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FaveCrafts Valentine's Card Swap 2

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FaveCrafts Valentine's Card Swap 2
Swap Coordinator:FaveCrafts (contact)
Swap categories: Crafts  Letters & Writing  Card Making 
Number of people in swap:318
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:February 1, 2012
Date items must be sent by:February 11, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

Last year we hosted a Valentine's Day card swap for FaveCrafts readers, and it was such a big hit, we decided to do it again! Get your crafty juices flowing again this year by making and swapping a homemade Valentine with your partner. Cards can be designed and made however you want, as long as they're homemade. This means die-cutting, sewing, photo-shopping, glitter, etc. You'll be assigned one partner to send to, and one person will be assigned to send to you.

Happy swapping, and Happy Valentine's Day!


KarlaKC 01/12/2012 #

I never received a card for last year's swap, but I'll try again, 'cause I just love Valentine's Day and making cards!

khstarr10 01/15/2012 #

I love Valentine's Day! I love to make Crafts of all kinds & especially for Valentine's Day! I can't wait to see what I get. I hope my Swap Friend/Partner likes the one I send out.This should be a lot Fun! : D

suz59330 01/16/2012 #

I love swaps! I'm going to put on my thinking cap now to come up with something fun! :)

AbiiWindsong 01/16/2012 #

I've never sent anyone a Valentine's Card before so I decided this would be a nice change.

coolbaker5 01/16/2012 #

How can it be Category 2 - Flat Mail - when you are creating a card. It should be Category 3

turtlelady45 01/17/2012 #

It's a type 2...creating something has nothing to do with the type of swap...it is flat mail...ATCs & handmade PCs are created but considered type 2. Hope this helps.

user6937 01/17/2012 #

@turtlelady45 I disagree. if you look at the category people put ATC's, cards and even homemade postcards under, we definitely consider them a craft and NOT flat mail. A penpal type of swap is flat mail. Anything that takes time to create is a craft. I know that a letter can take time to do, but it's isn't the same as creating a piece of art.

nosboh99 01/17/2012 #

My first swap on swap-bot! Years ago I was in a magnet swap but couldn't find anymore. So glad I found swap-bot today!

Amypamy 01/18/2012 #

This is my very first swap so I'm super excited to see what I can come up with and what I get in return! What's more fun than Valentines day cards!!

Itti 01/18/2012 #

Type 2 swaps are described as "Mail swaps that only require one or two postage stamps, like postcards, letters, and other postal mail swaps with little, to no, craft component."

and type 3:
Crafts and Packages - Any time-intensive craft swaps or swaps that must be mailed in a package. Most swaps will fall under this type. Anything sent in a box, bubble mailer, or large envelope is a Type 3.

ATCs are usually (in my experience) classified as type 3.

IMO you could make an argument for this being 2 or 3, depending on how important you think the craft component is and whether you think it is "time-intensive" or not. It's not automatically 2 because it's flat though.

FAQ that I quoted above

cardgal5 01/18/2012 #

This is my first swap, so I'm SUPER excited to see what I get in return and hope that who get's mine willl like it also.

MoodyBluebyKimC 01/18/2012 #

I have never heard of swap bot! This will be the first swap for me. Hello all, this should be fun.

jenniferrussell09 01/19/2012 #

This will be my first swap too! Can't wait to send out a card I made and to see what mine will look like!

whytewillow 01/20/2012 #

whytewillow, YAY...at last some crafty partners...I can't wait to swap. Hello All!

CbFlynn 01/20/2012 #

I used to participate in swaps but retired for a while, looking forward to sharing my Valentine inspirations in this swap!

TereDiane1954 01/20/2012 #

I want to join, but there is no place to click "join" This would be so fun, and I love meeting new people. Can someone help me out?

adriana1318 01/21/2012 #

This sounds like fun! This will be my first swap... Can people give some of ideas of what to do??? Im not as creative as I used to be...

junior88 01/21/2012 #

How long before you are assigned a partner? Excited being this is my first time.

cguls 01/21/2012 #

last year it was three card partners and i got three very nice responses. why only 1 this year?

pearlswithplaid 01/21/2012 #

I think my sign up was successful. But I am excited. This is my first swap ever, so I'm nervous and excited. I already know what I'm going to make.

TereDiane1954 01/21/2012 #

I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only new person on here. I, too, have never heard of a swap bot before, so I think this will be tons of fun! Can hardly wait to be assigned a partner. :)

hlwolfe72 01/22/2012 #

This will be my first swap using swapbot. I think this will be great fun and interesting to see what I can come up with (since I usually crochet or knit) and to see what I get!

Looking forward to a great swap and possibly making some new friends along the way!

drbiffswife 01/22/2012 #

Hi Everyone! This is my first time in the Valentine swap or any kind of craft swap. I am excited about swapping Valentine Cards with you all- When do we get assigned partner(s)? Can't wait to get started!!!!

TereDiane1954 01/22/2012 #

This is just a guess...maybe we will be assigned partners the day after the signup deadline? I'm looking forward to this; it will be so fun!

CardsZania 01/22/2012 #

Just discovered Swap-Bot and am excited about participating in the Valentine's Swap .... Thanks to whomever is organizing this ... Should be lots of fun!!!

CardsZania 01/22/2012 #

To Cguls ... If u check out the "Top Fav Swaps" the three valentine swap is listed there!!!

Aussiekez 01/23/2012 #

Oh my gosh, it's my very first swap and am so excited about sending one of my valentine cards, can't wait until I get one back.This is fun.

ohmichelle 01/24/2012 #

So excited to do this! :-)

Shannoncollar 01/24/2012 #

So glad I opened this e-mail this morning.... looking forward to do it and exploring this site. I've been wanting to get into some kind swap.

franticstamper78 01/24/2012 #

...I am an ardent card swapper...got some confused when I read above all the argument about what is what....hope this turns out well after reading several of the comments above!!

franticstamper78 01/24/2012 #

P.S. Please explain in your "Type" what the different categories mean?

nyleve 01/25/2012 #

I'm confused about the TYPE also..is that referring to the amount of postage..isn't it just like mailing any card..?

Stasalynn 01/25/2012 #

I am new to swapping cards.... well crafts of any kind and cannot wait....

churlann 01/25/2012 #

I am looking forward to participating in the Valentine card swap. Have mine already to go. Just waiting for the name of the lucky person who will receive in.

churlann 01/25/2012 #

Is this a card that can be used for someone else (envelope and card unsigned) or is it addressed to the recipient.

jillshope 01/25/2012 #

This is my first swap ever! I hope I get someone who won't disappoint me! I'M SO PSYCHED!!!!!!!

soulfulartisan 01/25/2012 #

HELP I am new to this how do I find out the name and address of WHO I am sending my swap to????

gsleader2319 01/25/2012 #

So excited! Glad to see i'm not the only new person! Cant wait to see what I get!!

Darylene 01/25/2012 #

I am participating for the first time also. I got an email reminding me that I had signed up, but do not know who I should be sending to. Also, is there only one card required or might there be more? After the swap, will there be a place to upload pictures of the cards we received? I think that might be great to see all the wonderful creations!! Great idea, I hope this swap works and I get assigned a partner :)

jenntravels 01/25/2012 #

to whom do I send my card?

akrose22 01/25/2012 #

How do we know who to send the card to? Is this information sent to us and when? I am so excited to do this I can hardly wait!!! Yippy Skippy!!!!

Engelenvrouwtje 01/25/2012 #

I also signed in for the first time to participated for a swap and I'me very excited to see how everything is going to work. I am excited to make some thing concerning Valentine and I'me very curios to see what I'll get in return. I also ame waiting to know to ho I have to send my Valentine card but I think we still have to waith til the 1ste of february. When the swap is closed. Can't wait and see.

magicinker 01/25/2012 #

Hi,This is my first time ever to swap this way also..I LOVE this idea...Fun Fun-can't wait for the email to see who i get :>) Hurry Hurry !

khstarr10 01/25/2012 #

This will get my Creative juices flowing-Hope my partner likes my Homemade Card!This is the 1st swapI signed up for. But I signed up for 2 more! This is going to be a lot of Fun & we will meet Like-Minded People & make some New Friends! I'm looking forward to it.

AbiiWindsong 01/25/2012 #

who are we sending the card to?

NITTI 01/25/2012 #

This is the first time I have ever signed up for one of these swaps I am no professional by no means but try my best. hope whoever gets the one I make likes it and takes into consideration that I am an ametauer

pucho05241983 01/25/2012 #

To who do we send the card too

LubbyGirl 01/26/2012 #

How do I find out the person I'm supposed to send a card to?? My first time to do this, so I'm a bit lost...like a few others I see on here.

rosegirl77 01/26/2012 #

This is also my first time - never heard of a craft swap before. It says in the email home page that you will be emailed the name and address of the person to whom you should send your card, so I'm assuming that once the entry deadline has passed, we will get all this info. I'm a bit confused over the arguement about the type and category. Does it really matter? Maybe being new to this, I don't understand the importance of this. Can't wait to make my card and get one in return. I'd like to find how to submit a pic of a project to be shown on FaveCrafts' website. Have fun, everyone!

rosegirl77 01/26/2012 #

I have to correct myself: The instructions were on the FaveCrafts blog page, not the email home page. Sorry.

cwfshoppe329 01/26/2012 #

Hi everyone! I'm new to swapping also, but can't wait to share ideas and projects with everyone! This should be fun...

craftybarbie 01/26/2012 #

craftybarbie 01/26/12# I am so happy to be doing this. I am already with my card all I need is a person to mail it to. Can not wait to see what kind of card that I get back. Crafting is so much fun and so much fun to share it with other people. This is my first time so hope everything goes good.

ViviM 01/26/2012 #

I am also a newbie and I am so exited about the V's swap... I will work on my card tonight... What a lot of fun!!!

himere 01/26/2012 #

I can't wait I'm a newbie too

zilveti 01/26/2012 #

Actually my card will be sent from Brazil, that means I will post it until February 6th

khstarr10 01/27/2012 #

Hi Again. I just joined the Individually Wrapped Teabag Swap. Any 1 From Here Interested in That? Go see at SwapBot.

khstarr10 01/27/2012 #

Can't wait to get the Name of the person I'm Swapping Cards with. Glad to see so many newbies like me. Have Fun Everyone. : D

BlueberryLady 01/28/2012 #

Will be Fun to get creative with my Valentine... and make a Card for my Swap partner... this will be my first time on here... :)

mamacat2004 01/28/2012 #

I've never done a swap before but I love making things and this gets me thinking more "creatively". I think it's going to be a great lot of fun and I look forward to seeing the creativeness of others!

TLNorwood 01/28/2012 #

This is my first time I have ever participated in anything like this and I am bit excited about it...I love to make things and I hope whom ever I get will love what I create for them

Barb54 01/28/2012 #

hello, I have swap with another forum, but never with this group. SO I'm excited to be a part of it.. I'm soon going to be working on my V cards that I'll be swapping on the other forum I am on, and will have extra so might as well as do one more and get 1 more in my mail box.. It fun to get other things in the mail beside the ole same ole stuff. LOL

I have never heard of swap bot either. Has anyone ever had dealings with them.. I mean can anyone set up a swap bot if they belong to another group? Looking forward in learning about swap bot.. but more excited about getting another Vcard.. Before I became a widow I recieved one from my husband, but that stopped 2 yrs ago.. I'm ready to do some swapping Vcards with someone.. so why not you all.

strawberrymilkmade 01/29/2012 #

Oh, @Barb54 that is so sad... I'm sorry that he passed away. I'm spending a lonely Valentine's Day this year, too, so this will be a nice pick-me-up! It will be fun to make something new for someone else & really nice to see what arrives in the mail. <3

CAMILES 01/29/2012 #

I love to make all kinds of cards and receiving them too. It is so much fun to see what everyone else makes, The designs are so unique. I do a card swap once a month with a bunch of ladies. We learn a lot of new designs. It's so much fun.

CAMILES 01/29/2012 #

I love to make all kinds of cards and receiving them too. It is so much fun to see what everyone else makes, The designs are so unique. I do a card swap once a month with a bunch of ladies. We learn a lot of new designs. It's so much fun.

girlissuperfly 01/30/2012 #

I am Really Excited to Create a V-Day card and send it to someone I don't know but enjoys the same interest I do... CRAFTING!!! It's even More Exciting to receive a V-Day card. What a Great Idea. I'm rally going to have fun with this and I hope everyone else does too.

whytewillow 01/31/2012 #

Ok, so call me over zealous...my card is finished and waiting for a recipients name and addy. Can't wait to see some of the results. Posting a pic on FB after it gets mailed. YAY WHAT FUN!

JBromeling 01/31/2012 #

Am a newbie to this and quite nervous and excited. This is a bit out of my comfort zone as I usually make for family and friends. Do we sign the cards or leave them so the recipient (sp) can use?

steveskate 01/31/2012 #

I'm another newbie. Did a block swap on favecraft, enjoyed it so much I decided to go ahead and do this one.

whytewillow 02/ 1/2012 #

It is my understanding that the card you send is the same as if you were sending to someone you know, except you don't. I signed mine, but I suppose its not mandatory. I'm not making an envelope. The Co-ordinator will email us with a reminder once all the names have been swapped/selected, and we will have to log into our swap bot account to obtain the information for sending our card. If you don't obtain your recipients mailing info you will receive additional reminders until you do. Hope this helps, happy swapping!

queenannslace 02/ 1/2012 #

Hi all! I'm new here and very excited to be a part of swap bot. Valentine's day card swaparoo. Ive been a new member since 4 days ago and I still haven't been assigned a partner yet. I didn't find anything in FAQ about how long does it usually take to get a partner? It might be listed but I couldn't find it. Can someone help? Thank you

vixen 02/ 1/2012 #

At the top to the right you will see Partners You Send To.. Happy Crafting...

FranT 02/ 2/2012 #

it says NO for assigned partner. When do expect to find out who to send my card to?

gsleader2319 02/ 2/2012 #

My card is all ready to go, just waiting for my partner to be assigned. How exciting

Barbara46 02/ 2/2012 #

This is my first swapbot too. When do we get a name to send our card to?

sunflower8966 02/ 2/2012 #

This is my first swap and I am so excited .I just got my partner to send my card to I really hope she likes it:)

jshanses 02/ 2/2012 #

I ended up getting someone from Canada - I am from the US. This is my first swap, and I don't generally send any mail to Canada. Was hoping to just be able to drop it in the mailbox, but isn't there something extra that I'll need to do for Canadian mail? :0/

watermelonnani 02/ 2/2012 #

watermelonnani here.This is my first swap and I am excited to receive the name so I can get my card mailed. +:-)

LubbyGirl 02/ 2/2012 #

@jshanses - the only thing you need to do for Canada is make sure you have the correct postage if it's letter size. If it's anything else, you may need a customs form, which the Post Office will usually be glad to help you with if you're unfamiliar with them.

LubbyGirl 02/ 2/2012 #

no partner assigned yet...hope they haven't forgotten about me.

soulfulartisan 02/ 2/2012 #

I still have NO CLUE who I am supposed to send my card to. Wondering when I am going to be notified.

jshanses 02/ 2/2012 #

@LubbyGirl - thanks for the info!

mummumof6 02/ 2/2012 #

where do you find your partner?
Got an email saying to go here for the partner, but I can't find it!

gsleader2319 02/ 2/2012 #

@mummumof6 look in the top right hand side of the screen in the little yellow box, it will say "See the partners you send to" it will show the name, address and email of who you will be sending it to :=)

PeggyO 02/ 3/2012 #

When do we know the person to whom we are to send our Valentine card? How soon will we know and HOW?

mummumof6 02/ 3/2012 #

gsleader2319 Thanks soo much. Dah, I feel so dumb, but somebody will get a valentine now thanks so much

mamahuettl 02/ 3/2012 #

Sending mine out this morning! I am so excited to see what I will get! Hubby doesn't get me anything for Valentine's Day:(

Michele1025 02/ 3/2012 #

This is my first Swap I am doing so, I hope I do a good job for my Swap Partner.

whytewillow 02/ 3/2012 #

Mine is winging its way to my recipient...dropped at post office this AM. Hope she likes it. (fingers crossed)

cardgal5 02/ 3/2012 #

I just sent mine out this morning at the post office. Hope she likes it. I had so many to pick from to make. I'm excited to see what I get back.

PeggyO 02/ 3/2012 #

Do we sent a handmade card (that's clear), but do we sign it as a Valentine greeting to my swap partner OR do we send a Valentine card and envelope so she can use it to send to someone? I'm confused about that. Can anyone clarify for me? THANKS!

sixaguilars 02/ 4/2012 #

I signed mine as a Valentine to my swap partner. Not a blank one.

Engelenvrouwtje 02/ 4/2012 #

I'm so excited to make make first Valentine Swap card. It's the first time I send an Valentine card and also the first time I assist a Swap. This morning I've been to the shop to by some nice things to decorate my card. Tommorow I'm going to create my card so I can post it on Monday. I hope the card will arrive in time as I don't know how many time it takes to send a card from Belgium to USA. Does it has to be a blank card or can I wright my valentine wishes on the card? As Peggy0 i'm also a little bit confused. Can some one clarify this? Many thanks.

michell 02/ 4/2012 #

I hope i entered right. I am so excited on making a card swap this is my first time.

Barb54 02/ 4/2012 #

I saw something about getting a name, but when I went to that page, I couldnt' get in, now I can't find it.. I need my name.. help please. I do not want to leave the one I have empty nest..

cardgal5 02/ 6/2012 #

Barb54 if you sign in then look towards your left and you will see Dashboard click that, then you will se Archived click that, then Fave Crafts Valentine's card swap 2 will come up click on that, then towards your right you will see a yellow box in the box you will see 5 things to do it is the 2ND one that say's the partners you send to click on that. I hope this helped you. It looks hard but it really is easy.

cardgal5 02/ 6/2012 #

I was checking to see how many people sent out their cards and how many did not. You only have 6 days I hope everyone gets their cards out. It is not fair that you join something and then don't so it. Not fair to your partnrer not to get something when he or she sent their's out. There is a lot more who have not sent anything yet. so yes I'm worried. This is my first swap. I was upset when I saw I can only join 5 at a time. So Isent my second one out Sat. my first one went Friday and now I have to wait to see who my other one's go to. I have them ready to go just waiting for the names. So I don't forget they are sitting on my kitchen table.

Engelenvrouwtje 02/ 6/2012 #

I'v just been to the postoffice to post my Valentinecard. I hope it will arrive in time as I have to send it from Belgium. The postman told me I should count a week befor it will arive. Also I hope that my cart arrives in good shape. I did my best and I hope the reciever will like my cart.

Freegrl 02/ 6/2012 #

I haven't received a name yet to send my card to! It's finished and waiting!! Is there a way to check here if you have a partner or not?

Freegrl 02/ 6/2012 #

I figured it out, it's on it's way!!!

IrishRed 02/ 6/2012 #

Luckily I got someone who lives super close to me, I'm sure it's just coincidence. I can't wait to get mine--- if I do. I hear it's common that lots of participants don't actually participate. Best of Luck to you all! I hope you get some fantastic cards! :D

Barbara46 02/ 6/2012 #

I still cannot find the name of my swap partner. Where is it?

myartistry 02/ 6/2012 #

Barbara46 Look on the right side of your screen in the pale yellow box. then click on see the partner you send to, A popup box will open and that will have the info you need :)

PeggyO 02/ 6/2012 #

My card goes out Tuesday morning!

citygirl1107 02/ 6/2012 #

I can't seem to find my partner so I hope this will reach her. This is for [email protected] I received the Valentines Day card you made. I love it! You're very, very good at making cards and I appreciate the well wishes. I'm sure that whatever you receive from your partner will be as sweet and lovely as mine is.

Happy Valentines Day!

MsAmy 02/ 7/2012 #

My card went out today :)

cardgal5 02/ 7/2012 #

How can you find out who is suppose to send you something? There should be a way to check that.

Barb54 02/ 7/2012 #

I've still not received no name can some one please help me. who do I connect about this? HELP.. yes it is in caps for I need a Name. other wise my girl will not get one that doesn't make me happy.

Barb54 02/ 7/2012 #

ok after leaving my message I went alooking and saw below is a link to connect the admin which I have done.. to try to get a name.. it all that I know what to do.. so to anyone else that may not have received a name I would strongly suggest you do the same thing... let's hope we get a name.

racheljohnson 02/ 7/2012 #

You can find the name and address of the person who you are assigned to send a card to by clicking the "See the partners you send to" link in the upper right corner of this page in the yellow box.

To see who is assigned to send to you, click on "Rate your partners and coordinator."

You do NOT send to the same person that you receive from in most Swap-bot swaps.

LyndenMomof2 02/ 7/2012 #

Sent mine out today! With an extra goodie to boot! Hope you like it!

Engelenvrouwtje 02/ 8/2012 #

Just recieved my Valentine card. I'm so happy. This is the first time in my live that I recieved a Valentine card. I hope my card will arrive in time and that te reciever will like it. Is there somewhere a place where we can put a picture of te swap we just recieved? So everybody can see how my card looks like.

redsews 02/ 9/2012 #

I recieved my lovely card from Amy Croft! I'm hoing now to try and find her on here and thank her!

redsews 02/ 9/2012 #

I recieved my lovely card from Amy Croft! I'm hoing now to try and find her on here and thank her!

Prpldy 02/ 9/2012 #

Sent my card out today. Hope my partnet likes it.

FranT 02/ 9/2012 #

Sent mine out today with some extras:) ENJOY!

whytewillow 02/ 9/2012 #

Phooey, sent my card out as soon as I received my partner. I hope she liked it and will give me a good rating...I have yet to receive mine, but there's still time.

Barbara46 02/ 9/2012 #

Thank you myartistry. :) I did it.

Angelhands 02/10/2012 #

my card is sent to my partner, hope she likes it. This is a great way to meet new people.

zilveti 02/10/2012 #

Hi, I have just received a valentine's postcard from my swap pal, but I don't know to whom I have to send my postcard. Could anyone help me, pleaseeeeee?

zilveti 02/10/2012 #

Or should I send my postcard to the same partner?

zilveti 02/10/2012 #

That means, I haven't been assined.

adriana1318 02/10/2012 #

@ zilveti, on the top of this page there is a yellow box that says Swap member options and on there you have to click who to send to. It will give you the name and address of your partner. Valentines need to be mailed out by tomorrow... Hopefully this helps!!!

adriana1318 02/10/2012 #

I have sent out my card. I hope my partner likes it... I dont have too much creativity but I'm hoping that by joining these swaps they come out again... LOL Happy Valentines day to all!!!

Barb54 02/10/2012 #

I got my card, is there a way we can thank them beside here.. I wanted to thank her for the lovely handwritten note, beautiful card, etc. She is one that I wouldn't mind staying in touch with. Mine will be going on tomorrow... I had to put the finish touches on it today.. this has been fun.

rosegirl77 02/11/2012 #

Dropped my card in the mail last nite, so I hope it gets there in time. I wasn't sure if we were supposed to sign it or not, so I left it blank so she can use it it she'd like to. I love making my own cards and each last one I make is my favorite, LOL! Can't wait to find mine in the mail and see another creative idea. I live in FL and my card went to WA. It's kind of exciting to know that something I made went clear across the country. This was fun!

Aussiekez 02/11/2012 #

That was so much fun and waiting for my card from my swap mate is exciting. I'm in Florida and my card went o Arizona. Hope she enjoys it? Ok let's see what's to swap next..

steveskate 02/11/2012 #

well, finally sent the valentine out on the 9th. Enjoyed this swap. Am looking forward to receiving my card.

adriana1318 02/12/2012 #

I was so excited to receive my card in the mail today! It was awesome... Just waiting to see when my Swap Mate gets hers... This was so fun!!!

cardgal5 02/12/2012 #

There are still 104 people who have not yet sent their Valentine card out yet. Yesterday was the the card must be sent by.Just emeber the person who was suppose to receive one that did not becasue you did not send your's out. Think how they feel. That is not fair at all. I was very happy when I got mine. I'm still glowing about it. Thank you again Jill (drbiffswife).

yarnstore 02/12/2012 #

sent yesterday 11/02/2011

drgngirl 02/12/2012 #

Sent mine 2/10. Received mine from quilterinmotion. It was beautiful! Thanks so much!

bettyboop1935 02/12/2012 #

I received a notice that I havn't sent my valentie yet. Actually, I sent it way before the deadline and have actually been rated by my partner for it.

Beckyjl 02/12/2012 #

My card was sent over a week ago. I have not heard from my partner yet.

KatyLouWho 02/12/2012 #

Cargal5, I sent mine out more than a week ago. I'm sorry that I didn't click that I'd sent it here, this being my first swap. I had fun! Thank you so much for hosting this!

cottonwoodlindy 02/12/2012 #

I have clicked the "sent" button twice--once on the 9th or 10th when I sent the card and again today when the notice said I was late in sending. I was not late nor did I forget to click...today it actually still says-"Person you send to" It hasn't acknowledged me.........just sayin' :-)

zilveti 02/12/2012 #

Hi @adriana1318 Thanks for your precious help. I have just pressed the yellow button above and found out my Valentines pal. I have sent her an email warning her the postcard will arrive soon. Have you all swap pals a beautiful and wonderful Valentines day.

Barb54 02/13/2012 #

mine went out late, but I just email her to let her know.. I hope she will get the email.

franticstamper78 02/13/2012 #

...I have not recd my Valentine yet but there is still today & tomoro yet..holding out hope that I do receive one...might be the only one I get!!

maryg 02/13/2012 #

I received my cards last week. Thank you partner for sending them.

Awayfromthelight 02/14/2012 #

No Valentine on or before Valentine's day! I hope the mail is just late :)

Barb54 02/14/2012 #

was unaware we suppose to click on send vcard.. until I read my reminder.. so I just did it. Hope my Valentine partner as well as the one that send to me, had a wonderful day. One thing I learned is, the one I send to, gave her email.. I was able to connect her to let her know it would be late, yet was able to send her a Vcard email as well.. I didn't give mine nor the one that send to me give me one.. so it could be a good idea to give that email.

CMiller648 02/15/2012 #

hi all, i sent mine on the 11 but forgot to click on 'sent' - hope she gets it!

soulfulartisan 02/16/2012 #

This was my first craft swap and I sent my card off right aways with a little bonus goodie..but I still sadly have received NOTHING! :(

jhupp 02/16/2012 #

I want to apologize to my swap partner, but I never could find the name and address of the person I was supposed to swap with even though I received an email stating that I could find my swap partner's information in that email. How do I do find out who my swap partner is?

Prpldy 02/16/2012 #

jhupp: if you look at the top right in the tanish colored box you will see where it says your partner info or something to that sort. Hope that helps.

Prpldy 02/16/2012 #

I received my card today, thanks partner! :-)

Angelhands 02/17/2012 #

I would like to thank my partner for the lovely card. This was a lot of fun. Thanks

akrose22 02/17/2012 #

Really enjoyed doing this as I love to craft and enjoyed getting it off in the mail but sure wish I had received something in return as this was my first swap.

smalltownmama08 02/18/2012 #

I have to agree with akrose22 I also enjoyed doing this and was able to contact my sender to let her know when I sent mine. However I too did not get one in return and this was my first swap as well :(

cottonwoodlindy 02/18/2012 #

Thank you Stefania from Italy, your Valentine Postcard was wonderful! I put it in my keepsake box for the Italian stamps...how cool! Gram, I'm hoping you got my cards I sent to you??
Wishing everyone blue skies......

Kasue60 02/18/2012 #

I finally found my swap partner on the 15th of February and by the time I got to the store to get a card the were already gone..I picked up another card to send her and will be sending her a St. Patricks card.

Oh and I never recieved a card yet.

Darylene 02/19/2012 #

I was a little late in sending my card (from Canada to the U.S. Dianne surprised me with a wonderful rating. This is my first (I hope not the last swap of cards :) However, I did not get a card either. Thank you Dianne for the rating........Just as good as receiving a card. Admin, please keep us posted........Is there one for St. Patrick's Day? I have never made a St Pat's card and would look forward to doing one. Thanks Fave Crafts :)

Cheia 02/23/2012 #

I received my card today, the one I sent is still out there traveling .. sometimes it's just about waiting a little, I hope you who still couldn't receive cards, will get them soon! :) And thank you Wafah for your nice card, I really love it!

Gianina 02/25/2012 #

Last tuesday,22 febr, I received my card from Shelley...is really nice,thank youuu!

Amypamy 02/25/2012 #

Thanks so much for making my first swap a great one cmiller648!! Happy valentines day!

nannajeanbjw 02/25/2012 #

It was a great Swap for me! Thanks

FranT 02/25/2012 #

Never got a card and my partner never made contact...first swap I am doing with swapbot so I was excited about this swap...oh well onto the next one:)

Darylene 02/25/2012 #

Thanks Deb for reading the comments here and emailing me when I said that my card had not arrived. Your email assured me that it was on its way. The card arrived a little late, but this time, it is a postal delay. Your concern that I indeed receive the card is indeed appreciated......Love the card and I am looking forward to the next swap :)

ncborn1967 02/25/2012 #

I got my card the other day!! Thanks Stephanie! I loved it. I would definitely do it again.

hlwolfe72 02/25/2012 #

I am in the same situation as @FranT I never got a card or any communication from my partner.

IrishRed 02/26/2012 #

My partner received my card & I got a very beautiful one in the mail as well. I am so excited! I'm gonna join some more swaps now =)

steveskate 02/26/2012 #

received my card last week. Thanks MJKWOLEK. I appreciated it a lot, as it was the only valentine I received this year.

sherig47 02/29/2012 #

Got my card very nice thanks. Not sure how to find her so I can send personal thank you.

rocketscience10 03/ 2/2012 #

Did not receive a valentine. However, I'm not upset because the person to whom I sent a valentine was pleased and that makes me happy!

sherheart 03/ 6/2012 #

Very disappointed! Still have not received a card from this swap.

sherheart 03/ 6/2012 #

Very disappointed! Still have not received a card from this swap.

CINDYAC 04/ 2/2012 #

I have yet to see my card also, very disapointing, as she has not responding, i rated her a '1' and will contact the coordinator.


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