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**October, 2009: I started my new job & am slowly but surely catching up on everything. I did not forget about Swap Bot and all the things I owe and will be sending out as soon as I have a little extra to spend on it. Thank you for understanding & I hope late 2009 is treating you all well! ** I'm really excited that I'll be able to make good & I'm enjoying my new job. If I'm slow to answer messages its because I have very little time at a computer these days. Please read below for other updates/more information.

*Sunday, July 5th: new update. PLEASE READ IF I OWE YOU SOMETHING

This may be too little too late to some of you, but I hope the effort will be enough. I got a new job (yay!) but I won't start until September. At that point, I will be able to mail out all the things I owe. I do not plan on joining any new swaps after that. Every single person that I owe a swap to will get their swap (some of you, it will be near 10 months late and I cannot apologize enough. I can however be honest, take responsibility, and make things right as soon as possible-- and that is what I'm doing). Please do not leave mean comments on my profile (only one or two have, but they hurt) as there is nothing more I can do at this very moment in time. Good luck and have a safe summer.

Previous update (April 5th): I want to apologize again to everyone I owe something to. Everytime I think I'm on top of things, I seem to be thrown another curve ball. I am really trying to keep my head above water, but its very very hard right now.

Like many others, my income has become very very limited right now. Little by little I'm trying to afford sending out what I owe, but there are certain bills that HAVE to come first. I'm sure everyone can understand that. I WILL NOT FLAKE & YOU WILL RECEIVE WHAT YOU ARE OWED FROM ME.

I cannot always log in either, so please don't think if you send me a message I'm ignoring you. Please understand that I'm going through a rough time financially and never intended to flake at all.*

A note on ATCs: this is a new interest for me since joining swap bot. I love collecting these little cards. While I appreciate the extra things people throw in, my rating and "heart" is based on the theme of the cards. I know sometimes you can't include little extras, but if you put your heart into the theme of the swap, I'll rate you accordingly!

On extras - if you send extras with the ATCs, they are appreciated - but I never make anything singular. Everything I make is in duplicate. This is just a hang up I have. So if you send me ATC backings or embellishments, I appreciate them but if they are 1 of a kind, I can't use them.

I have 4 cats and a bunny, love all animals, am veg*n, and live in an apartment with my sigoth of over 2 years. My favorite movies are Gone with the Wind, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Cutting Edge, Pirates of the Caribean.... Favorite band is U2 but I like all music except for trance.

I make jewelry and sell it as Lucky Starshine, but I also love to sew, knit, draw, and write., April

Favorite Music

U2, NKOTB, Breaking Benjamin, Keith Urban, Oingo Boingo, Michelle Branch, Toby Keith, 30 Seconds to Mars, Trust Co., early Madonna, Pillar

Favorite Television

Arrested Development, Beverly Hills Teens, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Hockey, Josie and the Pussycats, Law & Order, Wrestling, and a lot of those cheesier celebreatlity shows like Rock of Love, I Love New York, The Two Coreys, etc

Comic Nerd to the nth degree

I love comic books and have since I was 8 (two decades ago). I was always into Marvel and shipped Rogue and Gambit before Chris Claremont introduced them. I used to not be able to stand Jean/Phoenix and then a close friend pointed out ways I'm similar to her, and now I love her because I want to be more like her. From the comics, I don't see Magneto as a bad guy. I love the canon ships like Kitty and Colossus, Grifter and Zealot (different company, same "team" ;) ), Wolvie and everyone... I love Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman but I'm useless at naming the other DC characters (except for Catwoman who I adore). I always wanted to be Lois. When I was 9, I read a TPB of the death of Robin (2?) and cried so hard my mom didn't want me buying DC anymore. I loved it because how amazing for a comic book to get so much emotion out of you, but in the future I cried quietier ;) And then realized that in Marvel no one stays dead.

I love Neil Gaimon's old work and I'm not familiar with his new. Death made me so happy and I wish their were more limited series with her. Sandman was beautiful and interesting, but there was nothing for me to grab a hold of.

I liked the first two X-men movies; the third made me insanely angry, only because the arrogant hack of a director said "I took every page out of the comics, so none of the fans can complain." Uh... wtf? When is Phoenix with the Brotherhood and when was Phoenix a different identity of Jean? No one say Ultimate because that doesn't count ;)

I loved the original WildCATS and geeked out when it became a cartoon (1992?) of which I own the DVD

The Dark Phoenix Sage TPB is falling apart from being over- read in the last 20 years.

I could go on, but this is as much on this topic as I really want to type at the moment ;)

Movies, Causes, Etc

I love Will Turner.

I love Chris Jericho.

I love Disney cartoons, and Snow White has always been my favorite.

I wish Sarah and Jared from Labryinth would get together, but I love it more that they never will.

I'm dreading Lost Boys Two because I loved Lost Boys sooo much.

My main causes are the environment and animal rights. I volunteer with two shelters and have fosters cats. I;m a huge supporter of spaying/neutering your pets.

I love writing. I love sewing. I doubt my talent at both, but have a supportive guy that insists I follow my dreams.

I collect the perfume from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and am very much into the resins and clove scents.

I'm very open minded, but shy away from hot button topics in discussion because when I was 14 I almost lost a best friend due to a political argument.

Favorite Books

This has been the hardest one to fill out because I've been reading all my life (started reading on my own at 2) and was an English Lit major in college.

My eternal favorite is Gone With The Wind. Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series, her Knights of Avalon series, Bono in Conversation...

This will be added to when I start remembering more!


Things I was Flaked On These are swaps that other people have flaked on or I never received. If you want to angel, that would be sweet & appreciated (but never expected). Karma caveat: if you angel for me & I can return the favor, I would love to.

ALSO!!! If you owe me something & you do send it, I'll rate on the package and not when it was sent. I completely understand Real Life running you over and getting behind on things, but I think people should honor their commitments and if you do, it won't matter when, just the effort same as if it was on time.

Especially sad for me are the swaps in this list that I hosted: the first swap I ever hosted was the first time I was ever flaked on....

Things I Owe - There's a small handful of people the I owe things to. If you are seeing this, know I haven't forgotten you, and I'm going to make good :) This is my public to do list. You may have forgotten all about this... but you'll receive what you're owed (mostly ATCs) by the end of the year.

Non Rated Swaps

I put a lot of time and energy into what I create, whether it's a package or an ATC so I would appreciate a rating. (Thanks!) If I don't receive one, I'll follow up with a message or two... imho the point of this whole set up is to rate :)


The following people have not yet rated me (please judge by the date whether the case is that they don't rate or whether they just haven't had the chance to yet. This list is mostly to keep me straight since my notebook was getting messy)

2009 has been a real TREAT so far :( (that was sarcastic) & I'm behind on everything. With this batch I had to wait until I had the money to go to the post office, so a lot of these things are late (but hopefully worth the wait!). I tried to stay communicative with all of you. These would have gone out the 16th, but it was a holiday. I DO NOT FLAKE. If I owe you something, you WILL get it.


nicolea75 rated for NKOTB Postcard Swap!!! on May 26, 2009
Comment: To date, I have not received a postcard nor has any attempt been made to inform me of any delay.
mammi53 rated for ATC - President Barack Obama on May 11, 2009
EcoStar rated for Profile Surprise on May 9, 2009
Comment: i'm very sorry it took me so long to rate. i didn't get on swap bot for a few months. i should have done it right away. i'm very sorry. i really like it a lot.
RoseStryker rated for NKOTB Postcard Swap!!! on Apr 16, 2009
Comment: I will rerate if recieved!!
peachykeen rated for Beside the Sea ATC on Apr 15, 2009
Comment: I will change rating when I receive my swap.
Response: You will receive your swap as soon as I have a steady income again; I am so sorry for the inconvenience :(
OnyxLight rated for Mix CD Scavenger Hunt on Apr 13, 2009
Comment: I'm sorry, I think I have been more than understanding.... but its been several MONTHS. I will re rate if I recieve.
Response: You had been understanding, absolutely! You will receive your swap as soon as I have a steady income again; I am so sorry for the inconvenience :(
Comment: Still have not received anything. I messaged you and on March 9th you said you would send this swap out when you got paid... I will re-rate when I receive the swap!
Response: You will receive your swap as soon as I have a steady income again; I am so sorry for the inconvenience :(
ColorInFusion rated for ROYGBIV ATC on Mar 27, 2009
Comment: I am bummed about not receiving these. You told me via PM that they were done and you would be sending them when you received your next paycheck and that was a month ago. My latest PM has gone unread, so I feel I have no choice. I will re-rate when and if I do receive.
Response: Your last PM was unread for so long because I did not have steady access to the internet. You will receive your swap as soon as I have a steady income again; I am so sorry for the inconvenience :(
Comment: Will Change if i recieve anything!
Response: You will receive your swap as soon as I have a steady income again; I am so sorry for the inconvenience :(
Manjigirl rated for ATC Surprise Challenge on Mar 4, 2009
Comment: Hi Alli and thank you for your efforts, there were some neat techniques in there to borrow! Cheers K
findeerror rated for Artsy ATC 3 x 3 = 9 II on Mar 2, 2009
Comment: Beautiful ATCs... great soft colors, too!
dreamlily rated for The Four Elements ATC Swap on Feb 27, 2009
DanielleMarie rated for Artsy ATC 3 x 3 = 9 II on Feb 25, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much, obviously a lot of thought went in to its creation.
ColorInFusion rated for Artsy ATC 3 x 3 = 9 II on Feb 21, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much for the wonderful ATC's :)
kaypendragon rated for Six Word Memoir ATC on Feb 20, 2009
Comment: Thanks
BrendaMarie rated for STAR WARS - Obiwan on Feb 19, 2009
Comment: Thanks
aubreyrae rated for Fabulous Ladies ATC on Feb 10, 2009
Comment: LOVE the ATC, I have to admit I was kind of disappointed when you said you were sending Madonna instead of who I chose. BUT you totally surprised me with such a great ATC from my FAV movie!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! And of course Audrey is a classic, so I loved that one too. Thanks again girlie!!!!!
wingedmuse rated for ATC Wishlist ★ on Feb 9, 2009
Comment: cute ATCs! thanks so much (:
kchristisen rated for STAR WARS - Yoda on Feb 2, 2009
Comment: Thanks, he's great!

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moxsapphir on Aug 10, 2009:

I am looking forward to your return! You are missed!

Rose827 on Feb 3, 2009:

You're invited!

Favorite Color Swap

Come and join us for some awesome swapping!

Jex on Jan 19, 2009:


You are invited to my swap:


Hope you join us, it will be fun!! =)

nicolea75 on Jan 15, 2009:

Hi! I see that you are in the Madonna ATC swap. Me too! Should be fun.

halfwaythere on Dec 13, 2008:

Welcome to the PackRat ATC swap! I just assigned partners so everythings ready to go. I hope you have fun!!!

agonysdecay on Dec 12, 2008:

Ms. LuckyStar!!! Thanks so much for the Back and Forth ATC swap you sent!!! You did a great job on the ATC, a challenge indeed!!! Thanks so much!!! ♥

foovay on Nov 25, 2008:

I'd like to invite you to my Rune Inchies Swap!

AliciaAmy on Nov 24, 2008:

I will resend to deb!!

AliciaAmy on Nov 8, 2008:

what r your fav colors?

cobaltgypsy on Oct 31, 2008:

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