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First timers for ATCs *International*

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First timers for ATCs *International*
Swap Coordinator:monstermansmum05 (contact)
Swap categories: Artist Trading Card (ATC)  Newbie  Handmade 
Number of people in swap:149
Last day to signup/drop:July 17, 2008
Date items must be sent by:August 18, 2008
Number of swap partners:2

This is a ATC swap for those that are new to it, or even those that are experienced. The only thing is if you have high standards or are picky about your ATCs, than don't join! As I said this is for swappers who are new to ATCs, I do not want to discourage anyone! With that being said here are the rules:

You will have 2 partners and will being sending 1 ATC to each so you will be making 2 ATCs in all.

Theme: Senders choice. I don't want to limit anyone, seeing as this is for first timers.

For those who have no clue what exactly ATCs are click here or twobluecrows helpful link on ATCs

ATC must be 2.5"x 3.5"

Let's make them nice, not just thrown together. I would hate for them to fall apart! Also one sticker stuck on some cardstock is not welcomed!

You must have a rating of 4.7 or higher.

No recent or unexplained ones or no sends.

Newbies are welcomed, BUT you must have your profile filled out good!

If I feel for any reason you need to be banned, I will ban you. I will start weeding out the ones who do not met criteria towards the last sign up day. I also ban if you are behind in swaps. If you feel like someone is not a good swapper or is a flaker feel free to pm me and tell me about it. As host I have every right to ban anyone who is not a "team player".

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to pm me, I will get back to you ASAP!

I hope you enjoy! Have fun! Happy Swapping!

Before you hit 'Yes, sign me up' make sure you meet the requirements I have set. I will ban if you don't! If for some reason something comes up and you will not be able to send out, please drop this swap. I don't want any disappointed swappers. With that being said I hope everyone will enjoy this swap!


pennystark 06/16/2008 #

thanks so much for this swap...have been wondering what ATCs are for a while, look forward to it.

monstermansmum05 06/16/2008 #

No problem! I like swapping with swappers who are new they make some of the best ATCs I recieved! Plus I've been wanting to make some ATCs lately!

Hope you all enjoy!

TinySparklez 06/17/2008 #

This sounds like fun. I'm very new to swap-bot and really excited to try a swap, I'm just so scared to send something they may not like :(. Do these atc cards have to be (or should be) of stuff our partner likes in their profile? or of anything we want?

monstermansmum05 06/18/2008 #

pmed you!

Q:Do these atc cards have to be (or should be) of stuff our partner likes in their profile? or of anything we want?

A:Theme: Senders choice. I don't want to limit anyone, seeing as this is for first timers. So anything you want. Now with that said if you want to make a ATC based off of your partners profile, you are welcomed to. It's up to the maker so whatever you want!

monstermansmum05 06/22/2008 #

I would appreciate it if everyone would read the description, before and after you sign up. I will go by my guidelines and ban. So please make sure you meet my requirements. I will be sending letters out closer to swapping time to everyone to make sure you are up to doing this swap. If for some reason you will not be able to send out to your partners as agreed, than please drop from the swap. I don't want any disappointed swappers! Other than that I hope you all will enjoy this swap!

Happy Swapping, Brittany (your host)

papersky 06/27/2008 #

Ooo, I think I'll sign up now, and wait to see if I have to drop. But I'm almost certain I won't. I've been interested in making ATC's but wasn't quite sure how they worked. When you make an ATC are both sides decorated? I'm just curious because I'm thinking about putting them in my journal which means I'd have to pick only one side to face up.

papersky 06/27/2008 #

Nevermind my question - I read the info on that site and now know that the artist's info goes on the back. That I can always re-write or scan.

monstermansmum05 06/28/2008 #

Hope you enjoy it :o)

astarael 06/30/2008 #

this swap sounds like fun. i recieved some blank atc's in a swap ages ago but have never got around to trying them so this is the perfect chance!!! :-)

eiko 07/ 1/2008 #

i made my first ever ATC ready for the swap - i'm so happy that i get the chance to test out ideas for them in an easygoing swap before going out and playing with the big kids

chortle ^-^

KawaiiNekomini 07/ 3/2008 #

How do I find out whom I am suppose to send to? I am confused at this new set up....

twobluecrows 07/ 4/2008 #

I wasn't going to be joining any more swaps for a while, but I love Newbie ATCs!

Here is an article I wrote about ATCs for those who don't know what they are.

Twist my arm! Make me make ATCs!


marionjoy 07/ 5/2008 #

hi// i am a newbie.. i have had a direct request to swap, sent to my email addie.. what do you recon about that? i am a bit suspicious... have you got any advice? thanxxxx

coinchantal 07/ 5/2008 #

Can it also be an atc who you make with photoshop?

twobluecrows 07/ 6/2008 #

marionjoy, was it a request for a Private Swap here at Swap-bot? If so, that would be probably ok to do. If it was a swap-bot person, you can check out his/her profile and see if they look like a trusted swapper and suggest an official Private swap--or just ignore the whole thing and stick to official swaps until you get more experience.


twobluecrows 07/ 6/2008 #

coinchantal, the description above doesn't say anything against making a Digital Art ATC, if I were to get one and it was well done with thought and care, I'd appreciate it as much as one made of paper and glue! I often make my backgrounds for collages with digital painting, it's a legitimate artform.


monstermansmum05 07/ 7/2008 #


Q:"How do I find out whom I am suppose to send to? "

A: Partners will be assigned July 18th. After the partners are assigned you will be able to see who you are sending to!

twobluecrows Thank you for the help, and hope you don't mind I put your link up in the discription area :O)

marionjoy Umm not sure like twobluecrows said I would check the persons profile out and see if you would be comfortable swapping with them. Or just simply ignore it.

coinchantal Anything goes! Just please make sure it is a nicely made ATC, one you would like to recieve!

Ok sorry, I've been so busy these last few days with the holiday! Hope I answered everyones questions! Feel free to pm me if you have more!


ladydy5 07/ 7/2008 #

Wow! You are scaring me.(only kidding).So manly rules. So far after a year of doing this I have had no flakers and newbies are great, they need a chance too.But international is my only problem. To send one to overseas is almost a buck. Yes, I guess I am cheap...Good luck

monstermansmum05 07/ 8/2008 #

ladydy5 Sorry about international, but you are more than welcomed to make a USA version.

Happy Swapping


littletoki 07/ 9/2008 #

i know atc's should be sturdy but how sturdy? is cardstock okay or do most people back it with thin cardboard?

vintagesuzeq 07/ 9/2008 #

I use a playing card sandwich between the paper as it not only gives you a very sturdy card but is the exact size for atc's and makes it easy to trim your other papers too

littletoki 07/ 9/2008 #

thanks vintagesuzeq :) i'll find an extra deck of cards and give it a try!

mamajoy 07/10/2008 #

littletoki If you use a playing card from a commercial deck of cards, make sure you lightly sand it first so the glue will hold. If you Google ATC's, you will find lot's of examples to inspire you.

monstermansmum05 07/10/2008 #

littletoki I use cardstock more than cardboard, but either are okay. Playing cards work good, too, as vintagesuzeq said. If you got a cereal box you could use it! I have had some sent to me made from that!

Thanks vintagesuzeq and mamajoy for the info.

WhetzelMomma 07/11/2008 #

I've just joined the swap. I'm new to swap bot, so my rating does not meet your criteria. I hope I will still be allowed to join. I've created ATC's before, and hosted successful swaps on my own. Thanks for having me!

DelennaGaribaldi 07/12/2008 #

I've been waiting for a swap like this! I've never even tried to make an ATC but I've always wanted to... I feel like this is my chance as now I've got the time too :)

monstermansmum05 07/12/2008 #

WhetzelMomma "Newbies are welcomed as long as their profiles are filled out" Your's is filled out great so no worries!

DelennaGaribaldi I'm glad you are joining us :o)

WhetzelMomma 07/12/2008 #

Great!! Thanks! I thought I would be.. just wanted to say something about being new when you looked into me!

monstermansmum05 07/13/2008 #

lol! No problem!

Sublime87 07/14/2008 #

Oh, that looks wonderfull. I will join when i complete my profile. Really nice idea!

Stefanie 07/14/2008 #

My mind is buzzing already!

MrsAnnaSue 07/15/2008 #

Is there a preferred method to mail these? I read the articles which mentioned plastic sleeves and handmade envelopes, but I would think there would be additional packaging- i.e. do you put cardboard around the ATC to protect them? Any help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated.

iriswylde 07/15/2008 #

A newb here too...this looks like fun!

monstermansmum05 07/16/2008 #

Q:Is there a preferred method to mail these? I read the articles which mentioned plastic sleeves and handmade envelopes, but I would think there would be additional packaging- i.e. do you put cardboard around the ATC to protect them? Any help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated.

A: No, there is no perfered way to mail them. I usually mail mine in a card to insure it will not get bent. But I have recieved plenty that have been mailed in just a envelope, and made it safely to me. But as a sender it's up to you, so do what you think is right.


San 07/16/2008 #

Ok, I want to give this a try. I hope I can make some one say "Awwww" when they get my swap. ::crossing fingers::

minette 07/16/2008 #

wow i've wanted to know what ATC'S were for a while and i'm all excited now! i've got a few ideas and can't wait to get started!

VintagePretties 07/16/2008 #

Id love to join in. I have recently been bitten by the ATC bug.

peppermintpatty 07/17/2008 #

I am new to this board (Just found it) but NOT new to swapping. I have hosted many charm swaps on other boards and have always wanted to do an ATC swap. I hope you will allow me to join. I have NEVER flaked on any swap that I have done.


LeonieP 07/18/2008 #

Looking forward to this swap. I have been part of an Australian swap for awhile but that is ending now so I am looking forward to new avenues. I hope someone will enjoy swaping from someone in NZ.

monstermansmum05 07/18/2008 #

Partners have been assigned! Have fun.

twobluecrows 07/18/2008 #

Brittany, thanks very much for using my link to the ATC article, I'm honored to provide a helpful bit of info! :)

Also, to those of you using playing cards, be sure to measure them--not all playing cards are 2.5 x 3.5!

Another hint--I use heavy cardstock, and when I have the cards cut out and ready to "art-up" I use a corner rounding punch before starting any painting or what have you, to round off all four corners just a tad--it helps protect the card from getting 'dog-eared' later. (That's when the corners get worn by handling.)


MommyKnows 07/19/2008 #

how do ATC-ers feel about laminating? ...just wondering

AliChell 07/21/2008 #

I am so excited to do this!!!

DarkSkullMistress42 07/22/2008 #

Sent mine off today to Singapore and Australia:)

iriswylde 07/24/2008 #

Sent mine to Phillipines and Missouri!

Hazelette 07/28/2008 #

I've gathered some supplies. Hopefully I'll be able to create mine this weekend!

SEMOkraftee 07/31/2008 #

Sent cards to Minnesota and Australia today! :)

revsully 08/ 3/2008 #

Is it okay if it's a teensy weensy bit smaller than 2.5 wide? Like about an eighth of an inch? I have these little cards that I would like to use for the base, but they're just a hair off...

monstermansmum05 08/ 9/2008 #

Some can be picky about the size, so I will leave that choice up to you.

laminating? I don't know I have never had one laminated! lol!

twobluecrows 08/ 9/2008 #

revsully, if you make your art on the smaller card, just glue the whole thing to a proper size base card and you're good to go!

I do that with Photo ATCs, mounting them on a piece of proper-sized black cardstock.


twobluecrows 08/ 9/2008 #

I have some comments about mailing the ATCs--if you've made a simple flat ATC (i.e.: collage, painting or drawing, etc) they are fine to just tuck into a notecard in an envelope. If you do extravagant mixed media ATCs with fuzzy bits that hang off or thicker embellishments that might make the envelope thicker than 1/4" I would advise packing it in a padded envelope with a piece of foamcore or corrugated cardboard big enough to fit in the envelope snugly with a hole cut in the center to nest the ATC into(with a piece of cardstock on the back so it doesn't fall through) for extra protection, and a soft wad of tissue over the art. Wrapping it all in some tissue paper is helpful, too without adding too much weight for postage.

You can also make a corrugated cardboard or foamcore sandwich with three pieces wider and taller than the ATC (3.5" x 5" is the minimum mailing size in the US). The center one has the whole cut into it to fit the ATC in, and the other two are on the top and bottom--if your ATC is extra thick, you can add a second center-holed piece to give it more protection space.

I've wrapped these in heavy paper, stamped and addressed them and off they went safely.


LuciMarie 08/22/2008 #


I am a little behind on this particular swap due to a merger/acquisition at work. I have been working 10-12 hours days for the past two weeks on varying shifts. I am sooo glad that it's Friday! :-)

I promise that I will my ATC's in the mail by Saturday 08/23 afternoon.

I appreciate my two swappers patience and understanding.

Thanks, LuciMarie

monstermansmum05 08/29/2008 #

Attention: I will email you all about the 18th of Sept. to check in with everyone. Also once you recieve please rate your partner(s). Thank you!

monstermansmum05 10/19/2008 #

Ok I have that these swappers need angels for this swap:

joyorudis flaked on by mbrat

cass1272 flaked on by janabeke & kitterwolf

sofia flaked on by kreativekat

aallen66 flaked by coinchantal

Now I know more were flaked on but if you don't write to me, I don't know. Also if you are listed and you have sent ot recieved the one I listed please let me know, Thank you, Britt

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