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Liar Liar...Postcards

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Date items must be sent by:March 11, 2009
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I love sending and receiving postcards...but I'm always curious whether or not the mail carrier or other postal workers have read them before they reach their final destination. Let's assume that they probably do (people are nosy).

For this swap, you will send one postcard to two partners. In the message area, you will write an outrageous lie that is sure to entertain all the wonderfully nosy postal workers that dare to read it. For example:

"Dear Mary,

I finally narrowed down the list of possible fathers to seventeen names. Thanks for the loan for the last paternity test.

Yours truly,


Have fun and remember...liar, liar, pants on fire!

P.S. To avoid giving away that these are blatant lies, label the postcard really small or just using the acronym "LLPC". This way your partners will know exactly what swap the PC is for.


heliogal 02/25/2009 #

What a wonderfully fun swap idea!! I can't wait to think of my whoppers

bettflow09 02/25/2009 #

Hehe!!! I already know what lie I'm gonna tell:)) But, I'm not going to take it to the post office I use all the time, lol. Can you imagine the gums that would be flapping if someone we knows reads this stuff? hehe!!!

bettflow09 02/25/2009 #

Oops!!! Just noticed my sister didn't log off. This is critterlove57, not bettflow09. Sorry about that.

emilyf 02/26/2009 #

best idea EVER.

zerofantasies 02/26/2009 #

LOL this is a great idea!

Drachenfrau 02/26/2009 #

great idea!!!

asylumgoddess 02/26/2009 #

My cousin is the postmaster at the tiny post office in our town, so I am definitely going to have to drive to the city to drop these off. Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far.

aonbelay 02/26/2009 #

SO MUCH FUN!!! I'm totally not putting my return address! hee hee hee, this will be AWESOME

sillycdngrrl 02/26/2009 #

hahaha!!! This is soo funny. i'm in! :)

Shirley 02/27/2009 #

Hahah what a great idea! I'll put the name of the swap in really small writing then :P

Shirley 02/27/2009 #

And I will be sending from a different postal office lol, the one i go is super small and has only one guy working in it... and i'm guessing he does read my postcards xD

mling 02/28/2009 #

Asylumgoddess, great idea! But Shirley made a good point. Rather than putting "Liar, Liar" and giving away the prank, can you suggest a way we could ~code~ this so only we know what's really going on?

mystique2802 02/28/2009 #

Could just put in small letters hehe.Jo

asylumgoddess 03/ 1/2009 #

Mystique has a good idea of writing it really small OR you could just put LLPC.

AndreaJ 03/ 1/2009 #

This is an AWESOME idea! I can't wait. But maybe everybody should be warned don't put any lies that involve terrorist acts or espionage. The CIA might come hunting you down!

SuzeesCrafty 03/ 1/2009 #

Oh What fun this will be. I can't wait. How about lies about the PO losing mail....oh wait that would be a truth. LOL I'll have to think of a dilly. I work in a casino...there's always lies/gosip going on. This should be easy.

IslandBroad 03/ 1/2009 #

Oh this is too freakin' hilarious! I HAVE to join this swap. I can't wait to see my liar, liar post card LOL

CajunLady 03/ 1/2009 #

I'm so joining!!!

jacqredwine 03/ 2/2009 #

this is just too funny. what lie shall I tell??? hum, let me think. LOL. I can't wait!!!

scalpelplease05 03/ 2/2009 #

i'm sending my llpc under the pen name Peter and I'm sending it to: John with LLPC written somewhere on it!!! i can't wait to get rated!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

4getmenot71 03/ 2/2009 #

This is an awesomely fun-sounding swap! I'm in!

(I know someone who should join because they are a PRO at lying!) ;oP


venicenight 03/ 2/2009 #

I'm a newbie, will it be alright for me to participate? I'd love to, it sounds like so much fun :) Check out my profile, I just finished writing everything up!



YankeeUnicorn 03/ 3/2009 #

That is just hilarious!

17Papergoddess 03/ 3/2009 #

kudos to asylumgoddess for creating such fun! This would make a great monthly series :) a lie about your family, a lie about an encounter with a celebrity, a lie about winning the lotto? I could so 'run' with this idea, lol.

Zipp0099 03/ 3/2009 #

This is going to be great! I have to agree about the return addy I wont have one either! The post office talks about my family enough now dont want to make it worse! LMAO (they talk alot because I get tons of mail from everywhere!)

grannylove60 03/ 3/2009 #

Oh no!!! No return addy for me either:)) My gosh....the whopper I'm gonna tell would have the FBI after me....hehe!!!! This is gonna be so much fun!!!!

rdhill2005 03/ 4/2009 #

Are these store bought or homemade postcards?

asylumgoddess 03/ 4/2009 #

Watch out for CIA, ATF, or FBI signaling lies!

Newbies are welcome and the postcards can be homemade or store bought.

halfwaythere 03/ 4/2009 #

Exactly how bad can we be??? :P If the FBI intercepts I hope people are willing to wait for the resend :P

I can't wait!!!

OnMyWeigh 03/ 4/2009 #

omg I love this idea!!!!

goobers18 03/ 5/2009 #

For my partners Maybeblue and CaIowagrl, i'm going to say Hey Goobers! in the first line...that way you know its from me :-)

PinkTeacups 03/ 5/2009 #

Ha ha ha ha mine are sent!!! I loved this!

blueskydei 03/ 6/2009 #

I could see this turning into a postsecret kind of thing...do we really know that the other person's going to put an actual lie on the card? Hehe. :D

nikirniemeier 03/ 6/2009 #

lol this was SO much fun, i just sent out my posties today. hope my partners like my 'lie'!

blueskydei 03/ 6/2009 #

Now that I've written mine out and sent them, I get this strange feeling they'll end up on www.passiveaggressivenotes.com...

Caker 03/ 7/2009 #

this was so so much fun, how ever all the postal worker will think im totally nuts, mine were very kinda morbid.

Peggy57 03/ 8/2009 #

Peggy57 Hi out there, so where do I get the addresses? Maybe it's a big DUH and I just can't find it on this web sight. Help me please.

Peggy57 03/ 8/2009 #

Back again, DUH read - in the black box. I've got to get some new glasses maybe. Now to come up with a good lie. L8R Peg

Peggy57 03/ 8/2009 #

Hey I just thought of one (FYI I have no children -really- )so my big lie is something about the ninth or thirteenth child is needing an operation or ran away or whatever. Peg

BigSockTramp 03/ 8/2009 #

Darn. I found this too late to join. I hope someone does another liar swap!

aisbaby 03/11/2009 #

THERE SHOULD BE A ROUND 2! ahahha God knows how many lies we can come up with ^_^


OnMyWeigh 03/11/2009 #

When this is all over we should all come on and post all the different "lies" we got!!!!

jenny55 03/12/2009 #

this was SO fun! My internet has been down, but I sent them out yesterday!! I just now marked them as sent. sorry!

cfchai 03/12/2009 #

I send them out on 11th, just remember to click 'send' today =D so pls be patient! :P

craftykeri 03/16/2009 #

got both of mine in today's mail. Made me laugh! I loved this swap! :o)

4getmenot71 03/16/2009 #

Thia is hands down, one of the most fun swaps I have participated in! I received funny cards from both of my partners and also great ratings for the ones I sent. :) I would definitely sign up for a round 2... or 3, or 4... ;oP

CalowaGrl 03/19/2009 #

Sorry for the delay on checking these sent. I've been fighting a virus for a few weeks now, but am finally feeling up to being on the net again.

govtdrone 03/25/2009 #

Gee, I guess someone didn't like my card.

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