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Sassy Seahorses

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Sassy Seahorses
Swap Coordinator:ColourfulDaze (contact)
Swap categories: Sewing 
Number of people in swap:40
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:October 30, 2007
Date items must be sent by:January 19, 2008
Number of swap partners:1

Love seahorses? Me too. This swap will be about sewing and decorating a small seahorse. When you sign up I will email you a small seahorse pattern for you to print. You will then create your own lovely version to swap with a partner. The seahorse is only approximately 6 inches tall and you can decorate him/her anyway you like, with beads, bows, lace..go wild, just create a seahorse that you would like to receive yourself! I am leaving plenty of time for the swap date because of the holidays coming up. EDIT: This is a very simple two piece pattern. Everyone is welcome just please dont have any no sends (if there was a problem, please email me and we will talk about it) Newbies(with full profiles) welcome. This is an International swap.


luvcatzzz 09/29/2007 #

this sounds definitely like something 'out of my box' so i'm gonna probably do it. i'll wait and sign up on the close out date, i have it saved... so i don't accidentally overextend myself! yikes! very cool... :-D

ColourfulDaze 09/29/2007 #

Thanks luvcatzzz, with a name like that I must have you in this swap :)!!!

fluffywelshsheep 09/29/2007 #

I really like this idea so am signing up :)

ColourfulDaze 09/29/2007 #

Thank you Linz! Glad to have you!!

vintageprincess 09/29/2007 #

I love seahorses and everything else about the ocean and the beach. I think I was born to die at the beach. I also love the fact that there is plenty of time to get our little fellow created.

Thanks for sending a pattern...that's like two swaps in one... I get a free pattern in one mailing and a finished seahorse in another. Way cool! Yeah! Lana :+}

ColourfulDaze 09/29/2007 #

I am with you vintageprincess ..."I love seahorses and everything else about the ocean and the beach. I think I was born to die at the beach"...amen to that!! I am so glad you joined :)

fluffywelshsheep 10/ 1/2007 #

thanks for the pattern i'll get something sorted asap :)

Biff 10/ 1/2007 #

What a great idea.

Can't wait to see everybodies personal variations of the same pattern...

TeraBACat 10/ 1/2007 #

I think so too Biff! It would be great if everyone posted pics so we could see them all!

crayolaskiies 10/ 2/2007 #

<3 seahorses! They're so cute!

fluffywelshsheep 10/ 4/2007 #

omg have started to sew wee shelly up but having trouble lol any on else have trouble?

missbianca 10/14/2007 #

I haven't started yet, but why are you having trouble? Hope I don't have trouble too!

Biff 10/15/2007 #

...you got further than me I can't even aceess the pattern!

Any tips? What software should I try to open it in?

ColourfulDaze 10/15/2007 #

Hello everyone, Biff, can you still not get the pattern? I will be glad to snail mail it to you if need be. What kind of trouble are you having fluffywelshsheep?

ColourfulDaze 10/15/2007 #

One sewing tip: I sewed around the whole seahorse then snipped a small opening in the back to turn and stuff it.

Merrie 10/15/2007 #

I'm cutting my "First try" on the bias of some "hard to sew" fabric I can't name. ... it's see through with a design on it. very colorful. Thank you for the pattern and the time to complete the project.

ColourfulDaze 10/15/2007 #

Thank you Merrie, and thank you everyone for being a part of this swap! :)

Biff 10/16/2007 #

I got it! Thank you. Will really enjoy decorating these!

Biff 10/16/2007 #

Started mine now - top tip - stuff as you sew!

I do have a question though: Q)Are people planning to add a loop so we can hang these up?

ColourfulDaze 10/16/2007 #

Great tip Biff!! Also good question....what do you all think? I can send out an email and find out who wants one and post it here....shall I? :)

ColourfulDaze 10/16/2007 #

fluffywelshsheep will put a loop on hers :)

crayolaskiies 10/16/2007 #

Mine doesn't need a loop.. The one I'm making is almost done, it doesn't have a loop but I could add one if the recipient wanted one.

fluffywelshsheep 10/16/2007 #

The prob i had was i sewed em up and then turned it in side out and got the tail stuck lol. Had hours of trying to turn it inside out and it didn't really work so will have a go at doing it a different way. I will add a hoop for hanging :)

fluffywelshsheep 10/16/2007 #

am affraid to say at the moment that shelly is a little deformed lol

Biff 10/16/2007 #


I think a loop would be useful but am easy either way & will leave it up to who ever makes mine!

Alphenquilts 10/16/2007 #

I will put a loop on mine, but I don't mind if the one I receive, doestn't have a loop.



Alphenquilts 10/16/2007 #



ColourfulDaze 10/16/2007 #

I guess I better say too huh? lol...I do not mind either way.

fluffywelshsheep 10/16/2007 #

okay panic over hubby managed to pull is tail out lol so no longer a deformed seahorse. Just sorting out the fins now shound get the basic done tomorrow, then to the decorating :)

SassyBird 10/16/2007 #

chuffed to bits about this swap! I'm not a sewer but I think even I can handle a pattern and decorating. Like so many others here, I love seahorses - the men carry the babies! :) my 2 year old daughter's room is decorated in pink, yellow and orange seahorse/starfish theme so I am sure my partner's creation will end up in her room! cheers, Kimberly

pahasiga 10/16/2007 #

I think that if a toy has a loop and you don't want it it's relatively easy to remove it while it is more difficult to attach a loop when there isn't one but you want it, so if you are not sure better to attach one.

As about mine, I don't usually hang toys up, so no loop needed (but OK if exists). It would be nice if this toy would be sturdy enough for games of two boys - they wouldn't put little pieces into mouth nor play football with it, but may press it into some small container supposed to be its aquarium or something like that.

ColourfulDaze 10/17/2007 #

Sassybird and justingrind, Welcome!! I am having a bit of trouble with my email today, bad rainy weather! But will get the pattern to you asap!! I am so glad you joined!

missbianca 10/17/2007 #

I don't care if mine has a loop or not.

artsyjana 10/17/2007 #

What is the best way to package this for shipping? My 2 concerns are: 1. postage is calculated by weight and size (weight isn't a problem, but the size is different than regular packages) 2. I'd like to sew on a few seashells that I have, but don't want them to get crushed in the mail. Any suggestions?

fluffywelshsheep 10/18/2007 #

bubble wrap and plenty of it lol. or you can give it one layer of bubble wrap and then place extra pieces of bubble wrap around the shells? hope this helps

icklemissus 10/18/2007 #

I haven't started making mine yet(waiting for partners colours likes/dislikes first), but i have accessed and printed the pattern, am i right in saying that its 3-4inches in size, just checking that it printed correctly

As for loops, I was going to put a small one on, but if you dont want one, I wont.

I don't mind loops either way, although thinking about it if it did have a loop means I could hang it on my dresser! So... yes i would like a loop please, if possible!!!

boatbird 10/23/2007 #

I'm going to put a loop on mine- just in case- and would love it if mine had a loop so I could hang it somewhere on the boat where I could see it everyday!!!! Please can you send me the pattern to katcress@gmail.com ?????

dancingDog 10/23/2007 #

I'm interested in this swap & have been following everyone's comments - like luvcatzzz this is a little out of my element but if it's basic sewing I can handle that. My concern is how small it is - 3-4 inches? And how detailed it is ... would it be possible to view the pattern first? I'd hate to take on something that is really beyond me and that would be very unfair to my swap partner as well.

ColourfulDaze 10/23/2007 #

Hello, the pattern is 6 inches long, or it is supposed to be :)

ColourfulDaze 10/23/2007 #

Ok, The pattern is between 5 and 6 inches long. Mine is about 5 1/2 inches. You decide.

pahasiga 10/26/2007 #

Who has it smaller that 5-6 inches - check that when you printed out, you printed out "original size", not "fit on the paper".

ozrob 10/26/2007 #

I've been reading through the comments. I would like a loop to hang. Mine would have to be shell free, Australian customs would probably seize the whole thing!

ColourfulDaze 10/26/2007 #

Wow, we are so growing, this is wonderful!! I am so glad you all have joined!

Valleygirl 10/28/2007 #

I'm looking forward to viewing the pattern to see if it's something I feel like I can do justice to!

happyturnip 10/29/2007 #

how do I access the pattern?

dandelion 10/29/2007 #

OK, I've decided to jump on in!! Just can't resist a seahorse! :D

pattyb0625 10/29/2007 #

This sounded so interesting and had to join! Its basic sewing so I can handle it. Cant wait to decorate the little fella :-)

As for loop or no loop, I'll leave it up to my partner...surprise me!

dandelion 10/29/2007 #

When I printed the pattern, it came out to be 5 1/8" in length. I did check the printer setting, too. But the length should be ok, shouldn't it? Also, where does the fin go? (Silly question, I'm sorry) Thanks!

ColourfulDaze 10/30/2007 #

Hello, If anyone has NOT received the pattern please let me know at Buftussle.Village@gmail.com. Valleyygirl and ozrob I am sorry to see you go.

ColourfulDaze 10/30/2007 #

dandelion, that is an ok size :) and not a silly question, check out the photo here for a place to put the fin, if you are having trouble let me know :)

ColourfulDaze 10/30/2007 #

Arrrgh, that is Bugtussle.Village@gmail.com

ColourfulDaze 10/30/2007 #

Well, I see the photo is not a good reference, the fin goes on the back, closer to the head. I will email you a better photo okay.

Moominbrooke 10/30/2007 #

Now that I've sent out the Dottee-dolls I was up for another small sewing craft swap!

pahasiga 10/31/2007 #

Cool, a new idea for swap - everyone will have a pattern consisting of several pieces and everyone will have to decide herself how to sew them together. :D

happyturnip 10/31/2007 #

I am so excited. I can't decide do I want to bead, embroider, needlepoint, cross stitch, or all of the above to decorate it.

pahasiga 10/31/2007 #

Happyturnip, so I cannot I, that's why I'm waiting for my partner to be assigned to decide which would suit best. :)

ColourfulDaze 10/31/2007 #

We have been assigned!! :)

hopeevey 11/10/2007 #

Squee! I just finished sewing the outline, and am about to trim the fabric, and cut it out - wish me luck!

pahasiga 11/13/2007 #

I haven't done anything except for checking out the patterns (before assignments already) and looking at my partner's profile. As sent-by date is so far away and I have other swaps plus my child's advent calendar to take care of, I probably will not do anything except turning some ideas in my head during November.

ColourfulDaze 11/18/2007 #

Just dropping in to say hello, how are you all and have a safe and happy holiday! I have seen one seahorse already and it is just lovely! :)

Alphenquilts 12/ 2/2007 #

mickymoosies, your seahorse will swim your way tomorrow.

groeten, Francis

Alphenquilts 12/ 2/2007 #

I've uploaded my seahorse to the gallery

TerryF 12/ 5/2007 #

Very pretty Alphenstamp!

pattyb0625 12/14/2007 #

I just finished it! Hooray! :-) Never sewn before so I'm proud of the little thing lol. Hope my partner likes it...

pahasiga 12/16/2007 #

I just printed it out. How can I sew something sooooo tiny? :P

ColourfulDaze 12/18/2007 #

pahasiga, just sent you a PM about pattern size :)

ColourfulDaze 12/18/2007 #

dancingDog, yours swims to you tomorrow or Thursday right after her photo shoot :)

pattyb0625 12/26/2007 #

Hopeevey..the little fella is on its way!! Merry Christmas everyone! :-)

ColourfulDaze 01/ 1/2008 #

Weird, thought I had hit the sent button on this already...and it has been received....lol...sigh

bren 01/ 4/2008 #

I finally finished mine and have sent it off to Canada. I made mine out of fabric and even got the nose turned without blowing out the seam. A pic is in the gallery.

dancingDog 01/ 7/2008 #

pattyb0625 - your little guy is on the way - just sent him today :D

pahasiga 01/ 9/2008 #

Whoa, bren, you make me feel ashamed...

halfwaythere 01/16/2008 #

I finished mine and will send it tomorrow or friday. I took 3 hours pulling out the tail and nose. I spent another 3 hours trying to stuff the very end of the tail before I gave up... I made mine more like an art doll than a toy... I hope that's okay. I put a loop on it and only decorated the front, grrr. I didn't think about making it more like a toy, I guess I should have read thru all the comments before.

dandelion 01/21/2008 #

Mine will be off in tomorrow's mail! I forgot that international mail needs to be taken to the PO and handle by a clerk. Our's has been closed now for three days due to the weekend and MLK holiday.

This was such a fun swap Bugtussle! Thanks for hosting ... will there be a sequel?!? ;)

halfwaythere ~ I did the same, thinking more in line of an art doll, as opposed to a toy. I would think either is fine ... at least I hope so! ;)

dandelion 01/22/2008 #

My little seahorse creation is now postal!

ColourfulDaze 01/23/2008 #

Hi dandelion, thank you so much for saying so, I really enjoyed it and for my very first hostess job I have been so very lucky to have such a magnificent group of swappers join!! Now that you mention it dandelion, I just might :) I just love seahorses!! halfwaythere, art doll is wonderful but bless your heart having to take so long to stuff it! I hope you enjoyed it none the less :) A HUGE very loud THANK YOU all for being in my swap!!!! All the best to everyone! Bugtussle Loreen

ColourfulDaze 01/23/2008 #

Your seahorses are BEAUTIFUL!!

ColourfulDaze 01/27/2008 #

Please, if you have not received and/or not heard from your partner, let me know.....thanks

dandelion 02/ 2/2008 #

I uploaded photos of sent/received seahorses but it automatically put my old user name, ddmaree instead of dandelion.

fluffywelshsheep 02/ 4/2008 #

have uploaded dandelion seahorse picture

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