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Last Online: November 25, 2011
Birthday: March 30, 1971
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NOTE: Because I have a chronic pain condition, I am often a bit late on deadlines but I ALWAYS send and I usually try to make it extra special to make up for the wait. Just a FYI for anyone waiting for a package from me.

38, divorced, have 3 wonderful cats that OWN me! :-) I also have two step-daughters, 14 and 16. Both live with my wife #1 who I get along with great so I still get to talk to the girls. YAY! I am no longer able to work due to chronic pain from migraines so I have a lot of time on my hands to craft and swap. :-)

Favorite Books

Fantasy fiction (Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Raymond Feist Anne McCaffrey, Douglas Adams, and for dark fantasy: Laurel K Hamilton, Nancy Collins, and Anne Rice), books about Wicca and magick

I like:

Cats (Domestic and the Big Ones!), Critters of all kinds, Fairies, Magical, Mystical Stuff, Celestial Themes (i.e. Moons and Stars), PURPLE!, Chocolate (allergic to peanuts though!),coffee, Starbuck's Frapuccinos(especially if they have crunchy ice in them!), homemade soaps, lotions, etc, medieval themed items, caring, loyal friends!

Favorite Movies

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is my current favorite because it reminds me not to take life so seriously. I also love the LOTRs, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Princess Bride, Ella Enchanted, Lost Boys, Interview with the Vampire (but they ruined Queen of the Damned in my opinion), Mists of Avalon, Excalibur, Practical Magic, The Craft, Bewitched, all of the Indiana Jones', any good thriller/action or comedy flick.

Favorite Television

Anything on the History or Discovery Channels, Law and Order, House, Its Me or the Dog and I'm obsessed with Ghost Hunters ("Dude! Run!").

Favorite Crafts

I like making candles, though I'm a little burned out on them at the moment (no pun intended!) and I used to like latch hook and embroidery but they are time consuming and not a good choice for swaps so I'm looking into trying new things. I want to learn how to make soap, lotion, lip gloss, stuff like that. I like making bath salts and bath oils, as well as teas, spice blends and "Gift in a Jar" mixes. I used to draw really well in high school but can't do it worth beans anymore!


No peanut butter (or peanuts in general just to be safe) or vanilla SCENT (as a food additive I'm fine) as they trigger my migraines.

Will Craft For:

I will happily sell or trade candles (any color, any scent). I have votive molds and a 7" pillar. I will be trying my hand at dipped tapers soon as well.

I can also design swap cards for you and take any pictures you email me and turn them into 1.5" wide stickers (length is unlimited) with my sticker machine. I can make either permanent stickers or repositionable stickers (great for scrapbooking!)--your choice. This is my newest toy and I'm just dying for excuses to use it. :-)

Also, cold, hard cash is greatly appreciated as I am disabled and unemployed at the moment. :-( But at least Swap Bot helps keep me sane! Its definitely cheered me up! If you do want to send money, PM me for my Paypal info or mailing address.

Email me and we'll talk. :-)


Anything with cats on it, especially Maneki Neko's or Neko's (that just means "cat" or "kitty" in Japanese) in general. They're my latest obsession. LOL /_/\ ( o.o )

^ <

Graphics that would make great stickers or even t-shirts (seriously thinking of starting a cafe press shop)

I'm always up for decks of tarot cards. I want to start collecting them for their artwork. So far, I have the Hanson Roberts, Rider Waite, The Arthurian Legend, Lord of the Rings and now the Medieval Scapini deck thanks to @sima :-)

Art work from Nene Thomas, Carrie Hawks, and Amy Brown.

Coloring books! Sometimes sitting down and coloring with my colored pencils really mellows me out. Oh yeah, colored pencils would be nice too!

Well, I had someone here on SB ask me for an actual wish list, so I set up a few categorized ones on Amazon and I'll share them here in case anyone else wants to take a look.

My Generic, Catch All Wish List

Bath and Body Product Supplies List

Soaping Supplies List

Candle Supplies List. This one is actually empty at the moment since I haven't had a chance to go "window shopping" yet. If you want to get me candle supplies, PM me. :-)


Nimue rated for Witch Charm Bracelet ~Round 9~ on Oct 1, 2010
Comment: Thank you very much for sending and all the extras. :)
twobluecrows rated for Witch Charm Bracelet~Round 8~ on Sep 30, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the effort to finally get it here! I know how hard it can be.
Nimue rated for Witch Charm Bracelet~Round 6 on Apr 21, 2010
Comment: Thanks for sending the neat little box charm and stone bits, it is very cool. :)
oreon rated for Witch Charm Bracelet~~ Round 1 on Mar 27, 2010
Comment: Stupendous charm. I love all the effort you put into it & I love that all the pages are real & able to be read! You are awesome!
Response: Awesome! The only part I couldn't figure out was how to get those darned pages shut! Glad you liked it though! :-)
oreon rated for Hobo Witch Kit on Mar 27, 2010
Comment: This is the most exquisite thing I've ever received. The wait was well worth it. I would have waited even longer for something that terrific. Thank you so much for putting all the time & effort into this piece. You should definitely take off some time & reward yourself with a personal project. I can't say enough how much that means to me. THANK YOU for being so generous to me!
Response: I felt like I do when I get my kids gifts--kept checking everyday to see if you'd gotten it yet! :-) I'm generous with you because you're always generous to me when you get me for swaps. ;-) I'm soooo happy you like it! It makes all the work (and nightmares!) worth it! :-)
melindakelly rated for Paper Goddess doll on Mar 25, 2010
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Yay! Lovely Goddess! and there aren't enough hearts for the earrings how wonderful, celtic knot crows!!! And the little beaver and TWOBLUECROWS!!! :) Thanks so much!
Comment: Thank you so much! Love the coffee.
Nimue rated for Witch Charm Bracelet~~Round 2 on Jan 7, 2010
Comment: Thanks
druideye rated for Winter Solstice/Yule Card Swap on Dec 13, 2009
Comment: Thank you, lovely card.
PhoenixLM rated for Winter Solstice/Yule Card Swap on Dec 12, 2009
tengu2 rated for The Novice Alchemist's Box (Revised) on Sep 3, 2009
Comment: Thank you. It all looks very interesting.
Response: Wow! Thanks for the 5 AND the heart! Its far more than I expected since I was such a slow poke on this one. Thanks bunches!
rawney62 rated for Beltane Swap--Wedding Theme! on Jul 9, 2009
Comment: love the music and the soap is yummy as well
PhoenixLM rated for Beltane Swap--Wedding Theme! on Jul 1, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the mints & goodies!
Response: YW--I really, really hope you like the music. I think that's the best part of it all. Shoot me an email after you've listened and let me know, so I can tell them--"I'm with the band." Well, actually helping them decide how to set up their website. :-)
kacka rated for CATS CATS CATS XI on May 31, 2009
Comment: thank you for everything, I enjoyed it. Sorry for the late rating as I completely forgot about it.
ParkinsCrw rated for Address labels for all! on May 25, 2009
Comment: Sorry it took so long for the rating. Thanks so much!
17Papergoddess rated for Coffee and a good Read...... on May 18, 2009
Comment: wow! above & beyond the call of duty. I'm sending you a token of thanks for your generosity. The book was just fine! lovely in fact. I look forward to more than a browse on the wkends with my morning coffee & quiet time. Thoughtful selections -- thank you
Response: Awww, you're so very welcome! I feel badly because I run behind a lot due to my health, so I try to make things special. You didn't have to send anything back, but I look forward to receiving it! :-)
weeatcrayons rated for Let's Get Cooking! on May 10, 2009
Comment: The recipes sound awesome! Thank you!
Comment: I can't wait to try the honey...the pasta sauce smells so yummy too and the candy bars got taken real quick..lol
Comment: The whole box was so awesome!! I adore the bath goodies, the box and the earrings!! Thanks so much, it was definitely worth the wait!!
Response: YAAAAY!!!! I'm glad you felt it was worth the wait. I swear, some days it seemed like that package just did NOT want to be made--but I bent it to my will. ;-) If you ever want refills on the Oregon foods or the bath products, just PM me! :-)

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muincat on Mar 31, 2009:

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes everyone! It always warms my heart when people I don't know take a moment to say hi and let me know they're thinking of me. :-)

weeatcrayons on Mar 30, 2009:

We have some more new swaps up at Rainbows & Rainclouds. You should come check out what we have up here! Come check out the forums and make your own suggestions for swaps, we have a contest going on!

ccap on Mar 30, 2009:


CrayonMom on Mar 26, 2009:

Happy Birthday

weeatcrayons on Mar 17, 2009:

Come see all the new swaps we have up at Rainbows & Rainclouds!! There's some edible yummies, beads, paper scraps and stationery swaps going on!! Come join us in the fun!!

NaughtyElf on Feb 2, 2009:

Thanks for joining the Character/Historical Figure Journal swap for the Keepers of Avalon! I am really looking forward to this one!

NaughtyElf on Jan 31, 2009:

We have a new swap for Keepers of Avalon! Be sure to check it out!

racheljohnson on Jan 22, 2009:

I had a great time meeting you today! Thanks for all of the ideas and suggestions. xoxo

NaughtyElf on Jan 18, 2009:

Thank you for joining the Keepers of Avalon! I am very happy to have you as a member. I am hoping to get a swap up and going within the next week, if you have any ideas please post them or pm me! Thanks!

muincat on Jan 9, 2009:

Thanks ktkatz. I haven't quite perfected "my art" in the recycled shopping bag department yet, so I'll wait a bit before I join any swaps like that--but thanks for the invite! :-)

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