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USA Big Fat Stuffed Envelope Swap #6

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Swap Coordinator:wolfeagle (contact)
Swap categories: Miscellaneous  Newbie  Craft Supplies 
Number of people in swap:214
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:September 18, 2010
Date items must be sent by:October 5, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

Easy swap. Newbies with well filled out Profiles encouraged. I understand we all have to start somewhere and this is a great swap to do that. Send a stuffed envelope with all sorts of goodies to one partner. At least a long business size envelope that measures approximately 4 x 9 inches, however you can certainly choose to go bigger. The items you send are senders choice, however it is always nice to look at your partners profile and try to send items they can use. This is not a Profile swap, so please do not spend a lot of money shopping for profile surprises. This is more for you to send items that you have on hand, that are in good usable condition. Please do not send your trash, like your used candy wrappers, or written on apt. card, etc. Do send items from the list below. If you are unsure of items, you can ask me.
Examples Include (but are not limited to ) Post cards
Greeting Cards
Scrapbook papers, chipboard, etc ephemera
recipe/recipe cards
old photographs
small books
handmade items
craft supplies
teas/coffee/drink mixes
fabric scraps
sewing items
rubber stamps
Or anything else you want to share

PLEASE REINFORCE your envelope with tape at the seams or use a larger envelope, if you think there is a chance it will explode. You may also choose to put stuff in a baggie in case the envelope tears in transit. This is the USA version. Have fun. No recent no sends allowed. Please rate your partner. No FLAKERS ALLOWED. Do Not Flake. I will list all flakers. I reserve the right to ban individuals.

Please do not send scraps of memo paper/notebook/post-it type paper, etc. You may send the whole memo pad or notebook but scraps of note paper does not equal scrapbook papers.

New Swappers- Profile Help: To fill out your profile, go to Profile. Then select Edit Profile. Next select Personal. You will be brought to a screen where you can fill in the sections or add your own. Things like favorite colors, crafts you do, items you collect, hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc...all help your partner to send you items that you will like.


Ashalah 08/14/2010 #

I absolutely love these swaps. I love getting a envie stuffed with awesomeness.

rsj244 08/21/2010 #

Just wondering what your idea of "big, fat and stuffed" is? Because the last two times I've made my envelope "big, fat and stuffed", what I've received in returned was, "small, thin and practically empty".... So... are we allowed to rate a "3" if the envelope isn't "big, fat, and stuffed"?

wolfeagle 08/22/2010 #

Absolutely. If the swap does not meet swap requirements then you have the right to rate that way. However, keep in mind, that all that is required is the 4 x 9 inch, business sized envelope. So if a person chooses to send you a larger envelope, then the larger size does not need to be stuffed full but rather it must include enough items to stuff a 4 x 9 size envelope full. Hope that clarifys. If you still have questions, just let me know.

rsj244 08/22/2010 #

Great, thanks! I would never want to rate anyone a "3". That is never my intention. I like swaps to be fun. I just want them to be fair, also. I always put my best into every swap. That's my point :) Thanks wolfeagle! You always put together great swaps :)

Rocktopus 08/25/2010 #

i love these :3

rinfrog 08/27/2010 #

I LOVE these swaps! I always find something fun from my partners profile, and always get something fun back too :)

susieq11 08/28/2010 #

@rinfrog - you must be lucky! I got 95% things I put in my profile as stuff I don't want,lol!!

wolfeagle 08/28/2010 #

I've had it go both ways, some good and some not so good swaps. Overall, far more good ones then bad. This is not a profile swap, so while it is nicer to get stuff you like or stuff off your profile, the sender can send stuff that they have on hand if it is in good usuable condition. I think the not knowing what you are getting is part of the fun. I always just pass on the things that I will not be able to use to someone who can.

susieq11 08/30/2010 #

@wolfeagle - these are great, that's why I am trying again! : )

MoMosCreations 08/30/2010 #

Yay! I've signed up for two of these and was deleted (not sure why-maybe my newbie status!) I'm super excited about this swap and have a plethra of goodies on hand for jewelry making, card/scrapbook making and all sorts of other crafts! Can't wait to do this swap...I'm already thinking of what I'll send!

PamelaArts 08/31/2010 #

Just signed up to swop -- and I am excited. i have lots of stuff to send someone....can't wait.

CBreiten 08/31/2010 #

My package has been ready to go forever now...I am going to make someone really happy. Will the date ever get here...LOL

stacirose 08/31/2010 #

I love these kinds of swaps...I would like to ask my partner not send Christian items, please. A surprise is great, but I would never send my partner offensive materials just because...

A million thanks! :)

Rita 09/ 1/2010 #

Is this considered a parcel/package when you send this, because of it being uneven and thick inspite of it being in a 4x9 envelope? What has everyone's experience been. I want to send it without lining up at the post office, but i do not want it returned or have my partner pay more for postage.

wolfeagle 09/ 1/2010 #

@Rita yes, I mail it as a package because of the thickness.

PamelaArts 09/ 2/2010 #

I am confused--I signed up but didn't get a name. Do we just get our envelopes ready and get a name at the last minute before sending? I have lots of great stuff to swop. Hope someone sends me the same...

wolfeagle 09/ 2/2010 #

@PamelaArts In the swap description information (above) there is a date listed that is the last day to sign=up. Until then, people will be signing up. After that partners will be assigned and you will get an email saying your partners have been assigned. The other date, is the date your swap must be sent by. You can mail your package as soon as you have your partner information, no need to wait to the last minute. If you have other questions, just ask. Also the FAQs for new members an dthe help section are awesome when you are new.

Marata 09/ 2/2010 #

If you want stuff it helps to write enough info on your profile so we can get a feel about what to send. I think that people send stuff that shows who they are and where they are in life. I think it is fair to assume that much is expected and the more the merrier for both parties involved in the swap. When you give much, you receive much. Maybe not right a way but eventually it all comes around.

netgranny 09/ 3/2010 #

I love this swap,so nice to get something you no nothing about,Cant wait to get name.

leahsimone 09/ 6/2010 #

I will say, I was flaked on but then beautifully angeled in the last of these. Wolfeagle is an excellent swap host! I'm looking forward to taking a chance again!

MeltinMudd 09/ 9/2010 #

I'm new :) This is just the perfect swap for me! You would not beleive the beads, ribbons, old postcards and photos, quilt squares and everything else under the sun that I have managed to accumulate in the last few years! You can definately count on me :)

jenn1019 09/11/2010 #

I am really looking forward to this swap! I'm new to swap-bot and this will be my second swap... I've already started putting things together for it =]

Deeno1105 09/12/2010 #

I can't wait to do this swap. It's my first time on any swap but from all the comments, it sounds so fun. I'm ready to get going on it.

crazyforthecountry 09/13/2010 #

I've been getting things ready in my envelope...once I see who my partner is, it may have to go up yet another size :o)

rubyhousesliprs 09/14/2010 #

I'm waiting to see if my partner is Male before I start stuffing. Don't want to send female things to a guy.

wolfeagle 09/14/2010 #

It's getting close and I have started dropping people so please make sure your profile is filled out and that you live in the US.

crazyforthecountry 09/14/2010 #

Anxiously awaiting the 18th :o)

rubyhousesliprs 09/15/2010 #

I noticed a couple of the newbies that signed up haven't been online in over a week. Also noticed a couple with 1-2 sentences in their profile. I may drop for this reason. Sorry, I've been flaked on alot in the past.

dizzysgram 09/15/2010 #

If I can request no DVD's or CD's please that would be great. Otherwise any types of craft supplies are wonderful!!! Getting my envie ready and waiting to see what my partner's profile looks like for some extra goodies!! Love this. Thanks @wolfeagle !!!

wolfeagle 09/15/2010 #

@shabbypink123 Anyone uncomfortable with this swap should drop it. There are many swaps that you can choose from so you should not join one that you don't really want to do. @dizzysgram I'm so glad you are excited about the swap but it is sender's choice...so you may get a dvd or something else that's not your style. I hope your partner would be considerate of your profile, but technically they can send any item(s) that are in good condition. If you do get something you dont care for, then you can always pass it on later to someone who may like it. It's just a chance we take when swapping.

anicka22 09/16/2010 #

when will there be an international version again. Loe these swap!!

anicka22 09/16/2010 #

Loe = love, sorry

slamophile 09/16/2010 #

204 people in a swap?! lol - wow! Make it 205! This sounds fun!

witticism 09/17/2010 #

Ahh I've never done this before but I'm SUPER excited. Can't wait to dip my toes in the water with this!

sunnylee7 09/17/2010 #

The send by date is my birthday, so I'll have to join this one. I like the idea of sending someone else a gift for my birthday. :o)

draco 09/17/2010 #

well i got a little carried away on this one

HonorCrowned 09/17/2010 #

This will be one of my my first swaps but I am SO excited. I am already putting things together & can't wait to see who my partner is so I can tailor it a little better! Excited for my first swap! Woot!

Pancakes 09/18/2010 #

I hope a small flat rate box counts. It's exactly the size of 3 stacked dvds and I just measured, and its about 5 1/2 x 7 1/2. Thats all I have on hand, and I stuffed a large beanie buddy, beanie baby, and a teenie in one of my ebay orders and could barely close it. Not one millimeter of that box didnt have tape consuming it, but they still accepted the bulging package. This is my first swap and I'm a little nervous. Im hoping I get matched with someone that has a filled out profile so i know what to send!

1LuckyGirl 09/18/2010 #

So excited to participate in my first swap - this is going to be great!

Deeno1105 09/18/2010 #

Since today is the deadline for joining, how soon will we receive our swap partners? I'm really excited since this is my first swap. Sounds so fun!!!!!!!

wolfeagle 09/18/2010 #

I usually assign partners the first day I can, which would be tomorrow. Thank you all.

julie11710 09/19/2010 #

This is my first swap as well, cant wait to fill my envelope and send it out. Thanks for allowing me to join.

wolfeagle 09/19/2010 #

Yay. Partners have been assigned. Have fun swapping.

funkhoup 10/ 3/2010 #

Is anyone angeling this?? I have a feeling I'm going to be flaked on this one. :( My partner hasn't been on Swap-Bot in 2 weeks.

ncfriend 10/ 3/2010 #

I'll angel!

wolfeagle 10/ 6/2010 #

Thanks @ncfriend We can always use angels. Once we are sure a person has flaked and they have been rated a 1 by their partner, then I will help you find an angel if needed. Thanks.

janski48 10/ 7/2010 #

I'm new to swap bot and haven't been flaked on yet, but my partner still hasn't sent my package. Are we supposed to contact our partner?

wolfeagle 10/ 7/2010 #

Yes. Please contact your partner by PM and by email (as some people check email more often). If you do not get results, RATE your partner with a 1 before contacting me about finding an angel. Good luck. I'm still hoping your envelope is on the way :)

funkhoup 10/19/2010 #

I've been flaked by jaco. Boo Hoo!!!!

wolfeagle 10/21/2010 #

Hate flakers. You have an angel envelope on its way @funkhoup

funkhoup 10/25/2010 #

Thanks so much. You made my day. I love doing these stuffed envelopes, It's a shame people flake. Why sign up???

Lyssachelle 11/ 1/2010 #

I've definitely been flaked on, BrittanyMarie has deleted her profile! I was waiting because she said she was sending late due to her wedding shower, but I'm not sure it was ever sent. I've given her a 1, but since she's gone she won't ever see it. Grrrr....

I'm only done 5 swaps and this is my second flake!

wolfeagle 11/ 9/2010 #

@Lyssachelle Just seeing your post....if you are ever flaked on in the future, please PM the host so they know about it. If you only leave a message after the swap has ended, it may get missed.

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