again, sorry my bad, that I made you worry.

Artfreak16 on Mar 10, 2017:

People will complain about your swap "The Ides of Trump" but don't let it stop you! That man is very ignorant and is only thinking about himself and his rich buddies. Have a great day. And I hope your swap and idea works :)

sabbysteg on Mar 9, 2017:

Illegitimi non carborundum! Don't let the bastards get you down!

DarkSkullMistress42 on Jan 26, 2017:

Thank you for the great goodies for the WTA in 1$ store addicts!

institches on Jan 25, 2017:

I just got a chance to open my gifts today. I want to thank you for the gift you sent to me for the Fill My Stocking - March Swap. Thank you for the notecards. I can always use them. Thanks again and thank you for joining the swap!

lou on Jan 13, 2017:

Happy Birthday month from WIYM group!

dgharris573 on Dec 25, 2016:

I am in love with the gorgeous earrings you sent for stocking stuffer a week 4. Very generous, thank you! Merry Christmas!

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