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Captured Fairy Swap (USA)

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Group:Crafting Queens
Swap Coordinator:LINDA50 (contact)
Swap categories: Crafts  Handmade  Dolls 
Number of people in swap:22
Location:Regional - US only
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:May 7, 2010
Date items must be sent by:May 31, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

Take a walk in the nearby woods or park, during the day or at night and capture or rescue a fairy. Make your fairy a nice home in a glass jar. Not a large jar, maybe a seasoning jar or babyfood jar. Just make sure that you can see your fairy in the jar. Make sure to decorate the lid so that your fairy does not get mistaken for seasoning salt and get shaken up.

Write a short story introducing your fairy, telling where you found her/him, and what you have put in their home. Please add any other important information about your fairy that the new guardian will need.

Sources for jars: your kitchen cupboard spices loose their potency after a year so it might be time to replace one. Your local thrift store, craft or antique store.

The fairy can be a very small 3 dimensional doll. The fairy can be a two dimensional picture. Pictures can be mounted to a piece of cardboard and then attach to small wooden block so she can be "free standing" in the bottle. These are just ideas, you could make your fairy out of shrink art or anything you like, maybe clay?

Bottom line requirements:

  1. Small glass bottle.

  2. Fairy

  3. Decorate inside and top of jar.

  4. Write a little story.

  5. Senders choice. Please do not put specific requests for your fairy in the swap comments. You may mention if you have allergies. Or of course, comment on my wording or question the requirements, or tell me I'm beautiful.

I review profiles and ban anyone that I have questions about. I have been flaked on two of these jars before so I tend to be rather strict. If you think you might have trouble getting in, PM me before you sign up. For something like this I really like to be able to see FLICKR or blog pictures of craftwork you have done in the past. It really increases my comfort level with allowing you in the swap. It is not required since everyone does not have FLICKR. My first priority is to the group.

Since there seem to be a lot of group swaps ending in April I am putting this one to send on the last day of May.


colleenp 04/ 6/2010 #

Linda, you ARE beautiful!!! and you rock :-) and your swap rocks, and is going on my watchlist for now...

CariahCreates 04/ 7/2010 #

Can we purchase a little fairy figure? I have some really cute glow in the dark fairies that I bought at a local store.

LINDA50 04/ 7/2010 #

@cariahcreates that would be fine!

CariahCreates 04/ 8/2010 #

Starting to search for some neat things to decorate her jar with! Fun swap!

homeandheart 04/10/2010 #

So cute! Watching!!

LittleCakes 04/10/2010 #

I'm watching too...I've been flaked on twice on the fairy jar...so disappointing...but eager to finally get one after creating them and receiving none.

LINDA50 04/10/2010 #

Everyone who sends a jar receives a jar, period. I was flaked twice on a fair jar also. That is why I chose to set it up in Crafting Queens. RyeRye just removed any possible flakers from the group. People work hard to make a beautiful piece to send to another swapper. If you are not in it to make the best you possibly can......run now.

How was that? Real clear?

So all you sweethearts, whom I love to death have a wonderful time with your fairy up until the day you must say goodbye to him or her. You may rest easy that your fairy is going to a good home and will be well taken care of.

crescendo 04/11/2010 #

I love this idea. I am going out to my backyard to find a fairy to rescue...

LINDA50 04/11/2010 #

I heard that there were fairy up there. You might even find a cold spring fairy that got lost up there in the snow.

My garden tends to be an underground railroad of sorts for fairies. Sorry I cannot give out too much information here.

RyeRye 04/12/2010 #

I saw a fariy sitting in a bar once.

SDCarter 04/12/2010 #

I captured a very pretty fairy in my garden yesterday. I'll be sad to part with her but I know she'll be well taken care of.

RyeRye 04/13/2010 #

Grrrrr. One of my cats ate my fairy and is now farting glitter bubbles!

AppleKicker 04/14/2010 #

This looks like a fun swap! Putting it on my watch list and if I have time to make it, I will join after the jar is done. I am thinking polymer clay would be perfect for this one.

LINDA50 04/14/2010 #

RyeRye that poor fairy! You gotta keep them in the glass jar, until they feel really safe and know to avoid the big cats. Maybe her swallowed her whole and she will pass in a blast of glitter?Check real close behind the cats arms is it starting to grow wing buds?

And BTW it is not time to start making up excuses for being late!

RyeRye 04/14/2010 #

Well, if the fairly doesn't blow out by the send date, I could just ship the cat huh?

grimmlynn 04/15/2010 #

I hope I get RyeRye for a partner because Chaucer needs a new friend. LOL! What a great swap idea, Linda. Oh, and you ARE beautiful, by the way!

jensquil 04/16/2010 #

OMG! You guys are tooo funny! I can't wait to do this swap!

crescendo 04/17/2010 #

If you make me an officer I will host a 'captured fart in a jar' swap. Just add Bic lighter when you receive.

RyeRye 04/17/2010 #

I love you Cresendo! How many of us HAVEN'T tried lighting a fart! Great Friday night entertainment at home with Ned after Taco Bell!

grimmlynn 04/18/2010 #


LINDA50 04/19/2010 #

I just watched college video of the one gone horribly wrong and decided to pass on that one. I bet Fairy farts do not stink, they probably do not even have to go to the bathroom.

RyeRye 04/19/2010 #

I bet they smell like cotton candy!

jukejan 04/21/2010 #

I think that they smell like the woods or the pond.

biscuitsandyarn 04/23/2010 #

Fun swap idea....I'm going to have to think about this over the weekend. On my watchlist for now. :)

BohemianPrincess 04/25/2010 #

Im sorry but it makes me sad,,i dont think fairies should be captured

eversosweetly 04/25/2010 #

Don't be sad for them. All they do is chatter in your ear and try to pull out bits of your hair to put in their nests. And they're rather vain and rude, to boot. Jars are the only way to properly manage them.

RyeRye 04/26/2010 #

OMG! roflao

I think you're thinking of them lil troll basteerds!

eversosweetly 04/26/2010 #

Nuh uh! Look at Tinkerbell. She tried to kill Wendy. And if any of us were laying there dying, Tinkerbell probably wouldn't have clapped for us unless she got something out of it. And..haha..now that I think about it, Tinkerbell called Wendy very terrible names--cussed her out--and all poor Wendy heard was the tinkling of bells. :O

And so nobody should feel guilty for putting a fairy in a jar. They deserve it. XD

BohemianPrincess 04/26/2010 #

hey alls fair in love and war eversosweetly lol she wanted Peter for her own.

RyeRye 04/27/2010 #

Welp, it turns out that the fairy I made is much to large for a jar, so I gotta start over. Love it!

RyeRye 04/28/2010 #

I thought Peter was gay?

Karenmomofthree 05/ 5/2010 #

Love this! Sadly though I am in Canada and can not participate.

hollycm6 05/ 6/2010 #

Oh! I captured one today!! I found a lovely little jar with a cork in the top at Michael's for a dollar... unfortunately it's top was chipped which I didn't notice!! But she loves it so much now, I just CAN'T take her out. :)

hollycm6 05/ 6/2010 #

Uh-oh... @linda50 ...I couldn't decorate inside thisbottle...there is no room! ... is that oksy? You can see other fairies I have caught at my etsy store...she is very pretty... and I did something basic but nice to the bottle neck...

hollycm6 05/ 6/2010 #

I could send you a picture if you need one... I don't want to be rated down for not doing that step...or make someone disappointed...

hollycm6 05/ 6/2010 #

Oh, and you're beautiful, really. And no allergies here.

krycek 05/ 8/2010 #

Is a bit larger jar okay? The fairy I caught has a large wingspan! If not, she can stay with me and I'll try to capture one a bit smaller!

And @hollycm6 if you get me as a partner, I wouldn't be disappointed with your jar. If you are in love with what you made, I completely trust you judgment!

LINDA50 05/ 8/2010 #

Yes you can use a larger jar, just be aware that the mailing costs will be higher.

thegreengriffin 05/10/2010 #

i found a faerie with a broken leg, so im letting her stay in the jar till she gets better... shes excited about her trip too!

leecytx 05/23/2010 #

I thought I saw somewhere for this swap where to upload the photos of the fairies?

WillowBWeeping 05/28/2010 #

The 31st of May is Memorial day...

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