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Bookreader's bookmark swap

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Swap Coordinator:karenvan2 (contact)
Swap categories: Themed 
Number of people in swap:121
Last day to signup/drop:April 1, 2008
Date items must be sent by:May 1, 2008
Number of swap partners:3

Well, the author of "Read for Your Life" (a book I highly recommend) suggest that we always have six-ten books going at one time, and read for an hour/day. Clearly, we can never have enough bookmarks! I've gotten a lot of wonderful bookmarks on many different themes, and now I'd like to challenge readers to create a "Reader's Bookmark." Use lots of quotations and any pictures you like, but make the bookmark a treasure for your readers. Each person will send three (yes, 3!) bookmarks to three (yes, 3!)to celebrate your partners and their love of books. A further challenge, but you are on your honor: make three extra bookmarks and give each one to a friend at home who needs inspiration to read more!


CelestialFreak 12/16/2007 #

Great swap, and I love that there is so much time, I almost freaked out about making so many bookmarks, but I think I can come up with them by May! ;-)

fleasha 12/16/2007 #

hah. I thought the same as celestialFreak but then noticed the dates. whew. I'm in. Thanks Karen.

windmaster 12/16/2007 #

All the bookmarks must be handmade?

AnkeArnold 12/17/2007 #

Is the swap international?

mommie2angels 12/17/2007 #

anyone have a good tutorial for bookmarks or an innovative way to make them?

twobluecrows 12/17/2007 #

There are always Book Thongs! These are a string about 9-12" ling with beads attached at both ends. The string (or flat ribbon) lays in the valley of the book ad the beads hang outside, being decorative as well as saving your place. A nice assortment of traditional bookmarks and thongs would be nice.

There are also the "new" style bookmarks that are a folded piece of paper with magnets (magnet tape, in rolls or little strips, is available in any craft store) on the ends that connect when folded over the page. You can then decorate the non-magnet upper part. Cyn

mommie2angels 12/30/2007 #

BOOK THONGS-didn't know what they were called. I have made these before and searched out some great resources for you all to check out:

previous swap with some instructions/ideas http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/4752

http://www.heathers-store.com/hs/products.php?productfamilyid=37 http://www.artbeads.com/bookthong.html http://www.gemstonegifts.com/bookmark.htm

using an altered domino http://www.etsy.com/viewlisting.php?listingid=6078405

for kid and character lovers www.amiescraftcloset.com/beadthongsforkids.htm

mommie2angels 12/30/2007 #

more book mark resources: one crafter makes them 2 1/2" x 7"





magnetic how-to http://craftbox.blogspot.com/20070801_archive.html

Polcia87 12/31/2007 #

Some ideas for bookmarks;






Polcia87 12/31/2007 #

More bookmarks;






the last one is a small bookmarks in the shape of an apple, you just put thepage which are you reading in it.

I think that should be enough to get the idea ;)

Polcia87 12/31/2007 #

I'm here again.I found a cool tutorial about book thongs ;


Hope you find it useful.

karenvan2 01/ 5/2008 #

Wow! What a lot of great comments. You know, I am late in responding here because I never even saw this part of the page before, it's hidden by all of the ebay ads! International is great. Any bookmark is acceptable, homecrafted are best. (I'm loosening up.) If you can't actually put a quotation on the bookmark, please enclose one, nicely written or typed, with the bookmark. No scribbles on scrappaper, please. Yes, whenever I tell you I am hosting any kind of swap, check the dates. I'll try to remember to put that information FIRST in my notes to you. I am trying to list them as I think of them, but post them waaaaaaaaaay in advance. Otherwise I myself have trouble getting them done and mailed on time. This way, I can (theoretically) do them right away, put them in envelopes, stamp them, and just wait for the addresses. Yep, that's the plan, alright...hasn't happened yet, though! Karen

karenvan2 01/ 5/2008 #

While I was checking over everyone's profiles, hunting for skunks (didn't find any), I couldn't help but notice how many participants were from outside the United States. I'm so glad to see it; I always enjoy opening something from another country (yes, of couse I enjoy the US letters and things, too, but it's a different kind of enjoy) and my Dad likes to collect the stamps. Karen

angelstar 01/ 6/2008 #

This looks like great fun! I can't wait to see everyone else's bookmarks. I should get started on my own soon! :-) Thanks, Karen, for running this.

qmock 01/ 8/2008 #

Thanks for the invite! I'd love to join. I'll check with my friend as well. Susan (qmock)

karenvan2 01/ 8/2008 #

Did I remember to say, yes, international participants and newbies are always welcome! It's a fairly easy way for new people to start collecting their 5s, and it's niot too expensive to send bookamrks overseas. If anyone finds it a hardship, let me know by swap-bot form, not here, ok? Karen

herwithacurl 01/12/2008 #

knitted bookmark patterns here:


lizzyblack 01/13/2008 #

This is a great swap! :)

karenvan2 01/14/2008 #

There are 47 people signed up now for this swap! If only I could see everyone's bookmarks...that's the only sad part about the swaps, wondering about everyone else's. It's like missing a birthday party and not seeing all the other gifts. Thank you all for signing up. I'm hosting a lot of other bookmark swaps, so keep checking my profile page. Karen

MaidMirawyn 01/14/2008 #

ONLY six to ten books at a time? Piece of cake. :)

I am so in. I'm an obsessive reader, and have been all my life!

Karen: I believe there is a gallery for each swap, where you can upload images... Maybe we should all make an effort to upload our images, once our partners have received their goodies, of course. We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

crimsoncat05 01/14/2008 #

I use scraps of paper, or whatever's handy, so some new bookmarks will be appreciated!!

karenvan2 01/17/2008 #

I used to use whatever I've got, too. Now, with all the swaps, I have real bookmarks. Yay! I keep my library books in two baskets--finished and not started. The rest, unfortunately, tend to be wherever I'm reading them. Now there is another small basket near the baskets-of bookmarks. It certainly keeps the books neater, which I am sure the library appreciates, too. I am so excited about all the people who have signed up for the swap. I agree, we should upload them into the gallery if we can-what a great idea. Karen

lulu 01/17/2008 #

I thought "I can't do that swap because I don't know how to make a really nice bookmark" and then I saw all those sites! So, how can I now not join? I am going for it.

karenvan2 01/17/2008 #

Trust me-you can make a bookmark. And then you will be hooked. I am hosting a bookmark swap of one sort or another every month, so you will have an outlet for all the enthusiasm you will develop! (And it's so much fun to get them.) Karen

Lawrence 01/20/2008 #

Had to sign up for this one. I've been making and giving away bookmarks for about a year now and enjoy it.

cobaltgypsy 01/21/2008 #

I haven't purchased a bookmark in 15 years---I LOVE this idea for a swap! Thanks so much! Can the bookmarks be embroidered or cross-stitched? I tend to make felt or aida cloth bookmarks myself.

To my partner---I REALLY like COZY MYSTERIES...(think Hercule Poirot...)

just a little hint...

blessings, Gypsy

karenvan2 01/21/2008 #

I'm sure that your partmers will be thrilled with your bookmarks, embroidered or x-stitched. Buy a bookmark? The only one I ever bought was one for my Bible. And the only reason I can still find that one is that my Bibles and my Bible study notebook are in a box together. The swap bookmarks, however, are kept in a basket when I'm not using them, so they won't get lost. Hey, Lawrence, do you just make random beekmarks, or do yu make them by theme? Maybe you can send me some ideas, or start your own swap...


I have to admit, the idea for bookmark swaps wasn't mine, I was in someone else's first, and then I thought, "Why not?..."

Lawrence 01/23/2008 #

karenvan2 I just make whatever comes to mind. I try to keep them all about the same size (2X6in) that way they will work in eather paperback or hard cover. I do a lot of stitching and computer generated ones. If you need patterns email me. Lawrence

karenvan2 01/23/2008 #

Lawrence--I wouldn't be surprised if several others take you up on your offer as well. I pretty much have my own patterns, but I would like to see youre, so I'll email you. Thank you. Karen

mercmom41 01/26/2008 #

Karenvan2: you can make a flickr group for everyone to post photos of their bookmarks, then you get to see them all! It's not that hard, just go to http://www.flickr.com/ and join if you haven't already, then under the groups tab at the top, click on the drop-down list and choose "create a new group." Then you can add the address into your swap description and people can post their photos there. :) Carrie

anwyn 01/28/2008 #

wow i have been sent two bookmarks and they do help keep all my books lovely and neat. this is a great idea i'm a newbie but am really looking forward to this swap may go off and create my bookmarks now! a flickr group would be a great idea to show off our hard work. alex

yarnigras 01/29/2008 #

I am in! Yeah! Someone asked about a different way to make one. I made a few for family this year and they loved them. ex: My sister loves Abraham Lincoln so I bought some never used vintage stamps off ebay. They come in rows either horizontally or vertically. Then I mounted them (just a bit o' glue) onto a piece of nice paperboard. On the back I wrote one of his famous quotes with a calligraphy pen. Then I took it to Office Depot and had it laminated with a heavy laminate. After cutting it out carefully, I punched a hole in the top with a hole puncher and added a nice ribbon. She loved them (made her 3) and I used them to top off one of her gifts. It made a nice presentation. I've also bought BEAUTIFUL painted bookmarks by artists off of etsy.com

iheartswaps 01/30/2008 #

How could I NOT sign up for this--I'm an avid reader AND I work in a bookstore. For my partner: I adore Children's Lit. and classic fairy tales. Oh, this will be so fun.

bundabergsangel 02/ 1/2008 #

There's alot of writing in those comments, and I got just over halfway and decided to risk repeating a question...but do they have to be laminated??

karenvan2 02/ 2/2008 #

You can laminate the bookmarks if you like, but it's not a requirement. It'd a good idea, though, if you put a lot of work into them, because they last longer. It doesn't have to be very expensive; you can get laminating sheets at Walmart and do it yourself for just a few dollars. They will look very professional. Then when you get paper bookmarks from your partners that aren't laminated, you'll probably want to laminate them, too!

Obviously, you would only be laminating paper bookmarks.

If you aren't sure, you can send me the bookmarks and the postage to forward them to your partners, and I'll laminate them for you. I just bought a box of 50 laminating sheets at Staples, since I am in so many bookmark swaps, and I also make them for family and friends. Buying 50 sheets is a bit of an outlay of cash, but for me, it's less expensive than buying the sheets just a few at a time.

The other, more expensive option, is to take them to Staples, Office Max, Kinko's, or somewhere like that, and have them laminated. If you are going to be in a few swaps, you probably won't want to do it this way more than once unless you are made of money!!


yarnigras 02/ 6/2008 #

Just an FYI. I had 3 bookmarks laminated at Office Depot (vintage stamps). The cost was less than 2 dollars. I can't remember but think it was 10mm thick laminate. It was a nice thick laminate.

karenvan2 02/ 7/2008 #

That's a thicker laminate than I use when I do my own, so I'll bet it's really nice. $2 isn't bad.

CelestialFreak 02/10/2008 #

I'm dropping out of stuff for April/May because I'll be too busy then, this is a great swap, I'll just not be able to do it this time.

tannermom 02/10/2008 #

I hope this won't sound too stupid, but are we making a total of nine (9) bookmarks for the swap?

karenvan2 02/11/2008 #

Yes, it's a total of nine bookmarks.

reikimommy 02/11/2008 #

OOO! I love to read, although I'm a Braille-book reader. :) Still need those bookmarks, and looking forward to making them!

karenvan2 02/12/2008 #

Actually, it's 10 bookmarks, since you are honor-ound to make a bookmark to encourage another reader to read more, remember? I'm thrilled to have a braille-reader among our group. I hope that your partners put some thought into that...

RavingRabbit 02/16/2008 #

What a lovely idea! I'm off to sign up in a moment - is it okay for newbies to join this one? (I'll soon find out!)

It's a great idea doing 3 for each person - I've got so many ideas running around in my head.

RavingRabbit 02/17/2008 #

Just to let you know - I'm signing out for a little while so I can fit another little swap in. All marked in my diary to sign back in, in plenty of time! (I've already started making them) I'll be back!

yarnigras 02/17/2008 #

I was at Hobby Lobby last week....they sell premade bookmarks that you can embellish. They come 50 to a pack. You can get a 40% off coupon going to their site. (or contact me and I'll forward one to you.) I went the cheapo way and made a template from a style I like but I don't make bookmarks that often.
Its just a thought for some of you who make a bunch of bookmarks and are tired of cutting them out!

yarnigras 02/17/2008 #

just a question. I am still fairly new but noticed people saying they were going ahead and getting started on the bookmarks. Is that ok? I thought we were supposed to work off their 'profile' and customize it for their likes....?

Linuxwitch 02/17/2008 #

Are bookmarks created using textiles welcome? (I'm thinking woven, embroidered, tatting, etc). Thanks!

karenvan2 02/18/2008 #

It's up to you how you make the bookmarks. Textures are fine, as are premade basics, as long as you do enough of the embellishing to be able to call it handcrafted. Working off someone's profile is wonderful, but that may bot prevent you from starting ahead, to get some of your basics ready. Everyone's ideas are so individual that anything may happen! I know that I have lots of ideas, so I go ahead and start-then if I don't think it's quite right, I'll make another one. I always have friends and so on that I can send little surprise gifts to.

In addition, remember that you are sending three bookmarks, so you might do one or two ahead, and make the last one very special and individual. It's up to you, and how much time you have, how creative you are, whether your kids or spouse get in your way...do what's best for you! Karen

anrtist 02/22/2008 #

I cant wait- have already started hand painting the backgrounds! when will we get our partners and how?

twobluecrows 02/23/2008 #

Partners get assigned within three days after the last day to sign up, which in this case is April 1. That's the hardest part of some of these swaps--getting your things done and ready to go only to have to wait for the partners!! Anticipation!


Candlewoodcrafts 02/23/2008 #

What a great idea! I would love to participate,


karenvan2 02/24/2008 #

Well, Dawn, I hope you signed up. I'm pretty jazzed-we have 106 people signed up!! I am impatient for the partners, too! Daqwn, I have a lot of other bookmark swaps coming, one/month. If you go to my profile, you'll see them and be able to click on them for more details. Karen

Josietai 02/27/2008 #

So, book thongs are ok in this swap?

Lilian 02/27/2008 #

Oh, i just register in this lovely web and i would love to participate, if this swap is international, of course i will be in! ^_^ Count me in, please!


karenvan2 02/27/2008 #

International swappers are always welcome. In the beginning, I was really specific about what was included, but now I think that anything handcrafted-including book thongs-are fine. If you go to my profile, you'll see an "anything goes" bookmark swap as well for a few months for now, so you may want to participate in that one as well. Karen

nut 02/27/2008 #

I'm dropping out for a bit too to fit in another swap. Pity there isn't reminder functionality for swaps you're not in.

BTW, does anyone know how the max swaps works? I haven't seen anything in the faq. I'm limited to 6. I don't know if that's forever, or because I'm new. I think I've seen people with more than 6. Also, when is a swap dropped from that count? Is it when you send, when you're rated, or what?

nut 02/27/2008 #

I mean, I'm limited to 5. I can't count!

karenvan2 02/28/2008 #

I'm signed up for quite a few, and there has never been any indication that I might be limited, unless there is a limit on how many you can sign up for due at the same time?? Or perhaps we just have to self-limit? Karen

anwyn 03/ 1/2008 #

Limit there is a limit!?!?!?!? i'm signed up for loads of swaps and never noticed any limit...... how strange

Caam 03/ 1/2008 #

There's a limit? Whoops, went way beyond that one! I will be loving this swap! I love to read, it really is my favorite activity. gasp.....even more than knitting!

MartiKnitsSF 03/ 1/2008 #

There is only a limit for new members. You can sign up to be in 5 swaps at a time. As you mark one of your five swaps as "sent" you can then sign up for another swap. I don't remember how long or if it was until you completed a certain amount of swaps. I couldn't find the exact source whether this was in Rachel's blog of news stuff, on the forums, or one of the pop ups during initial registration. I personally think it is a good policy so as not to let new folks get stuck in their eyes were bigger than their buget or time situation.

MartiKnitsSF 03/ 1/2008 #

Added to previous comment:

As I thought kind of correctly, this is from Weblog link in the main left side menu dated Jan 19th.

" 2 - We have implemented a new user swap sign up limit. All new users of Swap-bot now start with a five swap limit. They can only sign up for five active swaps at a time at first. This limit lasts until they have received three positive (5) ratings from their swap partners. Once they have received three positive ratings, the swap sign up limit is completely removed and they can sign up for as many swaps as they would like. This is the first time we have implemented any type of swap limit, so we may make adjustments as we receive feedback. Also, this new feature is not retroactive. "

Many hosts of swaps have their own "Newbie" criteria, more ratings, email swaps don't count for some, detailed profile, etc. I'm all for Hosts setting up their own rules as well.

Hope this is what you were looking for!

nut 03/ 1/2008 #

@MartiKnitsSF Thanks! That's exactly the information I was looking for.

I think a newbie limit is a good idea. I'd be signing up all over the place is there wasn't one. Once I've actually sent a few, I'll have a better idea what's involved, and I should be able to self-limit.

chickenlady5 03/ 2/2008 #

I just signed up for swap bot and would like more informaiton. I make bookmarks from all sorts of materials from felt to silk to beaded works. Would this be osmething that others would be interested in swapping with me?

Zia 03/ 2/2008 #

I'm in school to be a Massage Therapist, so don't be surprised if what I send has my vocabulary words traced neatly on one side or pictures of oil bottles or something!

HarmonyNY 03/ 2/2008 #

LOLOL I just found this link to a blog with the funniest idea for a bookmark....personalized bookmark..hehe!


anwyn 03/ 7/2008 #

harmonyNY: just checked out the link and thats great idea!!! thanks for sharing.

karenvan2 03/ 8/2008 #

Great comments you are all giving each other. With all this support, I'll be expecting to hear that you are planning a Christmas card exchange!!


littlegrnfrog 03/10/2008 #

So excited to participate in this swap. I always have a ton of books going. These days they are mostly cookie and cupcake books, some Jodi Piccoult, and a few parenting books. Trying to be the best Mom I can be for my boys. But I always find the time to craft in the evening, so this is right up my alley. Cheers! T

MaidMirawyn 03/11/2008 #

I've made a few bookmarks already... This is fun.

amybelle 03/12/2008 #

i'm always grabbing random scraps of paper to serve as bookmarks! i can't wait to get some real bookmarks!

zemag 03/19/2008 #

I have already made my bookmarks, Im patiently waiting to get my list of partners so that I can ship:)

soniclibra 03/20/2008 #

hello! I am new and would love to join in on this swap :)

bundabergsangel 03/20/2008 #

I was joined up to this a while ago...then dropped out because I didn't think I could handle it, now I'm thinking of joining back up, whaddya think? =)

karenvan2 03/21/2008 #


I believe I have managed to set up a flickr.com group for this and other swaps I am hosting. My screen name is karenvan252541 (tedious explanation) and the group is called Swap-bot bookmarks. The forums are set up by the name of the swap, and there are just a few rules. Only first names or swap-bot ids are acceptable. You may post bookmarks you have received at any time. You may not post bookmarks you are sending until one week after you sent them. There are also forums for ideas, for sources, for books you arer reading and recommend, or don't, and for bookmarks you may have made or received that are not related to these swaps. I truly hope you will take advantage of this flickr group. Thank you!! Karen

yarnigras 03/21/2008 #

I can't believe how many people are in this swap! thanks for setting up the flickr group for us.......

karenvan2 03/22/2008 #

Someone suggessted the flickr group once before, and i tried, but I spazzed. Thisd one is for real. Empty fight now, though, so let's get those photos in!! I just got a baby digital camera, so I thought I was all set-but once I downloaded the first set of photos, I couldn't figure out how to delete them from the camera!!

sunrooms 03/23/2008 #

i'm really excited for this swap! i just noticed though, why is there a month to send out the stuff? it just seems like so long to wait for them! haha i already have most of my supplies ready for when partners are assigned :D

QueenBee49444 03/23/2008 #

I'm new to this, be gentle with me. I'd like to sign up for this swap please.

anwyn 03/25/2008 #

good to see the flickr griuo am off to join it now........

ambritsmom40 03/27/2008 #

Mine are all made, packaged up and ready to mail. I am so excited, can you tell? LOL

karenvan2 03/31/2008 #

It's almost time...

Zipp0099 04/ 1/2008 #

I have signed up for this swap but I wanted my partner to note that I am doing this for my son. I have him listed in my profile, he is the advid reader. I will be making the bookmarks to send out but he will be enjoying most of the ones you send (I might keep a couple for myself) He will want them as soon as he sees them :)

aallen66 04/ 2/2008 #

Someone earlier said something about getting the laminating film from the store or going to Kinkos, etc. Another option is to ask friends and family that work someplace with a laminating machine. For example, I work at a library, but I used to volunteer at a junior high school.

Usually, the laminate is too expensive to just heat up and run for non-official business, but if they are already running it, throwing in a bookmark or two at the edges won't make a difference. Obviously, you would need to get permission, but as long as you are willing to work on their terms and schedule, it may be an alternative to paying for it.

Just a thought.

sunrooms 04/ 2/2008 #

for my partners: my favorite colors are teal, brown, green and grey.

most of my other likes and dislikes are in my profile. PLEASE NO BEADED STRINGS. sorry, but they bug me when i'm reading.

anwyn 04/ 3/2008 #

thanks for that aallen66 am stuck finding a lamintater can't quite justify buying one yet but will see if i can find someone who would use their works one. am excited that the partners are now assigned

emsan 04/ 6/2008 #

I sent out my bookmarks today! I had so much fun making them. :) But i got a little worried when I went back here and read "use lots of quotes...". I used pages from books, scraps from here and there and took time making all my partners at least one bookmark based on their profile. But I guess maybe I didn't use lots of quotes. Hope it's ok to interpret this your own way!

TheQueenBea 04/ 6/2008 #

I have mine done too. I wrote a tutorial on how I made mine - I used a packing tape transfer technique. http://home.gci.net/~dollz/bookmark_tutorial.pdf

I didn't use lots of quotes either. Lots of time and love went into them though!

ambritsmom40 04/ 7/2008 #

Mine went in the mail today. I was really bad and didn't use any quotes at all, but they are all handmade with lots of love. I guess I should have read a little bit better.

anwyn 04/ 7/2008 #

ohhhhh how exciting to see somepeople have sent their's already am waiting for some things to come through the post before i can start making mine but have them all planned out.

Marshmallow 04/10/2008 #

I mailed mine on the 6th and just realized we were suppose to use quotes. Sorry to my partners but I didn't use any. I assure you that the three I made by hand and also included an extra goody that I found to enclose...so maybe that makes up for the lack of quotes.

karenvan2 04/11/2008 #

Here are some responses to you all-I'm sorry I haven't checked for a while.

Lamination-I use self-seal laminating sheets from the office supply store. You can also take the bookmarks to Staples or someplace like that and they will laminate them for you. BUT they don't have to be laminated-I've received quite a few that weren't laminated, and they were just as nice.

Quotes-Well, that was my original idea, but mostly because I am a quotation fan. The guidelines have loosened up a bit since so many prople have signed up (yay!). Perhaps participants will post some of their favorite quotations here.

Iheartswaps-I see you work in a children's library. Perhaps you would want to join my Kids' Bookmark swap-you could always have a little raffle or something for the kids if you don't need the bookmarks yourself.

Don't forget, bookmark fans, that there are a lot of other bookmark swaps on my profile, and you might want to join one or two. I am still thinking of others, so check ofter, okay? Thanks everyone for participating. Karen

blackbody 04/22/2008 #

I sent mine a week ago. Not my best work imho and I haven't used quotes. And I'm now worrying that since I didn't use a sturdier bubble mailer, something might happen to them in the PO. To my partners, please send me a message or anything if you didn't get them in good condition or even if you don't like them; I'll definitely be glad to resend.

Paige 04/23/2008 #

I mailed my bookmarks a couple days ago - I also didn't use any quotes, but I had fun making them and I hope it shows!

AnkeArnold 05/ 2/2008 #

cecilia, Silvia and Anna, your bookmarks went to the mail today because May 1st is a holiday in Germany.

Please let me know if they haven't arrived within a week, I had some weird "lost mail" issues recently.


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