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I craft, weld, make jewelry, paint, make greeting cards/book marks, ceramics and slump glass. I paint with coffee, crochet, embellish with beads/ribbons and am a hot glue gun sharp shooter. If it's crafty, I'll try it.

I am a steampunk and victorian enthusiast and am very involved with a group of wild west shooters. I make and use bullwhips for target sport (trick whip cracking and target whipcracking). I enjoy victorian lore and collect cabinet cards, postmortem paraphernalia, hair work, etc. I had taken up the whip cracking sport while on my weight loss journey from 500 pounds to my current weight of 237 pounds. My website encourages anyone looking to improve coordination and strength to get out there and crack whips, most especially if they are morbidly obese and immobile, like I was. Whip cracking is a great start.

I really love flip flops. I'm anti-shoe 90% of the time (I've even been known to make a quick run to the car in the snow with no shoes). Unfortunately, stores prefer you to have shoes, so I rely on my flip flops. I love them. I'm a size 9 in the foot, but cheapy flops in a 10 fit most of the time. Hate shoes, but love socks--go figure.

Quite a few of the things I make are out of recycled items, especially glass bottles and old fencing wire. I love recycled things and handmade things over and above anything new. If you made it just for me, I will absolutely love it. I enjoy swapping as a surprise and each little thing is a gift from a perfect stranger and I think that is so awesome. I will give lots of information, but I love everything.

I'm 42 and have 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls, married to an awesome man who works as a welder. I work from home building whips so I can continue to homeschool my kids. 3 doves named Smoky and Peaches (a couple) and their son, Stormy, a Tarantula named Rex, and 1 red-eared slider named Bubble Gum.

I like to get craft supplies: (see etsy faves) fat quarters, glass beads, ribbons, old jewelry, pretty bottles, Sea shells of all kinds and sizes, pretty/funky yarn (especially novelty yarns), wire (for making jewelry as well as bigger gauges of brass, silver and copper for wire art), jewelry findings, handmade papers, candles, incense, crystals (natural and glass) scrap booking do dads. Tools (like for jewelry making or wire working--round nosed pliers, crimpers, wire cutters, snap setters etc.).

I adore coffee and tea. Always an awesome treat.

I like earthy things, and "coffee" themed things as well as shabby chic and nerdy things. I love, love, love sunflowers. They are my favorite flower ever.

Leather is always great to get. Feathers, fur, and animal/nature inspired things are wonderful and welcome. I rely on nature for a lot of my food. That is how we choose to live. I would rather use fur/feathers/leather than to let it rot away like garbage. It is all beautiful and a symbol of our survival and growth as a species. To waste it to keep from offending someone is not my style. If you do not appreciate animal naturals, just say so and I will not send them to you. Please. No big long thing about how cruel it is. I guarantee the animals I get products from do not suffer. If you want to complain, complain to the mass production lines that stun, shock, trap and torture before finally delivering the death blow. I will bet you my steak is much happier than yours.

My favorite color is green. I appreciate scrap booking type stickers as opposed to cutesy sparkle stickers, though my girls love Kawaii, so as you can see, I am easy to please.

Nerd stuff!!! Dr Who, Star Trek, firefly... I like nerd stuff.

I like the smell of sandalwood, linen, cotton, lilac, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, mint, and fresh cut grass. I like organic and glycerin soaps. I do have sensitive skin, glycerin and organic always works well for me. I have plug-in tart warmers and always appreciate scents for those.

I like pretty bottles (like little perfume bottles) and empty wine bottles (with or without labels) are awesome for slumping and making serving trays. Any condition wine bottle is fine. A little chip wont show after it's been fired. Odd colors are the best--bright blue is a rare find around here. Even if the bottle is broken, if it is bright colored, I will certainly use it for something like mosaic or wind chimes. I like herb and vegetable seeds, coffee, tea, honey, pretty rocks, little bits, buttons. Whatever.

Favorite Crafts

I weld mostly. Garden sculpture, sun catchers, general porch dangles. I make whips for a living, especially art whips with handles made from odd things. Right now I am finishing a handle made from a hornet's nest.

I have recently taken up making period Victorian jewelry pieces for the Single-Action Shooters group. The group dress in period, late 1800 clothes and target shoot with period authentic weapons. They are very serious about authenticity and I have been having a great time making replica pieces for both the men and women of the group. Stemming from this, I also collect the broken and cracked shell casings left over from the events and make upcycled jewelry from them.

I paint with Coffee--that is, my paint IS coffee. I have a kiln that I slump glass and do some pottery work, I make wooden puzzles, crochet, make crochet things like stitch markers, amigurumi. I make greeting cards and postcards, recycled projects, sometimes toys, key chains, cool home accessories...stuff like that. I do it all. I recently got a lathe, but I can't use it until my shed is built and I have a space.

I like to share what I make, and put a lot of time and effort into each piece as well as presentation for my swap friends.

Wanna earn a heart?

  • ANYTHING from my Etsy faves. I spend a lot of time on Etsy, especially in terms of supplies. I have an extensive wish list of items under 5$.

-Victorian jewelry findings filigree.

-Peacock feathers, especially white ones.

-Cameos, cabochons, Victorian era, mourning.

-Ostrich feathers.

-Welding cap/beanie-handmade is fine, in funky fabric. (cotton is preferred--harder to catch on fire)

-books based on my interests above.

-Scraps of leather/buckskin/rawhide/leather thongs. if you see leather furniture at the dump, cut off as much leather as possible and send it to me!!!

-Glass pearls/beads-cabachons.

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee/coffee accessories.

-Fun tea. Any flavor, caffeine or no...it's all good/tea accessories/honey


-Broken jewelry, rhinestones.

-Fat quarters.

-Lampwork beads.

-Steampunk things

-Coffee with Jesus


-Paracord (100+ foot skeins--I use this for making whips)


-Handmade jewelry/accessories


-Stereoscope cards (any--but I especially like medical)

-Cabinet cards, strange and unusual postcards. Creepiness

-Return address labels with a sunflower on it.

-Gift cards! I got one once for $5.00 and how nice was that? It was like a discount on what I was buying anyway. Very cool gift.

Things I do not like

Here's the hard part. I love everything I get from my partners; however, due to personal beliefs, I really do not want Ouija boards, tarot cards, horoscope, or any witchcraft items. I am a Christian and while I am very interested in Victorian mourning, Gothic, burlesque, weird and odd, medical quackery, and love a good ghost story, I am not a fan of witchcraft, pentagrams, satanism, metaphysical, lightworking, aliens, and the associated. I deeply love my Jesus and simply will not care for or keep anything that does not glorify him. I also will not pass it on to others. Please, please respect that as I will do the same for you. If you have any questions about something, ASK! I don't judge and i'm super easygoing. If I have questions, let me ask too! I will love you as my partner and we can be friends no matter what, so don't be afraid to communicate!

Food bits

Food is food. If I don't like it, I have kids that will.

Husband and kids

Curtis. My husband is a manly man who welds by day and has a mechanic hobby on the side. He loves man stickers about cars and welding. You would be surprised. They are everywhere. He loves candy. His favorite is butterscotch.

Emmalyne Liberty is 10. She loves slime, orbees, and tiny things, books, loom bands, the color purple, sparkly things. Her room is decorated in purple, pink, and Magic the Gathering

My other kids are all grown up, but they love nerdy things, sci fy, photography, candy, gamer things, wall decals, Magic the Gathering.


CoCoLogo rated for Christmas Ornament - USA on Feb 8, 2016
crzycakes rated for WIYM: I Made That! on Jun 16, 2015
Comment: The earrings are Beautiful. My roommate was so jealous. You are very talented. Thank you!
sassafrass rated for Tea Sampler Booklet on Apr 22, 2015
Comment: Wow! Thank you so much for the beautiful little sewn fabric tea wallet! Love the clip too! I'm looking forward to trying all the tea. Many thanks for a wonderful swap!
Comment: This swap was so great! It was way over the top. I loved the turtle the earrings you made the sword pen (of course-so cool) and all the other tremendous goodies including the bottle key chain you made, the rose quartz stones, etc. It was an extremely well thought out swap. Thank you so much.
morgainegeiser rated for Tea Sampler Booklet on Apr 6, 2015
Comment: Very cute tea wallet and it smelled wonderful when I opened the pkg. Thanks also for the extra sewing goodies - can always use lace and fat quarters. The earrings are lovely and so unique, using the bullet casings. Thanks so much for everything.
jojokitty5853 rated for Paint A Rock 9 on Mar 28, 2015
Comment: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you SO much for such an awesome painted rock! Disco Hooter lol, what a good fit for a name. Thank you for ALL of the other goodies, the tea, the DC/craft book, and my kitties absolutely love the cat toy :) and they both thank you.. ;0 What a great partner you are!
Response: Weird right? I have made tingly, crinkly, light up and cat nipped toys for my cat Souie, but weird triangle faux mouse is always the go-to toy. I think its like kids and boxes...the toy can bake a cake and the kids will be happier with the box every time. Have fun! Thanks for swapping with me :)
Comment: Hello! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life. I loved everything in the package! Thank you for spoiling me :). Glad you wrote about the sugar. It gives me the spirit to continue.
Comment: You put in a lot of effort making so many handmade items and thanks for sending items that fit my profile. I just adore that typewriter stamp and the Uncle Wiggly book will be fun to use for a journal I am gathering items for with a children's books and school theme!
Response: I know the Uncle Wiggly was super rough shape, but I loved him growing up and knew you could use the pictures. It's hard to find those books uncolored :) Thanks for swapping with me
Comment: This was an over the top great swap!! I loved the sword necklace and owl earrings, the sachets and the little purse you made. My kitties will love their new toys. Thank you so much for a great swap!!!
Comment: Heart for fellow Whovian Loved the note. have a great wibbily wobbly timey wimey Time. =P
Changeling rated for Bring out your dead!!! on Mar 2, 2015
Comment: Best swap ever! Thank you so much! We have lacrimosa in the museum where I work, but they are said to be from "ancient Roman" times. I didn't know that Victorians also used them. Too cool! I 'm carrying vintage hankies these days instead of disposable tissues, but I did not yet have a hankey holder. The tea and honey drops are going to be awesome as well. It and the infuser are very welcome. Sounds like you have a great time in the Single Action Shooting Society. I enjoy learning about vintage firearms but have not yet shot one. Most reenactment/ historic living activities around this area are focused on the Civil War, which made such a big impact here in the Shenandoah Valley. Update: I am practicing with the hanky holder and am enjoying wearing it. Also, did you make the pouch? It is beautiful.
Response: Oh the pouch! Actually, I can't take credit for that. It's beautiful right? My best friend knitted it for me. She does such beautiful work and they hang so nicely from a belt. Really great when you don't have pockets :)
Comment: Thank you!! Cool necklace (I'm wearing it now), fabric ornament and candies. :)
Response: You're welcome!
gemei rated for Mail art with a surprise on Feb 26, 2015
Comment: Thank you for your mail art envelope and all the goodies inside...love it. Your drawing is very nice.
mermaidery rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 29, 2013
Comment: Grrr @ swapbot not saving ratings. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
j3ss1ca rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 22, 2013
Aesa rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 22, 2013
Comment: Thanks for your visiting and comment at my blog.. Have a nice day !
Shlamoof rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 21, 2013
Comment: Thanks so much for stopping in :D
greeneyes rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 19, 2013
Comment: Thank you for stopping by and for your comment!! :)
KatrinaAlana rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 18, 2013
Comment: Thanks Jessica!
Zefaniya rated for Follow me #18 on Oct 17, 2013
Comment: I would love to do the apple pumpkin but I am so not that talented lol Thanks for following my blog :)

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