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Date Joined: August 18, 2010
Last Online: October 14, 2023
Birthday: March 28, 1982
Country: United States
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Favorite Crafts

I'm kind of a Jill of all trades but master of none, you know? Things i enjoy include: knitting, cooking, sewing, baking, making jewelry, collage, decoupage, drawing and photography.

Favorite Music

I have pretty eclectic tastes, and my favorites vary.

Lately: Tamaryn, Volapuk, Guapo, Kayo Dot, Russian Circles, Robyn Hitchcock, XTC, Vitalic, Mount Kimbie, Faun Fables, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Tinariwen, Leslie Hall, Agalloch, Bjork, They Might Be Giants, Ladytron, Dengue Fever, Robyn, Porcupine Tree, The Knife.

Always: Tom Waits, the Cure, Oingo Boingo, Aphex Twin, Jason Webley, Magnetic Fields, The Mercury Tree.

I love A LOT of different genres, from rock, to prog, to metal, to goth, to shoegaze, to folk, to world music, to punk, any anything and everything in between...the only genre i DON'T like is modern country, although even in that i have found a tiny few amount of songs that are tolerable...so yeah, just try me. ALWAYS in the mood to hear new things.

About Me

I am a moody, geeky, kind, caring, weird, socially awkward but social person. I work for New Season's Markets, a NW chain of local and health food centered stores, where I am a produce clerk. I love music. I love colors, though i used to wear only black when i was younger. I love cats, my ex-boyfriend has two that i still get "visitation rights" to. I hate "bros" and homophobes. I love geeky, nerdy, shy and awkward people who are sweet and interesting and passionate about things.

Likes and Wants (more fun)

*Fairy Tale themes and Mythological themes (of all kinds). I really like the illustration style of D'Aulaire's Book of Trolls. I love Brian Froud's work, i love some of the "gothy fairies" i have seen around by various artist, generally dark themed stuff, but also more cutesy styles like Cicely Mary Barker.

*HALLOWEEN STUFF! Jack-o-lanterns, Skeletons, Skulls, Bats, Ghosts, autumn colors, autumn leaves, acorns, pumpkins and the like. I love all of it, and i love it YEAR ROUND!

*TEA! Mostly black varieties, although some greens and mate as well. English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, Oolongs, Russian Caravan and Lapsang Souchong are my favorites. I'm finding that i rarely drink fruit teas, herbal teas or tisanes, rooibos, or anything decaffeinated. Since i can no longer drink coffee (disagrees with my stomach and guts) tea has been my substitute for it, so i prefer caffeinated teas.

*CATS!!! I have 3 cats and love things relating to cats! Especially kitschy vintage cat items.

*VINTAGE OWLS. Think 60's -70's style kitsch

*Vintage 60's-70's Kitsch. Think acid-inspired wild colors, red and white mushrooms, fawns, owls, big eyed dolls, paisleys, anything along this aesthetic.

*Natural body products, scented soaps, Burts Bees and Dr. Bronners, anything vanilla, mint, cinnamon, lavender or lemongrass scented, essential oils.

*Surrealism - WEIRD STUFF - Think Salvador Dali or even Hieronymus Bosch.

*I love MUSIC - Magnetic Fields, The Cure, Mogwai, anything along the lines of shoegazer, prog rock, metal, industrial, goth, indie, folk, even some hip hop. I am eclectic and am open to almost anything EXCEPT modern Country EWWW.

*Mix tapes and Records.

*Japanese foods and drinks!!! Especially weird candies and rice seasonings.

*SUSHI themed stuff, stickers, cards, and fabric prints. Unagi is my favorite, and i love edamame beans.

*FABRIC! Autumn colored and Halloween themed stuff. Black and white fabrics. Kaffe Fassett prints. Alexander Henry fabric. Anything psychedelic. Paisleys. Skull fabrics.

*Blythe Dolls, Pullips, and Re-Ment miniatures. Well-done Blythe photography. Also accessories for these dolls.

*Recycling, Reusing and Upcycling!!!

*Yarns, threads, fibers, hemp, twine, crochet thread and embroidery floss. Also lace and unique trims. I don't really need ribbon or ric rac, although don't hate it, just don't use it as much as the previously stated items.

*Anything with a candy raver, punk, gothy, indie, or otherwise quirky and weird aesthetic.

*I am a jewelry ho!!! I love a lot of different styles. Big, funky, retro looking stuff is my favorite. I like wood, stone, and handmade beads especially, but i like little delicate things too...or a nice mix of both. One of my favorite necklaces (made for me by one my best friends) is a felted choker with semi precious chips, neon orange plastic beads, and dried beans sewn on it.

*Beads, charms, chain and jewelry making supplies of all kinds (EXCEPT for plastic beads...have enough of those that i don't use already).

*OOAK art dolls and puppets...thinking along the lines of Sara Lanzilotta of Devout Dolls, Wendy Froud, anything detailed, beautiful, and a little strange.

*Robots. Pirates. Zombies. I swear i'm not a hipster... cough

*Stickers! I love Lisa Frank, Littlest Pet Shop, anything featuring cats or kittens, monkeys, snails, My Little Ponies, frogs, Sanrio, fish, dragons, food, ANY weird Japanese stickers, Botan Rice Candy stickers, Dutch, French, Belgian or German themed stickers, Halloween stickers, skeletons, bats, pumpkins, skulls, mermaids, fairies.

*I am an Atheist so i love science, nature, and things relating to that. I love botany, biology, geology, and astronomy. LOVE Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.


+Anything from the Likes category above!!!

+Your handmade crafts and artworks. If you put time and passion into it i will most likely like it!

+STAMPS! I would love usable US stamps, but i also love used stamps, especially from other countries! I use them in art and/or put them in my art journal.

+Old strange found photographs

+POSTCARDS!!! I'm an avid postcrosser so i can always use them.

+Stickers! I have resumed my girlish dream of making a sticker collection, so i would love it is you sent me some. My specific tastes are listed in the Likes above.

+Any spare envelopes you may have in good condition

+Music that you think i would like

+I NEED YOUR CLEAN PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS!!! I cut them apart and craft with them, so if they are just sitting around cluttering up your home please consider using them as packing material in the package you send to me instead of bubble wrap or peanuts. I am ESPECIALLY needing DARK COLORS, green, red, yellow, pink, purple or anything other than white. Thin plastic only, none of that thick and crinkly (loud sounding) plastic.

+Any weird old books you don't want and wouldn't mind me ripping apart for art purposes. Hardback old out of date Technical Manuals, Reference books, Vintage books of any kind that may be damaged already, art books, national geographic magazines, very damaged and drawn on kids books, arts&crafts magazines, religious books and pamphlets, medical pamphlets, PSA pamphlets. I take all of this stuff apart and turn it into something awesome.

+If you put any extras from either my "likes and want" or "wants and needs" in my swap package it is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face!!! Almost always will guarantee you a 5

DIS-likes & Do Not Wants

~Modern Country music!!!

~Anything sports related.

~Perfume. Anything heavily or artificially perfumed or scented. (natural and/or essential oils are okay though)

~Christian stuff (although i adore old Russian religious icons, in general i am averse to anything of a religious, specifically Judeo-Christian nature).

~Kid or Child related items (i like kids, i am sure your kids are awesome, but i am Child Free and have no use for such items...the one exception is kids books with great illustratuions, sometimes).

~Makeup! Don't really use it at all.

~Dotee Dolls...they are ok, just NOT my thing.

~ATCs. I really appreciate ATCs of your own drawings, paintings, art of various kinds of handmade art, but i just do not really collect ATCs at all and prefer postcards or larger format art...your ATCs would probably be better appreciated sent to somebody else who collects them!

~Rings...i do not wear them.

~Bracelets. I don't hate them, i just rarely wear them! Plus i have kind of big bones in my wrists so a lot of bracelets don't fit me, which is sad...i can't even wear a lot of the bracelets my mom wanted to pass on to me! :( I LOVE charm bracelets though and that is the one exception!!)


I'm not a huge fan of touristy postcards but i like anything i get. My favorite postcards are quirky art cards.

*Cats and anything cat related: Real cat photos, Jetoy, B. Kliban, Edward Gorey

*Fairies, elves, trolls or whatever sort of creature is common to the folklore of your area. I love the Finnish and Scandinavian Tomten/Elves! Anything myth or fairytale related is loved by me.

*Handmade postcards. Postcards of your art.

*Art cards

*Anything related to music

*Food cards - especially food regional to your area, recipes, or artistic photos of food.

TRULY any postcard will be loved by me. For a better idea of what i might love, check out my Postcrossing favorites in the links above.


Comment: I left a message. I will change this rating if I receive anything........
Comment: I definitely see what you mean about the vibe of this postcard. It makes me feel calm and happy to look at 🌙 And the quote you chose is absolutely lovely~ 💜 Thank you for the wonderful swap, my friend!
fargoguy rated for BLIND POSTCARDS #8 QUICK SIGN-UP on Jan 12, 2015
Comment: thank you
Comment: I loved everything about this swap you sent! The stickers, the nice note and the WONDERFUL tea bags! Thanks so much - you made my day!
gusmom2000 rated for I LOVE CHRISTMAS POSTCARDS- INTL on Dec 30, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much!
femkevd rated for I LOVE CHRISTMAS POSTCARDS- INTL on Dec 21, 2014
Comment: Groetjes uit Amstelveen! Received your card and received your extras to make up for sending it late. At lease it arrived in time for Christmas. :) Happy holidays!
MTNesters55947 rated for Ad PC Swap on Dec 5, 2014
dartha rated for BLIND POSTCARDS R#9*QUICK SIGN-UP on Nov 22, 2014
Comment: Love the post cards - thank you so much Leslie! My husband was thrilled to see the Beer Lovers post card from Portland. Such cool variety. Thank you, darla
Comment: Oh my... This postcard is amazing. Pretty woman and a pig, fantastic! It does look a lot like Joan Rivers! Fantastic stamps and cool stickers! Thanks a lot! xxxxx
X0create rated for Belated Halloween Card Swap on Nov 18, 2014
Comment: I'm glad that isn't my couch!! I do have a cat stand for that type of thing. Quite an ugly card -- thanks!! :)
Sheri rated for Belated Halloween Card Swap on Nov 18, 2014
Comment: Loved the pumpkin card and extras.
Fyregypsy rated for Belated Halloween Card Swap on Nov 13, 2014
Comment: Loved the cards and all the little goodies. Thank you!
Comment: I think this postcard should get the weird/ugly prize! Ick and ew! Pretty funny too :D Thank you!
Comment: I loved it and the drawings!! Thanksss
Response: No problem! I had fun doodling. :3
bluehairedmary rated for Vintage Post Card swap on Oct 23, 2014
Comment: Very lovely vintage pc! Thanks!
mycatbutters rated for Tons of Halloween Cards! on Oct 21, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the great swap. Happy Halloween!
Tinker60 rated for BLIND POSTCARDS #7 QUICK SIGN UP on Oct 18, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the great PCs. . . and the exttras :-) These swaps are always such fun and I, too, have many of the same questions you have when I'm getting my envie ready to send. Happy swapping. . . and thanks again for the great PCs ~
Response: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it all! :)
Comment: Oh I just love it. Thank you.
emilynhr rated for Tons of Halloween Cards! on Oct 18, 2014
Comment: Beautiful card! Thanks for the extras!

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MissBrenda on Nov 19, 2023:

Are you ok? Please contact me when you receive this message. I would like to rate you, but I haven' received The Halloween Card Swap #7 from you. I don't like to give a one rating, but you didn't answer the message I sent you about the swap.

wolviechick121 on Jul 4, 2016:

Happy Independence Day!!!

namelessgirl on Dec 3, 2014:

sneak attack hugs Hiiiii!!! Finally back on here!!

virgoleanne on Nov 8, 2014:

Hey friend! I am hosting postcard swaps now! Come take a look at my swaps @virgoleanne Feel free to join up or send some ideas for swaps you would like to see. Let me know of any swaps you would like me to join also. :) Leanne Big News

anrtist on Oct 13, 2014:

Luv it! Happy Halloween!
Blessings, cc

AlexWhatton on Jul 16, 2014:

Thank you for the lovely thank you postcard! We are big fans of Charley Harper and his Birds - how did you know?! Also, yes, I have met Tim Gunn twice and he is just as kind in person. He is my favorite person on PR, too!! Happy swapping! PS: your weekend of hiking and thrifting sounds perfect! (My - basically sister - best friend lives in Portland and keeps trying to talk us in to moving there...it sounds wonderful!)

arkaya on Apr 9, 2012:

RyeRye on Apr 4, 2012:

Itti on Mar 21, 2012:

Hiya! Did you receive my blackout poetry for the "Deletion Poetry #2" swap? Do let me know if it's arrived safely!

Cheers, Itti

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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