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Leap Day Postcard Swap – International

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Swap Coordinator:hereiam (contact)
Swap categories: Postcards 
Number of people in swap:167
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:February 24, 2012
Date items must be sent by:February 29, 2012
Number of swap partners:1

This is sender’s choice. The rules are simple: Mail a postcard of your choice on Leap Day – Wednesday, February 29, 2012. Send one postcard to one person. Postcards should be sent naked*, stamped and written on. Write whatever you want but please be sure to put your name and the name of the swap somewhere on the postcard. Postcards should be store bought or commercially made. Please keep the cards family friendly.

Partners will be assigned a few days before Leap Day so that you can get your Postcard ready prior to Leap Day and then run it by the Post Office on the big day. Just remember that the post card should be post marked on 2-29-12. This swap is open internationally (29-2-12). Newbies are welcome. No recent unresolved low ratings. I will angel but, obviously, the angelled postcard will have a later post date. :-)

*For the newbies: Naked means not in an envelope.

Update: For those swappers that do not have access to hand stamped cancelling at the post office, the sister swap to this one is here: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/112906?new=1


susieq11 01/20/2012 #

I have to join! I am getting married that day ,lol! (right across the street from the post office!!)

BassClarinetNerd 01/20/2012 #

Does the postcard somehow have to represent leap day, or is it just mailed on that day?

hereiam 01/20/2012 #

Susieq11 - Congratulations!! I have a picture in my mind of a beautiful woman in a long flowing white dress running across the street holding up a postcard. LOL!

BassClarinetNerd - No, the postcard does not have to represent leap day but it certainly can if you want it to.

susieq11 01/20/2012 #

Thank you! Ha ha! No white dress but I will run and get it hand -canceled!!

Margothecat 01/21/2012 #

I have a vntage card which actually IS a leap year's card for my partner!!

susieq11 01/21/2012 #

@Margothecat - really??!!

ColoradoKate 01/21/2012 #

I know not everyone will be able to get theirs hand canceled (do they even do that in some countries??), but I always love hand canceled items. :)

susieq11 01/21/2012 #

@ColoradoKate - I have seen swappers in US say their PO won't do it! Mine is always willing. I think if you dropped the postcard in the mail the night before or that day it should be postmarked on the 29th.

racheljohnson 01/24/2012 #

Hi - I just featured this swap on the Swap-bot blog here. Thanks for hosting a great swap!

rachelcdoyle 01/24/2012 #

I'm going to watch and then ask my PO next time I'm there if they'll hand cancel. I don't wanna risk a rating because my PO is slow!

rachelcdoyle 01/24/2012 #

My son is a leap year baby btw... was born Feb 29th at 1:12 am :)

rachelcdoyle 01/24/2012 #

I love your *for the newbies:... I had a very risque post card mailed to me once.. in an envelope because they took "naked" literally. It was a riot and I laughed til I cried. Ok, I'm done blowing your comments up now. :D

luvdmb36 01/26/2012 #

@rachelcdoyle O.M.G. Can't. Stop. Laughing!!!!!

I looked it up when I saw it for the first time just because I didn't want to make that mistake!!!

Itti 01/27/2012 #

Even though I know what it means, it still cracks me up when people put things like "Naked Valentine's Day Card" in their swap titles and no-one so much as blinks at it XD

I don't really know much about hand cancelling in the UK, if it's even possible or what a hand cancelled item looks like.

hereiam 01/27/2012 #

My research indicates that it is up to each individual post office to determine their policy on hand stamping mail. So, you will need to call you post office to find out. Hand stamping is not required for this swap, but a good idea. Here is a link with pictures showing the difference between hand stamped, a.k.a. hand cancelled, stamps and machined cancelled stamps: http://www.weddingbee.com/2008/03/11/theyre-off/

@Itti - I could not locate any information on the UK's policy. Let us know if you find anything out.

hereiam 01/27/2012 #

Oh, and I love the story about the naked post card!! Thanks rachelcdoyle. :-)

preslarb 01/27/2012 #

Nothing like living in a little town. The postmistress knows me when I come in and she gladly hand cancels all of my PCs!

ColoradoKate 01/28/2012 #

@hereiam That's a great link, although the claim that it's against USPS policy to hand cancel regular envelopes doesn't ring any bells with me... I'll ask next time I get a chance. I go to a very small PO myself, and everyone knows me by name. :)

My PO will hand cancel, but then it gets machine canceled too. You can pay extra to have your mail be deemed "non machinable" and hand-handled only.

craftybarbie 01/28/2012 #

craftybarbie I have signed up to do the post card swap and it is the 28th and I have not gotten any address or name of who to send mine too. Thank you

hereiam 01/28/2012 #

Craftybarbie - This swap is for next month on the 29th. :-) You will get your partner in February probably during the early morning hours of the 25th.

rachelcdoyle 01/29/2012 #

I asked my PO, they said they'll hand cancel in small quantities and since it's just a post card they'd be more than happy. VERY small PO... so yay!

DebR 02/ 2/2012 #

You can't get anything hand cancelled in the UK. Mail isn't cancelled at the post office but is taken to a sorting office and I think it is cancelled there allthough many postcards and envelopes manage to get through without getting cancelled at all.

iamamy 02/ 3/2012 #

what is the "angel"?

hereiam 02/ 3/2012 #

Iamamy - when someone flakes (does not send what she/he was supposed to for a swap), an angel is someone who sends the swap item in the flakers place. I hope that explaination makes sense. :-)

tizzicat 02/ 6/2012 #

Have signed up and fingers crossed the wonderful UK Royal Mail manages to a) not lose it, b) actually stampt the card and c) stamp the postcard on the correct day!

sorry in advance if my card arrives unstamped or the wrong day. I PROMISE I will send it on the right day.

khstarr10 02/ 6/2012 #

If I sign up-Can I mail it early; It doesn't have to be post marked ON the 29th does it? It would be safer to mail it the day before-as we are a very busy Post Office here & lot of times-(like today) I've gone in & there is such a long line -I have to go back; because I have other things to do & I really can't wait 20-30min. I went to the next town over today instead ,realizing it wasn't far & on my way to the library anyway& they had their window shut down -it was 1:45 & they weren't returning until 2:30pm. Needless to say,I wasn't happy-especially with the pressure to get things out on time. I do my best-but Life Does Happen & That's Out Of Our Hands! I had to wait at the library & had other errands to do as well,& missed it altogether today! Now I have to go back tomorrow,again. : (

hereiam 02/ 7/2012 #

Angeltea9 - Yes, if you sign up for this swap, you should do your best to get the postcard post marked on the 29th.

Tizzicat - I will keep my fingers crossed for you, too. :-)

Catiafr 02/ 8/2012 #

Hello, I'm from Portugal and I'm new around here. So I have to send a postcard chosen by me and send it in 29-02-2012, right? :p

hereiam 02/ 8/2012 #

Catiafr - yes, that is correct and welcome!!

abbyaguas 02/ 9/2012 #

Just am so excited for this swap.

papercaper 02/10/2012 #

Great swap idea - simple and fun! My local PO (in Australia) is small-medium in size. Pretty sure they'd hand cancel if I asked. Most people here are pretty nice except at this particular PO where morale seems a bit lacking.

khstarr10 02/10/2012 #

Thank You. I'm going to sign up then.

kittenred 02/10/2012 #

it's my boyfriend's birthday that day! :)

I don't normally join a swap without a rating requirement but am prepared to risk it this time!

ColoradoKate 02/12/2012 #

I don't mean to be a stick in the mud, but the swap is specifically for a Leap Day postcard. I'll be real - if "life happens" and I can't get my stuff in the mail on February 29. I'm prepared to suck it up and take a 3 rating. I think the DAY is the point. I hope everyone will have good luck at the post office, but if I wasn't 99% sure I could get to the post office that day, I wouldn't risk it!

rachelcdoyle 02/12/2012 #

I'm with @ColoradoKate There's a 99.9999999999999% chance I"ll be at the post office on the 29th but if my post card comes not dated for the 29th I'm gonna be "that person". I HATE rating under 5s and generally just "not rate" rather than "bad rate" but I really hope my partner gets it right. I know it's going to get Angeled but even angeled it won't be post marked for the 29th :(

audreydoll 02/15/2012 #

come on, how hard can it be to get the card to the PO that day (at least here in US) or in a box the day before. I live in a rural area and it aint that hard. I can even leave it for the postman. Hand canceling may be harder, but I'll make the effort. HAVE FUN EVERYONE!

jellytot 02/17/2012 #

Is it okay to get/make a Leap Year themed postcard?

Jenni612 02/17/2012 #

when will u be sending us our partners???

Jenni612 02/17/2012 #

and what is hand cancelling???

SandraEC 02/17/2012 #

My first time and I haven't yet had a name and address to send to. Will this come to me in time?

hereiam 02/17/2012 #

Jellytot - It is ok to get Leap Year themed postcards or have them professionally printed. It is sender's choice so you do not have to have a Leap Year themed PC. Also, no homemade cards for this swap.

Jenni612 - Hand cancelling is when you walk the postcard up to the counter in the post office and they cancel, aka hand stamp, the card in front of you with that days date. Not all post offices do this and it is the only way to truly ensure that the card is stamped on the correct date. The sister swap is less stressfull for those that don't have a PO willing to hand cancel. It is here: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/112906?new=1

SandraEC and Jenni612 - The partners will be assigned early on February 25th. Come back to this page then and you will see a link in the little yellow box up top that says, "See the partners you send to."

SandraEC 02/17/2012 #

I want to change to the non-hand cancelled swap as I am not sure they do hand cancelled in France. Thanks.

grammag 02/20/2012 #

Can I sign up more than once and get and send multiple cards?

hereiam 02/20/2012 #

Grammag - I really like your enthusiasm but the bot only allows you to sign up one time.

Nastasi 02/22/2012 #

They do hand-cancelling where I am (Southern Ontario, Canada). I'm really excited about this :)

ebs427 02/23/2012 #

My PO always hand cancels the envelopes I hand them. I actually know all the staff by name, but they seem to do it for everyone who hands them the mail (rather than putting it in the mailbox outside).

flippingmyfins 02/23/2012 #

how do i contact the swap coordinator i need some questions answered for this if possible :)

Itti 02/23/2012 #

I asked at the post office today, and they said it's not possible to stamp it in front of you. Apparently it can't be done in the UK.

I can 100% get it to the post office on that day, but I can't get them to stamp it in front of me. @hereiam you said that hand stamping is not required, is this still true?

I am willing to take a 3 if I mess up and don't get there at the right time, but don't want to be rated down if the post office by some fluke doesn't stamp it the same day (and I'm 99.9% certain they will, especially if I get it in the box the night before so they can get it as soon as they open). Can we have a clarification on how to rate, please?

sweetred35 02/23/2012 #

Can this postcard be handmade with our own unique design?

yolynda 02/23/2012 #

Question - can we make our own designs on a blank postcard (like mail art?) or does it have to be a commercially purchased postcard?

hereiam 02/23/2012 #

Flippingmyfins - you can click on my name and my profile will come up. Then you click on send message. Or, you can post your questions here.

Itti - You may want to join the sister swap that is more laid back about the stamped date. It was made for swappers just like you. It is here: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/112906

Sweetred35 and Yolynda - The postcards need to be bought from a store or professionally printed. No home printed/handmade postcards for this swap.

hereiam 02/24/2012 #

Today is the last day to sign up. Any Newbie that signs up today needs to have a well filled out profile or I will remove them from the swap. Nothing against new swappers. This is a simple requirement that shows good intentions.

I have already talked to most of the new swappers that signed up early through email. If you are new and responded to my email then you are good-to-go. :-)

Happy Swapping to All!!!

Itti 02/24/2012 #

I am aware of the other swap, but thank you.

Please could you answer my questions? :)

hereiam 02/24/2012 #

Hand stamping is not required for this swap.

Itti 02/24/2012 #

Can we have a clarification on how to rate, please? I think in such a large swap it would help to have things straight from the beginning.

zibbity 02/24/2012 #

So excited & just asked the post office if they would hand stamp & the nice lady behind the counter said "Yes they should & if they dont, come see me!"

cguls 02/25/2012 #

i am unalbe to get my leap year partners name and address. HELP PLEASE

cguls 02/25/2012 #

i am really new at this! how do i write a bit about myself for others to read and get to know aoout me?

hereiam 02/25/2012 #

Cguls - you are not alone. I have had a few emails requesting this same information. Look up at the top of this page. You will see a yellow box to the right of the swap title. One of the links says, "see the partners that you send to" - click on this to get the address of your partner. You will also see the link to click after you mail your PC. It says, "click here when you have mailed your items." The link that lets you rate your the person that sends you a PC is also there.

To change your profile - hover your curser over the word "Profile" that is just under the orange Swap-bot logo at the top of the page and the option to "edit profile" will appear. You may also click on "Profile" at the top of this page and you will see the option to "edit profile" by your username on your profile page.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more help. :)

CAMILES 02/25/2012 #

I think this is a neat idea to have a postcard stamped on Leap Year. I like getting postcards or cards from different parts of the USA or international. Lots of fun.

churlann 02/28/2012 #

I live in a rural area in PA. Both of the post offices near me are glad to hand cancel anytime. I'm headed there tomorrow with my postcard. Really excited to get mine. This is a great idea. Lets do it every year, well I guess that would be every 4. Ha ha.

operashly 02/28/2012 #

Ooh it's tomorrow!!!!

daffodilgirl 02/28/2012 #

I sent mine with a special minot afb, ND feb 29th postmark. I hope my partner will like it.

mmaloy 02/28/2012 #

Is there anyway to join up late for the leap day swap? Just found this site and joined. I would love to participate in this one.

hereiam 02/28/2012 #

Sorry mmaloy, to the best of my knowledge there is no way to join once partners are assigned.

FreddFudd 02/28/2012 #

Happy Leap Day from Oz - well, it is the 29th here today. PC sent!

hereiam 02/28/2012 #

It's started! It's started! Happy Leap Day Down Under!!!

sherig47 02/29/2012 #

OK some of u are asking why it would be hard to get to the PO if u work 12 hr days 7 am to 7 pm it is hard.

Seattlesgirl 02/29/2012 #

Happy Leap Day up above! lol :)

churlann 02/29/2012 #

Card in the mail today. But I noticed that some people mailed as early as the 25th and the 28th. Wasn't the idea to have it postmarked on the 29th as sort of a posterity thing. Anyway, I hope my partner is mailing today. Have a great Leap Day everyone.

rguldy 02/29/2012 #

Mailed by post card and my post office even hand stamped it for me, so excited for whomever will receive it. I hope they like it. Happy Leap Day!!!

hereiam 02/29/2012 #

churlann - you are right, the idea was to get the card postmarked on the 29th. I do not know about those who mailed on the 25th. I did send out an email reminding everyone to mail on the 29th. As for the 28th, I know those that mailed on the other side of the world were mailing on the 29th even though it marked them as the 28th on here. They are just more advanced than us. :-O ;) :)

onyx95 02/29/2012 #

Got the PC in the mail and found out that by hand stamping at the PO not only does it get todays post mark, it is post marked from my actuall city instead of the nearest large city which is what it normally does :) bonus info for me today ~ Happy Leap Day all

yolynda 02/29/2012 #

Sent my postcard out this morning. Can you believe that they charged me $1.15 to hand cancel? I did it, & he stamped the card right in front of me, but really? Regardless, the hand stamp does look nicer.

cerenaleigh 02/29/2012 #

I'm in NY and the weather is AWFUL. The roads are covered in snow and ice.

Is there anyone who can send a PC to my partner that will be hand cancelled today?! I feel terrible and would hate for her not to get a LD postcard.I'll send you a bunch of goodies as a thank you and I will send her's tomorrow.

If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it so so so much!

Thank you so much!

hereiam 02/29/2012 #

I knew the post office could charge 20¢ extra for non-machinable letters that need hand stamped, but I really think he was wrong. I also thought postcards were excluded from the surcharge. I am still trying to find where it says that on the USPS website. I will send you the link when I find it.

PeggyO 02/29/2012 #

I just mailed my card to the UK and was able to get it hand-cancelled free even at a suburban Houston, Texas, post office!

hereiam 02/29/2012 #

cerenaleigh - I've got you covered, but this will be the last one that I can send for anyone because my PO closes in a few minutes. Gotta run and get yours stamped.

zibbity 02/29/2012 #

So totally enjoyed today's Hand stamping process. This post office is the nicest. I love living in a small-ish town. Hoping that I receive one as nicely stamped as mine was! Thank you for this swap!

freedak 02/29/2012 #

Sent mine out and got hand-cancelled today! Just wanted to post it in case my partner is as curious as I am ;-)

usatxswap 02/29/2012 #

Sent mine today! My first swap on swap-bot! :) Got it hand-cancelled.

ColoradoKate 02/29/2012 #

I warned my postal guy that I'd be looking for hand cancelling today - they never disappoint! He took his time to make my postcards look awesome (I sent my partner two because I'm terribly paranoid, lol!). Happy Leap Day, all!

lob 02/29/2012 #

I sent mine today, with a lovely hand cancellation from The Foothills p.o.

cerenaleigh 03/ 1/2012 #

I just wanted to say that the coordinator of this swap, @hereiam , is amazing. I was snowed in here in new york and was unable to get to the PO to get the PC post-marked. Luckily, @hereiam was constantly checking the swap forum and was able to send a PC out for my partner. She definitely deserves some stars!

ClumsyKisses 03/ 1/2012 #

I did post mine yesterday, but didn't click it, have done now.

Nastasi 03/ 1/2012 #

I got mine hand-cancelled too. They do it here for free, no problem whatsoever. You just have to mention that you need this particular piece of mail postmarked with today's date. I really hope my partner likes her card :)

PeggyO 03/ 3/2012 #

I do not understand how to correctly show that I have sent my PC on time. I thought I did that by posting here, but received an email that I have not done this correctly. PLEASE HELP!!!!! PeggyO

PeggyO 03/ 3/2012 #

PLEASE HELP--I SENT MY PC WITH A HAND CANCEL ON FEB. 29, but I received email that I have not shown that correctly, but I have no idea how to or what I need to do! I so DO NOT WANT a bad rating! PeggyO

PeggyO 03/ 3/2012 #

I thought that posting here meant I was completing my swap PC mailed on time. What have I done wrong? Someone, please help me!


hereiam 03/ 3/2012 #

Hi PeggyO. I only sent the email to let you know that marking your swap as sent is the next step in the Swap-bot process. I know that you sent your item on the 29th since you posted that here in the comments. You are going to make a GREAT swapper!!! I would partner with you any day. The final step in the swap process is to rate your partner when you receive the postcard sent to you. Please let me know if you have any questions about that. :-)

grammag 03/ 6/2012 #

When I took my PC to the post office, I even took a picture of them hand-canceling the stamp! I was so excited and the lady at the PO was really nice. I live in a small town and they are about as excited when I ship off a swap as I am!

PrincessButtercup 03/ 7/2012 #

I sent on time, just didn't click send. Sorry!

FreddFudd 03/13/2012 #

hereiam, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for such a great PC - too awesome and I love frogs - You Rock!!!! Cheers FreddFudd {:-D

p.s. Thanks for such a great day to swap on as well.

hereiam 03/14/2012 #

You are very welcome FreddFudd! I am happy that you enjoyed my card. :-)

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