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Music to F**k By (ADULTS ONLY) #3

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Music to F**k By (ADULTS ONLY) #3
Swap Coordinator:msteidl (contact)
Swap categories: Bath & Body  Miscellaneous  Music 
Number of people in swap:27
Last day to signup/drop:March 9, 2009
Date items must be sent by:March 23, 2009
Number of swap partners:2

You're making a music CD for having sex, or put "music to f * c* k by". Whether it's hardcore or raunchy or sensual, anything goes. Classics include such hits as "Let's Get It On" , "I want to F * ck you like an Animal"(Closer) , and "I wanna "love" you". Any sexual themes are fine, from masturbation to orgy to menage a trois or anything else that is LEGAL between consenting adults.

Include any genre that you wish.. As long as you consider it "Music to F * c*k By". This is a music swap FOR ADULTS ONLY.

If sexual themes or explicit music offends, don't sign up.

At least 15 songs and a track listing.

This swap is international, as it is cheap to send cd's even across the world.

The original idea for this swap came from below. http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/16093

Swappers with a 4.7 rating and above. ADULTS ONLY - 18 and above. Newbies allowed, but message me first. If you're going to be late with your swap, message your partner - it's called courtesy and consideration.


Kimi 02/ 7/2009 #

This is disgusting and extremely offensive. I will be reporting!

Hell0Z0mbie 02/ 7/2009 #

This site is for adults. Adults have sex. Adults listen to music while having sex. Get over it!

NaughtyElf 02/ 7/2009 #

Don't worry Mark I supported you in the forums, I loved the last one think I will sign up for this one too! Btw, your CD should be on it's way, if I get you this time, I will make a different one for you! Love this swap, man!

NaughtyElf 02/ 7/2009 #

Or, you know, I may have my finacee join instead, he wanted to get in on the last one, he's new but I will have him contact you! Cheers!

carladallas 02/ 7/2009 #

I'm not joining your swap but I just want to let you know it DOES NOT offend me, rock on!

eklectic 02/ 7/2009 #

Vocal support for now & hopefully one day I'll actually get my library cleaned up enough to get 15 songs to actually sign up as well.

SheriFaerie 02/ 7/2009 #

I finished my mix last night, and there is absolutely nothing offensive about it... It could be considered "Audio Erotic" but not XXX!!! Sheesh... Some people need to grow up.

SheriFaerie 02/ 7/2009 #

Also, you made it very clear that you didn't want to offend anyone:

"If sexual themes or explicit music offends, don't sign up."

Some people also cannot read.

And the picture was fine and tasteful, btw, you shouldn't have removed it!!

ladydy5 02/ 7/2009 #

Use a better word than the 4 letter one or is your vocabulary a little limited.

NaughtyElf 02/ 7/2009 #

Whatever! the f-word has a time and a place and this is one of those occasions! His vocab isn't limited, he said what meant, end of story. Like maybe Music to have Intercourse by would be better?...No!

mausi 02/ 7/2009 #

I have my mix all ready to go! :) I didn't think I'd be able to find 15 songs so easily...

I can't believe that so many people are offended by this swap. Sex is great and natural and fun. :D

msteidl 02/ 7/2009 #

I really hate the moral majority - the 'holier than thou' people such as kimi do not dictate my views. It's simple - you don't like it don't join!

SheriFaerie : The picture was censored by swap-bot - they removed it. I was very careful to display an image that is tamer than what you seein magazine, tv and newspapers. I wonder if David's Michaelangelo would also be removed from this site?

NaughtyElf 02/ 7/2009 #

I still see the pic am I missing something???

Kimi 02/ 7/2009 #

hate isn't good for the soul. Ignorance is just stupid! you don't know me. I'm not holier than thou-I'm a sinner just like you msteidl! But I don't hate people, so that makes us different.

This was never an issue of whether or not to JOIN...duh, I am aware that I don't have to join your swap. You can't make me- or can you?????

It was an issue of the person who uses the word "F***" to describe one of the most amazing gifts that GOD gave us and getting away with it on this public board.

Hater... be careful!!!!

jayven13 02/ 7/2009 #

If it wasn't for all the free publicity this swap has got I may have missed it...again. I'm watching this dude. Just don't know if I have 15 songs hmmmm

crescendo 02/ 7/2009 #

hahaha, thanks for the chuckle.

kchristisen 02/ 7/2009 #

Man what happened to free speech and all that! i think this is great!

shinianen 02/ 7/2009 #

I agree - I'm not going to join this swap but I fully support your freedom to host it. Happy swapping!

rebowyer2000 02/ 7/2009 #

i still see the picture, but it's super fuzzy.

clkea 02/ 7/2009 #

I won't be joining this swap. However I support your right to host it 110%! The issue I have is someone trying to force their beliefs and morals on others. If you don't like what it says...stop reading, move on and get over it!

msteidl 02/ 7/2009 #

Swap-bot removed the original photo, so I uploaded a different photo - but for some reason, this photo shows up again!

MissMayhem 02/ 7/2009 #

I'm totally in this swap!!! I looooove it!!!

VivaLaDiane 02/ 7/2009 #

I will join your swap. I think it's gonna be beautiful and hot at the same time :D I can't wait. Fuck the grandstanders. They come into a swap that is CLEARLY against what they'd enjoy doing and just show themselves for the hypocrites they are.


eyeskater 02/ 7/2009 #

I played HitchHiker's Guide game online once...didn't want to sign up to save data...so I needed a password everyday...a new one to keep up with my game. Here are some I chose...no kidding. Fuck, Fucky, Fuckage. Fuckity. Fuckers, Fuck-it, Fucken,FuckTart,Fuckily And they live Fuckily ever After....the end.

VivaLaDiane 02/ 7/2009 #

Ha eyeskater.. The fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck is from "South Park" The movie. :) And my girlfriend Jen calls her friend Matt a Fucktard. And CherylLavon thinks I'm the QueenBee of the F-Bomb :) Hell yeah!!

kim91262 02/ 7/2009 #

you know, i saw this swap the last time it was up and i don't remember there being so many negative comments written about it...what's the big deal this time around?! we all (ok, MOST of) us do it, and from the f bomb being dropped above, we don't have a problem saying it. so if you don't like it, why did you click on the link and come here in the first place!? seriously. this is a public place and we are all adults. It's just music, and it's just a word. get over it and move on with your life. msteidl: i've been your swap partner a couple times now, and you make GREAT mixes! keep on keepin' on!

telizas 02/ 7/2009 #

Diane... I wanna smurf your smurf. :p

eyeskater 02/ 7/2009 #


swappintoya 02/ 7/2009 #

wow there are some really insecure people on this sight......lol I think there SHOULD be more swaps for adults and adult content. Great swap!!!!!

Knightfall 02/ 7/2009 #

Mmm, smurfs...blue I love blue

NymphetMaggot 02/ 8/2009 #

All I have to say, is FUCK, FUCK, FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK. Oh wait, one more is about to slip out, FUCKFACE. Wow, I must have tourettes or something. I actually might join this swap.

LiveTheChaos 02/ 8/2009 #

What does it say about you if a sex-related swap is "offensive and disgusting"? Plus, I hate to break the news, but this is the internet. Home of 2 girls 1 cup. If you're going to be on the internet, you will see sex related things. Sorry. I wonder if Kimi finds that pastor's challenge to couples to have sex every day for a month is offfensive and disgusting....

Susi 02/ 8/2009 #

what's wrong with the picture? it's beautiful! If this is a different picture, I would have liked to seen the first one!

spinjenny 02/ 9/2009 #

I#d also liek to know what the original picture was, if it has been ensored. Perhaps you would be allowed to post a link to it, if not the picture itself.

I will not be joining, but that is not because I am offended, just because I do not do music CD swaps.

ktkatz 02/ 9/2009 #

I just cant pass this up.. i'm am already searching my music.. lol..

All i can say for those who don't like this swap. is chill. its people like you who get Walmart and other stores to edit great Movie and Music.

The picture is great. Not like you can see her nipple, but even if you could, heck if you haven't seen one yet, go look in the mirror.. lol

msteidl 02/ 9/2009 #

Just wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU to Kimi for all the attention she has garned this swap - more popular than ever, and I've had at least a dozen requests to do a Music to F**k By (ADULTS ONLY) #4 !!

So, Thank You, Kimi!

amberlantern 02/ 9/2009 #

I can't believe all the sensation (no pun intended) about this swap. And the CRAZY comments lol

biasbabe 02/ 9/2009 #

I guess music to make love by would have been way to harsh.

zigg13pra 02/10/2009 #

I think you should reuse the Ikea sex picture from the first go round.. :D

SheriFaerie 02/11/2009 #

I like the new picture as well... Although I still say the first one was just fine.

It's funny how one or two ppl can be against something because of the way it's phrased... Like a couple others have pointed out, had it been phrased, "Music to make love by" or "Music to have intercourse with" maybe none of this would have happened. However, it's all the same in my opinion, whether you're fking or getting your freak on or just plain having sex, what's the difference?? I guess because the "F" word is considered derogatory then it makes the act of doing it "sinful". But I digress... The "F" word has been associated with sex since as early as 1475. I did some research...
k Originated from the Middle Dutch word fakken, “to thrust, copulate with.” The Norwegian dialect had it as fukka, “to copulate,” and the Swedish had it as focka, “to strike, push, copulate.” Some will make reference to the word reflected an acronym of a variety of different word combinations, but acronyms did not come into usage until the early 20th Century (and the word was used long before then). Old German ficken or fucken, meaning 'to strike or penetrate', was related to the Latin words for pugilist, puncture, and prick , or to the Latin futuere which had the slang meaning 'to copulate'. There are also clearer links to Dutch where fokken means breed and is applied to cattle, and to a Swedish dialect word fokken which has the English meaning. The earliest uses of the word in English came via Scotland, suggesting a Scandinavian origin.

So there. lol

zigg13pra 02/11/2009 #

I had meant the pic from this swap

helenkosings 02/11/2009 #

Perhaps you should use pictures like these with #4:




Stavroula 02/12/2009 #

what a fan-fucking-tastic idea! count me in!

Shirley 02/12/2009 #

Wow... some people are just TOO intolerant to other's ways, it's sad.

cakebomb 02/17/2009 #

I just burned my CDs for this swap. I'm psyched!

ktkatz 02/18/2009 #

Mine are ready to go.

MissTequila 02/27/2009 #

I'd love to do this one. If I get my computer running soon. I'll def be doing it. Good idea.

MissTequila 02/27/2009 #

I'd love to do this one. If I get my computer running soon. I'll def be doing it. Good idea.

shfacey 03/ 3/2009 #

I wish I could join this swap, but unfortunately my CD burner hasn't worked for quite some time and am not able to fix it, but I think it is an awesome idea for a swap. I have always tried to make my own mix of Music to fuck by, but never seemed to make a good one. Too bad, maybe the next one! People take the word fuck to offensively these days. Anyone who complains about this swap are fucking idiots. It's obvious by the title that the word fuck is being used.

Helena8664 03/ 4/2009 #

NOT OFFENSIVE...LOTS OF SUPPORT! Besides, it says on it, "adults only"....I can't wait. ;P

WthOutMeat 03/ 7/2009 #

NEWBIE HERE! I would just like to say I can sometimes be a prude but this swap could be pretty cool.

Stavroula 03/ 9/2009 #

EEEEEEK! my laptop died (ALL my music is on it), apparently the motherboard is the prob. sent it in for repairs today, it will take approximately 14 days, i might be late for this swap but i wont flake i promise!

Morte 03/ 9/2009 #

Unfortunately I'll be on vacation the entire time of this swap. If you do a #4 I'll be entirely up for it. I got so tired of the whole password thing that one of my passwords eventually became fuckyouyoufuckingpasswordnazifucks. Oh, and by the way, NIN's Closer is actually about someone dying of AIDS. Not very sexy. Just sayin.

eyeskater 03/21/2009 #

Wow...how do you get that from NIN Closer?...I don't hear it at all....it just sounds like hardcore hanky panky...just sayin'.

zigg13pra 03/24/2009 #

Hmm, well it doesn't say anything about that here

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