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A new pic of Chezza 7 years Hasn't she turned out to be a beautiful young lady. Alt text

I left this pic of Chezza up here so you can see how much she has changed.

Alt text

Chezza has started making ATC's and would like to trade here but I told her she would have to wait. Well I let her help make some or make them while supervised for people on wishlist in groups.

I reuse packaging supplies when possible, So if the outside of your package looks like it has been reused it probably has.

I'm 54 years young mother to 3 the youngest of which just turned 26!

I generally go by Phoenix, instead of my given name. It is my real life nickname. Truth be told I do not always realize it when someone is talking to me if using my legal name. ;)

I have a lot of allergies to perfumes, cats, and evergreens of all types. I'm also allergic to metals even surgical steel so I can not wear jewelry.

I have dabbled in many types of crafts in the past. These days it is pretty much whatever tickles my fancy and my hands can handle. I make candles, have made jewelry in the past, some sewing, make teas, arthritis ointment. I'm interested in making soap, bath salts and such, but haven't started at this time.

I'm not certain I have a favorite music genre as my taste skip all over the place. You might hear Red Sovine followed by ACDC and then Shaggy fast forward to Patsy Cline or Reba, though most RAP I just do not get into.

I can't stand Harlequin type books though some historical romance is OK I much prefer Jean Auel, Laurel K Hamilton, Kim Harrison (even though she is kinda cheesy at times). Ann McCaffery, Marion Zimmer Bradley, herb books, botanical books.

Underworld, Hellboy, Under a Tuscan Sun, geezsh I know there are others my brain is just on sabbatical right now.

Mostly Sci Fi, the dog makes me watch animal Planet (seriously),

I like Black & blue (seriously) Not crazy about green (unless its the kind you can spend) though I find as I get older I don't mind it being around me I just do not care to wear most greens. The exception would be a dark emerald green. I don't really have any other colors thats absolutely taboo. Not crazy about powder pink for myself though!

Wish List

Alt text

Pagan art (stickers, notes, stationary of pagan design, deco tape)

Green Witch supplies (hedge-witch)

Buttons prefer Bright colors, novelty or vintage (reproduction vintage OK too) (have plenty browns, tans, blacks & navy)

Beads; glass, enamel, or semi precious stones, polymerclay

Lace prefer vintage but any lace would be great. (salvaged is is great as long as it is clean and stain free)

Fabric (patterns of any kind as well as solids) To clarify I love fabrics! Anything from the dollar a yard variety to the specialty fabrics.

Unused US postage is always welcome in any amount I.E. .01 to .98 :)

Whimsy Jars you think I would enjoy OK I admit it I'm addicted to them :)

Standard size threads in colors other than black, & white.

Gel Pens Any & all kinds I think I have a new obsession!

Sharpies or other good quality permanent makers ultra fine please

Crocheted or knitted slippers I wear a size 9-10

Colors I prefer blues. purples, reds & black...


I guess putting the pentagram on my profile is not blatant enough. I am not a Christian, I am a Pagan (hedge-witch), I practice magic and believe in reincarnation. I do not wish to receive Christian literature or other things Christian unless I specifically ask for it. If you insist on sending me Christian things then you are telling me you do not want a heart.

I have decided to expand a bit about my spiritual side. I am not wiccian I am pagan I travel a "darker" path than most simply because it is what my soul calls for. Darker does not equate to evil or "black magic". I do not believe in "black magic" or even in "white magic" I do believe in "magic" There is only the magic and the intent, if the intent is evil that is where good, bad, white and dark come into it. The magic is none of those things, it just is.

Alt text


I am back & I am giving all those on my wall of Shame a fresh start, well as far as pulling their names off my page is concerned.

Allergy & Asthma Alert

I am very allergic to cats please let me know that you have cats in a note with the swap/tag. Pine of most types (rosemary is not a problem) Strong scents tend to trigger my allergies as well. I am sorry to add this part but due to a swap I received and the outcome I feel I really need to do this. Please do not send me perfume, I recently received some Avon perfume in a swap & everything in the swap was infused with the smell. of it and as a result I became ill with a migraine, it also triggered my asthma.

I forgot to put this here whist Yule coming up it is need to know Pine is an allergy really almost all evergreens that includes EO's & all perfumes of pine (perfumes are generally just one of the strong scents that trigger my asthma).

Unfortunately my asthma is triggered by my allergies.


Likes Colors I prefer blues. purples, reds & black...

Books: I love to read Vampire books (fictional & about real life physic vampires I. E. Michelle Belanger I own her CD Blood of angels & she is the only vocal on it! I head her sing part of it accapellia at a party we were both attending was awesome) Historical Novels I'm not a fan of Harlequin or Silhouette books. Some Sci-Fi Examples of authors I enjoy Marrion Zimmer Bradley Darkover Books, Ann MCCafree (sp), Melissa Rawn, Jean Auel, I'll think of others later

Fabrics I love them natural fibers first then everything else :)



I love Jewelery always have but I can not wear most jewelry due to allergies to metal even surgical steal & gold. My ears are not pierced due to this but if you send me pierced earrings my partner or my daughter will lay claim to them. My partner is spiritual and my daughter is pagan.

Dislikes Green clothing for myself I generally will not wear it unless it is a deep emerald green.

Lies even white ones just tell me the truth & let the chips fall where they may. I am human & my feelings may get hurt but I would rather have hurt feelings from honesty than later from a lie. I once knew a girl who truly believes that people wanted to be lied to and thats all she does, you will notice I said I once knew as in past tense. If she had been honest with me then we would probably still be friends.

Having my morning coffee interrupted :P

I am on a diet please do not send me any kind of candy.

Please I know some napkins are aesthetically pleasing and some may or may not be humorous depending on your point of view, but please keep your napkins I have a more than adequate supply.

Please do not send Ephemera I just wind up throwing it away. I have not yet figured out anything to use it for.

I only use certain lip balms please do not send me any.

Granddaughter loves these things "Magic Towels" so these are no longer taboo with me.

The things this child has brought changes to.

I'll probably come across more to add to this later.

Our Home & pics of swaps I mad

Alt text

Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text

Pictures of swaps I have sent out, not all swaps will be pictured here as I sometimes forget to take pictures

Green Goddess Doll

Alt text Alt text

Witches Hobo Swap, funny the bandana loks blue in the pictures but is really green.

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

For The Green Witch Yule Swap Alt text

3 Things Every Witch Needs

I blurred out address labels to protect the identity of the recipient.

Alt text

Sacred Solstice swap

Alt text

Angeled a Yule Swap

Alt text)


Alt text

For CPGSeashoreATCS-Global ATC on moniters left is original painting one on right is an original Digital picture created in Paint Shop Pro.

Alt text

cosmetic bag & neaklace for 3Q10 Send Your Handmade Specialty Swap

Alt text Ostara Matchbox

Alt text

Alt text

I decided to share pics of my "everyday" alter I keep it on my desk I have another that is for the Sabbets (no I haven't taken pics of it yet). Hope you enjoy this some of you may recognize things you gifted me with on it.

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

My Sabet Altar set up for Samhain

Alt text

My Candle Altar.

Alt text


CajunLady rated for 21 Days to Yule on Dec 20, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the nice package.
Response: your welcome
CajunLady rated for ~NMS~ Magical Art Journal on Jun 8, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the wonderfully wonderful journal!!!
Response: I'm so happy you liked it! I haven't done many of them.
karenvanita rated for Goddess Wand on May 10, 2012
Comment: The wand is wonderfull! Thank you so much! You put a lot of work into it.
Response: I'm just happy you liked it!
smokeyquartz1980 rated for Ostara Egg Swap on Mar 5, 2012
Comment: What an awesome swap this was! I have to say, the necklace is my absolute favorite!!!!
Response: hugzzz I thought it might be. Love you hun!
Mugsie rated for 100,000! on Nov 4, 2011
Comment: Melony ~ what a fabulous idea, I love them and can use each and every one of them! Thank you so, so much!!! Kelly:)
Response: I'm so glad you liked them, and can use them!
swiftbrooks rated for CPG Halloween ATCs - US Only on Oct 22, 2011
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Thanks for the ATC's!!
Comment: What a beautiful package Phoenix, I love it all. Thank you so so much.xxx
Response: Your very welcome
Comment: thank you melony for the lovely pentagram's...i love them and i will enjoy wearing the tiny one on a chain around my neck...great job...thanks.
Response: I'm so glad you like them! Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thank you for the ATCs. Happy swapping.
Response: Your welcome
mayasmom23 rated for Tea Please on Jun 27, 2011
Comment: Great package. Thanks.
Response: Wow I forgot about this one! Your welcome & TY for the heart
Comment: Thanks
Response: your welcome I hope you can use at least some of them.
LavenderLizard rated for An Altar Cloth for ME?!. on Jun 23, 2011
Comment: Thank you for both of the lovely altar cloths! The flowers are so cheerful, and the applique so elegant. I know I will enjoy using these...oh, and adding this in later - the drawstring bag you sent them in is JUST the right size for my needle tatting projects. How perfect is that!
Response: I'm very happy you liked the alter cloths! The applique was done while watching TV gives my hands something to do besides stuffing food in my pie hole LOL WOW I am happy you have a use for the bag as well. I had a bit of leftover fabric and thought ok I'll just whip a bag up & add it to your swap.
Comment: I thoroughly love the cards and the enclosed information about Hecate......thank you!
Response: Your very welcome I am glad you love them! & thank you for the heart!
ArtTeachToBe rated for YOUR Favorite Goddess ATC Swap on Jun 14, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the ATC(s)!! It was wonderful to learn more about Hecate. Thanks for the swap cards too :).
Response: Your very welcome, I'm not certain she is my favorite but certainly up there & who I am currently studying. I am glad you liked what I sent.
Keaniebean rated for Celtic Tree Moon Chunky Page 3. on Jun 8, 2011
Comment: Wow Phoenix, that is the chunkiest chunky page EVER and it's georgeous!!!!!!! Thank you so much and thank you for joining the swap :))) I hope to see you again in the next round which I'll put up soon.
Response: I am so glad you like the page! It was my very first. I do plan to take part in the next one Thank you for the heart.
Keaniebean rated for Prescription for Magick on Jun 8, 2011
Comment: Phoenix, this is a beautifully put together package and I am sooooooo in awe of everything you sent me, the wand, the besom, all the herbs, just everything is totally rockin' I love all the fimo stuff, it looks like you had so much fun making that all and I love it. I can't say thank you enough,what a fantastic partner. Blessings, Sarah.xxxx
Response: I'm very happy that it all got there in one peice & that you like it! I had a blast making all the little goodies. I warned you I had an obsession with Sculpey (filmo). I hope you can use the herbs I chose for you.
NikonGoddess rated for Make A Wish Spell Kit on Jun 1, 2011
Comment: Thank you so much for my spell kit. I will put it to work soon. Come on moon...heehee I need to get to England! I will find a job and get over there. I have some time to make it work and I know it will happen for me. Thank you for sending me goodies to work towards it!
Response: Your very welcome! I like the simplicity of that spell most of all.Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thank you for the nice HM items! I love the bracelet because it is so colorful!
Response: I'm glad you like the bracelet I tried to use items I felt you would enjoy from reading your profile. Thank you for the heart!
tinnuwen rated for Tree ATC on May 3, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the cute tree :) and the extra-sleeves.
Response: Awe you are very welcome :) Thank you fot the heart!

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RIP my friend.

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Thank you for my Sweet Swap Cards from CPG wish list.

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Thanks for the goodies towards my CPG wishes - the twinchie is cute! :)

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Thank you (and Chezza!) for the June wishes from CPTG. Ryleigh loved the birthday mail!!

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Thank you for the random envie towards my CPG June wishlist - I'm looking forward to working on deco books with these goodies soon! :)

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Thank you very Much for the Vintage Postcards you sent me for my CPG June Wish List...! !!

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for the wonderful address labels . June Wishes CPG

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