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Date Joined: January 21, 2008
Last Online: March 4, 2018
Birthday: March 22
Country: United States
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About Me

Having lots of Dr visits, tests, health issues - PM me to reach me, I get email.

Please note: I have M.E. & it often disables me. If I'm late or do not login, thats why. Thanks for paying attention.

I live with my loving husband and animals in Colorado.
Anything nature and wildlife has the greatest importance outside of Family.

I'm traditional, pagan, old-fashioned, sometimes punk or silly, with a renaissance flair.

Things I do: political/environmental activist; artist, crafter, and seamstress; organic gardener; naturalist; astrologer; photography; weaving; writing; proactive about protecting the earths resources for all life on earth. I know this is a very detailed profile - I think its better this way then not knowing, especially after some of the swaps I've been in ♥♥♥ I RATE everyone - 5's & hearts for all who are attentive to my profile! I dont need extras - they are a waste of resources unless its something we love. People who receive a package from me and do not rate had better have a darn good excuse! Im a complete stranger putting my heart and soul into something for you...I expect a rating and response!

The purpose of swapping is to enjoy something in life, and share talents, skills and loves with each other, build community, and be kind to each other...Im not here to collect or accrue material items.

Im here for the soul of it all.


what I pledged

PLEASE DON'T Send These Things

I am listing these first so my partners wont miss it

Please, out of consideration, No CHRISTIAN, PATRIOTIC, or Americana crafts - not a scrapbooker, but do assemblage- NO ATCs unless they are handpainted or handdrawn (prints ok)- Cheap plastic stuff or mass-produced Walmart stuff supports under-paid Chinese labor - - artificially flavored things - PINK or teeny bopper silly stuff - Anime/japanese animation art -Mass produced beauty products (like body shop) - artificial scents & ingredients give me migraines. THESE ITEMS WILL BE GIVEN AWAY or RECYCLED - please dont waste your postage - BE KIND to Mama Earth and dont support BIG BOX stores!


ALLERGIC TO: Wheat, Canola oil, CIGARETTE SMOKE, MSG (monosodium glutamate also known as 'yeast extract', torula yeast', 'autolyzed soy protein'...),Artificial sweeteners (except for xylitol) NO High FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP

Fav Actors & Movies..

{ I LOVE good movies} John Depp, Audrey Tautou, Kevin Spacey, Natalie Portman, Russell Crowe, Hugo Weaving, Susan Sarandon, Colin Firth, Catherine McCormack, Sir Ian McKellen, Renee Zellwiger, Daniel Day-Lewis, Samuel L. Jackson - The Red Violin, The Piano, The Shipping News, Amelie, Secret of Roan Inish, Lord of the Rings, Chocolat, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, V for Vendetta, A Beautiful Mind, Dangerous Beauty, Blue, Rouge, Blanc, Jane Austen and Dickens movies, Miss Potter, Off The Map, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Bridget Jones movies

Favorite Crafts

Weaving, Astrology, pottery, painting, gourmet & international cooking, Mead-making, using natural & recycled items in crafts, sewing clothing, jewelry, experimenting with new art mediums of almost any kind, etc.

*Favorite Materials: * rich silks, linen, velvets. Alpaca yarn or other natural fibers-hemp or homespun. I love real stone & gemstone beads...my worst obsessions- - I have enough fabric to probably start a small store, but I hang onto it like gold! You can view some of my creations on facebook.


My husband The Earth The animals ORGANIC (no pesticides, NON-GMO) ECO & GREEN Items FAIR TRADE or LOCALLY Made items

  • Renaissance or Fantasy;
  • nature or wildlife
  • mystical nature items
  • Green Man, Goddesses, and pagan deities

  • Mythology

  • the seasons
  • thunderstorms
  • wild weather
  • wandering aimlessly in the wilderness....

The old ways:Beltane, Mabon, Samhain, Yule, Ostara

Miniature, realistic animals made of stone, metals, ceramic, etc - I've collected them all my life

SCOTLAND, The Mediterranean, and ancient cities...Celtic, Native American & Gypsy art & culture including tricksters, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Kabbalah - cultural & religious items from other cultures, Saints & Angels & Realistic fairies

Dalai Lama, Gandhi - peace, REAL Hippie culture, the Rainbow Family of Living Light

useful items for gardening & kitchen. native flowers & veggie seeds

classical art, literature & theatre: Rembrandt, Shakespeare, Lord Byron, JRR Tolkien, Tennessee Williams, Vermeer, Da Vinci, Renoir, Wordsworth, Bougerou, Waterhouse, etc! Fine art makes me VERY happy. I love new art - unique, new artists make me smile and are thought-provoking


  • Dark vibrant blood red
  • shades of green found in nature
  • peacock feathers
  • opalescents
  • Jewel tones
  • Tapestry colors
  • Sunflower & wildflower colors

Rainbows emerging from darkness,

Dont care for these COLORS/combos: bright pastels, red white and blue, camo, white, lime green or pinks by themselves candy or neons colors

Favorite FoodsJapanese, Ethiopian, Mediterranean & Vietnamese foods - umeboshi plums, natural turkey jerky, seaweed chips, cookies, gummies, jelly bellys, marzipan, handmade toffee, good chocolate, gluten free licorice

Fragrance-wise: essential oils, period.(some BPALs are ok) Herbal, earthy, green, rooty, spicy scents - like real fir, real cedar, vetivert, juniper, nutmeg, ginger, & bergamot, orris, clove, orange, patchouli, rum, white musk, sandlewood

Wishing for: - Trilocka Chakra incense - new BPAL imps - Fred Soll Incense - yarn winder - local honey - gemstone & swarovski crystal beads - flower bulbs - pro body paints (Wolfe, Paradise, Kryolan, etc) - gluten-free red licorice :) - M.A.C. pigments (any amount) - Book 2 & 3 of Tad Williams' Shadowmarch series - items from my Fav Nature items list - healthy gluten free baking/cooking mixes - body glitter - tie-dye tee's (min. XL)

Favorite Nature items, Animals

Trees of ALL kinds. Favorite stones: kunzite, moonstone, pietersite, larimer, amber, jet, eudialyte, obsidian, garnet, rose quartz Plants: holly, ivy, ferns, moss, hemp, mushrooms of ALL kinds, gardenias, poppies, lilacs, butterfly plants, narcissus, bearded irises, fleabane, heather, chamomile, pansies Animals: Foxes!, mice, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, meerkats, snakes, bears (not teddy bears), wolves, coyotes, ravens, crows, songbirds, hummingbirds, nuthatches, woodpeckers, flickers, antelope, frogs, otters, beavers, raccoons, prairie dogs, skunks, ETC! Insects: Butterflies, Bees, Beetles, jumping spiders, snails, earthworms, ants, crickets, caterpillars, dragonflies

Favorite Music

Loreena McKennitt, Led Zeppelin, John Denver, Old tyme Blue grass; The Sephardic Experience, East-West ensemble; RUSH (!), 80's Boy george; Queen; my Dad's folk music, extremely dramatic classical music, worlds music, deep soul blues (Muddy waters, etc), Ella Fitz, Lesser known 1968-71 classic rock tunes 'specially ones about change, peace, love, Broadway showtunes, Native American drumming and flute, animal sounds, ocean, many others.

Favorite Books

Fantasy and non fiction: nonfiction: nature, science, theology, spiritual beliefs, cooking, metaphysics. Fantasy: JRR Tolkien, Tad Williams, Stephen R Donaldson, Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, Anne Rice, Tom Robbins Also: Little Women series, Herman Hesse, Anne of Green Gables and Brothers Grimm tales.

Causes I support WHOLE-hearted

  • Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
    • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC by Robert Redford)
    • Defenders of Wildlife (America's Wolf Defense group)
    • BOYCOTTING CHINESE GOVT & PRODUCTS due to human torture akin to the Nazis
    • The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT - the # of continuous Chinese torture victims is staggering!!!)
    • Dennis Kucinich for President
    • Revolution in America
    • World Peace
    • The right for all humans to marry whoever they wish to!
    • The right for Women to CHOOSE what happens to their bodies!
    • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA - stop laboratory torture of animals so we can wear cosmetics! - If you love PETS, why allow torture?)
    • Zero Population Growth!


Shadowspun rated for Totem animals on Nov 9, 2011
Comment: I love all the stuff I got, now I just have to decide what to do with all the fabric!
Response: Oh! Well I just figured you would be making yourself your own personal mini totem animal quilt - that was kind of why I sent you the fabric anyways :)
patumma rated for It Ain't Easy Beading Green on Sep 20, 2011
Comment: Thank you for choosing such beautiful beads especially for me!!! I love them all, especially the butterflies. I cant wait to make something awesome! Pat
daydrifter rated for Elven emblem/heraldry design on May 11, 2011
Comment: Guess what? I got the package today, yay! Thank you for hosting this interesting and fun swap! And thank you for illustrating an emblem for me, it's beautiful! Also thanks for the extra stuff, think I may try some when I need to relax. :)
Response: Im so glad it arrived safely....and you like it.
Keaniebean rated for Finest Incense swap on May 10, 2011
Comment: Thank you for your fantastic incenses and I LOVE the bear on the postcard. I think I might die of fright if I saw him in my back garden,lol. Bright Blessings.xxx
Response: oh, im so glad they finally got there :) Enjoy! let me know your favs. About the bear - sometimes its a mama or a baby or a yearling cub...they are pretty unpredictable, but not aggressive except in the search for food. I should send you the pics I took last year in our yard...
CajunLady rated for Goddess Matchbox Shrine on May 4, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Gaia shrine!!
Response: Im glad you approve :) I love making them.
oreon rated for ETSY swap with me & Holly on Apr 11, 2011
Comment: You are the best around! I love swapping with you!
Comment: Thank you for the Nature-inspired Elements! I especially love the little cloth bags you sent them in! I could tell right away which bag held which element! and the peacock-inspired bits of yarn are a perfect representation of Spirit for me! :)
oreon rated for Re-Gift, Reuse & recycle Swap on Mar 1, 2011
Comment: Amazing package. I love it all...but especially the lavender & BPAL imps. Thank you so much!
Response: Im glad it pleased you -I could have added more, but wasn't sure when to stop! The handmade book in there was made for me by the Craftaholic (diana gonzalez - she is on facebook too) - I forgot to tell you that.
stuffbystephanie rated for $10 Witchy Esty Favs on Feb 20, 2011
Comment: Thank you SO MUCH!
tengu2 rated for New Year Incense on Jan 30, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the incense. I am going to use them this week in my morning prayers. As always a lovely swap.
tengu2 rated for It’s a Maiden thing on Jan 30, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the letter. It was very thoughtful and interesting. Thank you for making this swap very meaningful.
SylvanaWolfspaw rated for Elemental Santa on Dec 26, 2010
Comment: Thank you sooo much! You really went above and beyond! I love it all! The candle smells of sweet Yule and the incense is wonderful! The oil burner is just....WOW! Thank you sooo much! Didn't open it until yesterday as it was under the tree ;)
tengu2 rated for A Kitchen Witch Magic Brew Swap- on Dec 13, 2010
Comment: Thank you so much for a wonderful swap. My husband was very excited about the dark chocolate and we are sharing it tonight in front of Yule tree. Your recipe is going into the coven cookbook file. Thank you
Sunflower4Mowse rated for Art Doll/Dotee swap on Nov 26, 2010
Comment: The Winter Bird Crone was the perfect creation. We feed thousands of birds all year long. We make an extra effort in the winter though. We made her a special place in our curio cabinet where she may bless our many trips to the feeders. Thank you so much.
Response: I'm so glad she found the perfect home - you sound like our house - we spend a lot on bird food for the little critters. But we love seeing them too - and especially when the temps are subzero and we would surely die from exposure, I wonder how they survive...I got a book called Winter World by Bernd heinrich that is all about animals surviving.
wildwestgal rated for You crafty, crafty little witch on Sep 30, 2010
Comment: Receiving your box and it's contents was a bright light in a dark time for me. I can't Thank You enough, everything is beautiful and thoughtful. I absolutly love the bracelet and earrings and they are my new favorites. Again Thank You
TheCraftaholic rated for Your Favorite book on Peace! on Sep 16, 2010
Comment: Thanks so much! :D
halcigone rated for Picture Peace PC Project on Sep 13, 2010
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card - absolutely beautiful. I'd love to visit Nepal someday and see it in person.
oreon rated for Secret Book on Jul 18, 2010
Comment: Absolutely gorgeous! I love this book & the extras were so nice! Thank you soooo much!
Response: Oh good - I'm so glad. :)
BigHillGoddess rated for Witches Herb Garden on Jul 8, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the lovely package. Was worth the wait. I love the painted plant markers!

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Happy belated birthday!

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