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No Silent 5s, Five things that I miss

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No Silent 5s,  Five things that I miss
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My main goal was to do a swap where you rate a high number of partners, and you are not allowed to leave a silent 5. I know it is tempting since it is just an electronic swap, but you must agree to also leave a comment.

When you leave a silent 5 it sends a message

  1. I got your swap but didnt like it. Or

  2. I am lazy and just wanted to get the rating part over OR

  3. I am sure there is 3 but you can fill in the blanks.

So for this swap you will write, #I agree, no silent 5s

and then list 5 things you miss. You can list 5 things you miss since we have all had to stay or home or just 5 things in general



  1. This is electronic

  2. As stated above, You must rate your partners, with a 5 and a Heart and a comment. No silent 5s; those are considered rude. Take the time to thank someone.

  3. You may post more than once, BUT YOU MUST comment below not on the profile of your partners

  4. Even those with lower ratings may play, but I might ban folks that I suspect will not RATE their partners.

  5. I will try remove players who do not post, if I can. I would not want any person to get ten 1 ratings for not posting a comment. I will not be able to take responsibility for players who dont follow the swap rules. So please read and comment, and rate.

  6. To rate your partners, may I suggest you do command/control F and type in the partners swapbot name to find their comments one person at time. Or just scroll down till you find their comment.




AZmom875 04/ 9/2020 #

I agree to no leave silent 5s.

I miss:

  1. the library

  2. going to the craft store

  3. Visiting my hospice patients

  4. eating out and sitting down inside

  5. Peace and quiet in my home since hubby and adult son are also stuck at home

draco 04/ 9/2020 #

some things i miss...

  • my kitty, who passed over the rainbow bridge in early january 2020

  • family ( i'm in a rehab center across the state from my family)

  • going outside

  • my voice (i have a trach, which is why i'm in a rehab center)

  • being able to walk whenever i feel like it (at the moment, stuck in a wheelchair, but can walk a little with help)

carol 04/ 9/2020 #

I agree to NO silent 5sI HATE em. It always makes me wonder what I did wrong. If nothing else, tell me about your day! lol! So !

I miss:

  1. My 2 yo grandson

  2. Going to live theater (although I am enjoying all the stuff online and in Zoom meetings!)

  3. Meeting up with friends for coffee, or lunch, or anything!

  4. Shopping--and I'm not really much of a shopper, but it's just uncomfortable now to even get groceries.

  5. Going to a movie. Our film festival was cancelled last month because of this. We had some great stuff planned. Hoping to do it later.

Luvslife3 04/ 9/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5's.

I miss:

  1. My Grandchildren

  2. The salsa bar at my favorite Mexican food eatery

  3. Talking to my customers face to face...our lobby is shut down and we conduct all business over the phone!! Big pain in the kiester, but I'm still working!!

  4. Going to thrift stores!! But I can only imagine what they are going to be full of when this is over with everyone spring cleaning!!

  5. Grocery shopping without a mask and gloves and fear and having stocked shelves so I don't have to redo my dinner list 5 times before I'm done!!!

institches 04/11/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5's

I miss:

  1. Hugging my grandson

  2. Hugging my children

  3. My weekly trip to the thrift store and Post Office

  4. Saturday shopping and breakfast out with my husband.

  5. My monthly meeting with the Fairy Godmothers.

hanifahsekar98 04/11/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5's

I miss:

  1. Going to the nearby cafe (where I usually hang out with my friends)

  2. Going to the gym!

  3. I can't believe it but I miss going to university! even I miss my lecturers :(

  4. Going to the cinema and have Saturday date with my dad :(

  5. Visiting my friends' house or dorms!

  6. Going to the arcade game center!!!!!

hanifahsekar98 04/11/2020 #

omg lol, I hope it is okay to lists more than 5 lol, I just missed everything these days :(

AZmom875 04/12/2020 #

Oh more than 5 is just fine.

SkyFairies 04/12/2020 #

I agree, no silent 5s

I miss...

  1. Seeing and hanging out with my friends.

  2. Working at my job at the mall.

  3. High school! This was my senior year but now I'll never have a normal day of high school ever again which I never thought I'd miss but I definitely do :(

  4. Shopping at stores in person

  5. Going out to eat.

Eel9585 04/13/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5’s

I really miss; 1 - Seeing my friends ( I was meant to be on holiday with some of them this Easter weekend )

2 - Going mountain biking

3 - Being able to be impulsive

4 - Going out for dinner

But most of all 5 - leaving the house to go to work and seeing my colleagues. My job can be quite emotional and it’s much harder doing it without the support around me!

draco 04/13/2020 #

i also agree no silent "5"s

some more things i miss

  • a walk through the woods
  • crisp autumn air
  • young enough to trick or treating
  • travelling across country to visit relatives
  • going to the beach (pacific ocean)
  • going to disneyland
  • going to universal studio's (california)
thebragal 04/13/2020 #

No silent 5s.

My son. He’s with his grandma.

Taking my dog out for training as my service dog

Visiting my neighbour.

Eating in restaurants.

Going to the craft store.

Warm weather

The beach

Art & craft fairs

Horses (I used to ride regularly)

Being a nurse. Can’t work due to health issues.

Babies. I love babies. Mine are all big now. Youngest is 8.

Nevi2018 04/13/2020 #

No Silent 5s!

  1. I always miss my mom!! Her birthday was April 5th and her 5th anniversary with Jesus is Aug. 27.

  2. Electricity - As of about 2 hrs ago, we spent 27 hours in a black out.

  3. My Roof - Last night - Easter Sunday - about to go have dinner and a Tornado ripped through our street and access road. (corner lot). now I have a sky light!! a LARGE Sky Light!!

  4. Being able to go out and visit and hang around town

  5. my niece and sister in love. Have not really seen them since March 15th except for a hot minute to drop crafts and puzzle to the girls.

  6. When things used to just...idk...seem easier...

sjbult 04/14/2020 #

I agree to no leave silent 5s.

I miss:

Going to restaurants

Going to the library

Shopping at the craft store

Visiting with my friends in person

My kids going off to school during the week

cherlita 04/14/2020 #

I agree to not leave silent 5s!

I miss:

  1. My family that lives far-away from me

  2. My boyfriend who's just 6 miles away but feels like we're 600 miles away.

  3. The cinema I often visit during the weekend


  5. The bus station I often ride to.

manaelsa 04/15/2020 #

I agree, no silent 5s

  1. My brother. He's so funny. Looking forward to being on the same continent at least.

  2. My new Timorese family. I hate that Covid separated us.

  3. I miss having my own classroom. I miss teaching.

  4. I miss my cat. He's being baby sat at the moment.

  5. I miss drinking coffee with my friends out at a cafe surrounded by people enjoying the same thing.

bpl76 04/16/2020 #

I agree, no silent 5s

1 A quiet house !! Hubbie is working from home

2 Walking around my neighborhood without headgear

3 Freedom to drive anywhere

4 My hubbie going Scuba diving

5 A dinner date

Cindymt 04/16/2020 #

I agree, no silent 5s.

  1. My students! I am an elementary education major and I helped out in a fifth grade class.

  2. My best friend/roommate, Liv!

  3. My education classes (they are now all online).

  4. Studying with my sorority.

  5. Going on dates every now and then.

ThreadsofJoy 04/16/2020 #

I agree to leave no silent 5’s.

Things I miss .....

  1. Freedom to come and go as I please.

  2. Having my grandchildren to stay.

  3. Sewing workshops and meetings.

  4. The freshest free range eggs from George at my local market.

  5. Dog walking in company.

myancey 04/17/2020 #

I agree no Silent 5s

1) I miss the library

2) I miss Mass most

3) I miss my child going to school

4) I miss seeing my mom.

5) I miss sitting in a restaurant.

tizzicat 04/17/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5s

I miss:

  1. The library - it's costing me a fortune on Amazon! ;D

  2. My grandson - he's only 7 months and won't recognise me by the time I get to see him

  3. Our Saturday morning breakfast in the local café

  4. Swimming

  5. Getting the cat's claws trimmed - they're very sharp and usually get done in April!

melodia 04/17/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5s

I miss

  1. walking outside

  2. getting together with friends

  3. my dad

  4. eating out

  5. going shopping

Have a lovely day :)

Prettyexpressions 04/17/2020 #

I agree to no leave silent 5s.

I miss:

  1. Camping

  2. cookouts with my family

  3. Going into a store as a family

  4. The kids going to school!!!

  5. I miss going to church

Ladyadybug 04/17/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5s

I miss:

1) Eating out

2) Thrift store shopping or just shopping in general!

3) the luxury of being able to travel

4) taking public transit without being paranoid that someone will sit too close to me

5) seeing my friends

me2az50 04/17/2020 #

I agree to NO silent 5s.

I miss:

1) not going to dinner with my friends

2) going shopping

3) being able to go outside without having to wear a mask with my

4) hugs and kisses

5) pizza, ice cream

kasa 04/17/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5s.

I miss:

  1. My mother. It was the first anniversary of her death last year and I couldnt buy any flowers etc.

  2. going to the library. It is one of my happy places and I can hear the books calling my name.

  3. the post office are closed here so I cant post any mail as I have no stamps.

  4. going to thrift, second hand shops and just browsing .

  5. miss seeing my brother even though we live in the same city we cant meet because of the local lock down.

Artistic 04/17/2020 #

I agree, no silent 5s.

Things I miss:

  1. Going to my favorite coffeehouses.

  2. Scrapbooking with friends.

  3. Going to church AT church instead of via internet and TV.

  4. Not thinking twice about dashing out the door with just my keys and purse. Will be glad to not need to remember a mask and gloves and then to strip everything off and put in washing machine.

  5. Going to the movies, concerts, craft fairs, and bookstores.

dcp0112 04/18/2020 #

I def agree to adding comment and heart with 5 rating:) Things I miss:

  1. Being able to have my 10 yr old granddaughter come over to see us....torture for sure

  2. Miss going to see my friends at our local Historical Society...we meet at Wed and I haven't gone in weeks now

  3. I miss my Tuesday Art group friends. We sit around the table joking and laughing while creating out artwork.

4.I miss going to my local thrift store and sorting through the fun things I find there:)

  1. I miss being able to do my own shopping. My husband stops on his way home from work. Miss mingling with the people in town.
zurdoswifey 04/18/2020 #

I agree no silent 5s

Things I miss:

1) I miss my daughter...being able to see her often and hug her...I miss her hugs ...same with my parent’s although I do “see” them from a distance, not being able to hug or kiss my parents or child has been extremely difficult

2) Basic grocery shopping... I haven’t left my house for a month as of yesterday

3) A long soak in the hot tub or steam in the steam room every night...

4) My weekly massage...omg I sooo need one rn

5) I miss the gym and my gym peeps ...I need a serious workout that I can’t accomplish at home without the proper equipment...tho I do have the alarm code for the gym, it’s not the same without the class environment so workouts are seriously lacking lol

klover 04/18/2020 #

I agree to NO silent 5's

Things I miss:

1) Going out to lunch on Saturdays with my daughter. We have been doing this since she was four. She is now 20.

2) Going to the movies. Yes, I can watch movies at home, but it's not the same.

3) Going to concerts. The last concert I went to was KISS and David Lee Roth on Feb. 24th. Since this pandemic, I have missed four concerts.

4) Going to see my mom and my in-laws.

5) I miss buying toilet paper without wondering if there will be some on the shelf when I get there:-/. I refuse to give in to the stock piling. When we get down to four rolls, I pray I can find some. LOL

CherryBlossomLady 04/18/2020 #

I agree to no leave silent 5s.

I miss:

Eating INSIDE a restaurant.

Going to the craft store


I miss my massage therapist, my nail technician, and my maid. I know that sounds like I am spoiled rotten, but look, I NEED THESE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE! When this is over I am going straight back to them with gifts and hugs and lots of words of affirmation. I need a pedicure so baaaaaaad!!!

Miss all the shows I will never see because of this fiasco- I had tickets to several concerts and plays... all cancelled due to COVID... Kennedy Center is in Limbo Land, so who knows what will come of the tickets I had for some of their concerts...

All in all, these "things" for the most part I can do without- they aren't essential to living a life... but they do help make life worth living... they make life easier, more pleasant, more joyful, less stressful... I miss them...

Onyx 04/19/2020 #

I agree to leave no silent 5s ...

I miss:

  • Drinks on a warm patio on an early spring day with an old friend, and the lazy way the sun brings out the honesty in people and allows you to have really great conversations.

  • My annual spring hiking trip with my best friend from college. We were supposed to be hiking the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument in Utah this week, and if circumstances were different we would probably be in a slot canyon right now.

  • My muscles! I have a really active job and would easily walk over 15 miles on a Saturday, plus all the other activities through the week. Since quarantine started I barely go a mile a day and I can FEEL the difference. It's been raining a lot but when that stops I am going to have to make myself get out there or I will be in real trouble.

  • Stopping by and seeing friends while I am out and about, just the quick casual sandwiches on the porch or delivering or picking up things. I am lucky to have a great friend family that frequently shares food, supplies, gifts, etc. with each other. We still do but it is not the same.

  • Being helpful at work. I have gotten a LOT done while I am home but I miss that feeling of being a part of a team ... we had a great group on our staff right before the quarantine, and we were really good at working hard and doing it well and getting paid accordingly. I miss that a lot.

PrairieKittin 04/19/2020 #

I agree, no silent 5s

  1. I miss my family. They are only 250 miles away, and I usually drive there at least a couple of times a month, or they come here. My 18 year old granddaughter is diabetic, type 1. She just got out of Intensive Care with COVID symptoms, and even if there wasn't a 'stay at home' order, I just can't risk it.

  2. I miss the craft store. They say the liquor stores and the cannabis stores are 'essential', but the craft stores aren't. Really? What about those of us who don't get high and drunk?

  3. I miss hiking with my friends.

  4. My daughter was in a car accident a few months ago and is just now having problems. They are going to do an MRI next week, and I can't be there! I miss being able to just jump in the car and be there in 5 hours when we need each other.

  5. I am living on $800 a month total, so I don't have many material things, so I can't say I miss 'things' or 'services'. I haven't been to a hairdresser in over 10 years. Thanks like that don't matter to me. But, what I do miss is People. Being about to visit with my 82 year old neighbor, having coffee with a friend at each other's houses, teaching the little girl down the street about plants and their uses, making calendula skin salve with my neighbor who is interested in herbs. Things like that. I just miss contact. I feel like there is just all this space between me and everyone else.

bambam 04/19/2020 #

i agree no silent 5s

Five things I miss

  1. My family, I've always been close with my grandma so not being able to see her is heartbreaking but I know I'm lucky as I will get to see her when all this is over. My sister who is my best friend and my niece, I'm scared she wont remember me as shes only 2 and my auntie who is there no matter what time it is. I video call them but all I want is a hug and for them to say everything will be okay

2, Book shops. Oh how I miss browsing book shops looking for them special books that jump out at you saying read me. Second hand shops, where you nearly always find a hidden gem

3, craft shops, I miss having the luxury of being able to just pop to one or the local market for lace, everywhere online is more expensive then there's the delivery charge

4, My work friends, that 5 minutes of chatting and joking before starting work

5, Being able to go to the park for a family walk. To enjoy the fresh air and see all the flowers and hear my little boy giggling in the play area

After all is said and done though we will come through this and brighter times are ahead

NRGordon 04/19/2020 #

I agree to no silent fives. (Easy, I don’t think I have ever done that. )

I miss being with the kids. We talk but I need hugs. Our 3yo GD hugs her mother’s laptop, when we are getting done video-chatting, and then giggles and says its prickly. (Referring to my beard)

I miss going out to dinner with friends.

I miss walking along the beach. They closed the beach… the best place to walk without getting near anyone.

I miss ice cream cones. I can buy ice cream and I can buy cones, but it isn’t the same.

I miss going to Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and Target on a whim.

I miss my childhood best friend and my paternal grandmother.

LiliLuv 04/20/2020 #

I agree, no silent 5s! (Love that you're doing this! I always take the time to comment. It's not hard!)

  1. My parents and siblings
  2. Our family dog
  3. Eating out
  4. Not feeling contaminated every time I go to the mailbox or get groceries
  5. Browsing shops
Kirkdebb 04/20/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5's.

I miss:

My kids going to school My youngest who is 5 is loving having everyone home, but I wish i could just have a few hours of silence....

I miss only having to remind my kids to do homework. Now I have 5 kids I have to drag through their school lessons every day. It is very tiresome.

Going to church.

Window shopping, especially at craft stores.

MOPS, Mother's of Preschoolers. We usually meet twice a month and have a potluck, craft, spiritual thought, and share funny mom stories. I miss my other young mom friends.

Eating out with my friends.

Feeling free, it now feels like prison.

fairladybuff 04/21/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5's. Show appreciation your partner who takes time to participate in these fun swaps.

Five things I miss:

  1. Spending time with my family and friends. I host many dinners, so it bugs me I can't have anyone over right now.

  2. Zumba and Dance Fitness class at the local gym.

  3. My 10 year anniversary on 3/21. We had a nice steak dinner at home and watched a comedy show. We had originally planned on going away for the weekend. Hopefully, we can when the restrictions lift.

  4. Sitting in a restaurant and chatting with my favorite servers(friends).

  5. Activities we had planned at our church such as mission night, leadership day, Easter egg hunt, Easter services, and nursing home visits. I pastor a small church, so we were excited about all these ways we would be ministering to people in our community.

yomousey 04/21/2020 #

Ugh, I'm redoing to read better. Sorry about that.

I agree to No Silent 5's!

Things I miss: 1. My beautiful granddaughter we missed her 1st birthday had to video chat. (Ugh tried to post her photo)

  1. The library, I can get free e-books but I prefer actual books.

  2. Church and bible study, we also do the nursery during church services and homeschool group on Fridays. Miss all the children.

  3. Seeing my family, being able to hug and kiss them, Especially my precious granddaughter.

  4. Being able to get my groceries delivered. I have been getting deliveries from Shoprite, Peapod or Freshdirect for a couple of years. It's very convenient. Now nobody can deliver. I did get one great butcher shop in town to deliver, and they had butter and eggs but there are many other staples that I can't get. I have gone a few times to get some things but my husband worries about me getting sick since I have a history of Asthma.

  5. going to Walmart or the Mall to shop. My daughter and I go and spend the day, have lunch, relax. I miss that.

  6. Going to the movies, I have Hulu, Amazon Prime and a bunch of other streaming channels on Roku. But I miss going to the movies, getting popcorn and enjoying it with my daughter. We have however been watching movies at home.

    1. Restaurants. We don't go often but I like going to one nice little place in town with my husband for a date night, or go to the pizzeria with my daughter to talk and enjoy the day.

    Mostly I miss my friends and family and hugs. I'm glad my oldest still lives with us but I will be glad to be able to see the rest of my family. I hope everyone is doing well. God bless you!

dcp0112 04/21/2020 #

I agree no silent 5's...love leaving comments to brighten someones day!

Things I miss!

1) I miss quality time with my granddaughter, she is 10, She sent me a card the other day and she had drawn the two of us sitting on my bed watching shark week...she def misses her Nana too.

2) Miss going to local thrift stores and garage sales

3) Miss hugging my son, granddaughter and even my husband. I have chronic lung issues so am very susceptible and he works in a federal prison so is afraid to pass anything on to me so he has been keeping his distance to keep me safe.

4) Miss going to my Tuesday Art group sessions at my local library, we have tons of fun and it is really one of the few social things I do on a regular basis so I SO SO miss it.

5) Miss going to the movie theater, eating hot buttery popcorn and watching the movie with my granddaughter...we call it an 'adventure' because we make a day of it and shop, eat out and then to the movies to top our day off.

Hope everyone stays safe and healthy! Thanks to AZmom875 for these fun swaps!!

angelstar 04/21/2020 #

I agree, no silent 5s. I always leave comments when I leave a rating.

5 things I miss

Eating indoors sitting at a table relaxing at a restaurant and eating the yummy food there. We have lots of great restaurants in our town and most of them are closed. It's just not the same having take-out.

Spending time with friends in their house. And hugging them!

Having friends visit our house.

I miss driving somewhere like the nearby ski valley to walk around, because they are shut down. I called today and even the walking paths are shut down. So we didn't go there. We like to walk around there in the spring and summer.

I miss going to the library and browsing through the books and DVDs!

I'm sure I could list lots more things. I loved reading all the lists above. I agree with many of them! This seems like a cool and fun swap! Thanks for doing this.

angelstar 04/21/2020 #

I still agree. No silent 5s.

More that I miss. My 5 original ones are above.

I see a few people mentioned missing parents. I miss both of my parents. My mom passed in 2003 and my dad passed in 2004. I miss them so much. I miss talking to them on the phone.

I also miss my oldest sister who passed away in 2016. I miss her calling me and I miss calling her.

I am going to miss going to a restaurant for my birthday, which is coming up on May 2nd. That's going to be interesting for sure. I guess we'll buy something to throw in the oven and a cake.

Also, we won't be doing anything for mother's day. We usually also go to some restaurant.

These are strange times for sure. Everyone stay well and safe! ❤

JayRobertsGirl 04/21/2020 #

I agree no silent 5s.

I miss:

  1. going to church
  2. taking my daughter to the park
  3. I missed our Easter tradition of breakfast at church and then an Easter Egg Hunt
  4. I miss planning events and having something to look forward too.
  5. I also found a new thing I miss today. I miss Starbucks being open.

Stay healthy and safe everyone!

Lucine 04/22/2020 #

I agree to no leave silent 5s.

I miss:

  1. my daughters

  2. my crafting supplies

  3. being in a house. I'm building my house at the moment and I only have my car, but my outdoor kitchen is almost finished.

    1. friends
  4. honesty in history, of science, of factories.

Fabriqueen 04/23/2020 #

I agree no silent 5s

I miss:

  1. Going to Church and Sunday School

  2. Going to restaurants

  3. Our families and friends

  4. Craft stores

  5. Getting a haircut

Rova 04/23/2020 #

I agree, no silent 5s.

I miss:

  1. Going to restaurants

  2. Shopping

  3. Receiving envelopes- because of coronavirus I haven't got any new letters or postcards for a long time:(

  4. My grandparents

  5. Freedom

Mandaloolee 04/23/2020 #

I agree to not leave silent 5s.

I miss:

  1. Being able to take my son places in public! My husband is the dedicated grocery store runner of our household to minimize our outside contact, so I really miss just going anywhere with my Bubs and my Hubs.

  2. I'm an artist that does art festivals for part of my income, so I really miss being able to do that! Fingers-crossed my Autumn shows aren't cancelled as well....

  3. I miss seeing my friends and family. I've seen my sister twice in the last month and she just stood in my front yard 6+ feet away and chatted for a bit.

  4. Related to the above, I miss hugs!

  5. I miss going to landscaping store and plant nurseries! It's Spring time, when we usually spend waaaaay too much on plants, so I miss the hustle and bustle of planting.

Bonus: I miss the absence of gnawing, overwhelming anxiety.

RiverTopanga 04/23/2020 #

Oh good Lord! I had 2 number 1's. What a dolt! Please consider the second number 1 as number 2 and go from there.... Sorry about that everyone. So, it should be like this..

Okay... this time I am remembering to add this first: I Promise NOT to leave a Silent 5 when I rate.

  1. I miss being able to browse the craft stores. Don't have to buy anything, just like browsing to see if there is anything I REALLY NEED!

  2. I miss being able to just go out on a whim and grab a bite at a restaurant with friends and neighbors. These are always good conversation times.

  3. I miss being able to go on Red Hat outings. The luncheon I had planned for our group was cancelled when they closed restaurants three days prior to our luncheon date :-(

  4. I miss being able to go to the pool and hot tub. My back is really complaining about this.

  5. I miss being able to go to museums and libraries. What great places to spend time!

piperwashere 04/23/2020 #

I agree

  1. I miss water polo
  2. I miss in person school
  3. I miss California
  4. I miss getting to see my friends every day
  5. I miss libraries being open so that I could actually get work done
desertdoll 04/23/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5s

Here are some things that I miss under quarantine:

Hikes with my family Eating out Visiting the local art supply store Group yoga class Concerts and performances

Bonus: hugging people hello and goodbye 🤗 Can't wait until we all can get social again!

ATea 04/23/2020 #

Man, oh man. I miss...

Going to the library Being out in nature Being surrounded by my friends and family Taking my classes in person Doing photoshoots

desertdoll 04/23/2020 #

Lol, well I fail at lines breaks and punctuation ^^^ Yikes! 🤪 Let's try posting that list again: 1. Hikes with my family 2. Eating out 3. Visiting the local art supply store 4. Group yoga class 5. Concerts and performances

sakura15 04/23/2020 #

I agree to no silent 5s

  1. I miss Geocaching. I only started in February, and have been missing exploring and treating the outdoors like I am on a treasure hunt! We aren't allowed to do it again until further notice.

  2. I miss church. I am there a few days a week for various things and events. I miss the community.

  3. I miss Trevor the cat that lives at the community center a few km away from me. I would go give him some love on occasion, but since it is considered non-essential travel I have been having cat withdrawls.

  4. I miss fast food. I know this is perhaps a silly one, but I am sick of my own cooking haha.

  5. I miss going to the library. I study better there.

AZmom875 04/23/2020 #

Desertdoll the key to the spaces is that you have to double space inbetween and then separates the numbers. Your list is easy enough to read, but feel free to try it again, I can delete posts as needed.

CookieMomster78 04/23/2020 #

I agree to leave a comment with my 5’s!

I (also) REALLY miss:

  1. My local library visits

  2. Going to the craft stores

  3. Enjoying a matinee and popcorn with my boys

  4. Picking my own produce and groceries (instacart pickers don’t seem to care if your apples are bruised or potatoes are moldy)

  5. Having some peaceful solitude away from my boys sometimes
cynaemon 04/23/2020 #

Five things that I miss

Most of all I miss going to church and playing the piano. I have been a professional church pianist since I was twenty, and actually started playing in church when I was ten. So really, my whole life. I have played at my current church for 6 years and 10 months, so not doing that will be a major difference in my life. One would not think you would miss going to church, especially when one HAS to be there. Yes, this was a paid position, and a career which I took very seriously. I cannot even imagine not playing on Sunday morning. The sorrow I feel at having this taken from me is immeasurable. Another forced retirement. What is God trying to tell me? I already know that he hates me. So whatever, God.

I miss going to Rolf and Cynthia’s house for our monthly SCNA parties. I miss sitting in their jacuzzi and looking out over JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab) as the sun sets and the first stars come out. I miss seeing JPL lit up at night. I swear space ships land there. It is a huge complex. When this is over I want to go and tour there.

I miss my monthly Fillmore Police Brotherhood luncheons. I miss seeing my ex-cop buddies and listening to them talk about ‘the good old days.’ I live in a small town, where I was born and raised, and most of them have been around here their whole lives. I miss the way the call me a lady, for so many do not recognize that I am one.

I miss weekly Reiki sessions. It was such a nice time to reenergize my body and my mind. To drift off for half an hour down whatever paths I or my elve wished to take.

I miss gong to Wednesday Crafternoons at the library, and seeing my little friend Alina. I miss talking to her mother and her little brother and sister. I miss having the chance to encourage her to read and to write.

One thing that I don’t miss is seeing prejudiced people. Having them throw in my face that I am not good enough, because I am not the right color or ethnicity. One, in particular. And how dare him? He should know better, being a black man. How dare him?

I miss challenging my pastor, because I don’t agree with everything he says. And he screws up. A lot. And I call him out on those obvious mistakes. I laugh because he doesn’t have the guts to answer my long and well-researched emails.

I wonder to myself if I should come out to both of my churches once this is over. Of course, that would mean excommunication. But then, maybe this Virus has shown me that it doesn’t really matter. That I should be true to myself.

miran 04/24/2020 #

Five things that I miss:

Meeting up with friends, chatting, drinking coffee together

a quiet home when I'm at work so I can concentrate on my writing

I miss being able to get out and go camping with our 60"s caravan

I miss being able to walk on the street without worrying of people getting too close

Being able to go out and enjoy nature, go to the beach, or woods.

I agree to leave comments with my 5's

desertdoll 04/24/2020 #

Thanks for the tips @AZMom875 🤗

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