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My Drunk Penpal

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My Drunk Penpal
Swap Coordinator:PukeFacedFreak (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing 
Number of people in swap:66
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.99
Last day to signup/drop:December 4, 2013
Date items must be sent by:January 7, 2014
Number of swap partners:1


I had an idea last night after finishing off a box of wine - "now would be the perfect time to write to a penpal!"

NOTE: This swap is for swappers who are of drinking age in their part of the globe. Please do not sign up if you are not old enough to legally consume alcohol. Also, if you find consuming copious amounts of alcohol (based on your tolerance) to be against your religion, health, or personal achievements, do not sign up for this swap. This swap is not meant to encourage drinking, rather, it is a swap for people who already partake. And just as the commercials say, "buzzed is still drunk" so please don't go overboard - a buzz is satisfactory enough to complete this swap.

REQUIREMENTS: You are allowed to drink any alcohol you wish to attain your buzz and it might be nice to mention it in the letter. It might be best to start your letter during your first drink and continue a few more drinks in to see the change in handwriting and subject matter. Your letter can be anything from an intro to you discussing why this swap is a silly idea. With the holidays coming up, you might even get drunk on eggnog and rant about your in-laws. Home alone on New Year's Eve? drink up and write to your partner about how your best friend is your dog.

Two A4-sized pages handwritten are the minimum writing requirements. Pease try your best to write legibly. I would prefer you not use cursive, but if you can write easier in cursive and it is still legible, I will allow it. If your letter is still too 'drunk' to read easily, please also include a printed copy or rewrite when sober.

Know that I will angel any flakes, but there had better not be. No unrated swappers allowed. 5 ratings only. If this goes over well, I may do the swap again and expand on join requirements.


Barbara 11/16/2013 #

I hope my partner writes back!

PukeFacedFreak 11/16/2013 #

Barbara, you should mention that in the letter.

shelleym 11/16/2013 #

DUDE MY RATING IS 4.99.... Please lower the rating requirement a tiny bit. I promise my partner will find it worth her while. : )

PukeFacedFreak 11/16/2013 #

I suppose 4.99 rating is not bad. Will do.

agonysdecay 11/16/2013 #


PukeFacedFreak 11/16/2013 #

That is my hope for this swap. :)

Pouffia 11/16/2013 #

Lol this swap I must do.

Pouffia 11/16/2013 #

@Barbara me too!

chelle523 11/16/2013 #

Ohmigod, I am so in! I seriously laughed until I choked reading the description - this is awesome!

PukeFacedFreak 11/16/2013 #

Thank you @chelle523 I was so excited to start this, and then I started to panic about backlash I might receive which is why there is so much warning jargon.

KristinCali 11/16/2013 #

Yessssss! My kind of swap.

AZmom875 11/16/2013 #

Gee are we required to only be using alcohol? can it be other substances?

PukeFacedFreak 11/16/2013 #

Sorry @AZmom875 this is alcohol specific.

smadronia 11/17/2013 #

If I could hold up writing a letter for 2 pages, I would so be into this. This sounds hilarious

ShellyEmma 11/17/2013 #

This is a great idea - shame about the restrictions on cursive writing!

VioletRose 11/17/2013 #

I love this idea! And so much fun to do, haha! Can't wait to get started, I think I will practice tonight, haha.

Cubsfanjennie 11/23/2013 #

I cannot wait......hell, I could have written one last night!!!!! LOLOLOL

Veterok 11/24/2013 #


Littletiscrafty 11/28/2013 #

I'm with @shellyemma on the cursive thing! Lol I will be sure not to proof it in the morning lol

PukeFacedFreak 12/ 1/2013 #

I not only want participants to have fun, but I want their partners to be able to read the result as well. This is why I have put a restriction on cursive.

ShellyEmma 12/ 1/2013 #

Could we write joined up if it's readable??? It's bad enough trying to write pre-cursive on a normal day let alone after a glass of wine or 2!!!

dial208medusa 12/ 2/2013 #

I am new, so I will "watch" this swap, but I would love to be included some day. Drinking is a daily habit, so pen pal writing just seems fitting!

dial208medusa 12/ 2/2013 #

if you wanna drunk pen pal me w/o group, we could do that maybe?



firecracker5 12/ 2/2013 #

Any chance you'd let a newbie who is ratings-poor participate? I'm going through a divorce and the bottles/boxes of wine in my possession and the subject matter of my drunk tirades are both copious and hilarious.

MiRdLHWY43 12/ 2/2013 #

"There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne"

Betty Davis

meloverockroll 12/ 2/2013 #

are newbies ok?

PukeFacedFreak 12/ 2/2013 #

@meloverockroll Unrated newbies are not allowed in this swap. It is very possible that I will do this swap again in the future, especially if this one goes well. If it does not go well (flakes), I will be hosting in my group, Write It Out which has swap number requirements to join.

PukeFacedFreak 12/ 2/2013 #

@MiRdLHWY43 the above comment goes for you as well.

PukeFacedFreak 12/ 2/2013 #

I will alter the swap to include cursive, since so many are asking for it, but PLEASE be sure it is legible. I personally have a problem reading some cursive when not written under the influence. I hope this doesn't bite me.

Fenriss 12/ 2/2013 #

I absolutely can't write without a little cursive creeping in, so I am glad you've allowed it. Printing feels agonizingly laborious. But I swear my handwriting is legible!

calliedeaner 12/ 2/2013 #

this is a great idea! I don't drink enough to do this, but I love it!

IsadoraWing 12/ 2/2013 #

Same as @Fenriss - half my letters are cursive like "l" and "i" so yay! Signing up now.

dragonalloy 12/ 2/2013 #

ive done something like this before but it was drunk drawing lol was fun :D

meganporter789 12/ 3/2013 #

I honestly started laughing when I read this...and had to join!! Such a great idea - Love it!! I hope it goes well enough to do a second 'round!!

crbertsch 12/ 3/2013 #

This is too funny! I do not get drunk but I like a good buzz, this should be fun! Cannot wait to see how this goes! Hilariously awesome idea!

PenguinParade 12/ 3/2013 #

lol i did this to a friend once. by the end, i couldn't even read my own handwriting! fun idea for a swap :)

fawnscrafts 12/ 3/2013 #

LOL at this swap. I am a sober alcoholic and cannot partake, but I do remember writing a lot when I drank.

ShellyEmma 12/ 3/2013 #

Thank you! Wanted to join but it wasn't worth a 3 for a bit of joint writing slipping in!! You've stipulated that if it's not legible then to type it - hopefully that's enough not to 'bite you'. I'm with you on some styles being a problem!

user6937 12/ 3/2013 #

So, we can type our letter? My partner's certain to get a longer letter, if so!

PukeFacedFreak 12/ 3/2013 #

@user6937 you MUST hand write this penpal letter. Once sober, if you look at the letter and realize it is illegible, you should type up a word-for-word copy. The purpose of this swap is not only to share information with your partner, but also to show the probable de-evolution of your handwriting, grammar and spelling under the influence. If you only typed the letter, that would not come across at all.

PukeFacedFreak 12/ 4/2013 #

Holy smokes! This is in top swaps - a first for me!

Ambelleina 12/ 4/2013 #

Oh man, I'd love to do this but I can't even write that much when I'm sober LOL. This would be cool as an email swap since me drunk + keyboard = hilarious typos. xD Very unique swap idea.

wokeupmissing 12/ 4/2013 #

Love this idea. I'm a lot more talkative when having a couple. Hope this one comes around, again, as I'm working to raise my rating from my SB past.

Sternenfee 12/ 4/2013 #

I really had to laugh about this. Don't think I have the time to get drunk at the moment...But great idea.

But wanted to add that I really hope that @PukeFacedFreak doesn't have to angel...otherwise this would mean having some drunk nights in a row and we really can't take that risk I guess. LOL.

snout 12/ 4/2013 #

Man, I've got a bit on my plate and not sure about signing up right now. But would love to know if you do one of these again.

moxsapphir 12/ 4/2013 #

Aw, this sounds fun, lol, but now that I am diabetic I can't be getting buzzed. Have fun everyone!

Phimu4ever 12/ 4/2013 #

Anyone Stateside and likes SNARK .. I plan on drinking my Way through Carrie Underwood's Sound of Music this week on NBC. So needless to say I will be writing while watching this " Special" Cough..

henjomaani 12/ 4/2013 #

this is a great idea ! i want to join someday to something like this.. right now i cant because i dont have time for drinks,or i dont know how long it takes that i have time to take - mommys night out- moment.

tmdockery 12/ 4/2013 #

This looks like so much fun! Is there any way the letters could be posted to a group so those of us unable to drink could have a good time reading?? Enjoy everyone!

MaterializeDaydreams 12/ 4/2013 #

Hehe, I do this regularly anyway when writing my pen pals.

Mareree10 12/ 4/2013 #

Thought I was too late, now I have a real reason to drink!

bruxbaby 12/ 4/2013 #

I wouldn't be able to finish a letter b/c alcohol makes me sleepy. LOL

MadQueenofHearts 12/ 4/2013 #

please do this again in two months! I'm currently pregnant and unable to drink but this sounds SO fun!!

nellswell 12/ 4/2013 #

I'm another who can't drink due to health reasons. Too bad, as this swap sounds hilarious!

mightyhealthy 12/ 4/2013 #

This is a genius idea!

PukeFacedFreak 12/ 5/2013 #

DRINK UP! Partners have been assigned.

latinka 12/ 6/2013 #

What a wonderful idea for the swap! I wish I saw this earlier :( Maybe next time...

Phimu4ever 12/ 7/2013 #

its not that you can't read it .. its ranting and insane LOL.. Oh I feel sorry for my penpal having to read this .. She will assume I need help or something LOLOL It will be in mail on Monday so .. No trying to fix it. Only an apology LOL

PukeFacedFreak 12/ 7/2013 #

Mine shall be shipped off Monday as well. 5.5 glasses of wine and a shot of Dissarono provided my partner with 5 pages of reading material.

BetsyPreston 12/11/2013 #

BEST. SWAP. IDEA. EVER!!!!! I am soooo bummed that I missed this!!!!

ChelseaLake 12/18/2013 #

This is hilarious. I love this idea.

PukeFacedFreak 12/20/2013 #

Thanks guys. I hope everyone pulls through, so does my liver. 0.o

Pouffia 12/24/2013 #
mslighthearted 01/ 2/2014 #

I'm running out of days to get my drunk on. Guess I have a date with a bottle of Reisling tomorrow night. :-D

PukeFacedFreak 01/15/2014 #

So far all but two participants have sent. I would consider that a success! I will be doing this swap again, publicly, in the near future.

PukeFacedFreak 02/10/2014 #

I have angeled for user6937.

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