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Date Joined: September 10, 2008
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Birthday: July 30, 1980
Country: Philippines
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About Me

I am currently studying to be a Prosthetist and Orthotist. I'm a licensed Physical therapist and I just passed my nursing licensure exam.. I'm a true Chocoholic :) I have an MIRC channel on Dalnet called chocoholics, the topic is the channel pledge of allegiance: 'I pledge allegiance to chocolate, to all forms thereof and all flavor pairings insane or otherwise. I love my cat haphap and her ornery son Boo-blue and the alleycat Pus, whom my little sister is desperate to adopt. Wish I can convince our parents to let us adopt him.

Favorite Music

I have an eclectic taste in music. I love J-pop (utada hikaru,ripslyme. I love the Beatles, Tori Amos, Jason Mraz, Fiona Apple and a lot more. I have the annoying habit of playing my current favorite tune on a loop, which drives my sister insane.

Favorite Books

I enjoy books of all types as long as it is well written. I love Mercedes Lackey and I adore short story collections like Sword and Sorceress and Catfantastic(but it's difficult to get them locally)I collect old cookbooks (printed in the 70's etc). I have duct-taped copies of The Book of Lists due to over-reading. :) I also love science fiction. (Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Spider Robinson and Piers Anthony etc) I've also been looking for the copy of Prostho Plus by Piers Anthony that I misplaced, which I stole from my long suffering sister.

Favorite Movies

I like japanese films (shall we dansu, gakkoII, linda linda linda etc) and anime (12 kingdoms, my neighbour totoro) I like stephen chow, jet li and chow yun fat films.Like my music habit I also tend to be obsessive about films and watch them repeatedly , I've had my Grosse Pointe Blank Phase, my God of Gamblers phase etc.

I know it's a long shot but if anyone can burn and send me a copy of :

  • Gakko(1,2)

  • Shall we dansu(the original Japanese version not the Jlo one)

  • Linda,Linda, Linda

  • Run Lola Run

I would be eternally grateful.

Any film from your country (subtitled in English) would be appreciated :)

I love films I used to sneak off and cut class to watch film festivals,CineEuropa (European Film Festival), Eiga sai (Japanese Film Festival) etc etc.

Favorite Crafts

I love to cook!! I have a fairly extensive repertoire of viands but I gravitate towards baking..(cause I'd rather smell like butter and chocolate than onions) :) I am now deep into making bead accessories( helps keep me from devouring all the goodies my swap-friends have sent me, not that I'm complaining :) keep them coming om nom nom nom nom. ).

Favorite Television

I like Top Chef, Iron chef, Kitchen Nightmares, Hell's kitchen, Project runway etc. I enjoy House M.D., Numbers, CSI,Law and Order(svu, etc etc), Ugly Betty, Monk... I have often wished that Food network would develop smell-a -vision, although a teleporter link would be an even better feature.

wish list

-CHOCOLATE!!!!! :) (please pack them in ziploc bags or zipper baggies away from other items, so they won't bleed into the entire package if they melt :) thank you.)

  • rubber stamps(birds, butterflies, flowers,fairies, cats, monkeys) cartoony ones and super detailed ones are both nice :) Marine and Wildlife ones would be awesome..Inkadinkado ( https://www.inkadinkado.com/shop/pc/viewCategories.asp?pageStyle=h&ProdSort=0&page=11&idCategory=7 )

  • Looking for an Octopus rubber stamp ( cute and super detailed like these : http://bp1.blogger.com/jpVF-kjwsiI/R2iIOFZXvvI/AAAAAAAAAKo/ySg2HnCxp6k/s400/octopusStamp.jpg or http://www.iloverubberstamps.com/2fishwater/55octopus_lg.gif

  • I would like sea turtles and jellyfish rubber stamps too.

  • multicolor stamp pads

  • embossing powder

  • scrap booking stuff

  • beads

  • stickers

  • unique snack items

  • Haribo Gummies

  • sour candies

  • salty snacks

  • baking ingredients (sprinkles, edible glitter, recipes)

  • cookie cutters(monkey shaped dragonfly shaped etc)


  • Prostho plus

  • catfantastic.

Movies: Shall we Dansu, Linda, Linda Linda,and Gakko2.

Monkeys I like monkeys (stamps, stickers, everything monkey)

Oh and CHOCOLATE!!!!

Beading materials: - adhesive for pearls and crystals

  • perforated screen findings for earrings and rings, glass beads

  • closures.

Studio ghibli items - My Neighbour Totoro (rubber stamps etc.)

  • Sanrio items Kawaii stuff (stickers, rubber stamps, etc) I love anthropomorphic food :) especially desserts Nyanko stuff :)

Dentistry related stuff for my sis, like tooth shaped accessories or craft stuff.(http://www.girlzlyfe.com/catalog.php?item=47) elephant and sheep stuff would be appreciated too.

  • anything from AMD etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?userid=1443&order=§ionid=&page=4 especially the watermelon tourmaline rondelle, flourite, blue topaz, peridot, teardrop beads and the pink chalcedony. (Just tell me what you want in exchange... I love love the items there)

  • anything Martha Stewart

  • meyer glass glitter and clear glass beads

Favorite colors

Like music/movies/books. I obsess about colors in phases. I've had my black phase, purple phase, green phase, orange phase, pink phase, cream phase... I'm in my peacock colors phase right now.:) I'm pretty shade specific and I loathe neon. I like pastels and shades wherein there's barely any color saturation and I also like deeply saturated shades... I guess my color preference is mood dependent :).

Stuff sent to me that I loved

To all my lovely swap partners, thank you for making my life richer (my dentist too) and for making my weighing scale groan. :) These are items that my swap partners have sent that I absolutely loved:

  • Brach's cherry cordial nougat

  • Chase's Cherry mash

  • m&m's Premiums Mint

  • m&m's Premiums Raspberry Almond

  • velvet creme popcorn

  • Sebastian fine filled chocolate

  • Elmer's Quality Chocolate

  • Turin Kahlua truffle

  • Cinnabon Cinnamon mousse pecan cluster

  • Piers Antony books

  • Butterfly stamps

  • Dragonfly stamp

  • uber cute Monkey stamp

  • Fairy stamp

  • assorted stamp pads

  • watermelon shaped and flavored gummy (miette)

Messages :)

Thank you for reading my super long profile, I hope it's not too broad or too limiting... If you think I need to make a few changes, just give me a shout out!! I have not figured out how to add pictures/graphics yet, but when I do I'll try not to get over excited about it. Oh and one last thing... I'm going to quote another swapbot member: "If you like it, I'll like it" I'm looking forward to swapping with you all. :) Sigh I've been flaked on a Halloween goodies swap(was super looking forward to that) my partner is partially suspended and the swap organizer deleted her account. :(


SEMOkraftee rated for Halloween Goodie Bag Swap! on Nov 12, 2009
Comment: WOW!!! Thanks so much for all the goodies!! You did a great job. The snacks are all very different from the typical snacks I buy in the US. I really like all the little souvenir type items also. The large back is great and I love the orange organza bag. Thanks for the charms and embellishments also. I'm probably forgetting something, because you sent so much. What a fun mail day!! Thank you!
Response: Please tell me what your fave snack items were :) I'm so glad you liked it, I hope the bag I decorated arrived in one piece :) Thank you so much for your patience and understanding and I'm glad a was able to put a smile into your day :)
maroyau rated for I Can't Get That Here ! on Nov 11, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much - all the goodies are wonderful. My daughter was thrilled!! lol
Response: I really hope the dvds work and that your daughter enjoys them (I hope your son doesn't feel left out though, I tried to include male oriented items like the transformers and cars I hope he enjoys the snacks at least), please do tell me your fave snack item of the bunch and I hope I put a smile into your day! Thank you for patience and understanding.
Comment: Loved all the food and beads! The capiz shells were beautiful!
Comment: Oh, Xine, thank you so much. Your package arrived today and I Love it. I was surprised at the volume of items you sent. I hope you stayed within reason $$. It arrived in good condition but the box was compromised. I am getting concerned about your parcel. Please let me know as soon as you get it.
Comment: Oh yes, an extra special package
Comment: Thank you for the bracelet. I love it and the extras are really great.
Comment: Christine what a lovely package! It was so sweet of you to include locally made things...that always means a lot to me..I especially like the moonstone and rose quartz pieces. I ate the mango right away - yum! ♥
Comment: Tons of hearts for you!!! thank you so much for a wonderfully thoughtful and huge box of surprises. All the food looks so intriguing and I can't wait to try the durian!!! Mackenzie will love everything that you sent her, the bento box, candies, t-shirt(and me too!) pens and kawaii goodies. I hope that you receive your goodies soon and that you like them as much as I loved ours so we can swap again
kthanxbye rated for 10 USD snack swap on Apr 17, 2009
Comment: Wonderful swap. Thank you for all the different stuff. I have no idea what UBE is, but I love it:)
ChelelosGirl rated for Foreign foods on Apr 16, 2009
Comment: What an awesome package!!! It really made my day today, let me tell you - I can't wait to try it all! **just to update this - I wanted to tell you that we all loved everything you sent in this package - it was all SO good! my favorite were the cadies I think you called mangosteen - they tasted like one of my fave mexican candies, lol, but different flavors I think! Thanks again!
Comment: OMG Xine, I'm speechless... Loved everything you sent...You spoiled me so much!!! You sent nice postcards, great key chain and adorable magnets... your buck managed to buy a lot more than mine did =( but I hope you get my package soon and enjoy as much as I'm enjoying yours... I tried the Pillows and corn knots and loved them... can't wait to try the rest...thanks again for this amazing package! a lot of love and heart to you ^^
hanfmuk rated for Foreign foods on Apr 15, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful selection of goodies. I haven't tried any yet but I'll be sure to let you know which are my favourites once I have :)
Comment: Sorry it took so long to reply to you, I became ill just after your package arrived. But it's absolutely beautiful, I was so happy with it, thank you, especially the panda, he's adorable :) Thanks again for the lovely delivery, - Anna
Response: Thank you for the rating and the heart, hope you are feeling better.
Mochi rated for join my swap and receive goodies. on Mar 23, 2009
Comment: Amazing! I love all of my goodies and cansy (which me and my boyfriend are currently devouring!) Sorry, apparently I received your package last Thursday, but I went out of town so I just picked it up from the Post office. Thank you so much!
Response: Thank you for the heart and the rating, I'm glad you enjoyed the parcel, are you munching on the rilakkuma candy yet? :) I would love to know which item is your favorite. :)
craftymumof3 rated for Baking Swap on Mar 20, 2009
Comment: Wow!!! what a lovely package that arrived this morning. The children will have loads of fun with the tins and the cases. Thanks also for the extra bits they are scrummy
Response: I'm glad I brought a smile to your day, I would love to see piccies of the goodies you make using the contents of the parcel. I just couldn't resist the matching mini and regular cupcake liners.. soo cute in an Austin Powers sort of way... :) what treats did you love the best?
Kalimorgana rated for Favorite Color Swap #2 on Mar 20, 2009
Comment: OMG, just great! If I could have given you five hearts you'd have got them all! Good stuff comes in small packages. It was a little box, but I kept pulling things out of it. Just wonderful, the whole tables is covered with things :D. You made my day!
Response: Thank you for the heart, I am so glad you loved the package. I'm such a theme person, even after the swap was sent out I was still going hey that's lime, and that too!!!. I really love finding out that I've brought a smile to someone's day. Please do tell me your favorite item. And If you would like to participate in a private swap let me know. :) -xine
miia rated for Candy/Sweets swap! Newbies welcome! on Mar 18, 2009
Comment: WOW! :) :) Thank you so so much for everything you sent me! So much candies and sweets, those must be really delicious! And singing frog is cute! :) I put that cell phone charm frog to my phone already, so now it goes everywhere with me and reminds me about you, really nice swap partner! Thanks!! You made my day!
Response: I am so glad you loved the package. If you want to participate in a private swap, just let me know. I would love to know more about Finnish culture.
Comment: Christine, Thank you so much for a wonderful package!!!! I love everything!!! Lynnie
Response: Hi Lnynie, Glad to hear you liked the bead package, I would like to see how you used the beads and the closures etc.:) If you would like to participate in a private swap, let me know. -xine
Comment: This is by far the best swap package I have received since I started swapping! I didn't know what swap that this was for- I recommend labeling. It took it a long time to get here, I was expecting something around the 12th.
Response: I'm glad you liked the package:), I hope I can see what you did with the beads and closures:). Sorry it took a long time getting there. Thank you for the heart and the advice I am going to start labeling :) I used to try to include a little note with the details of the swap and stuff but I ran out of time. If you want to participate in a private swap let me know. :)
Comment: I loved this package! (So did my husband!) In the future, it would be helpful to write on the package or inside which swap it is for. :)
Response: Thank you for the heart :) I'm going to start labeling now or at least ensure I have a little note in or something, I used include a letter but I ran out of time, sorry. If you want to participate in a private swap let me know :)

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LINDA50 on Feb 27, 2010:

Would you please rate the person who flaked on you a one?


Thread you started in the public forums about being flaked on.

pandessa on Feb 27, 2010:

Sorry your package came all messed up. I ahd some ncie things in there! It took FOREVER to get there. You have to pay customs on it? That stinks!

SEMOkraftee on Nov 12, 2009:

Oh good grief! Just checking my rating comments and I meant to say "bag" not back. OOPS!!

freespirit66 on Sep 30, 2009:

Thank you so much for the wonderful assortment of goodies from the Philippines!! The books, food, and cute, colorful pony tail holders are all things that will make learning about world geography & the Philippines even more exciting for my daughters when I'm homeschooling them. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness!!

spinweaver on Sep 16, 2009:

Christine- thanks a MILLION for the wonderful Wishlist package you sent me for August!!! I love the craft mag in Japanese, I see a lot of things that I definitely will make. And I think the polvoron are delicious, also the ube wafers. I will use the tote bag a lot too! Thank you!

ManitoulinGirl on Aug 7, 2009:

Hi. There is an easy peasy postcard swap at the Island Chicks group. I hope that you can join us.

FibreJunky on Jul 31, 2009:

Happy Birthday!! (a day late...)

breccamerie on Jun 26, 2009:

I got a wonderful box of great snacks in the mail today! It was such a wonderful treat to share them with my boys. They were all wonderful! Thanks sooo much for your thoughful ness. We will enjoy them!

Franzi89X on May 11, 2009:

Hey, just read ur profile and thought i should leave a message :) I am a chocoholic too so have u ever tried german chocolate?

Ura Franzi

spinweaver on May 6, 2009:

Just so that everyone knows- Christine is an UBER SWAPPER! There is none better. You had better make yours really nice, because you'll feel outdone the minute you open the box from her. Thanks Christine, I love my goodies! -Wendy

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