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I'm Canadian, loves spending time with my wife and kids & our pets. Hobbies include music, books, photography, movies, for starters. Life's too busy, so enjoy what time you do have.


I have been working a lot of hours lately, so my ratings have been behind. I do promise everyone on swap-bot this : I ALWAYS send and I ALWAYS rate. No exceptions.

BONUS : If anyone can guess where my avatar is from, I'll send you 2 mix CD's as a bonus! Hint: MUSIC

Congrats to Cupcakecalamity & WthOutMeat for guessing correctly!

(However, the contest is still open!)

Favorite Music

For music, I like all types except for thrash metal or industrial as it is called, I'm not really fond of hard-core rap music or opera or accordion either. Everything else I'm game for. For swap, I really enjoy mixes. For instances, if it's about 60's music, I like all types - a whole range or different artists. Compilations are the best, it gives you a whole range of a particular genre.

Favourite Colours

For colours, my favourites are black, blue, red, my least favourites are mauve, pink, violet.

Favorite Books

I love to read - I'd have to say my favourite authors are Sue Grafton, Jim Butcher, Robert Asprin, Gregory McDonald, and some of Terry Brooks. I guess it's mostly a mixture of light science fiction/fantasy, and also mystery thrown in.

Favorite Movies

All time favourite movie would have to be the movie 'Alive', A number of other favourites include 'Tremors', 'Aliens','Shawshank Redemption', 'Seven Samurai', 'Equilibrium', 'Diggstown', and Lord of The Rings trilogy.

Favorite Television

My favourite show of all time is 'Mythbusters', I'll go out of my way to catch that show. A number of other favourites include shows like 'Rick Mercer Report', 'Corner Gas', 'Little Mosque on the Prairie', 'Scrubs' , 'Cheers', CSI/Law & Order' , 'Top Gear', 'The Dresden Files' and am a fan of brit-coms like 'Allo, Allo', 'Are You Being Served?' 'Red Dwarf', Monty Python' and that's about it.

Favorite Crafts

I love the art of origami, although I've never taken it up myself. Stained glass and intricate embroidery also interest me, as well as modern day art such as tattoo design, for instance. I'm also a fan of paintings, from seascapes to fantasy paintings (Boris Vallejo), to great photography like Ansel Adams and great amateur photography.


(Did I mention I love dragons?)

Favourite Sweets

I love chocolate, white chocolate not as much. Caramels are great as well as toffee, and exotic and unique chocolates are preferred over store-bought ones. I'm not much of a fan of bitter or dark chocolate, preferring the regular kind. Other great sweets for me include real maple syrup, red licorice, jolly rancher candies, just to name a few.


NOTE : I'm ALWAYS interested in music swaps - Private swaps are most welcome, feel free to contact me anytime!



This is my list of swaps I've been flaked on. I'd love angels, but I'm not begging :)

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"I Love My Country" CD Swap Angeled by (picxie)

Computer Games CD Swap Angeled by (NaughtyElf) & (disneyfreaksam)

Worldwide Favourite Photo Swap (International) Angeled by (shona)

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Crank It to 11 ! Music Swap Angeled by (alyssa) & (ZippedShut) & (TheFallenAngel)

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Burned DVD movie from my country

Canada ONLY, Stuff my STOCKING!

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cat rated for Year You Were Born Mix CD Swap on Jan 30, 2010
Nathalie rated for HUGE Christmas card swap on Jan 17, 2010
dandelion rated for HUGE Christmas card swap on Dec 29, 2009
Comment: Didn't receive anything. :(
Gofeen rated for HUGE Christmas card swap on Dec 28, 2009
Comment: Lovely card. Thank you very much.
LongVacation rated for HUGE Christmas card swap on Dec 28, 2009
Comment: I will re-rate when I receive something.
deercnc rated for HUGE Christmas card swap on Dec 28, 2009
Comment: Not that this will matter, but in case he returns. I never received anything. And I emailed giving the chance for a resend, and he has not even opened and read the email.
ButterflyDreams rated for HUGE Christmas card swap on Dec 28, 2009
Comment: Sorry you still haven't marked this swap as sent 3 weeks after the send deadline :-(
Dummanios rated for SECRET SANTA GIFT EXCHANGE on Dec 22, 2009
Comment: Explained and promised to send. That was a while ago and no response to my newest message. I am very disappointed.
ozrob rated for HUGE Christmas card swap on Dec 19, 2009
Comment: I never received a card
washingtonmaverick rated for HUGE Christmas card swap on Dec 18, 2009
Comment: Will gladly change rating if I recieve swap.
canadianmama rated for USB stick music swap on Dec 18, 2009
Comment: I will change the rating if I receive anything.
TerryF rated for HUGE Christmas card swap on Dec 18, 2009
Comment: You have not logged on since Dec. 13 so there is no point in trying to pm you - will gladly change rating if I receive this swap.
Comment: I will gladly changed if received. :((
benniferus rated for Music I love CD swap on Nov 22, 2009
babyamy rated for Christmas CD on Nov 19, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the great CDs!
LongVacation rated for Cover Music CD Swap! on Oct 29, 2009
Comment: Thanks for a great mix. I have to say that most of those I had not heard before and I enjoyed hearing them. Thank you as well for the dvd. I've never given much thought to heights, but after reading the description and looking at the picture it all seemed so terrifying. I hope you get a break soon!
ChelelosGirl rated for That's Not My Name! CD swap on Sep 30, 2009
Comment: Thanks for the great CD and the movies!! I watched The Ref last night - so funny!!
NoiseComplaint13 rated for That's Not My Name! CD swap on Sep 29, 2009
Comment: Thank you for sending me those two movies along with your CD (which I loved, by the way). I totally understand your situation and I'm glad you're well again! :)
mermaidery rated for Music Shuffle Email Swap :) on Sep 26, 2009

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BassetMama10 on Jan 8, 2010:

Hi Mark, I see that you have not sent your Secret Santa Gift out. What is the problem? is there something I can do to help? If you send, I will have 100% and that would be awesome. Please let me know what is going on. Thanks

myrrhmaid on Dec 9, 2009:

Hi Mark, I noticed you haven't marked sent on your steal my music CD swap. I hope it's just an oversight.

msteidl on Aug 25, 2009:


BeautifulMess on Aug 1, 2009:

Hi, have you received the Photos - the ones you remember swap from me yet? I sent it a few days ago and as it's an email I'm checking up on it incase it's been blocked or something.


AlyxBee on Jul 31, 2009:

Extending a hello from the stickerswappers group, You should go check out the new bingo game we have going as well as other new games and such that have been posted recently. Hope you will see whats new, and that you have an awesome day.

YankeeUnicorn on Jul 31, 2009:

Hey sweets:) I was just wondering if you received the I love Cover Tunes #2 cd that I sent you....I saw your rating for the double disc swap I sent but nothing for that one. If you didnt get it just let me know and I will get another one off in the mail to you! Thanks hun!

CarbonxKiwi on Jul 29, 2009:

I love your blog! It was a pleasure to read and think, thank you for that!

  • Kiwi
coolcamaro on Jun 16, 2009:

Just wanted to let you know about a Mix CD swap I'm doing. Eat It / Drink It Mix. Would love it if you joined. Actually got the idea from one of the ones you were flaked on. BTW - got a few coming your way soon. I was in a mix making mood last weekend.

YankeeUnicorn on Jun 15, 2009:

Another Cd from me to you:) I will be making the ABC's of Music DEF today and shipping tomorrow:) Hope you like it!!!

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