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About Me

I had some health problems recently that stopped me from sending things. I have now sent all of the things I owed. My 3s are from these swaps being late. Thank you to everyone for their understanding and I cant wait to be a good swapper again! I love swap-bot!

Favorite Crafts

I've done anything from wire sculpture to costume design, and so much more. And if i havent done it i would love to try it at least once. I like knowing how to do lots because you never know when, in doing one craft, there might be something that needs another craft to finish it! Example, In making my current obsession, faery houses, ive used my knitting skills to make miniature knitting for my faery. Ive also used painting, mosaic, rug making, sewing, whittling, embroidery, clay molding, wire working, and even engineering! All in one project!

General Info

I am very funky and into alternative looks. I am engaged and currently obsessed with everything wedding related.

I love female power and specifically Venus figurines. Faeries, vintage 30's-50's stuff, absolutely ANYTHING miniature, polka dots, dice, Day of the Dead anything, retro kitchen stuff especially red, wedding related stuff, pin-ups and bettie page, nature, the four elements, cherries, Southern France (Montpellier and Carcassone), lavender, anything out of red metal, game pieces, red roses, red red RED!, limes, peppermint, red or teal rubber duckies, Tibetan Buddha, unique bottle caps (metal not plastic)...And I'm an Aries...

I also love anything having to do with my name, Aline, my last name, Griffin, or my future last name, Harris.

I am not a big fan of 'brand' things such as disney (unless its kawaii). Except I do love betty boop. I also like amigurumi and kawaii (especially food with faces and fairy tales) but not so much Hello Kitty.

I pretty much like any color, though if it's to wear, I dont wear much brown. But my favorite color is red.

My living room and bedroom are decorated in green (all shades), white and black. my kitchen is red with some accents of citrus fruits (not just the colors, but images of the actual fruits), my bathroom is red and teal.

Check out my mom's and my craft blog! http://thegreengriffin.blogspot.com/ And sign up for our newsletter by emailing us at [email protected]

Favorite Music

I love classic rock, more hard rock than folk, but i like pretty much anything else.

Favorite Books

My favorite book is...my book that doesnt have a title yet. I'm currently working on writing my first novel. Its a young adult novel about pirates! But Ive loved all genres of books, if it has good characters and is well written, Ill like it.

Favorite Movies

I lOVE action movies, specifically robert rodriguez and quentin tarantino. I was/am a huge LOTR fan. I went to the openings of the movies in costume and all! I also am a fan of at least one movie from pretty much every genre, from bollywood to cartoons to old school horror.

Favorite Television

I dont actively watch many shows but i like to have the tv on in the background while i do my crafts. I do actively watch supernatural and project runway.

I also have a newfound obsession with phineas and ferb!


Venus Figurines

Dollhouse Miniatures

'Griffin' Items (the mythological creature)

Bento Items (Japanese lunch)

Blue and White Pill items

1940's Style Hats (especially Navy and Nurse)

Steampunk Items (I am being a steampunk nurse in dark olive green, brown, and black for Halloween btw)

Red and/or Teal Rubber Duckies

1983 GUND Tender Teddy Bear any size any condition

Lime dishes and other kitchen stuff (with an actual depiction of the fruit, not just the color)

Hearts for any of these! I'd also love to do a private swap for any of these!

Important People In My Life

First, my fiancee, Edmund, loves Dr. Pepper, comic books and related items especially Wolverine, Deadpool, Deadman, and Batman. He also loves Smurfs, old horror movies and classic monsters, eg Dracula, Frankenstein ect; and anything related to drawing comic books, be that pens, markers, paper, or instructions. He also loves anything related to ancient Greece or any kind of mythology. And last but not least, retro video games like space invaders and Zelda.

My kittie, Dr. Pepper Pavlov, is pretty laid back and doesn't play with too many different toys, but she does like red and leopard print things. She has delusions of grandeur with the leopard print! She is also looking for Dr. themed cat items, she is a Dr. after all... She has a degree in psychology and is a proud descendant of the great psychologist Ivan Pavlov. And if anyone could figure out a way to do a craft about Ivan Pavlov, I'd LOVE it!

Last, my brother, Walker, he is mentally disabled so even though he's 18, he does better with things aimed towards younger kids, like around 3-5 years old. He loves the pbs show Arthur, Scooby-Doo, classic disney movies, puzzles with fewer than 50 pieces. He loves picture books, especially those with a repeating 'chorus' like section.

And I always appreciate anything for my favorite people/cat!!


Comment: Hey :) I did get the cute little room a good while ago but forgot to rate! Thank you for sending after all the trouble, many people don't do that :P hugs!
Unmutual rated for Persephone on May 4, 2011
Comment: Just doing some SB housekeeping - going back through my profile, making sure everything is sent, everything is rated, I've been rated and so on. Yours was one I forgot - I'm so very sorry! Late is better than never, however - thank you for your card, focusing on the pomegranite was a really fun, unusual idea :) Hope this finds you well, and happy swapping in future (may all your partners be more diligent than I!)
cfchai rated for Guess what E-thing is on picture Swap on Apr 16, 2011
Carolinev237 rated for BLOGGER followers on Jan 22, 2011
Comment: I feel bad about giving a 1 for a blogger swap, but you never left a comment or followed as per the swap requirements. I will happily rerate x
AngelFaeryKathleen rated for E-mail Short Story Swap on Nov 10, 2010
Comment: A fabulous imaginative story, I love it. Thank you, sorry it has taken me so long to rate you :-)
livngood rated for Atc's Are for Trading: October on Nov 10, 2010
mumbles17 rated for Fairy / Faerie House Swap on Nov 9, 2010
Comment: No Communication/nothing sent. You were on line 4 days after the send by date; you could have emailed to let me know there was a problem.
Comment: Very cool, thank you! :)
Amberingz rated for BLOGGER followers on Oct 30, 2010
Comment: thanks for the love...Lets talk wedding!
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Comment: thanks for following!
Comment: Thank you. I wish the post office would tame their machines a little. :( Some of the memos inside were torn because the envelope was ripped. I know that this isn't your fault though. It looked like it got caught in one of the machines. You did excellent on your part, the kawaii (memos and stickers) that you sent are lovely!
ksj1717 rated for Follow that Art Blog on Oct 21, 2010
Comment: Thanks for following my blog. I hope it keeps you entertained.
pandessa rated for Ultimate Handmade Halloween on Oct 18, 2010
Comment: OMG! I have wanted one of these every since I saw ones like it on Etsy! 1000 hearts I LOVE IT! What a great job! It is sittinbg in my window at work and will stay there all year long! Thanks again. I LOVE IT!
mewmar rated for E-mail Short Story Swap on Oct 15, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the challenges. This should be fun. I'll email you soon to let you know how it goes. ;)
blueapplegallery rated for E-mail Short Story Swap on Oct 10, 2010
Comment: Thanks!
goddessfox rated for ATC loteria ''LA MUERTE''(death) on Oct 9, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the ATC, I am not a picky rater, but next time you may want to attach the paper to an actual base card so it is not quite so flimsy--some people would probably give a three for what was sent.
Response: I'm sorry you thought that, but that is the thickness of the paper that they sell bases as... <3
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Comment: Thanks!
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Comment: Thanx for the comment and becoming a follower.

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Halogen on Feb 8, 2011:

Hi, if you ever come back on swap bot could you please rate me for the colouring book swap? It was ages ago but I'd just really like to know you got it since it took a long time to make.

Ladykisa on Jan 14, 2011:

Hi, I would really appreciate it if you rated the item I sent you at the start of November. I'm new here and I need those ratings. I think I did a good enough job so I don't understand why you haven't rated me yet and why my messages to you have gone unread :S Please, take a few moments and give me your rating. Sigrun.

Jex on Sep 29, 2010:


I´m hosting a swap for all the bloggers, just click in the image to join us. It will be fun! =)

I ? Your Blog!

Amigirl on Sep 27, 2010:

I'll take some pics of the cutie faery house when I'm at work tonight and have time to figure out my new blackberry phone. I got it Friday and I'm still trying to figure out the ins and outs of it. I'll post the photos tonight, though.

Love, Amigirl

Amigirl on Sep 25, 2010:

Good for you for making the deadline! I know you've been very busy catching up, so you probably really had to rush and I appreciate the effort. I'll take some pics and post them to my flickr as soon as I get it--can't wait! Did you send it delivery confirmation?

Amigirl on Sep 20, 2010:

How are things going for you? Are you feeling well at this time? Your amis came out soo cute, are boxed up and all ready to go, and will mail it tomorrow. I just wanted to check in with you because I know you had to do a lot of stuff on here lately, and haven't been feeling your best.

Love, Amigirl PS: If you like surprises, do not look at my flickr photos until you get your package, as my son put up a photo or two of it.

Amigirl on Sep 13, 2010:

I can have your package ready in a week or so, but I'm open to whenever. If you need more time, just tell me when you want to do it!

Amigirl on Sep 13, 2010:

OK, if you'd like to have two littles instead of one bigger ami, that's doable. Red and teal ducks? Very unusual~!

Amigirl on Sep 12, 2010:

Most of the ones I have ready to go are very similar to Ana Rimoli's, if you are familiar with her: amigurumipatterns.blogspot.com. I've made adaptations on a lot of her patterns. I prefer to change them to my own amis faces, and I love to play with colors and clothing for them. I could crochet someone just for you, or I could go with somebody that I already have. Doesn't matter to me. Shall I surprise you, or do you have a list of favorite animals/dolls to give me to pick from? I see you have specified that you like rubber ducks in your profile, but that might be too basic, don't you think, for this swap? I can do you something very nice for a little fairy house, An ami about 10-12 inches tall..with custom accessories and/or clothing. If you want to see how much some of these go for on Etsy, check out Ana's shop, too. BTW, I commented on my faves on your flickr (my flickr name is KJ3880), so you can see I like the ones that have a place where the fairy can sleep..maybe a bedroom...I love your details! Ami.

Amigirl on Sep 12, 2010:

I saw on the Amigurumi Swap that you don't crochet but you might like to get an ami in exchange for some other item? I looked at your cute fairy scenes--maybe we can swap? I'm brand new but very reliable. And my amis are pretty darn cute (if I do say so myself)!

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