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Ephemera GivAway TruckersTheme Ephermerishta Dream
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Number of people in swap:2
Location:Regional - United States
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:October 31, 2016
Date items must be sent by:November 13, 2016
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SENT 85 RAKS! AND NOT ONE MISAPPROPRIATED STAMP. LMAO. My husband is cleaning out his logbooks/truckers papers,etc.

He threw away a hugh bag of it long ago but I intercepted it.

That bag has been protected since. Deep, deep denial thats it is still sitting there.

But alas sweet, sweet denial comes to a end. We have a home inspection next week and the bag is now a bust.

Heres the gig: I will send anyone that is interested a enive 1oz of logbook pages, receipts (from around the country), etc free. I'll pay for a ounce.

  1. Just join the swap so I can get your addy.
    1. Afterwards , this swap will be deleted.

Feel free to feel me out and ask any questions.


Unfortunatley this wont work for INt'l friends unless youre willing to send me postage in advance. Im too brokey for Int'l. But it depends on your pocketbook.


babsohio 12/22/2015 #

I would love just one ounce please. My father drove truck until he retired. I wish I had kept some of his paperwork. Papercrafting wasn't a thing back then. Thanks for offering the goodie.

AZmom875 12/24/2015 #

I got mine too, thank you so much.

travelgirl 12/27/2015 #

Mish mash 1oz please! Thanks!

audio 12/27/2015 #

1oz mish mash! Thanks!!

whytewillow 12/29/2015 #

Oh for Pete sake, a R.A.K, is a good thing. Thanks for my goodies. It was kind of you to share.

chelle523 01/ 6/2016 #

Great idea @kittyhahahotbot !

racquelsgrandma 01/ 8/2016 #

Would love a mish mash!

WolfeLoveLady 01/ 8/2016 #

I would love some mish mash and may I send you anything in return

racquelsgrandma 01/ 8/2016 #

Earlier I said I wanted a mish mash. Is it too late to send in more stamps for more mish mash? And if not please send address. Thank-you very much.

Sherry71 01/14/2016 #

I'm here girly, your as crazy as I am lol I love it. Send me some, My dad was a truck driver for 53 year and now he just drives my mom crazy...

Gardenlizard 01/23/2016 #

Thank you for your generosity and good luck with the home inspection!

Saru007 01/25/2016 #

I'dlike some if you still have enough to go around! Thank you. :)

skinny52 01/29/2016 #

I've no idea what to expect but you are a sweetheart to do this...I look forward to being surprised!

crochetjunkie 02/ 3/2016 #

I'd love a couple ounces!!!

Geektarts 02/ 4/2016 #

If you still have enough I'd like an ounce! Thank you!

dannitheawsome 02/ 6/2016 #

if you have any left I would be interested! No worries, otherwise. Thank you!

georgiafae 02/10/2016 #

You are generous-if there is any left I would love some!

Gardenlizard 02/14/2016 #

Thanks for the wonderful offer! If you still have any left, count me in!

Sherry71 02/23/2016 #

I changed my mind again, I would love to receive any amount from you.. Thanks in advance

georgiafae 04/ 4/2016 #

Thanks-received my stash today-it's wonderful and you are wonderful!

doulakk 04/ 7/2016 #

Rec'd, thank you so much! How do we rate though?

oneblueplatypus 04/ 8/2016 #

Thank you! I got mine! Is there any way to rate you as awesome?\

Taliesyn 04/18/2016 #

My step father is a trucker and I'd love some trucking ephemera to do some projects with him in mind.

outofdarkness 04/28/2016 #

Yes, Yes!
When my in-laws died, we tossed bags and bags of receipts and papers and stuff from their 50+ years of being together. I had no idea there was a world of ATCs and crafts using ephemera. Augh!

Allison8236 05/27/2016 #

I would love some if you still have some avail. Thank you

AshbyDanielle 07/ 5/2016 #

i use to enter drivers logs into computer befor it went completly digital!

ShelleyLynn 09/11/2016 #

I loved what you sent me before. I used it in my junk journals. I would love some sent again. Would you like me to send an envelope and stamps as before? Thanks again!

crystals3 09/28/2016 #

What an awesome swap

kittyhahahotbot 09/29/2016 #

Sending to Katlynava, Redneckgee81, Dictionary, Crystals3! :)

Artsynerdgirl 10/ 2/2016 #

It's been going on OVER a year.......... she's deleted all the negative comments from people who have never received anything and all of the warning comments.

This swap has been reported to Rachel numerous times. It's not a swap, it should be an RAK, but since she's asking you to send her money and stamps, she can't do that. She just keeps changing the dates so that you can't rate her when she doesn't send.

starhiker 10/ 2/2016 #

This is not a swap its a RAK and should be in forums. What about the people you were to have sent log pages to that didn't receive them after sending you postage?

nellswell 10/ 2/2016 #

It's one thing to delete comments from people who point out (correctly) that this isn't a swap and/or that you've kept this going for more than a year by constantly changing the dates. But to delete the comments from the various people who DID sign up for this "swap" and never received anything -- that's just plain shady.

kittyhahahotbot 10/ 2/2016 #

@artsynerdgirl @starhiker @thaskett NO money changes hands. This is a ACT of sheer KINDESS. I spend my money to send fun ephemera to anyone who wants it. Theres nothing in it, monetarily, for me.

kittyhahahotbot 10/ 2/2016 #

@artsynerdgirl @starhiker @thaskett NO money changes hands. This is a ACT of sheer KINDESS. I spend my money to send fun ephemera to anyone who wants it. Theres nothing in it, monetarily, for me.

starhiker 10/ 2/2016 #

Well if its a act of kindness it should be in the forums not as a swap.

draco 10/ 2/2016 #

no money changes hands??? what about the people who have to BUY the postage stamps to send you in return for receiving nothing in return??

Artsynerdgirl 10/ 2/2016 #

and it's been edited waaaaaay down, because it originally said you'd do an ounce, but they could send you postage for additional. MANY of the comments mentioned sending you money or postage and you NOT sending anything..... and even now, you mention that International people can send you postage and you will send it. Something that the previous comments (now deleted - but archived) mention having done.

Delete this "swap" and list it as an RAK or use it in the tag forums. THAT would be the kindness.

kittyhahahotbot 10/ 3/2016 #

I never thought this Giv-Away would be so upsetting. After I get out 2 more batches I will delete it. Besides, its breaking me as I've sent out over 50 envelopes. Its also breaks my heart that newbies come here and demand to know where theirs is. Obviously, there are peeps that dont understand the meaning of RAK.

Artsynerdgirl 10/ 3/2016 #

Obviously, there are peeps that dont understand the meaning of RAK.

No, some people don''t and list them as swaps.....instead of putting them in the public forums as an RAK.

starhiker 10/ 3/2016 #

Its upsetting because its not a swap and is misleading to new users. A RAK is random act of kindness and swap is to exchange items, they are are different things this belongs on the forums. Random doesn't mean all the time month after month never ending.

nellswell 10/ 3/2016 #

There's a very active forum specifically for RAK's in the PF's. If this was listed there, nobody would be upset by it.

Of course, people not receiving something that was promised to them (swap or RAK) is upsetting in itself. :-/

angelgram 10/ 5/2016 #

I came here today cause I want to get another envie of the emphmera

Since there is a poll on the matter.

I RECIEVED (thanks again) I wrote send me some on a post card I had sent back in the summer. I used what you sent me to make trucking related B-Day card and trucker wrapping paper to wrap gift to elderly relative who used to drive truck.

I didn't mind sending postage after for more than 1 oz. . On EBAY today i put Trucking company papers in search. Got 18 hits. It is a desirable collectible to people and sells on EBAY and they are not giving it away.

I try to send a little token thank you gift for RAKS people have sent me.

This discussion just reminded me I have some US stamps with circus wagon, trucks transporation images.I could have sent first time and I will now send as a thank you . O the Irony !

angelgram 10/ 5/2016 #

P>S> if any one has Kenworth or Norton trucking stuff would like to private trade.

amandat0913 10/11/2016 #

It's been over a week since you said you'd delete this; why is it still active????

Babsmomof5 10/11/2016 #

Just an FYI: I also received a wonderfully cool stash. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and expense youve gone to in order to share your stash of goodies.

chantallusk914 10/12/2016 #

This is REALLY awesome! I would LOVE some and look forward to a mix of whatever you are willing to send me! Thank you SO much for being SO giving and for your time! xoxo -Chatnal

SherylKay 10/13/2016 #

This is just wonderful will take what ever you want to send let me know your address and I will send you postage

whytewillow 10/13/2016 #

I was in last one, would love whatever you can send. I'll gladly send postage like we did before.

whytewillow 10/13/2016 #

Wow haters gotta hate. I was in the last one. It was listed as 1 oz. FREE...IF you requested more, you could send stamps to cover the balance. I sent 2 stamps for a total of 3 ounces, and received a whopping bunch of stuff. Perhaps the venue isn't to your liking, and how many of us haven't received a swap before? But I believe the intentions are good and not nefarious or underhanded.

Ganell 10/13/2016 #

Please send me whatever you can. I would so appreciate it and look forward to this. I'll let you know when I receive it. I have never seen truckers paperwork and would love to see it/ use in some art. Thanks a lot! xoxox Ganell

Angeljewele 10/14/2016 #

Thanks so very much. I would love an oz of what ever you send.

Angeljewele 10/14/2016 #

Thanks so very much. I would love an oz of what ever you send.

ladydy5 10/15/2016 #

Should this be something other than a swap? I did something like this but in a group with a message I had somethings to give away and if they wanted it just send me address on PM then when you receive stuff from me send me the postage I used!! I received stamps back as requested and a couple didn't bother, but that worked out great.

Gnoe 10/17/2016 #

INTL and broke myself but just wanted to say this is lovely and I think you're very sweet to share!!!

80sGirl 10/18/2016 #

I'd love to have some if you have something left. :)

starhiker 10/19/2016 #

80sGirl this non-swap will go on forever, I'm sure its not ended yet,

AmyMoMo 10/21/2016 #

If you're still sifting through your trucking stuff, an ounce for this gal would be lovely. Thanks.

LunaMoody 10/22/2016 #

I'd like some if you are still give it away...thanks

mamajoy 10/23/2016 #

I really need MORE stuff! LOL. I would love some different ephemera. Thanks.

scrappermama 10/24/2016 #

Appreciate anything you'd send! Thank you for being so generous! 😆

Cocojour 10/26/2016 #

Thank you for your generosity. If your supply allows, my sister would like some also. She lives on the same block as me so if you send it to me, I can get it to her. We will definitely return the favor with a send back.

MissPaula 10/26/2016 #

You sweet! = )

kittyhahahotbot 10/27/2016 #

@mamajoy MORE stuffs on its way. lol

kittyhahahotbot 10/27/2016 #

@cocojour I'll be 'appy to send your sista some!

kittyhahahotbot 10/27/2016 #

and @jbcangel @tishttr1 @ladymalchav you too.

SherylKay 10/28/2016 #

when I joined the swap Silly me thought you would be sending things and we would be willing to pay for them but we didn't need to send anything back if this was not how our life works so I signed up willing to pay But then they told me if I couldn't get some stuff for you I should drop to as my husband does not have anything like that so what is the story will pay do I have to send anything besides money if so I need Ideas Thank you!

asuayan 10/29/2016 #

kittyhahahotbot, you told me to drop out of the swap and that you have my stuff prepared. Do you have my address?

kittyhahahotbot 10/30/2016 #

@asuayan yes its been mailed:)

crystals3 10/30/2016 #

I never got anything for this...is it still on the way?

draco 10/31/2016 #

let's see if the dates change again

kittyhahahotbot 10/31/2016 #

@draco have you been waiting long? Bwahahahahaha

kittyhahahotbot 10/31/2016 #

Mailed the remaining 30 today. lol OK Im broke. lol For a grand total of 85 RAK'S. And not one errant stamp.lol

MissPaula 11/ 1/2016 #

Thank you so much for the speedy service! So kind of you to offer, I love my envie! Xoxo

Ganell 11/ 4/2016 #

Thanks so much! I have received and love it! Huggies Ganell

KatlynAva 11/ 8/2016 #

I got my envelope full of ephemera and profile based goodies yesterday. It was better than some swaps I've received. High five!

redeemed 11/ 9/2016 #

I also received my goodies last week, thank you so very much!!!

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